1.Importing Outstanding Debt #


Use this procedure to do one of the following:

  • Import the .CSV file generated by the Debt Manager application provided by SS & C. This file contains tax district information by debt issue and outstanding debt by year. This data is summed within PACS by Tax District by year.
  • Manage the Outstanding Debt Import Run List, which lists the out standing imports which are currently ready to run, or have run. From the list, you can match levies, process the run, cancel a run that hasn’t been started, and view any exceptions with the run.


  • In order to perform this procedure, the following user right is required:
    • Import > Import Outstanding Debt


  1. In PACS 9.0, choose Import > Import Outstanding Debt.
  2. In the Outstanding Debt Import Run List, review the list of runs.
  3. To import outstanding debt records, click Add and do the following:
    1. In the Import Outstanding Debt dialog box, select the year values are being imported for.

    Outstanding Debt, Outstanding Debt Import, 9032x

    1. Select the type of import being performed:
      • Complete

        Imported data overrides all outstanding values in the database.

      • Partial

        Only values for those records specified in the import file are updated.

    2. Click the Add button in the Import Files grid to select the file to import.
    3. Review the number of records in the Records field and the sum of the outstanding debt in the import file in the Total field.
    4. Click Import to import the records.
  4. In the Outstanding Debt Import Run List, use the following options as required:
    • To remove an unprocessed import run from the list, highlight the run and click Delete.
    • To view the import settings and preview of a previous run, highlight the run and click Details.
    • If the import run has unmatched levies, to manage the unmatched levies, do the following:

      Outstanding Debt, Unmatched Levies, 9032x

      1. Highlight the run and click Match to display the Unmatched Levies dialog box.
      2. For imported levy codes that are not matched, select the applicable levy code in the PACS Levy Code column drop-down list in the Unmatched Records grid and click Match.
      3. If a match cannot be found and you would like to change the status of the record to No Match, click No Match.
      4. To set the status of all record displayed in the grid to No Match, click No Match All.
      5. Click Update to complete the process.

        Note Only runs with a status of Ready to Process may be processed.

  5. To process the complete or partial import run, highlight the run and click Process.
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Last updated on September 27, 2021
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