1.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

Released to Clients on 03/24/2010.

PACS Appraisal (GA)

The following functionality is provided with this release.

New Features


ID: 62925, 82721

  • There is now an option to remove events from the Events view of a protest or inquiry record. In order for a user to remove an event, the new user right Remove ARB Events must be assigned to the user’s ID.

    ARB events 8104x

  • In the Taxpayer Evidence Packet Report, if the Use Adj Sale Price instead of actual option is selected in the Comparable Property Configuration dialog box (Tools > Comparable Property > System wide configuration), the adjusted sale price is now displayed. If the option is not selected, the actual sale price is displayed.

    The report is accessed from the context menu (Print > Report Taxpayer Evidence Packet) of the comparable property results list.


  • Enhancements have been made to arbitration processing to support the Senate Bill 771 legislation such that real properties are no longer limited to a $1 million value to be eligible for binding arbitration, and personal properties valued at or under $1 million are eligible for binding arbitration.
  • Some configuration code settings have been modified to support processing. (For more information, see the Setting Up Arbitration System Settings topic in the Arbitration User Guide.)

    In addition, a new Type Code (Tools > Code File Maintenance > Arbitration) is available to specify the type of arbitration being processed. This type is now required before protest cases can be added to the arbitration record.

Deed Processing

ID: 82720

  • A new check box, the Reset Agents check box, is available in the Electronic Deeds Processing window. When selected, agents associated with the grantor are removed when ownership is transferred.


    The Electronic Deeds Processing window is accessed by right-clicking a deed batch in the Electronic Deed Import Maintenance window (Activities > Electronic Deed Processing >Batch Maintenance) and selecting Open Batch.

Exemption Processing

ID: 56213

  • There is now an alternate tax calculation formula available that, when applicable, applies exemptions to non-homestead values first before applying exemptions to homestead values. For example:
    • Tax Calculation (Existing)

      • [(Homestead Value – Total Exemptions)/100]* Tax Rate = Tax without Freeze Ceiling on Homestead Value

      [($150,000 – $27,000)/100] * 1.55 = $1,906.50

      • Lesser of Freeze Ceiling or Tax without Freeze Ceiling on Homestead Value =Tax on Homestead Value

      Lesser of $658.59 or $1,906.50 = $658.59

      • (Non-homestead value/100) * Tax Rate = Tax on non-homestead value

      ($10,000/100) * 1.55 = $155.00

      • Tax on Homestead Value + Tax on Non-homestead value = Total Tax

      $658.59 + $155.00 = $813.59

    • Tax Calculation (Alternate)

      • [(Homestead Value – Homestead Exemption Amount)/100] * Tax Rate = Tax without Freeze Ceiling on Homestead Value

      [($150,000 – $17,000)/100] * 1.55 = $2,061.50

      • Lesser of Freeze Ceiling or Tax without Freeze Ceiling on Homestead Value =Tax on Homestead Value

      Lesser of $658.59 or $2,061.50 = $658.59

      • (Non-homestead value – Non-homestead exemption amount/100) * Tax Rate = Tax on non-homestead value

      ($10,000-$10,000/100) * 1.55 = $0.00

      • Tax on Homestead Value + Tax on Non-homestead value = Total Tax

      $658.59 + $0.00 = $658.59

    For information about activating the alternate tax calculation in your system, contact True Automation Client Services.

Income Module

ID: 72801

  • It is now possible to enter an income value manually in the Property Distribution section of the Distribution tab of an income valuation. When the value is entered in the Income Value cell, the Flat Value indicator becomes selected for the row.

    income value manual

PTD Stratification Report

  • The PTD Stratification Report dialog (Reports > Sales Analysis > PTD Stratification) has been enhanced to include:
    • An Include Detail Property List check box, which appends a listing of properties after the Level of Assessment by Stratification Report
    • A PTD History section, which enables you to select a PTD run and load its values automatically into the Stratification Ranges section of the dialog box:

      PTD history 8104x RN


ID: 81667

  • The BPP rendition form (pp_rend_fill_column_format.rpt) has been modified to support Comptroller requirements.

