1.PACS Appraisal #

Released to Clients on 03/23/2011.

PACS Appraisal



Description of Update

Appraisal Notices


After changing the Notice Date in the Print Appraisal Notices dialog box, the modified date did not display on printed notices; instead, the system reverted to and displayed the initial, or default date (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notice Maintenance, select a run, right-click and choose Print Appraisal Notices). This issue, an unintended result of previous development, has been corrected.

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Last updated on April 19, 2019

2.PACS Appraisal #


PACS Appraisal



Description of Update

Appraisal Cards


When viewing appraisal cards and field review cards, sketches did not display within the sketch borders as expected when the user’s machine had a monitor with a wide screen or unusually high resolution setting (Activities > Appraisal Cards). Image measurement units and image scale handling have been modified to assure images display as expected in any instance.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

3.PACS Appraisal #

Released to Clients on 02/15/2011.

PACS Appraisal

New Features

The following new and changed functionality is provided with this release.

Appraisal Cards

  • Content of personal property appraisal cards without subsegments and field review cards with and without subsegments has been expanded.
    • Appraisal Card (no Subsegments)
      • ECON/PHYS PCT has been added to the GOOD PCT column so all 3 are shown (see below).
      • DEPR TABLE and DEPR PCT now display as one column: DEPR TABLE/Percent.
      • The RENDERED column no longer displays on Appraisal Cards (but continues to display on Field Review Cards).
    • Field Review Card (no Subsegments)
      • ECON/PHYS PCT has been added to the GOOD PCT column so all 3 are shown (see below)
      • DEPR TABLE and DEPR Percent now display as one column: DEPR TABLE/PCT
    • Field Review Card (with Subsegments)
      • ECON/PHYS PCT has been added to the GOOD PCT column so all 3 are shown (see below)
      • DEPR TABLE and DEPR Percent now display as one column: DEPR TABLE/Percent column.
      • DEPR TABLE and DEPR PCT now display as one column: DEPR TABLE/Percent.

    Appraisal Card, percent good etc, 8108x

Appraisal Export

  • The option to exclude CASS changes from the appraisal export is now available.

    Export Appraisal Information, CASS changes, 8108x

    Presenting this option prompted a slight redesign of the Export Appraisal Information dialog box. Previously, because of the layout, the function of the Agent and Owner check box options was ambiguous. Now, the presentation more clearly indicates that selecting Agent and Owner allows that information to be included in the export file. Similarly, selecting CASS (or Confidential) in the Exclude section of the dialog box results in CASS changes (and/or confidential information) being excluded from the export file. Access the Export Appraisal Information dialog ox by choosing File > Export > Appraisal Export in PACS Appraisal.

Appraisal Notices

  • The way PACS handles the combination of appraisal notice selection and print runs and event creation has been modified and defined as follows:
    • Events can be generated for an appraisal notice run through a procedure separate from the print process.

      To generate events for an appraisal notice run, select an appraisal notice run, right-click and choose Insert Events.

      • If notices have previously been printed for a selected appraisal notice run, a notice displays. Duplicate events can be generated.
      • A date can be assigned to the event.
    • Events do not generate if a print job is canceled by the user.
    • The print date is not updated if the print job is canceled.
    • Group codes are not removed if the print job is canceled by the user and Remove Group Codes was selected.
    • Events are removed and previously removed group codes are restored if Undo Appraisal Notice Selection is selected from the context menu.
  • Taxpayer E-File PINs can now be displayed in appraisal notices. The PIN, presently used by taxpayers for registering online appeals, displays on the right-hand portion of the header near the Owner ID.

    Appraisal Notice, Print Appraisal Notices, 8108 rn

    To add the PIN to notices, select the Include E-File Pin option in the Print Appraisal Notices dialog box. Choose Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notices Maintenance, right-click and select Print Appraisal Notices. Below is a sample notice for a single property. The multi-property notice also features the E-File PIN immediately below the Owner ID and/or Agent ID.



  • When searching for an arbitration record, it is now possible to search by arbitration type. To search, select File > Open > Arbitration. Try the new Type field in the Arbitration Search dialog box by clicking the ellipses and using the Add/Remove Type box to select from available types.

