New Features #

Released to clients on 2/28/2019
  • This release contains the following New Features:
  • Appraisal Export
    • Arbitration File
    • New fields for DV# deferral dates
    • New fields for an abatement exemption to apply only to M&O Amount
  • ARB Protests
    • Mass add protest reason codes
    • Mass update ARB Panel Code
    • Mass update evidence requested flag and date
    • Print ARB letters – add sort by Protest Complete Date
  • GIS
    • GIS Compass – follow map rotation
  • Land DCF Analysis
    • Add copy to Excel/Copy to Clipboard option
  • Marshall & Swift
    • Add M&S RCN/Cost New at Improvement Detail Level
    • Modify Appraisal Card and Field Review Card to use M&S Data Elements
    • Allow client office to display the un-depreciated M&S unit price by configuration.
      • Please enter a support ticket to apply this change.
      • NOTE: We are working on the display of M&S in PACS. Additional changes are expected in subsequent releases this year which may affect those listed above.
  • Mineral Import
    • Import real property from mineral appraisal companies:  TY Picket and P&A
    • Import new value for personal and real property from TY Picket and P&A
  • Online Appeals
    • Add clearer instructions to Efile Website
  • Payment Import
    • Add option in Payment Import to allow the client to turn off the function allowing partial payment
    • Add ‘Set Payment Import Options’ under the Tools Menu
    • Add ‘Accept Partial Payments’ check box to the Payment Import Prepare Run dialog
  • Totals
    • Add Taxable values to Totals State Code breakdown
  Please click R39_New Features to access the new features documentation.
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Last updated on July 24, 2019 Release Notes #

TFS ID           TS ID            Symptom
34604 164446 User is receiving unwanted and closed Arbitration records in PACS Export Appraisal Information files.  The vbs file was corrected and issue is corrected.
36209 168683 When user is setting up installment agreement, the agreement is showing paid, but taxes due reflects on tax summary screen.  This is corrected.
37921 173744 The taxes without exemptions is not calculating correctly.  The site is running calculations on the Assessed Value after the HS Cap Loss instead of the Market or Appraised value that is showing under ‘Total Value’ on Property Access.
38557 177262 The taxes without exemptions is not calculating correctly in properties with a Homestead Cap. The homestead cap is being considered in the taxes w/o exemptions calculation when the HSCAP would not exist if the homestead exemption was removed.
39561 179055 GIS Compass does not follow the Map Rotation.  This is corrected
40963 187986 PACS is using the effective size from the previous land segment is being used on the second land segment (which does not have an effective size override on it). Expected Outcome: The per acre land price should be based on either the eff size or the legal acreage on the legal description panel or the size acres or the effective size acres on the land screen but not the effective size acres from a previous land segment.
41143 189570 It is taking over 3 minutes for a statement to print out.  Expected Outcome: Should only take a second to print a corrected tax statement.
41220 190024 When trying to save a recording through the ARB protest screen, and the share folder path does not exist, the system does not save the recording or error out when saving the recording, making the person think the recording was completed successfully.  Expected Outcome: PACS displays an error when trying to save a recording through the ARB module to a path that does not exist.
41280 190068 Interest is not calculating on omitted improvement tax after the omitted improvement due date.  This is happening in PACS when the effective posting date is moved out.  It’s also happening on the tax statements.  The amounts due in the months after the omitted improvement due date do not include the applicable interest.  Expected Outcome: Interest on omitted improvement tax amounts should calculate correctly in PACS and on tax statements.
41447 191414 When mass updating on certain occasions the Improvement Detail Field drop down options will be missing.  This is corrected
41480 191837 User receives arithmetic overflow error when creating bills for sup group.  This is corrected
41481 191840 When the upgrade was done the ability to view previous imports from within the screen is no longer available.  This is corrected
41536 192357 User receives sync errors in Mobile due to imprv.num_imprv being non null.  This is corrected
41565 192055 The comparable Land sale search does not return only land only sales when the land only sales checkbox is checked.  Expected Outcome:  land sale comparable sale search should return only sales that have the land only sales checkbox checked when the land only sale criteria is checked.
41583 192483 User receives error when doing an import into CIC.  A  cic_tender_view  is is returning a null instead of 0.00 format.   This is corrected.
41602 193030 Form pp_rendition_w_group_code_duplex.rpt   has extra data being printed on Page .  See attached document for extra data. Expected Outcome:  Should not print the year 2010 in the column on the 3rd page.
41622 192515 Mass post refund wizard is not pulling in the payer who paid the tax that caused the refund.  This is corrected
41682 193550  When a property is being Added to the supplement roll, and it is creating a S type bill, the effective due date on the bill is not being shifted.   The effective due date should be moved to the 1st of the next month after 21 days from when the bills are created.
41686 193679 On the SIT Account, when user checks Heavy Equipment box on the appraisal side, it is not updating on the collections side.  This affects penalty and interest.
41692 193652 Certain Income properties were recalculated in the nightly recalc and the income value went to 0 and the income data disappeared.  This is corrected.
41702 193828 Windows 10 does not allow TestSaveShowMarks.tif file to be written to C root directory.  This is corrected
41713 193956 Checking Totals Breakdown is yielding mismatches.  It appears the report is including deleted accounts in the totals.  This is corrected
41717 193962 Preliminary totals state category are not updating upon recalculation.  This is corrected
41724 193998 User receives Foreign Key Constraint error when accepting supplement group.  This is corrected
41758 When Recalculating properties from within PACS using the Recalculate Values menu item and dialog, all deleted properties are also being recalculated.  This may significantly increase the number of properties being recalculated, resulted in a significant increase is recalculation time.
41765 194037 Owners with Mobile Homes did not have an option to file online through portal.
41802 194635 From time to time, User will receive a Deadlock Alert while using the Online Appeals Staging Job.  This consistently slows down the PACS system.  This is corrected.
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Last updated on March 4, 2019 Release Notes (Limited) #