Rollback Tax Processing

  • The Rollback Wizard (accessed from the RBack-ShProp tab on a property record) now supports the processing of a homestead rollback to support the legislation that requires an owner to pay taxes as if the homestead exemption the owner was receiving due to a natural disaster that destroyed or damaged the owner’s property was not in effect. The owner must pay rollback taxes plust a 7% penalty when the owner sells the house before repairs are complete, or when repairs are not completed on time.

What’s New in Documentation



Description of Update

Appraisal Cards


An appraisal card printed on two pages when there were more than 6 improvement details on a segment. This has been corrected.


When field review sheets were being printed with the Print Marshall & Swift Info check box selected in the Print Appraisal Card dialog box of a property record that has multiple improvements or improvement details, not all field review sheets were printed. This has been corrected so that the Marshall & Swift details start on the page after the last field card improvement page.

The Print Appraisal Card dialog box is accessed by clicking Print Appraisal Card from the Summary tab of a property record.


An error occurred when generating an appraisal card for a property with a lengthy comment over 900 characters. A correction has been made to support large blocks of comment text.


When a card is printed from the Summary tab of a property record, PACS now checks that the user right Print Property Appraisal Card is assigned.

Appraisal Notices


The new phone number for an office was being included on forms from previous years for which an old phone number was applicable. This has been corrected.


Entities selected for omission in the Appraisal Notice Configuration Maintenance dialog box (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Configuration Maintenance) were not being omitted from a supplemental appraisal notice run (Activities > Assessment > Supplemental Functions > Print Supplement Appraisal Notices). This has been corrected.


When restarting a print job for a multi-property notice run, when an owner ID was entered in the Print Appraisal Notice dialog box, printing did not resume with the specified owner ID. Instead, the entire print job restarted. This has been corrected.

The Print Appraisal Notice dialog box is accessed by right-clicking Print Appraisal Notices on a run in the Appraisal Notices window (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notice Maintenance).

76259, 78024

An error occurred when printing an apprisal notice for a property valued at over $3 billion. This has been corrected. The export has been corrected as well for properties with large values.

76923, 76819

Notices were not being printed for properties selected with group codes, EX366 options, and/or market increase options in the Appraisal Notice Selection Process Wizard (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notice Maintenance). This has been corrected.



The ARB Inquiry Report (Reports > ARB > ARB Reports) no longer requires that an appraiser selection on the inquiry in order to retrieve the inquiry in the report.


To support state requirements, the Q02 protest reason code description (Tools > ARB Maintenance > Protest Codes > Reasons) has been changed from “Appraisal ratio exceeds median level of appraisal” to “Value is unequal compared with other properties.”


If an ARB recording already exists for a property record, an error message will now be displayed.


Protest search results were displaying agents for protests that did not have the authority settings to protest the property. This has been corrected so that only active agents with authority settings are displayed. (Authority settings are entered on the Owner-Agent tab of properyt records.)(


A new letter tag (AP.appr_meeting_taxpayer_comments) is available with which to retrieve taxpayer comments from the Appraiser Meeting window.


The Sub Market field is now available as a protest search criteria, and as a column in the protest search results list.


The docket start time letter tag <!ARBDOC.docket_begin!> was not distinguishing correctly between AM and PM. This has been corrected.


56443/ HS 13030

When the list of batches was displayed (File > Open > Batch), the list was sorted starting with the first batch ID. This has been corrected so that the list is sorted starting in descending order, starting with the most recent batch ID.

Change Log


The insertion and deletion of property codes was not being reflected in the change log. This has been corrected.


When setting up change log transaction selections (Tools >Change Log > Set Transaction Selections), an error was displayed when all available fields were selected and the Show only my Transaction Selections check box was selected. This has been corrected.

