Release Notes GA #

New Features



DOR Reports – Stratification and Sales

  • Recent changes initiated the addition of prior year Assessed values to the DOR Stratification Real and Personal reports and the Valid/Invalid Sales reports.
    • If the property did not exist in the prior year and has no entry for “prior year assessed” then it should be BLANK, not 0
    • When supplements exist in the prior year the reports will utilize the value from the latest supplement (prop_supp_assoc)
  • Real Stratification


  • Personal Stratification


  • Valid sales


  • Invalid Sales


Levy Calculation – Annexation & New Construction

In the Highest Lawful Levy & Actual Levy Calculation Elements, annexed new construction value is being included in the ‘New Const. Value’ calculation for Additional Levy. This is incorrect and it should not be included. The ‘Annexed Value’ for Additional Levy includes all value elements (e.g. Real, Personal, State Assessed, New Construction), therefore this issue is inflating the ‘New Const. Value’ calculation causing the calculated levy and levy rate to be incorrect.

  • This was due to a previous client request, though incorrect to implement.
  • Ensure the Highest Lawful Levy Limit is calculated as below:
    1. Limit carried forward from prior year
    2. Plus: [New Construction] x [last year’s levy rate]
    3. Plus: [Net increase in State Assessed Utility Value] x [last year’s levy rate]
    4. Plus [Value added through annexations] x [complicated derived rate]


  • Adjust Annexation Area value
    • For a simulation tax district:


  • Calculation as outlined:
    1. Prior Year Limit
    2. 3,000 * Last Year Rate
    3. 2,000 * Last Year Rate
    4. 17,000 + 12,000 * New Rate
    • Modify HLL calculation (described as ‘B’ above) to not include annexation new construction in the section for new construction
    • Ensure Annexation non-new construction value and annexation new construction value are accounted for

Mass Maintenance

Add Condition Code

  • A request was made to add Condition Code to Mass Maintenance options for Improvement Detail.


Mass Maintenance

Restrict UNDO Action

  • When the Undo action is initiated on a run in a certified year, the User is prompted to supplement the properties before continuing:


Miscellaneous Receipts Distribution – Description Field

  • We changed Miscellaneous Receipting in release 39 as part of a client project. That process now automatically populates the account descriptions into the fee_misc_rcpt_detail table. That description is then included on the export to the external accounting software. Some clients do not that information included in their export.
  • PACS.Admin> System Configuration > Financial Management System has a new configuration

‘Exclude Misc. Account Receipting Description’


  • If it is set to ‘True’ (meaning exclude the description) the description will be REPLACED with the Comment for populating the export “description” field.
  • The default value is “True”.
  • Currently, only accounting types of “JD EDWARDS” and “NEW WORLD SOFTWARE” have description fields with “Misc. Account Receipting Description” in export file, and rest of the types do not have any description in their export files.

Personal Property Rendition Penalty – Daily Amount Limit

  • Personal Property training from the Department of Revenue reviewed the maximum per day penalty not to exceed $50 per calendar day if less than one month per RCW 84.40.130, WAC 458-12-110. Listings received after the due date of April 30th are subject to a penalty of an additional 5% per month – not to exceed $50 per calendar day if less than one month – to a maximum of 25%, of the tax due.
  • There was no configuration in PACS to set this minimum, so the following is added.
  • Modified Penalty configuration with a NEW column Penalty Maximum:


  • PACS.Admin > Tools > Personal Property Rendition Maintenance > Configure Penalties
  • Values default to 999,999,999 for any new row added.
  • The values in the cell are formatted as currency.

REET Status Codes – Required

  • The following REET status codes are also used by PACS in REET processes and should not be removed. These will be created at each client site where not existing and will be identified as ‘System’ codes.
    • Cancelled
    • Correction
    • Created
    • ExciseGen
    • Exported
    • Imported
    • Recorded
  • The User cannot edit or delete the codes.

Special Assessment Import – User Values

  • Several user value fields exist, in separate locations, which can be used for special assessment calculations. An import process exists to update user_property_special_assessment and clients have requested an additional process that will update the user_property_val table.
  • There are two ways to get to the Special Assessment Imports:
    • PACS -> Import -> Special Assessment (Import Dialog only)
    • PACS -> Activities -> Special Assessment Import Run List, and click the [+]
      • This path displays history and status of all imports, very useful


  • The labels for the import type have been modified for clarity:
    • Property Attributes is an existing option and updates the Special Assessment Attributes on the Property Codes panel. The file layout is fixed length based on the database tables.