    Arbitration Search dialog, 8108x RN

  • The Arbitration module now supports multiple opinions of value. As a result, the General and Value Summary views have been modified. In the General view, the Order Determining Protest section and Arbitration Received Info sections previously displayed summarized information, including the Owner’s Opinion of Value. These fields now display information specific to the property selected in the ARB Protest Cases grid. The summarized opinion of value for properties included in the arbitration now displays in the new Total Arbitration Opinion of Value field. This field is automatically populated with the sum of the individual property opinions of value.

    arbitration, multi-props opinion of value, 8108x-RN2

    Additionally, properties displayed in the ARB Protest Cases grid can be sorted by columns. To sort properties by property ID, click Property ID. Column headers can also be moved and reordered by clicking on a column header and dragging it to the desired place in the order.

  • Property-specific information now displays in the Value Summary view after a property is selected from the new Property ID drop-down list. The list is automatically populated with property IDs attached to the arbitration. Select one to view its value summary.

    arbitration, multi-props opinion of value, Values, 8108x RN


  • The duplex version of the DV Application has been modified to match the state’s form. A section allowing for late filed applications now displays as section 3, and what was formerly section 3 is now section 4. The form version number has also been modified. Access the application through Activities > Print Property Applications.


  • The applications for residential homestead exemptions are being modified to stay in compliance. The new forms feature an Occupancy Move-In Date field and Spouse’s Birth Date field, as well as the state form number and revision date. These will be distributed in the near future.

Freeze Ceiling Maintenance

  • A new Freeze Ceiling Report option is now available in the Freeze Ceiling Run Reports dialog box. The Change Report, as explained in the dialog box, details all freeze ceilings which were both calculated and changed, including those which are not applied. Access the report by selecting Activities > Freeze Ceiling, then right-click on a run displayed in the Freeze Ceiling Run History window and select Reports.

    Freeze Ceiling Run Reports, 8108 rn

    Freeze ceilings are not applied when:

    • The freeze was overridden at the property level.
    • The Enable Calculation of Freeze Ceiling check box was not selected for the entity.

    Freeze ceilings are changed when:

    • A recent appraisal included new construction, resulting in the additional taxes being added to the ceiling.
    • An owner has moved and his/her exemption was transferred, resulting in a recalculation of taxes based on a percentage of the existing ceiling to the value of the new home.
    • New exemption freeze OV65 or DV has been added.

Mass Maintenance

  • It is now possible to update personal property from the Mass Update Details dialog box. Select Personal Property as the table, then select associated fields and values to update personal property records.

    Mass Update, personal property, 8108x

    The following fields are available when the table is set to Personal Property:

    • Appraisal Method
    • Class Code
    • Comments
    • Condition Code
    • Density Code
    • Quality Code
    • State Code
    • Type Code

    In addition, when the Property table is selected, you can now select and update the following fields:

    • Reviewed Appraiser
    • Reviewed Date
    • Sic Code
  • Secondly, as of this release, rendition waiver fields can also be updated through mass maintenance.

    Mass Update, personal property, rendition, 8108x

    The following rendition fields are available when the Table is set to Personal Property:

    Mass Update Interface Name



    Rendition Penalty May 15 Extension Waiver Status

    Ext1 Processed Date

    Rendition Penalty May 15 Extension Granted Date

    Ext1 Comment

    Rendition Penalty May 15 Extension Comment


    Rendition Penalty May 30 Extension Waiver Status

    Ext2 Processed Date

    Rendition Penalty May 30 Extension Granted Date

    Ext2 Comment

    Rendition Penalty May 30 Extension Comment

    Penalty Waiver Status (shown above)

    Late Rendition Penalty – Waiver

    Penalty Waiver Status Date

    Late Rendition Penalty – Waiver Date

    Penalty Waiver Status Comment

    Late Rendition Penalty – Waiver Comment

PTD Electronic Appraisal Roll Submission

  • A new Sale Type filter has been added to the Print Stratification Report dialog box.

    PTD Stratification Rpt, Sale Type, 8108x

    Click the ellipses to open the Add/Remove Sales Types window and select/deselect sale type codes. When generating the stratification report, all property sales of the selected sale type(s) are included in the report. Access the Print Stratification Report dialog box by choosing Reports > Sales Analysis > PTD Stratification.