Deeds and Sales

14507/ HS 86026

When transferring ownership (Deeds – Sales tab of property record, click Owner Transfer), the Effective Date, Recorded Date, and the Application Date did not default to the expected date. This was corrected.

Delinquent Notices


Adjustment codes were not being included as expected when deliquent notices were printed (Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Tax Functions > Print Delinquent Notice). This has been corrected.

End of Year Processing


When printing exemption applications (Activities > End of Year Processing), the default printer, which was set up with legal sized paper, was not used. This has been corrected so that the default printer is used.



The State Mandated Amount field is now enabled for entry on the Exemption dialog box, and the exemption amounts are now displayed correctly on the entity record and in the Entity/Exemption Taxable Summary dialog box.

The Exemption dialog box is accessed by selecting Details for an exemption in the Tax Rates/Exemptions tab, which is accessed by selecting Details for a year in the Tax Rates/Exemptoins/PI Schedule tab in an entity record.

The Entity/Exemption Taxable Summary dialog box is accessed by selecting Tax Summary from the Entity-Exmpt tab of a property record.



The DVHS exemption was not being applied correctly to UDI accounts. This has been corrected.


DVHS exemption data is now included in the Transfer Tape Totals report. T


Some properties retrieved in the Exemption Wizard (Activities > Exemption Wizard) did not display the SUP code in the Mode column for the years in an open supplement. This has been corrected for supplement groups with a coding or pending status, as well as groups in a locked or temporarily open status.


For EX exemptions, it was possible to select the Apply Local % Only check box and the Apply freeze ceiling only (do not apply state/local amounts) check box in the Exemptions dialog box. This has been corrected so that the check boxes are now disabled.


The tax summary screen (Open property record with homestead exemption, Entity-Exmpt tab, click Tax Summary) now shows state and local exemption amounts.



The state codes on some properties were not being reported as mapped. To correct this, the sales submission export (File >Export >Sales Submission) now uses the state_code.ptd_state_cd field for the comptrollers_category_cd.


The Export Appraisal Information dialog box has been enhanced to include an Export As of Supplement # option.


The Owner/Agent Transfers report was not displaying the country name if the name had not been entered in capital letters. This has been corrected so that name is printed whether the name is uppercase or lowercase.


Tax due amounts were incorrect in the property summary export (File > Export > Property Summary). This has been corrected.


PTD export performance has been improved.


The export of appraisal information (Export > Appraisal Information) for a supplement group was not including some properties that were exported. This has been corrected.


The export of appraisal information (Export > Appraisal Information) as of a supplement number was not completing.

Fiscal Year


Late ag was being included twice in fiscal year totals (Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Populate Fiscal Year). This has been corrected.



Improvement adjustment percentages were not being displayed in the GIS Viewer for the codes BLDR, IMP, ADJ, and GOOD. This has been corrected.


There is a new field labeled Distributed Land Value in the GIS Viewer that displays the total land market value (that is, the sum of the land non-homestead value, the land homestead value, the ag market value, and the timber market value).


It was not possible to view attribute labels on properties checked out for Penpad use. This has been corrected.


New labels are now available for land adjustment codes: Land Adj (GF – Good Fence), Land Adj (AF -Avg Fence), Land Adj (H – Highway), Land Adj (P – Paved Road) in the GIS Viewer.


Changes to the GIS layer color did not save (Tools > Manage GIS). This has ben corrected.


The GIS Search needed to be cleared before opening a property record. This has been corrected.



It was not possible to advance through an image attached to a taxpayer’s record that had multiple pages. (The pages could only be accessed one at a time, one at each node of the tree on the Images tab of a taxpayer record.)

This has been corrected.

76085, 77445

When advancing through property records, in some cases property records displayed the image from the previously displayed property. This has been corrected.



When moving a property to a supplement or future year layer, values in some of the income fields were not being copied. This has been corrected.


