1.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal

ARB Dockets and Automated Scheduling

The following ARB scheduling features have been implemented:

  • When creating property dockets, you can now use state codes and appraiser names as criteria.
  • When dockets are copied, the state codes and appraiser names are carried over.
  • Mass scheduling now incorporates state code and appraiser name criteria.
  • The ARB Protest Hearing Dockets window and the ARB Protest Property Hearings screen now include the columns State Codes and Appraiser Names. You can customize the order of the columns by right clicking the column headers and completing the Customize Columns dialog box.

Comp Grid Exclude Group Codes

It is now possible to exclude selected group codes from use on comparable grids.

Data Validation

It is now possible to enable or disabled automatic and manual data validation with the new system settings available under Tools > System Settings > Data Validation. There is also a new user right, Data Validation Administrator, that permits a user to enable or disable the automatic and manual data validation processes.

Freeze Exemption Access from the Exemption Wizard

It is now possible to review and/or make changes to freeze exemptions during exemption wizard processing.

Mineral Property Record Enhancements / Lease Processing

Mineral property record/lease processing enhancements include the following:

  • When searching for leases, there are two new search criteria: entities, and ALL for years.
  • When total interest on a lease is greater than one, when the lease is opened, the system now displays a warning message.
  • Properties can be split with the Split button on the Properties tab of a lease record.
  • Properties can be mass-created with the Mass Create button on the Properties tab of a lease record.
  • The Mineral Division Order Report can be sorted by interest type.
  • There is now a lease settings tool (Tools > System Settings > Lease Settings) that allows you to set sort orders for the Mineral Division Order Report and the format of lease values (either 7/8 and 1/8 or WI and RI)
  • There is now an option to open leases in another year (Lease > Open Lease in Another Year).
  • Changes to lease data are now captured in property change logs (Property > Open Change Log). In addition, the bottom of the lease Header tab now displays data about changes.

PACS.Query Enhancements

PACS.Query enhancements include the following:

  • Additional fields and tables have been added to the Fields band so that you can query more fields.
  • It is no longer necessary to add a file extension after the file name when exporting results.
  • There is now an Editor toolbar that you can use to copy, paste, and cut text when working on the SQL tab in manual mode. You can also use the standard Windows shortcuts CTRL + C, and CTRL + V.
  • There is now a Search toolbar to search for fields and/or tables that match the text you enter in the Search field.
  • Up and down arrows are now available in the query design area so that you can move fields up and down within a query.
  • PACS Appraisal recognizes when the prop_id field has been included in a query and uses the associated information.
  • There is now a Show Distinct check box that you can select to eliminate the return of duplicate records.
  • There is now a Show Count check box that you can select to display only the number of the properties that the query selects (not a list of the property records).
  • There is now an Export Query option so that allows you to save a query outside of PACS.Query so that you can provide it to another user or use it on another PC.
  • In PACS Appraisal, the users assigned to query list displays only active user accounts.
  • The View Queries list in PACS Appraisal how includes options for you to hide and unhide queries in the list.
  • There is now a PACS.Query – Allow Modify Queries user right that allows a user to modify queries in manual mode with key words that you could be used to modify data within the database, such as UPDATE, INSERT, DROP, and TRUNCATE.

Personal Property Rendition Enhancements

You can now remove sub segments on the Rendition Entry screen and recalculate the value.

Residential Comparable Property Scoring

It is now possible to use the Subset code for comparable scoring for residential properties.

SIC Comparison Screen

The property record from which a SIC comparison was run has a bold format, and remains in a bold format in the property list when sorted.

What’s New in PACS Documentation

Documentation for the following functional areas is provided with this release:

Known Issue

At this time, the Entity/Exemption Taxable Summary dialog box (accessed from the Tax Summary button on a property record’s Entity-Exmpt tab) may not show certain exemptions.



Description of Update

Appraisal – General


Corrected an issue where performing a recalculation on a VIT property would cause the system to treat data as changed, necessitating the need for the user to apply or cancel changes. Also provided an enhancement to the VIT information on the property sheet to display units sold in each month, and as a grand total below the grid.


An issue was corrected involving the agent being displayed on a property’s Owner-Agent tab after the ownership was changed. Now, when checking for an agent record for a particular property using property search, the current owner ID is now considered in addition to the property ID and year.


Corrected an issue involving column sorts in the Mass Update Maintenance dialog box not working correctly.


Users can no longer delete system events from properties.


On the property record’s Identification tab, the last situs address can now be deleted when Remove is selected.


The totals report was fixed to display TIF values and information only for the entities associated with TIFs.


Added ap.prot_status as a status field to the Agent_Signin_Report_vw view.


Corrected a problem where creating a new problem from a reference account after certification would not place the property in a supplement.


An error message is no longer displayed as a result of choosing Distrib Values from a lease record.


When the client opens a building permit and looks for the appraiser’s initials, on the appraiser drop-down list, the appraiser’s initials are not in alpha order. This has been corrected.


