1.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

PACS Appraisal (GA)

General Availability (GA) Release: February 6, 2009

Data Entry Corrections

The data entry corrections that were previously released for the HelpSTAR tickets below have been reverted. Data entry functions have been restored to operate as they did prior to the releases for the features described in the following tickets:

  • 70506 – Entry of length, width, and area data for improvements.
  • 70601 – Entry of negative numbers in residential pricing tables.
  • 70740 – Entry of land data.
  • 71324 – Entry of land segment values.
  • 71389 – Fields on the Improvement and Improvement Detail dialog boxes were enabled that should not have been enabled.



Description of Update

Income Module


An Adjustment Value row has been inserted above the Indicated Value row on the Summary tab.


The Year drop-down list in the Pro Forma Search dialog box (accessed from the Get PF Data button on the Pro Forma tab) now displays multiple years as expected.


When the Calculate Occupancy Rate check box is selected on the Direct Cap tab, the leased and vacant areas are now updated.

2.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

PACS Appraisal (GA)

General Availability (GA) Release: February 3, 2009

What’s New in PACS Documentation

Some VIT Processing (Appraisal) and VIT Processing (Collections) topics have been updated.



Description of Update

Comp Grids


  • To print the Cap Rate on the grid, a blank line had to be inserted between it and DC_NOI/SQFT Adj %. This has been corrected; there is no longer an issue with printing the Cap Rate on the grid.
  • There is now a new land size square foot field for the eco unit.
  • There is a new Eco Unit L/B Ratio field defined by the Eco Unit Land Size Sqft divided by the gross building area.
  • Eco Land Value divided by Eco Unit Land Size is now the calculation for Eco Land Value per Square Foot.
  • The DC_NOIRSF is now used in the Eco Stabilized Ind Value calculation, and the Eco Stabilized Ind Value PSF calculation.
  • The error involved in retrieving a grid for which the NOI per square foot was overridden has been corrected.



Some fields on the Improvement and Improvement Detail dialog boxes were enabled that should not have been enabled. This has been corrected.

Income Module

70901, 71397


  • The GPR Calculator Override check box no longer populates the Gross Building Area row on the Direct Cap tab. If the GPR Calculator Override check box is selected, only the Net Rentable Area value and the rates are changed.
  • When overriding expenses, the RSF column is now hidden, as are the Rate and Income columns.
  • When overriding the Net Operating Income (NOI) rate or the NOI amount, the NOI Pct column is now hidden.
  • The Income Worksheet has been modified to display the adjustment description and adjustment value, for alignment issues, and to suppress values from the report that have been hidden in the income grid due to an override.
  • When the NOI is overridden for a new income valuation, the value entered is no longer changed after recalculation.
  • Recalculating caused data in the ADJ cell to be removed. This has been corrected.
  • When the NOI is overridden, the Vacant Area and Leased Area cells are no longer editable.


For new income valuations, reimbursed expenses and secondary income were not being added into the EGI calculation. This has been corrected.



Recalculating caused acres and square footage on the Land Detail dialog box to be removed when width and length were not used. This has been corrected.

3.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

PACS Appraisal (GA)

General Availability (GA) Release: January 23, 2009

Comparable Property

For commercial income grids, the following new fields are now available: NOI Diff/SQFT, NOI/SQFT, NOI/SQFT Adj %.



Description of Update

Data Entry


The ability to enter a unit price as a negative number has been restored, as well as the ability to highlight a field for data entry with the TAB key.



Collin’s second homestead application with backer (hs_exempt_app_duplex_Collin.rpt )was added back into PACS and named HSD.


When using the search feature to find properties for exemption processing with the exemptions wizard (Activities > Enter Exemptions), an error was displayed. This has been corrected.


The Entity Exempt Taxable Summary dialog box now displays the Base Tax correctly for the ECO exemption, both before and after a supplement.



A check has been added so that code files for the GPR schedule cannot be deleted once they are in use.


Income table columns for PCT were increased in size to allow for storage of very large numbers.


In the Direct Cap grid in the Income Valuation dialog box, it is now possible to enter data in the Other Personal Property Value and ADJ fields.


If a value of zero is entered into an EGI row on the Direct Cap tab, the value in the percentage column is now retained.



From a subdivision worksheet, which is accessed by double-clicking a subdivision on the General: Abstract/Subdivision/Mobile Code Maintenance dialog box (Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > Abstract/Subdivision/Mobile Codes), it is now possible to select a property from a future year layer when you are working in a future year, and you can edit the existing acreage amount if required.