When change the operating expense per square footwhile using the Direct Cap income approach with a distribution percentage of more than one property, the real estate taxes are now calculated correctly.


The Add button in the Property Distribution section of the Income Valuations for Property dialog box (accessed by selecting Income Value from the Values tab of a property record) was disabled. This has been corrected.



When a land detail was opened in a prior year, the fields below the Land Type field on the Productivity Valuation tab of the Land Detail dialog box were incorrectly lowered by one line. This has been corrected.



In the Add Lawsuit Contact dialog box (accessed by clicking Add in the Contact/Cost tab of a lawsuit record), when Change was selected and an arbitrator was searched for, an error was displayed. This has been corrected.

Lease Processing


When properties were added to a lease with the Mass Create button on a lease’s Properties tab, the entity was not added to the properties. This has been corrected.

Letter Processing

53965, 63489

When a carrot symbol (^) was entered within an ARB comments field, an error occurred when an ARB letter was printed that contained a letter tag for retrieving the comments. This has been corrected so that carrot characters are removed from ARB comments fields before letter processing.



An error occurred after a cause number more than 16 characters in length was entered and Apply was selected. This has been corrected so that a cause number up to 25 characters in length can be entered.

Marshall & Swift


When a Marsall & Swift record was entered without an enty in the Year Built field, the Year Built field would become populated with the number 1000. This has been corrected so that if no year is entered, the value remains at zero.


An error occurred when an occupancy code was changed or added. This has been corrected.

Mass Maintenance


Mass recalculation was not populating timber 78 values. This has been corrected.


An error occurred when undoing a Mass Maintenance Update (Activities > Mass Maintenance > Mass Update, choose Undo) with a unique set of circumstances. The update procedure has been modified.

Mortgage Payment Processing


The incorrect mortgage company name was being listed in the mortgage company accepted and rejected payment reports. This has been corrected so that the mortgage company that has the lender numbering the file is now listed.



When transferring ownership for multiple properties (Activities > Ownership Transfer), if a property that was selected was not in the future year layer,an error messages about a UDI property was displayed.

This has been corrected so that the error message displayed indicates that the property is not in the future year.


When ownership was transferred, exemptions were removed although Apply percentage of ownership to exemptions was checked.



An error no longer occurs when importing a query that included fields added from the Agent-Account category of the Tables tree.


The sl_price field in PACS.Query was connected to the sale_conf table instead of the sale table. There is now a separate field, sl_price (sale), that retrieves data from the sale table.



The Flag Complete setting was not being retained on some property records after the records were rechecked out, and so the properties were not being displayed as completed (that is, in orange) in the GIS Reconciliation window. This has been corrected.


In the GIS Reconciliation window, the color display indicating that properties had been processed or had not been processed was not being retained after a property was rechecked out. This has been corrected.


  • If the current appraiser is not entered when the Penpad application is launched, a message is now displayed prompting the user to enter the current appraiser.
  • When a property was checked out and the Flag Complete option selected, after the property was checked in, the last appraiser was blank and the last inspection date was incorrect. This has been corrected.


An error occurred when checking out properties to use in PenPad. This has been corrected.

Personal Property


It is now possible to select multiple subsegments for removal at the same time on the Sub Segments tab in the Detail Segment dialog box .

The dialog box is accessed by selecting a segment on the Personal Prop tab and clicking Details.

In addition, the column display of subsegments at the bottom of the Personal Prop tab remains set according to a user’s selections.

Property Records


The previous reappraisal year was not correct in property records that were copied or moved to another year. This has been corrected.


After searching for property records, the resulting Property List did not include the deed volume, page, and number for all properties. This has been corrected.


When entering selection criteria to search for a properties, when data was entered in the Previous Taxpayer section of the Other tab in the Open Property dialog box, and if Include Deleted and Reference Properties was selected on the Primary tab, the


An error occurred when trying to navigate the Split Property Wizard. A runtime key has been added and the problem has been corrected.