An issue was corrected where confidential owners’ names were displaying on the shared property details under the Owner tab for users without the user right to view the name.


On the Income Valuations for Property dialog box, an error was corrected that resulted from choosing Details and Direct Cap.


It is now possible to assign appraisers and state codes to protest hearings for use in scheduling or auto-scheduling.


Corrected an issue where clicking Restore Default on the Comparable Property Scoring dialog would cause an error.


Enhanced PACS to handle the removal of comparison grids on SQL Server 2005 databases.


Add the number of units to the Commercial Equity Comparables display so number of units values can be viewed if it was defined in the search criteria.


It is now possible to enable or disabled automatic and manual data validation with the new system settings available under Tools > System Settings > Data Validation. There is also a new user right, Data Validation Administrator, that permits a user to enable or disable the automatic and manual data validation processes.

Appraisal – Admin


Some customers need market value to correspond to the first supplement number and others want it to correspond to the latest supplement number. To accommodate all customers, once a property has been selected to be added into a lawsuit, the user is prompted with the Market Value List dialog box.

This dialog box lists all the supplement number/market value selections available for the property selected. Once the user selects the supplement number/market value pair, it is treated as the certified market value for loss reporting.

Appraisal – Exemptions


Corrected exemption processing so that the Reset Exemption Flag on the Electronic Deeds Processing dialog box now affects the property as expected.

Appraisal Card


The country name is no longer left off of international addresses when generating appraisal notices.


When printing appraisal cards, the sort order was not being applied. This has been corrected.

Appraisal Export


To support postal regulations for CASS certification, the length of the owner name and address lines has been adjusted in the VB Appraisal Export script to match the exact size of those in PACS.

Appraisal Notice


Corrected an error message that displayed from the Print Non Captured Properties report (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Capture ARB Submission Values > Print Non Captured ARB Values) when all entities were selected for printing.


The Print Non Captured Properties report (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Capture ARB Submission Values > Print Non Captured ARB Values) now includes only active properties that were not captured and not deleted and/or merged properties.


Corrected an error message displayed from the Print ARB Submission Totals report (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Capture ARB Submission Values > Print ARB Submission Totals) due to incorrect column prefixes in the PopulateCapturedTotals stored procedure.


Enhanced the appraisal notice creation process to better handle data population in an effort to ensure seamless printing of notices in the future.



Comments that include an apostrophe in the Add Notice of Protest dialog box no longer cause a syntax error.


On the results screen of the ARB handshake, the Category Appraiser column now sorts on appraiser name as it should have been instead of sorting on the corresponding appraiser ID number.


Taxpayer evidence packets no longer return properties multiple times for properties with more than one situs.


The value at the top of the Lawsuit Cause dialog box has been changed from the certified appraised total value to the certified market total value.


Corrected the ARB Quick Image Scan dialog box to retain focus on input when utilizing the Quick Add button.


An issue was corrected that was preventing comments from being copied or appended from one protest to another.


Corrected an issue when printing board order letters with certified mailers where UDI properties would not be printed.


Issues with arbitration search involving a warning for active arbitration and searching on all years have been corrected.



Corrected problem where the existing View ARB Case right was not being evaluated on the property sheet to determine if the user was permitted to view the case details.

Comp Grid


Resolved an issue where printing an equity summary report would return errors if the address contained an apostrophe.



Adding an ARB protest/inquiry to a parent property now unlocks the child property from ARB submission lock so that an exemption can be added to the child property.


Corrected an issue in the Tax Summary window where, in the current year, exemptions would be listed on every entity instead of just the applicable ones.


For previous years, the New For check box in the Property Exemption Wizard has been enabled and the users can now change the year if they need to.


An issue has been corrected so that type R entities receive low income housing (LIH) exemptions for the tax summary as expected.



In the Owner/Agent Change Transfer Layout, there is now a flag that can be used to specify whether an agent receives tax bills for agent change records.


Fixed the length owner name and address lines in the VB Appraisal Export script to match the exact size of those in PACS.



Disability exemption verbiage has been changed on the hs_exempt_app.rpt and the hs_exempt_duplex_app.rpt to be consistent with the state form Rev. 11-05.



The Freeze/Refreeze Wizard now includes the Available Supplement Group option.



When there were multiple images in the Lawsuit Cause dialog box image tree, if a user opened the first image and then exited out, the system was collapsing the tree, requiring the user to reopen the image and select the next one. This has been corrected.



From an improvement detail screen, you can now enter only up to 255 characters of notes for base depreciation, physical, functional, economic, and % complete. This prevents errors.

Marshall & Swift


Corrected three Marshall & Swift edits for occupancy codes for which PACS requires the user to enter exterior walls or HVAC.



Corrected issue with the Owners with Property Only check box, which was not being honored on the Taxpayer Search dialog box. In addition, an enhancement was provided to override the limit on the number of owners returned so that longer lists could be viewed.


The Electronic Deeds Import has been modified to ignore commas in text fields (that is, fields enclosed in double quotes).