  • Special Assessment User Values is an existing option and updates the User Values associated to the Assessment on the property from Tax Area, Exemptions & Special Assessments panel


  • Property User Values is NEW to update the user values on the property Values panel


  • The two User Value imports (bottom radio buttons) rely on the fields existing through PACS.Admin configuration for the associated table. Treasurer Role, Tools -> User Table Management

NOTE: It is critical that the user fields for both these tables stay in sync in order for imports to be successful. For user_property_val the prop_id, prop_val_yr and sup_num fields cannot be deleted.


  • The Import processes the files as indicated by the dialog selections made. The import file is a comma delimited text file with data present for each of the fields needed.
    • This will always include the prop_id, the geo_id and then each of the fields from the User Table Management definition.
    • The user will have to know what these fields are for the file layout to be understood.
    • If the provided number of fields does not match the expected number of fields this message will be received:


  • For a property in the import file, the following scenarios are possible:
    • The Property ID exists in the system and already has data:
      • In this case, upon PROCESSING, the existing data should be overwritten with the new data
    • The Property ID exists in the system but currently has no data:
      • In this case, upon PROCESSING the new data should be recorded on the property
    • The Property ID does not exist in the system:
      • In this case the ‘Special Assessment Import Run List’ will allow the user to select the MATCH command which brings up another dialog to map that bad Property ID to the account with which it needs to be associated.
      • The user also has the option to select ‘NO MATCH’ and skip that entry if it truly does not apply to any records in this environment. The import must then be PROCESSED.

NOTE: If all properties on the import file MATCH to begin with this task is performed automatically, this only applies when accounts do not all line up through the initial import action.

Statement of Taxes Collected Report – MH Excise

  • For reporting of MH excise, we needed to be able to address several scenarios. Previously, the report was only capturing MH property type REET taxes.
    • Real Property with MH improvement type listed:
      • MH title not eliminated, where 2 REET affidavits are expected (one for the mobile & one for the land)
      • MH title eliminated, where only a REET affidavit for the land is expected
      • MH title eliminated, “married” to the land parcel as a single parcel where only one REET affidavit is expected
    • MH Property
  • To accomplish this, we added an indicator to REET Type Code to allow each office to indicate the affidavit should be used to report Mobile Home taxes.
    • The new check box is not required.
    • More than one REET Type can have the check box selected, i.e.
      • MH taxable
      • MH exempt


  • Modify the Statement of Taxes Collected report:
    • Use the REET Type Code where Mobile Home Affidavit is selected to populate Line 2.
      • The existing rules should be retained, meaning non-taxable records should not be included even if indicated as MH.
      • Line 1 should reflect all other taxable non-MH REET records as indicated by REET Type
    • Use the REET Type Code Mobile Home Affidavit to populate the ‘Total No. of Mobile Homes’ at top right of report


Tax Statement

Export – Acreage

Legal Acreage and Fire Patrol Acreage needs to be added to both tax statement exports that go to Master’s Touch. This was requested by several users at the Focus Group.

  • We attempted to export the fields requested, as requested. The User values depend on client configuration.
  • The field benefit_acre_sum in user_property_val can be named anything, or even not exist at all. As such PACS will attempt to dynamically identify the field.
    1. LOOK FOR “user_property_val.benefit_acre_sum”
      • If it exists, we will select from that field. This appears to be the standard naming convention shared by most clients.
      • Select field_name from meta_user_field where table_name = “user_property_val” and field_name = “benefit_acre_sum”
    2. LOOK FOR THE FIRST FIELD IN “user_property_val” WHICH CONTAINS “sum”
      • If the client uses a different name, it should at least say “sum”. For example at Whatcom, this is called “sum_acres” which would be used to select the data.
      • Select top 1 field_name from meta_user_field where table_name = “user_property_val” and field_name like “%sum%”
      • This is the catch-all default case, in case the fields are unidentifiable as an acre benefit sum.

Update tax statement export to add fields at the end of the layout:

  • Legal Acreage – property_val.legal_acreage (14,4)


  • Fire Patrol acreage stored as Benefit Acre Sum – upv.benefit_acre_sum (18,4)


  • Special Assessment Benefit Acres – property_assessment_attribute_val.benefit_acres (18,4)


NOTE: Request the new Tax Statement Export Layout from Support, if needed for the print vendor.

Tax Statement

Payment Dates

  • When printing a property tax statement–multi coupon, and the ‘Use Effective Date’ is selected -the Pay or Postmark date is not populating correctly.
    • When creating a property tax statement at the property level, the effective date is used to populate the Pay or Postmark date.
    • At this time, it is only populating with April 30 when the current tax year 2015 is used to create a statement.
  • There was a gap in the real property coupon date logic when prior year funds were owed. In this scenario, the User is expecting to use the effective date selected rather than waiting until the statutory due dates in April or October. The business logic here is to bill and receive the payment before any P&I changes.
    • To that end, a new hierarchy is implemented for due date logic as it pertains to the multi-coupon statement.