An error occurred when loading a property during a residential comparable properties search (Open Comparables – Residential > Load > search for and enter property number > Load). This has been corrected.


You can now tab through all fields in all open tabs of property records.


Because of an issue created when migrating images into PACS, an error occurred when opening the Images view of a property record. This has been corrected.



The Multi Property Notices – Notice of Protest export no longer includes owner information when the Include Owner Info on Protest check box is not selected in the Print Appraisal Notices dialog box (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notices Maintenance).



A message is now displayed after OK is selected in the Recording Options dialog box; it asks you whether you would like to save the selections as default settings.

Rendition Processing


Typos and grammatical errors in a rendition report (Activities > Print Property Applications, choose Rendition Applications) were corrected.


BPP rendition forms were changed to be State MAP compliant (Activities > Print Property Applications).


A Microsoft Windows error occurred when printing a BPP Rendition (Activities > Print Property Applications). This has been corrected.



On the Preliminary Roll and Certified Roll, the label “Split Entity% Applied” is now displayed next to entities with percentages less than 100. This is available for those who enter values into their systems based on paper rolls.


In the sales export and PTD sales submission report, the state code was not mapped correctly for some properties.This has been corrected.


The Standard Gain/Loss Report (Reports > Appraisal Notices >Gain/Loss Reports > Standard Gain/Loss) was not including properties for some neighborhood codes with dollar signs ($) or spaces that were specified as selection criteria. This has been corrected.


The Auto Add OV65 Exemptions report no longer includes deleted accounts, or exemptions flagged for reset.


A typo in the report hs_barcode_2004.rpt has been corrected.


An error occurred on some property records when Property > Print Value Certification Notice was selected. This has been corrected.


The preview or print version of the Rollback Tax Report no longer rounds to 3 decimal places; the acreage amounts are now left at 4 decimal places. With this correction, acreage amounts are now the same in the report and in PACS.


The Homestead Application (hs_exempt_app.rpt) was set for duplex printing, which caused printer errors at some sites. This has been corrected so that it no longer requires duplex printing.


The Homestead Application report (hs_exempt_app_dupliex.rpt) was printing on 3 pages instead of the usual 2 pages. Extra white spaces have been removed from the report file.


The size of the box in which to enter a lengthy query in the Sales Ratio Report (Reports > Sales Analysis) was too small. The size has been increased.


The State Mandated Disability column in the Homestead Application (accessed by clicking Property > Print Property Applications from a property record) is no longer truncated.


The Transfer Totals Report was not listing the LIH and DVHS exemptions. This has been corrected.


The processing time required by the Comparison of Average Value Changes report (Activities > Certify Appraisal Roll > PTD) has been improved.


The rendition form pp_rend_fill_column_format.rpt has been updated to support state requirements.


The effective size and effective size override are now displayed on the calculation worksheet (Property > Print Calculation Worksheet).



There was a penny difference between the rollback bil amount due displayed in the Taxes Due tab and the rollback amount displayed in the Rollback Tax report. This occurred because the rollback bill calculation separated the M&O and I&S amounts while the rollback amount calculation did not.

The rollback amount calculation has been modified to match the rollback bill calculation.

Supplement Processing


When an effective date was modified in the Supplement Group Create Bills dialog box (Activities > Assessment > Supplement Functions > Supplement Group Maintenance), the new date was not applied. This has been corrected.


An error occurred when accepting a supplement (Activities > Assessment > Supplement Functions > Supplement Group Maintenance, right click and choose Accept Supplement Group) on a parent property that had a child property with values not set to 0. This has been corrected.

TIF Zones


When Remove was selected for a TIF zone containing a space in the TIF Zone Maintenance dialog box (Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > TIF Zone), an error occurred. This has been corrected so that TIF zone codes that contain a space can be removed as needed.