  • The calculation of the multi-property sales ratio displayed on the Detail Property List and Individual Sales Ratio sub-reports of the PTD Stratification Report has changed. The sales ratio is now the sum market value/total sale price.

What’s New in PACS Appraisal and Collections Documentation



Description of Update

PACS Appraisal



Exemption descriptions for DV1 through DV4 have been updated per HB3613.



A misprint on the Ag2 application has been corrected; referring to Hay Production Pasture, on page 2, item 3, Number of Head has been changed to Number of Bales (with a property record open, select Property > Print Property Applications, select Ag2 from the Application Type drop-down list).



Address Line 2 and Address Line 3 now display in the search results window for Agent, Attorney, Collector, Mortgage, and Taxserver (File > Open > Agent/Attorney/Collector/Mortgage/Taxserver).


The application server failed on mass recalculating depreciation. This was caused by a memory leak, and now code has been modified to resolve this issue.

Import & Export Data


It is now possible to include acres information in the legal description when configuring and performing mineral imports (File > Import > Mineral/Personal Property, right-click and select Appraisal Company Configuration).


Dates from a Capital Appraisal Group mineral import were not processed as expected (File > Import > Mineral/Personal Property). Import handling code has been modified to better handle the data.


Records were not updated as expected during a mineral import (File > Import > Mineral/Personal Property). The relevant stored procedure has been modified to perform an update on existing records so that rendition extensions are merged, and PACS can then correctly determine whether or not a late filing penalty is appropriate.


Attempts to export appraisal data failed (File > Export > Appraisal Data). The export processes in PACS Appraisal and PACS Collections have been tested, modified if needed, and now run correctly.


Additional spaces following the state code have been deleted from Pritchard and Abbott mineral and personal property import files (File > Import > Mineral/Personal Property).

97224, 99536

When performing an owner/agent export with Exclude CASS selected, properties with ownership changes were excluded when the most recent change reason on the property was listed as CASS (choose File > Export > Appraisal Information, select Export Ownership Information, then select Exclude CASS). This has been corrected.



When the GPR Calculator Override option was selected, values incorrectly displayed as 0’s in the Leased Area and Vacant Area income fields located in the income valuation Direct Cap tab (open a property using an income valuation, expand the Values tab, open the income valuation and view the Direct Cap tab). The correct values are now called from the appropriate table and display where expected.

Letter Processing


An attempt to print property letters using the property ID print method and sorted by zip code resulted in an unexpected error message (Activities > Letter Processing > Print Property Letters). An error in the data handling has been corrected.

PTD Electronic Appraisal Roll Submission


An unexpected error occurred when generating the Certified PTD Submission export (Activities > Certify Appraisal Roll > PTD > Generate Certified PTD Submission). Larger values are now accommodated, correcting the issue.

UDI Processing


The Percent Ownership was incorrectly applied to Total Value displayed on the child accounts of parent UDI personal properties (open UDI property, expand Values panel). Percent Ownership is now applied to Total Value if the property is a parent account.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020

4.PACS Collections #

PACS Collections


Description of Update

PACS Collections



Displayed values for P&I were not consistent between the Summary panel and the Tax Due panel. The methods for generating output values in these displays have been reconciled.

Fiscal Year Processing


Values displayed in the Totals for All Delinquent Years line of the Fiscal YTD Recap Report were not correct because the report was redisplaying data generated during a previous run by a different user (Activities > Month End Procedures > Month End Reports, select Print Fiscal Year To Date Recap and Closed Month options). This issue has been corrected.



Bill adjustment codes associated with bills could be deleted (Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > Bill Adjustment Codes). This is no longer permitted. When attempting to delete a bill adjustment code in use, a warning displays indicating that the code is currently associated with bills.



Litigation event type code descriptions can now be up to 50 characters in length (Tools > Codefile Maintenance > Litigation > Event Type).

Rendition Processing


The CAD fee percentage unexpectedly set to 5% and the penalty percentage set to approximately 10% because these values inadvertently remained hardcoded into the system after work was completed on a separate issue (Activities > Rendition Processing > Set CAD Fee Percentage). This issue has been corrected.

Statement Processing


Supplement statements did not display half and quarterly pay amounts as expected because null values were not handled correctly (open a property and select Property > Accept and Create Bills for Supplement). This issue has been corrected.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019
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