NOTE:    All of these assume that the Effective Date System Setting is turned ON. If this is not the case then the statutory due dates will always apply.

  • First Half Coupon:
    • If there are any delinquent amounts due use the effective date
    • else take the later of the effective date and the April statutory due date
  • Second Half Coupon:
    • If there are any delinquent amounts due use the effective date
    • else take the later of the effective date and the October statutory due date

Helpstar Defect Corrections

Helpstar ID Description of update


When an account OPC is applied, comment not displayed in UI. Resolved by modifying the query.


Error opening events object, reason Office not installed, confirmed with client. Ticket closed by client.


Description line not reflecting correct event type being opened. This has been corrected, event type remaining as assigned.


Tooltip Table reference incorrect. Issue resolved by removing tooltip.


Spelling error on Abstract Value report. This has been corrected.


Voiding REET record causes next excise number to increase. This has been corrected. REET record must be paid, have excise assigned and not yet exported.


Issue with effective date on statement. Pay or postmark on coupon appear corrected.


Column chooser/customizer does not retain selections in taxpayer record. This has been resolved.


Over payment amount should print on the large letter size receipt like small receipt. This has been corrected.


Print Statements is opening the run details not the print statement dialog.


Statements for supplement groups, blank third page prints. Issue resolved.


Miscellaneous Receipts distribution description field. A new configuration property introduced.


Excise numbers skipped if re-using previously used excise number.


Resize web suppression hotbutton, too wide.


Reset completion date for a REET transaction, Excise Detail Report query modified to fetch the appropriate data to show correct results and to avoid the voided payment.


Clark-TM-OLPT-R39 Large Image file causes PACS to crash in Lawsuit Module. Resolved by modifying the implementation to read the images in a more reliable way.


Creating new penalty records for a levy through the UI causes invalid penalty calculations. This has been corrected.


Message when printing renditions for a group of property IDs-“No Properties found. Revise search ..try again.” Resolved by modifying query and joining table.


Creating NBHD Profile does not replace existing profile as default. This has been corrected.


Collections pursuit activity report not producing output. Issue resolved.


Statement and newly created bills for the prior year will not display. This has been corrected.


Unable to find newly created codes in Mass Update.


Missing foreclosure fee, PID 300891, statement process should select all amounts due on a property for a year less than or equal to th year of statement group selected.


When checking the include future year properties in the settings>user settings, the field doesn’t hold after clicking apply and okay.This has been resolved.


Generate and print corrected tax statements, excluding all zero statements with the field entry of 0.00. The exclude box must include .01 in order to keep zero statements from printing.


Certificate of new construction report needs signature line. This has been resolved. A signature line has been added.


In the Event panel, the Ref Event Type does not always populate regardless of the Type of event. Issue resolved by always showing Event Type in Event Type text box instead of Ref Event Type.


Clark-OLTP bch-Property Link not Displayed in Yellow Banner. This has been corrected.


Entering data in the Amount to be Refunded- causes an override to Last Year’s Levy to be $116,671.76, the Amount to be Refunded reverts to $75.63. Issue happens when opening dialog for first time. This has been corrected.


Import needed to update the user_property_val fields.


Senior exemption removal not shown in Change Log. Issue resolved.


Escrow Value listing report inaccurate. Issue resolved, the Escrow collected data needs to come from escrow table and not the payment table.


Printed Personal Property Renditions are not showing City, State and Zip on the PP Rendition Non Farm. Test complete, ticket closed.


Incorrect value in Levy. Calculations modified, issue resolved.


Unable to copy improvement form one property to another, a PACS exception error appears. Ticket closed.


Incorrect date on Personal Property Listings. Issue resolved.


Multi Coupon Statement, when printing, the 0 statement should be excluded from printing/export unless the user specifies to include them. Resolved, modified BulkExportTaxStatement query.


Issue with wizard Mass Creating properties, unable to change “Number of previous Years” field to 0. Corrected by adding an empty item in “Number of previous Year” combo box.


Errors in property_exemption table. This has been corrected. Exemption records are matching when the property is recalculated.


A transaction with multiple REET transactions included, the Validation window does not prompt for the documents to be validated in any kind of order. Issue resolved, added sort to the logic, data listed in order of Excise number.


Pay or Postmark date is not populating correctly when printing a property tax statement, multi coupon and use effective date is selected. Issue resolved.