TFS ID TS ID Symptom
41134 Enhancement Marshall & Swift Enhancements: Included Nightly recalc of M&S estimates.
41136 Enhancement Marshall & Swift Enhancements: Recalc option for details not set to M&S if estimate exists.  Configuration required
41137 Enhancement Marshall & Swift Enhancements:  Add estimate to ARB Evidence Configuration.  Configuration required.
41822 Enhancement Marshall & Swift Enhancements: M&S Fields should display on Improvement Detail.  Configuration required.
41828 194875 When changing the Percent Complete in the Improvement Adjustment Factors from 50 to 100 and recalculating twice at the Improvement panel, the New Value doubles.  This is corrected.
41892 195140 M&S Calculation Worksheet shows the incorrect Depreciation Amount.  This is corrected.
41893 195133 In some instances, in the Improvement Details, the M&S is active, but the M&S worksheet does not appear.  This is corrected.
41921 195325 A ‘-1’ will appear on appraisal card when there are properties with no effective year populated.
41798 194057 In some instances, user will receive the error ‘The following file either no longer exists or is no longer accessible’ when trying to review an arbitration evidence file
42040 196289 Income Recalculation will not update the reimbursed expenses from income schedules.  This is corrected.
42056 196310 Refunds were not calculating correctly regarding attorney’s fees.

Scheduled for release tentatively April 2019

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Last updated on May 11, 2019 Release Notes (Limited) #

TFS ID HS ID Description
41134  Enhancement: Marshall & Swift Enhancements: #5-Nightly recalc of M&S estimates
41136  Enhancement: Marshall & Swift Enhancements: #6-Recalc option for details not set to M&S if estimate exists
41137 Enhancement:  Marshall & Swift Enhancements: #7-Add estimate to ARB Evidence Configuration
41798 194057 Corrected error in Arbitration Sales and equity grid where evidence would not be accessible.
41828 194875 When changing the Percent Complete in the Improvement Adjustment Factors from 50 to 100 and recalculating twice at the Improvement panel, the New Value doubles.
41892 195140 Depreciation reported on Calculation Estimate Report is incorrect.
41921 195325 Some improvement do not have an effective year built at the improvement level and at the improvement detail level and when the appraisal card is printed, we are entering a negative 1 (-1) in the EFF YR column.
42040 196289 Income recalculations will not work unless the property is recalculated in the income screen and The “Get # Units” checkbox override is checked.  After the recalculation the Checkbox can be unchecked and the correct recalculation amounts will remain in place.
42051 196386 Certain properties are not included in Stratification Report
42056 196310 Refunds not calculating correctly in certain circumstances.
42079 196381 Remove and Replace button does not work corrected in some instances in the Images panel.
42086 196566 When rendition for multiple property is scanned, the process is not removing the active flag on the previous year’s rendition like it does when a rendition for a single property is scanned. 
42088 196246 Cannot submit offers to online appeals protest if the taxpayer has scheduled a protest.  
42093 196720 Client is attempting to update the From and To Date Range on the Comp. Sales/Land Load Setting – System Defaults panel and is unable to.
42119 196262 The online scheduling after the taxpayer is scheduling, they get a box that says it is not available when in actually did schedule the hearing so it causing confusion to the taxpayer. 
42132 196957 When ‘Recalculate’ button is clicked from Property View, PropertyPS class method ‘Display()’ is invoked, then the Alert Control is re -created. The 2nd time the Alert control is recreated, PACS stops responding since the previous window of the Alert Control is not cleared.
42080 196427 When you supplement a property and add it to back to the Roll and then run the collection export with paid bills and bills with refund due the base tax is not showing up on the roll.

Released to clients on 4/20/2019

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Last updated on April 19, 2019 Release Notes (Limited) #

TFS TeamSupport Description
42121 197001 There was a scenario in which a new sql connection was used and assigned in the middle of the recalculation process. This caused the middle tier connection it replaced to become orphaned and remain. This only happens when recalculating an income property with a schedule set up to use base cap rate instead of the overall rate. 
42211 197746 When clients prints appraisal notice from event for a HB3630 property, the second page reflect February 1, 2020 rather than February 1, 2022.   
42221 197770 Lease header was not maintaining the entity percentage on a lease entity record.   
42220 197789 Lease Header Select Lease Entities window does not display all entities
42134   Refunds not calculating correctly for Multiple Payments include partial payment
42119 196262 The online appeals scheduling renders an error that says the date/time the taxpayer selected is  not available when in reality, it scheduled the hearing.   
42040 196289 Income recalculations will not work unless the property is recalculated in the income screen and The “Get # Units” checkbox override is checked.  After the recalculation the Checkbox can be unchecked and the correct recalculation amounts will remain in place.
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Last updated on April 26, 2019 Release Notes (Limited) #

This release contains the changes made in reference to the Electronic Appraisal Roll Submission.  This is what we reference as our “PTD Release”.

Changes to the layouts and reports are referenced in the manual provided by the State.  Please click the link below to review:

Electronic Appraisal Roll Submission; Record Layout and Instructions Manual

or use this link provided by the State:

EPTS Manual

This release is scheduled to be available on 7/24/2019.

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Last updated on July 25, 2019
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