4.PACS Collections (GA) #

PACS Collections (GA)

General Availability (GA) Release: January 23, 2009



Description of Update

Property Search


Searching for properties with values in the Previous Taxpayer section on the Other tab caused an error. This has been corrected.

5.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

PACS Appraisal (GA)

General Availability (GA) Release: January 8, 2009

Comp Grids

  • The Commercial Load Criteria dialog box now includes the Sales Types field.
  • There is now a Chart button available from comp grids that displays the median price and property value per square foot for each property in the grid.
  • There is now a Detail Summary button available from comp grids that displays the year built, number of acres, and other details about a property.

Income Module

  • There is now a GPR Line Item Maintenance tool (Tools > GPR Line Item Maintenance) that you can use to create gross potential rent line items; each line item represents a business within a commercial development. Each line item that you set up becomes available for use with the GPR calculator, which is another new feature described below.
  • On the General tab of an income valuation, there is now a Confidential Comments pane in which you can enter confidential comments. Text entered here is not printed on the Income Calculation Worksheet.
  • On the Direct Cap tab, there is now a Calculate Occupancy Rate check box. When selected, the system calculates the occupancy rate percent, the lease area, the vacancy rate, and the vacant area based on the values entered in the Building Efficiency Pct and the Vacancy Rate Pct fields.
  • On the Direct Cap tab, there is now a GPR Calculator feature. You can use the calculator to determine the gross building area (GBA) and the corresponding rate which are displayed in the first row of the grid.
  • On the tabs Direct Cap, Schedule, and Pro Forma, there is now an adjustment row in which you can enter a positive or negative income amount.
  • For 8.1.00.x Beta customers – With the GA release:
    • 70197 – The fields in GPR Line Item Maintenance (Tools > GPR Line Item Maintenance) can now be completed without having to use the drop-down list.
    • 70229 – An error occurred when adding a row in the GPR calculator. This has been corrected.

What’s New in PACS Documentation



Description of Update

Appraisal Card


It is now possible to configure which type of deed information is displayed on the Field Review and Appraisal Cards.


An error occurred when printing appraisal cards for properties with many subsegments and similar codes. This has been corrected.

Appraisal Notice


Corrected the appraisal notice to display the correct value for estimated taxes when an ECO exemption is involved.



The Clear button in the ARB Inquiry Search dialog box now clears previously entered dates when the refine search feature is used.


Modified the Clear button on both ARB Inquiry Search dialog box and the
ARB Inquiry Protest Search dialog box. The search has been modified to set the year to the default user setting rather than <ALL>.


Value checks performed when closing a protest or inquiry were not comparing the most up-to-date values. This has been corrected.


Clicking the Cancel button on an ARB protest with a status that allows closure of a protest (VA for example) was automatically closing the protest. This has been corrected.


In some cases the current docket was not being assigned to protests being mass scheduled. This has been corrected.


New ARB letter tags have been added: Initial Entities List Name and Final Entities List Name. These tags can be used to print entity descriptions on the ARB ORD letters.


The Prot By Type is now included on the Agent Sign-in Report (Reports > ARB > Agent Sign-in) so that agent IDs can be validated.



The date and time were not being saved for arbitration meetings when the time was between 12:00 pm and 12:59 pm. This has been corrected.

Comparable Sales


It is now possible to calculate value for residential sales comparable grids based on adjusted sales price instead of sales price. This is a configurable option available under Tools > Comparable Property > System wide configuration.


For a sale of multiple properties, the sales ratio was displayed incorrectly in the residential comp grid. This has been corrected.



It is no longer possible to change the Value Option percentage (accessed from the exemption detail on a property record’s Entity-Exmpt tab, then selecting Details for an entity in the Special Exemption dialog box) on a property record in a prior year without placing the property in supplement mode.



When Finish was selected at the end of the Freeze/Refreeze Wizard, if there were properties in the Pending supplement group, a warning message was displayed twice. This has been corrected so that the message is displayed only once.



Percentage entities were not being identified with an asterisk for properties in a future year. This has been corrected so that the asterisk displays as expected.



Improved the ability to print appraisal cards from the GIS Viewer with a dialog box that provides more options and better customization.


An error occurred after selecting Mass Update in GIS Appraiser. This has been corrected.

Income Valuation


Copying income properties to the future year caused an issue if multiple properties were distributed with the same income valuation. This has been corrected.