Issue with Automatically Adjust Posting Date for Weekends and Holidays in PACS.Admin. Interest and penalty should be waived until following business day. This has been corrected.


Inconsistency in the payout agreement amounts due. Issue corrected.


When mass updating bill codes, the Blank Bill code is not available to remove bill codes in mass. Resolved by adding an empty item in the Bill/Fee combo box in mass update process.


Export to tax service missing 2015 payment history. This has been corrected.


When a Property Characteristic code is changed, it is not reported in the change log. Issue resolved, change log contains entries for Characteristic and Attribute.


Mobile Excise not calculating on Statement of Taxes Collected Report. This has been corrected.


When the Levy tax statement print export file process is created, the file includes statements with zero due items.


Split/Merge Wizard Bugs. Split has been corrected.


Letter templates wipe out information in final flex field to print inaccurately.


Two reports are not working correctly: Collection Review Report and Pursuit Activity Report. Reports are empty.


When attempting to change a cycle on a property when viewed in PACS, does not show one.


Bill adjustment detail empty. Issue with logic searching if tax area on the “Previous Value” section using a length greater than 0.


Entering Situs Addresses taking large amount of time, 40 seconds. Issue was with the logic which populates Zip Codes. Logic modified, issue corrected.


When a taxpayer statement is generated, the resulting event on the property does not have the correct date.


Monitor list use, when a monitor is edited and changes saved, list displays, but monitor being worked doesn’t stay highlighted.


When a payout agreement payment is partially paid, the Payout Agreement Statement prints the wrong Base Amount Due. This has been corrected.


Legal Acreage and Fire Patrol Acreage needs to be added to both tax statement exports that go to Master’s Touch. This is an enhancement to the existing system.


Overpayment Credit defaulting to account. Property has to be searched for which has been already accessed. Issue resolved.


REET Penalty not distributing for July 1 distribution.


REET voided excise numbers. This is resolved.


Locate the maximum personal property penalty.


When printing a Personal Property Segment Report, the Original Cost Sum overlaps the Year acquired. Issue resolved by adjusting alignment in the report.


Add Condition Code to Mass Maintenance options for Improvement Detail. This has been corrected. Enhancement implemented.


Exception error in Income Valuation with associated land detail pids. Resolved.


Escrow checkbox for OPC versus automatic Flexible Escrow. This has been corrected.


Server updates causing reports to fail. Issue resolved.


When the REET Excise Number Report is ran, the returning excise numbers are out of date range. Issue fixed, removed obscure code.


Change of Value notices not printing the Zip4, Route or Country. Added logic in the address line to add. This has been corrected.


Create New Year Layer process failure. Issue resolved.


Issues with copying or deleting Refund Type codes to New Year. This has been corrected.


Bill payments due- incorrect due date. Issue resolved.


Mass update, decided to undo the mass update and failed. Code correction.


Paid amount is incorrect in escrow grid. Issue corrected and closed.


Sum of Benefit Acres using owner ID in assessment year collections owner. This has been resolved.


Error creating statement file export.


Unable to set rollback/compensatory tax configuration up. Issue resolved.


Blank page after each multi-coupon property tax statement.


Supplement Reason not printing on tax statements. Issue corrected and closed.


Fees don’t display on the tax statement in grid which breaks out the amounts due by year.


Autopay ownership change report now shows agents that have not recently change. Issue resolved, query modified.


PID 176322 refunded wrong amount; tax due panel not equal to audit trail. This has been corrected.


SimpliFile functionality for eREET.


When the WAC code does not match PACS exactly, it causes the Simplifile to error out. Issue resolved.


Simplifile REET web portal, errors out if the legal description is too long.


Events created by the Auditor Import should use the user ID and Name of the user performing the import.


Posting a REET payment, the user has to perform a second option to assign the excise number.


PIDs valued on income approach cannot be split.


BETA R44: Tax statement with delinquency printing 2 pages. Issue resolved, existing logic amended.


BETA R44: Autopay ownership change report now shows agents that have not recently changed


Upgrade testing, unable to save sketch changes, error message.


BETA R44: Mass Recalc not working


BETA R44: Tax statement file export failed.


RLB BETA- SQL error creating statement from command


Clark-PM BETA R44: Testing Supplement issue commercial income panel


Clark-PM BETA R44 : Testing Income Approach; Improvement and land designations. No land details.


Clark-NJD-BETA Testing NYL, New Construction in Annexed Areas, its contribution to the Highest Lawful Levy Limit.


Miscellaneous receipt data sequence in distribution. Issue resolved, ticket closed.

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