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New Features

This release includes the following enhancements and additions to functionality:

1.1 Multi-family Legislative Exemption 196.1798

  • To create the exemption:

Tools>Code Maintenance> Exemption>Exemption Definition

  • Add by choosing the +


  • Exemption: User defined
  • Category: OT (Other)
  • Description: User defined
  • Statute: 196.1978
  • DOR codes = 15
  • Discount % is 50
  • This can be added to a property as any exemption.
  • The new exemption amounts will be shown in lines 31 of the DR489 ad DR403V.
  • And line 14 of the DR489 and DR403EB


Ticket ID

Description of Update


ActiveX error running DR-403 as RichText.

  • The Active X message is occurring because Office is not installed on the server. Systems stated that this is normal that we do not install Office on the server. This only effects the Support Staff.


DR-490 Exemption Denial-

  • The DR-490 form Reason for Denial Codes are checking incorrect boxes when the form is printed.
  • INC-EX should check ‘Meet Income Requirements for Additional Homestead age 65 and older (s. 196.075 F.S.)’ and it is checking ‘Have a legal or beneficial title to your property’.
  • NO_TITLE should check ‘Have a legal or beneficial title to your property’ and it is checking ‘Meet Income Requirements for Additional Homestead age 65 and older (s.196. 075 F,S,)’

Resolution: Fixed denial reason codes mapping.


The DR-409 form prints ‘roll acceptance da’ in the top corner of the form. Remove ‘roll acceptance da’ from the form.


Resolution: Fixed cosmetic issues on DR409 report.


UNDO Mass Maintenance Update –

  • When user runs a Mass Update, the assessed value is updated by 50%. The user then does UNDO to put the value to it’s original value.
  • The Flat Value should be returned to the value it was prior to running the Mass Maintenance Update.

Resolution: Convert new value into numeric (14, 0) instead of numeric (14,2), query does not fetch records to undo values due to decimal places in new_value but not in flat value.


DOR Qualify Codes-

  • User is trying to add DOR Qualify Code 21 and selects DOR Ratio Type 21. DOR Ratio Type 21 is not found in the DOR Ratio Type drop down.

Resolution: Added DOR ratio type code 21.


Red X Reappearing-

  • A Red X is displayed in place of the property image on the Summary screen. This happens randomly. The RED X appeared in the Default Image box when first property was searched.

Resolution: Images-Removed the .NET image viewer and replaced it with the LeadTools Raster Image. Also, changed the base image handling to be Raster based and not core .NET based.



Property Card (Field Review)-

  • When user chooses setting “print property card with sketch on back” it prints four pages. It appears the drawing area needs to be reduced on the sketch page so it will fit on one page when it is printed. Also requesting to make the default setting for field card without sales and duplex.

Resolution: Not able to reproduce this item. It is possible this issue was fixed in the prior release after this ticket was created.


Mass adjustment issue – NAL Level 3 edit 17.

Resolution: This issue is related to damage assessments and is already part of the damage assessment repairs module that is scheduled tentatively for a June service pack.


NHAL Edit 1 issue 3 (split/merge)-

  • PACS NHAL Edit 1 “Current Assessed greater than 10% over last year” is selecting properties with a percent equal to 10% and it needs to select >10%.

Resolution: Corrections for DORExportGenerateNALErrors NHAL Edit 1 & 2.


Set sale price 0 when Doc Stamps is 0 – (enhancement)

Resolution: Modifications for DOR SDF Data and Errors Level 1 Edit 7 when Sale Price is Null.


Sales Ratio Check report-

  • Qualification Code is not printing on the Sales Ratio Check Report.

Resolution: Sales Check Report changes i.e. print selection criteria and sale.sl_county_ratio_cd as Qualification Code in report.


Income and Expense Query Needed

Resolution: Development was not able to reproduce the issue. Support worked with client to print the Income letters.


NAL Parcel split/combine flag is inconsistent with dbo.split_merge table.

Resolution: Development feels that the property was in a pending state when the NAL was created and this is not a bug. Further testing shows that split/merge properties are being reported properly on the NAL.


2018 – 65 Senior Renewal

  • When you Deny an Application Renewal and preview/print the DR490, the DR409 form does not show any taxpayer information.

Resolution: For EX (Exemption Application) or EX-UP (Exemption Application Update), get the information from application_applicant.

And for EX-RN or EX-RM or other type of application, get the information from application_owner_assoc, as these applications does not have applicant information in application_applicant and its relevant tables. The same was the reason to print blank DR490 for this ticket.


Exemption Export Error – DR-500AR

  • The DR-500AR should exclude properties with a current year sale with exemption set to reset for the next year. The cards are being sent to the new owner who does not qualify for the renewal.

Resolution: Exemption new_for _year value was not being assigned to reset year during Sales/Ownership Transfer, as a result of it property/card was appearing in Exemption Renewal Export (DR-500AR).



Disappearing Ratio – The Ratio on the Sale Price panel is not being populated.

Resolution: Fixed Sale Adjustment Ratio (TPMV/ASP) calculation on Ownership History Dialog. All the newly created Transfers will work correctly.


Portability Denial Form- (enhancement)

Resolution: Completed functionality to call DR490 Port report form Portability Application Dialog.


Affordable and Multi-Family Housing Property – (enhancement)

Resolution: Legislative Update 196.1978(2) for Multi-family housing discount implemented as per linked design document.


System Drawing Error

Resolution: Images – Removed the .NET image viewer and replaced it with the LeadTools Raster Image. Also, changed the base image handling to be Raster based adn not core .NET based.


New Matrix Axis Needed

Resolution: Completed for Jefferson


User Field Under Event Detail – Change event type from Rendition to Tax Return

Resolution: Changes to create a new event type = ‘Tax Return’ and consumed newly created event while generating event record form PRint/Export Personal Property Tax Returns Process.



Special Assessment Summary and Bill Reports Do Not Balance

Resolution: Updated fn_GetSpecialAssessmentTotalLevied not to include deleted properties.


Legislative Update Amendment 4- Tax Exemption Renewal Energy Source Devices.

Resolution: Renewable Energy Source Devices – Legislative Update – Implemented.


Portability Application DR-501T

  • Add a data entry field to the Portability Application process that allows the user to enter the ‘Date Sold or no longer used as your homestead’ that prints on the DR-501T form under Part 2.

Resolution: Added field ‘Date Sold or no longer in use’ on Portability application and consumed on DR-501T report.


Improvement Detail Error – If an attribute is checked inactive in Tools>Code Maintenance>Improvements>Attribute Codes the improvement detail was not allowing changes to the detail features.

Resolution: Fixed issue when Feature Type consumed on improvement details get inactivated.


Field Review Card

  • Not Printing prior year exemption value.

Resolution: Fixed AppraisalCardDataGenerator store procedure for previous Exemption and taxable values

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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