New Features #

This release includes the following additions and modifications to functionality:
  • Auditor Image Link in PACS and Property Access (Harris Recording Solutions Vendor)
  • DOR Personal Property Stratification Report IOLL
  • Litigation Copy Comments
  • Mobile Client Notification – New Year Layer
  • New User Right to suppress data from Website – Enhancements
  • Ownership Transfer REET selection – Enhancements
  • Property Access listing of sales for multiple parcel sales updated
  • Property Access – #Lots column was added to the land details panel
  • Property REET sequence order introduced
  • Region Code adjustments are now active
Click R49NewFeatures to review the 9.0.49 New Features.
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Last updated on April 2, 2019 Release Notes #

ID TS ID Symptom
16495 92414 New User Right to suppress data from the Website is added
28192 142889 Web Listing of recorded sales added to Property Access
28193 142890 Included Lot/Site Units in Land segments in Property Access
30058 148214 The REET transactions grid on the Deeds & Sales panel of a property display are now sortable in descending REET ID sequence
30189 148777 Client is asking for ONLY the checkbox to used when checking the Cycle Override. The selectable area for the override checkbox and label component, includes the entire field instead of the checkbox only.
30833 150956 The report DFL Composite Tax Rate, is returning incorrect results.  The results are incorrect due to the following: the stored procedure DORCompositeGenerator (SP which creates this report) is not returning the correct values.  The SP will only return values GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO whatever sup num entered in the UI. It should return values LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO whatever sup num entered in the UI. A snipet of the code is below: inner join land_detail ld with(nolock) on ld.prop_id = pta.prop_id and ld.prop_val_yr = pta.year and ld.sup_num = pta.sup_num and ld.ag_apply = ‘T’ and ld.sale_id = 0 –Added sale_id — JTR and ld.sup_num >= @sup_num
31209 152271 Headers on Certification of Values by Tax Area report are confusing – Consider rewording Wording on Certification of Values by Tax Area should mirror the wording on the adjusted certified totals report for Real Exemp=Senior Taxable  Pers Exemp=Farm Taxable
32210 155345 From property panel > commands > open another year for property> the History years panel now sortable in decending order 
32542 156718 The current Tangible Personal Property Listing has several spelling errors that need to be corrected.
32541 156738 A field of “hidden” has been added to the reet table to flag reets which the users do not want to appar in the Ownership Transfer Wizard list displayed in the grid. This will allow them to omit older or unneeded records.
32704 158037 The code that calculates AutoPay amounts due was not handling half-pay bills correctly. It considered half-pay bills only when the actual current date was in a particular range relative to the bill due date.
34172 162610 ENHANCEMENT: We use the litigation comments panel at the property level to document conversations had with the owner or other party of interest. Often times this comment relates to more than one property and so we have to then open the next property and repeat the comment. I would like to see the option of adding a comment to more than one property at the time of creating the comment.
34451 163495 In the Inquiries & BOE Protests panel, user is only able to enter 6 digits in the _arb.protest.prot_appraiser_assigned_land_val that has a numeric length of 14.
37368 166358 When a Tax District has a Joint District listed under it, when the Joint District information is update it does not update the year that you have entered into. It updates the first year that the joint district exist for the tax district.
36078 168846 When trying to print a Word document through the Event dialog, nothing happens. This works for PDF files.
39237 176635 When mass updating a Group Code Year and the user enters a value in the Old Value field and enter a value in the New Value field, then chooses an Action to perform, the Old Value field is removed.  This is corrected
39588 177142 Once a properties detail information is viewed from the auto pay tab within an owner. The next property should be allowed to be selected and the detail information viewed for that property, without having to close out the owner record and then re-enter the owner record.  This is corrected
39587 177143  If a property is being enrolled in auto pay and other properties already exist for the same owner with auto pay information, the system should allow you to see the prior enrollments, from the drop down box in the wizard. 
39293 177599 Added posting to date so that it prints on receipt
39713 177634 We use 2 different scanlines on our tax statement payment coupons.  One is shorter when there are no delinquent taxes.  One is longer when there are delinquent taxes.  Customer wants to use a single length scanline.  I polled the rest of the clients and no one else wants this change.  They need a cost estimate for this change.  It will need to be configurable by statement type or client.
39621 177767 Issue:  Posting Payment import failed with an error and payments remained posted.  Expected Outcome:  If the posting process fails for any reason, the payments that were posted should be deleted so the file can be imported again without the user needing to void individual payments.
39173 178576 Confidential image sub types is now available for all image types beginning with REET.
39616 179100 Issue: Outstanding Balances Report is not sorting property IDs as numeric.  It prints the 1’s and then goes onto the 2’s, etc.  See attached report for examples.  Expected Outcome: Sort Property Ids as numbers
39347 180275 Appraiser Assigned Land, Improvement and Total value can only have 6 digits entered through PACS while the database fields are defined as numeric(14,0).  When the fields are updated to 14 digits from sql, PACS displays them correctly.   ** Please evaluate all value entry fields on this panel: Example: Appraiser Assigned Improvement needs to have a limit added, as it will allow any size entry, results in an arithmetic overflow.