When a TIF zone is assigned to a property, and both land and improvement values were entered, if the improvement was deleted, the value that was assigned to the improvement was also deleted from the TIF zone report. This has been corrected so that the TIF improvement and land values remain as the values entered when assigning a TIF zone to the property.


TIF zone codes and values were being incorrectly copied during property merges. This has been corrected.



It was possible to select the UDI Child check box in the Legal Description tab of a UDI child property and change the legal description in a certified year. This has been corrected so that a UDI child property’s legal description cannot be changed in a certified year without putting the property into a supplement.

79859, 82373

Calculations have bene corrected for retricted timber and timber 78 values on UDI properties.



When Distribute Value was selected on the Values tab of a property record, and then a value of zero was entered and Distribute Zero Value was selected, an error occurred. This has been corrected.


Restricted use timber values now supersede timber 78 values for road and bridge entity calculations.


Mass recalculation was not updating timber 78 values. This has been corrected.

Year Layer


The previous reappraisal year was not being set as needed for homestead cap values during the new year layer creation. This has been corrected so that if the year being copied to is greater than or equal to 2008, the previous reappraisal year is set to the “copy to” year minus one. Further, if the “copy to” year is a future year, the previous reappraisal year is set to the current year.


An error occurred after choosing to delete a future year layer which contained a property with a sale in the future year layer. This has been corrected.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020

2.PACS Collections (GA) #

PACS Collections (GA)

The following functionality is provided with this release.

What’s New in Documentation

  • Rollback Processing (New)



Description of Update

Appraisal Import


The appraisal import process for Pritchard & Abbott PC files has been enhanced to support DVHS exemptions.



The Batch List did not remain sorted in descending order by batch ID. This was due to a 2005 SQL server issue and has been corrected.



The selection in the Adjustment Code field in the Modify Bill Wizard was not defaulting to N (NONE). This has been correced so that the default is N (NONE).


When Select All was selected in the Tax Summary tab of a taxpayer record, an error occurred. This has been corrected.


Attorney fees were not being calculated correctly on bills of type S. This has been corrected.



The zip code is now saved as expected when a new collector record is created (File > New > Collector).

Delinquent Notices


Printed delinquent notices and the delinquent notice export file (Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Tax Functions > Print Delinquent Notice) have been modified so that there is now a page break after 21 lines on a page.



On tax statements (from a property record, choose Create New Tax Statement), the bill INS amount was incorrect for property record’s with ECO exemptions. This has been corrected.



When importing an owner/agent file, an error occurred because the system did not allow an export for 2010. This has been corrected so that there is not a system check on the year when doing the export.

Levy Roll


When printing levy statements (Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Levy Statement Maintenance) , an error occurred because a property’s 2008 taxable value was 320, and its 2009 taxable value was 90,000,000. The percentage change in the tax amount for it entities was too large to fit in the column. The column width has been increased.

Mortgage Processing


When importing a file, all records are now displayed for review in the Process Property Mortgage Association dialog box as an opportunity to verify that the data is parsed correctly.



When a path was selected for the Workspace Path field in the Pictometry System Settings dialog box (Tools > System Settings > Pictometry), the path was truncated. This has been corrected.



The TIF Report (Reports > Collections) incorrectly listed the original TIF tax for a propery as zero. This has been corrected.


The property listing report accessed from the Properties tab of an agent record no longer includes deleted accounts.


The Escrow Balance Report (Reports > Escrow & VIT) displayed negative amounts in the Bill Base Tax Due column when the amounts were not negative. This occurred because paid refunds that included a discount or underage were not counted. This has been corrected.



When multiple imports were carried out from different entities and a property record was involved in more than one import, the late rendition penalty fee was not limited to the bills only for the CAD entity selected. This has been corrected so that the fee is calculated correctly when there are multiple imports from different entities.

Tax Statements


Owner levy statements were not being printed for supplemented properties when the zip code was selected as the sort option. This has been corrected.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020
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