It is now possible to add property group codes to all properties involved in an ownership transfer with a single action as opposed to having to add the group code to each property involved individually.



Corrected the Value Report on the Penpad checkout list, which was omitting properties that lacked a situs address.



Fixed problem where deleting the text on a date in the Penpad application would cause the database to store a value of 1/1/1900. Deleting a date will now remove the date data from the database as desired.


The pp_sq_ft field has been added to the Penpad display.


An issue has been corrected so that Penpad value reports preview and print as expected when the Penpad checkout contains properties without a city, state, or situs.


Corrected issue where performing a re-check out was not displaying the GIS plots as red for previously completed properties.

Personal Property


Corrected problem where the owner ID was erroneously being used as the supplement numbers when setting the rendition penalty flag.


Corrected spelling errors in the personal property rendition forms


To support HB264 legislation, a check box and text has been added to the first page of the personal property rendition form that allows taxpayers to indicate if their previous rendition is still accurate for the current year.



A new rendition form has been created with a barcode for rendition processing. The Quick Image Rendition Received wizard is now a menu option under Activities > Rendition Processing > Wand Scan Rendition Received.

Reports & Letters


An issue affecting the alpha sorting of the homestead applications has been corrected.


Enhanced the Sales Ratio Report to display owner transfers designated as the primary sale prior to any others in the results.


The Average Residence Value Report and Totals reports have been modified to display both values as they are calculated as either Category A, or both Category A and Category E.


Corrected an issue involving printing 2007 tax deferral accounts for individual entities (Reports > Property > Tax Deferral). When selecting an entity, some of the accounts were appearing on the report even though they are not coded for that entity.


An issue has been corrected that caused the state and zip code to be missing on certain properties when an ownership transfer export report was sorted by geo ID.

The incorrect address formula in the EOAGMT export report was corrected so that when the country name is United States, the state and zip codes are added to the address. For all other countries, just the country name is added to the address.


An issue has been corrected so that the actual tax on the freeze totals report (ARB) matches the actual tax on the certified totals report.



The sales ratio is now populated with the default load for the primary sales search.


On the Sales Information tab of the Ownership History dialog box, the maximum number of characters that can be entered in the Number of Days on Market field has been changed from 3 to 4.


An issue has been corrected so that search by neighborhood data does not overwrite Sales Ratio Report parameters.

Supplement Process


Corrected an issue with the Recalculation button, which was not visible on properties in a Pending supplement status when reaching that property using the left and right arrows on the property sheet.


A new user right, Create New Supplement Group, has been created that controls the ability to create a new supplement group in PACS Appraisal.


Modified system to restrict users from adding properties to supplement groups in temporarily open (TO) status.


Provided a script to move properties in a given supplement group to pending supplement for that particular year.


UDI properties which are copied from one year to another now reflect the same supplement code and reason on the parent and all non-suspended children.


In a freeze ceiling run, when a user without the supplement process user rights tries to check the Supplement Properties check box, the message “You don’t have user rights to Supplement Properties” is now displayed.


When a user does not have supplement process user rights, a message is now displayed that provides this information. In addition, unavailable supplement options are now disabled instead of hidden.


An issue has been corrected so that there is no longer an error when undoing an appraisal notice selection.


An issue has been corrected so that search by neighborhood data does not overwrite Sales Ratio Report parameters.


If only one supplement group was in coding status, the user was not able to move the supplement to the Pending supplement group. This has been corrected.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

2.PACS Collections #

PACS Collections


Description of Update

Collections – General


Added radio button click handlers to display events properly, allowing tax offices to view events as required.


An issue has been corrected so that it is not possible to edit the amount and litigation values of an established fee.


An issue has been corrected so that selecting preview and print for the levy totals report does not produce errors.

Levy Roll


Corrected a SQL error that occurred when creating a transfer tax statement.

MH Liens


Mobile home liens can now be set on UDI child properties.



An issue affecting over-payment refunds with the amount paid by credit card has been corrected.



In the Tax Collections Activity Report, the date range is now validated. In addition, date range validations functionality has been added for: TaxCollectionActivityReport-ByYear [TCARY] and TaxCollectionDetailActivityReport-ByYear[TCDRY] .


The Mortgage company list w/ owner & property information report no longer displays the previous owner as the owner on the report if there has been an ownership name change on the account. The report now displays the most up-to-date owner name correctly.

The report now displays the owner name corresponding to property.col_owner_id for PACS Collections and owner.owner_id for PACS Appraisal.


Modified the Delinquent Notice Reports so that a NULL state or zip in the system_address table would not cause the entire address to go blank in the report.



Corrected an issue where the audit trail on a property record would display the name of the user who created the supplement when it needed to display the name of the user who created bills for the supplement.



The totals report was fixed to display TIF values and information only for the entities associated with TIFs.



Corrected an issue involving the Special Inventory Escrow Report and Special Inventory Escrow Report with Sales reports. If the grand total for these reports appeared on a page by itself, the total was incorrect.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019
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