39715 180544 Issue: Payment Import does not indicate a Prop ID/Statement Id mismatch in the file.  If the statement ID in the file does not exist on the property ID in the file, the user needs to be aware of it and have the option to post it to the correct property during the pay run step.Expected Outcome: See attached word document for the 2 changes needed
39536 181019 The Permanent Crop Worksheet report is not returning correct data. The report did not list correct amount on report.   When the report is run by owner name, it appears to take the first property for the header of the page and then list the first 19 improvement details.  The next page takes the next prop ID and the next 19 improvements, etc.    On the last page, you get the Permanent Crop Land Information which SHOULD report the land information for the property in the header of the page.  Currently, it’s reporting the land information for the last property on the list.  Expected Outcome: The report should return one page for each property with the correct improvements listed for each property and the correct land information after the improvement details.
39832 182187 Quick Post Multiple Tender pulls incorrect name
39971 182931 Issue: Page 2 of the Abstract of Assessed Values is not filling amounts for several columns. Currently the client is giving the DOR the amounts for page 2 using the attached queries in the zip file.  Use the Abstract Query Cheat Sheet to see what queries go with what section.
40379 184675 Issue: The Refund Receipt and the Refund Check show the wrong tax year when Overpayment Credit Refunds are issued.  Expected Outcome: The Refund Receipt and the Refund Check will print the current tax year.  The current tax year can be calculated as select (tax_yr + 1) from pacs_system.
40486 185231 Issue: When running the Standard Gain/Loss Report, it was noticed that the Property ID has a comma in it and is not centered.Expected Outcome: Remove the comma in the Property ID and center the column
40557 185526 Client does not believe the Composite Property Tax Rate Report is accurate see linked ticket for issue running report by sup_num.  Expected Outcome: Verify that it is what the DOR is expecting.
40697 186431 Issue: Trying to click the print button from the Events detail window doesn’t print.Expected Outcome: The event object is printed.
40795 187050 Issue: When a split is performed for 2 certified years, two new properties are created, and assessments are added to the 2 certified years, then the supplement process creates a new statement ID for the assessment bills. Expected Outcome: The supplement process should use the levy statement ID already on the property instead of creating a new statement ID for the assessment bills. As of now, it creates a new statement ID and therefor there are two different statement ID’s on the same year.
40945 187743 Issue: The DOR Stratification report, page 2, is not showing all the properties under the Forestland Property Information. When the user unchecks the Apply Productivity checkbox, the ag_use_cd remains in the land_detail table instead of nulling it out.    Expected Outcome: When the user unchecks the Apply Productivity checkbox the ag_use_cd should get nulled out. And the report should look at both.
41288 188744 Ratio Stratification Report – corrected balancing issue
41091 188955 Adding Adjustment Factors to Mobile Homes, did not calculate.
41170 189786 Issue: Payment Imports are failing with duplicate geo IDs even when the other property with the duplicate geo id is deleted in all years.  This is related to the changes we made in R48 for TS 164597/TFS 34600.   Since this change was implemented, many files are failing that
41600 191275 When voiding misc receipts, PACS is not recognizing the voided payment as a negative payment. 
41525 192278 Statement of Taxes Collected Report was not reporint land bank amounts.
41595 192394 When removing a property from a REET all subsequent information including tax district associations should also be removed. When the new property is added the tax districts associated with that property should be the only ones present on the REET and payment receipt.
41585 192514 SQL was modified to use UNION ALL which retains distinct records as opposed to just UNION which automatically eliminates distinct records.
41562 192626 In the table, change.of.owner.Deed_Num,  the leading were being dropped.  This is corrected.
41566 192669 Certification of Values Letter does not match the captured value run or adjusted certified totals.  
41662 192822 State Part 2 tax rate is being included twice in wa_tax_statement.current_year_tax_rate.  This causes the statements printed by print vendors to be incorrect.  The rate is doubling for the current year and the prior year tax rates.
41638 193201 Corrected error associated with Tax Statement Export
41706 193707 There are duplicate line items on the billing export.  NOTE: This issue happens for various users on various machines. 
41735 194085 Voiding payments was causing consistency error.  This is corrected.
41771 194292 State Part 2 Levy Doubling for Previous Years
41820 194811 Pay Full Due date on the Taxpayer Tax Statement H1 payment coupon lists 10/31 as the due date.  That is incorrect.  The full year tax is due 4/30.  By law, the entire year tax is due on 4/30 of the tax year.  Taxpayers have the option of paying it in 2 halves but the full year tax is truly due on 4/30.  
40072   Issue: Client was attempting to use a Region code to adjust a group of properties market value and the values are not changing. Expected Outcome: When a Region code is used, PACS should adjust the entire market value by whatever percentage the user enters.
40269   Change for payout agreement statements, the scanline configuration and the barcode change.
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Last updated on April 2, 2019 Release Notes (Limited) #

TFS ID HS ID Description
42094 196728 Ownership Transfers missing buyer information.  This is corrected.
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Last updated on April 8, 2019 Release Notes (Limited) #

42183 197408 When performing a REET Ownership Transfer, the Deed Type, Sale Date and Consideration are not pulling in the Deed Information panel from the REET record. The Deed Type is blank, the Sale Date is today’s date and the Consideration is blank, however, it does get pushed to the deed when the deed transfer is finished.
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Last updated on May 4, 2019
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