Several issues were corrected for the Direct Cap method including: GPR Calculator values are now used in NRA and Rates, the Load Schedule Data button now resets Direct Cap, and bold fields reset after schedule data is loaded. Also, the Vacancy Rate cell background color has been corrected to support entering an override value into EGI or NOI.



On the Market Value tab of the Land Detail dialog box (accessed from the Land tab of a property record), when the Flat Value radio button was selected and TAB was pressed, the cursor was displayed in the Adjusted Value field instead of the Flat Value field. This has been corrected.



When properties were added or removed from leases, entities were dropped from the lease records. This has been corrected.

Marshall & Swift


PACS now returns the correct value (superstructure if applicable) for an improvement using Marshall and Swift.


An improvement detail priced from the base unit price would not calculate properly if there were two or more Marshall and Swift main areas. This has been corrected.



The Address Change Report (Reports > Owners > Address Change Report) now prints correctly – one section with each owner ID, with the correct property ID for each owner.



Personal property pages are now being displayed correctly in Penpad.


When adding a link from the Penpad viewer, an error occurred. This has been corrected.

Property Group Codes


In the Prop Group List dialog box (accessed from the Add/Remove button on the Prop Codes tab of a property), double-clicking a code in the available section did not add the code to the current section, and vice versa. This has been corrected.



Line 12 of the PTD School Tax Limitation Report has been modified to display the correct value.



Corrected the Owners with Multiple HS/OV65 Exemptions report to exclude “local option percentage only” exemptions.


The spacing of the permit ID and permit number data in the Building Permit Report (Reports > Property > Building Permit) has been corrected.


The Next Inspection Report (Reports > Property > Next Inspection) was displaying the Next Inspection Reason listed at the bottom right corner of a page two times. This has been corrected.



When printing the certified roll, not all data specified in the Print Certified Roll Report dialog box as an alpha range was printed on the report.

Subdivision Worksheet


Properties from the future year can now be added to Subdivision Worksheets.



In the Supplement Group List (accessed from Activities > Assessment > Supplement Function > Supplement Group Maintenance), when a supplement group was selected and Print Roll was chosen, double-clicking a code in the Available Entities section did not include the code in the Entities to include on Roll section, and vice versa. This has been corrected.



The reference ID 2 is now available to be included in TIF reports.



Deleting a UDI child record from the Owner-Agent tab resulted in an error and did not delete the property if the parent record had improvements. This has been corrected.

User Rights


In the Appraisal User Rights dialog box, when all available user rights are moved into the current user rights pane, the Comp Grid View Only user right now remains in the available section along with the Suppress Personal Property Info user right. With this modification, the Comp Grid View Only user right needs to be selected independently in order to be moved into the current user right section.

6.PACS Collections (GA) #

PACS Collections (GA)

General Availability (GA) Release: January 8, 2009

Payments for Bills with I&S

When a payment is made for a bill in which I&S is due, the I&S amount can now be paid first within the bill, followed by attorney fees, and then other bill components. A ratio is no longer used except in cases involving outstanding bills from prior years. If a taxpayer has bills due in prior years, the monies are divided across the years as was done previously.

This feature can be enabled in the PACS configuration table.

Property Search

The Primary tab of the Open Property dialog box (File > Open > Property) now includes a CAD Prop ID field.



Description of Update



When posting an overpayment refund, zero-amount bills ($0.00) were not being displayed in the Bill List dialog box so that the overpayment refund could be applied to them. This has been corrected.


Refunds were not included on the Refund Due Report in cases involving overpayment refunds applied to a bill with (bill_adj_m_n_o + bill-adj_i_n_s = 0). This has been corrected.



The Special Inventory Report with Sales was not displaying sales amounts in excess of $1,000,000 correctly. Spacing has been increased to accommodate values up to $99,999,999.99.



Inactive bills are no longer created through the supplement process for entities that have the collection option set to Collect Special Inventory Only.



It is now possible to post sales even after values have been captured for ARB.


  • On the VIT personal property page, it is no longer possible to remove a sale if its UPTV value is not zero.
  • In the VIT Escrow Posting dialog box, it is no longer possible to:
    • Reverse a payment that has already been reversed.
    • Create a zero sale when posting or paying a zero amount and cancelling out of it.
    • Post a sale or payment for a zero escrow due amount.
    • Make a payment for a sale that has already been removed.


It was not possible to enter sales in the amount of zero ($0.00). This has been corrected so that you can now enter an amount of $0.00 for a particular month if required.

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