Attention: If you are a taxpayer needing assistance filing your protest online, you will need to contact your local Appraisal District.  Their contact information will be on your Appraisal Notice that was mailed to you or you can select your county by visiting the Texas Comptroller’s County Directory here:

TX Online Appeals: E-File

1.Overview: Online Appeals #

If this is your first time using Online Appeals: E-File, you must register before filing a protest or checking a protest’s status. If you have already registered, you can login with the username and password you created at registration and view your account information and status.

Review the following procedures to read step-by-step instructions for using Online Appeals: E-File. The availability of some options may vary depending on how your county’s appraisal district Online Appeals: E-File website is configured.

  • Registering for E-File
  • Filing a Protest
  • Uploading and Reviewing Evidence
  • Schedule a Hearing
  • Withdraw a Protest
  • Viewing, Accepting, or Rejecting a Settlement Offer
  • Editing Your E-File Account Information
  • Managing PINs
  • Viewing the User Agreement

2.Registering for E-File #

Click ⇒ hereto watch a short demonstration video

  1. Click Create New User file. This opens the New User Account Information screen.
  2. Step 1 of 4:  This information is unique to you and provided to you on your Notice of Appraised Value form. User is prompted to enter the following:
    • Account ID
    • PIN
  3. Click Next to proceed
  4. Step 2 of 4:  Complete the New User Registration form to register for the website. This will include:
    • User Name
      • Your username must be 3 to 32 characters, and can only contain the ‘-‘, ‘_’ or ‘.’ special characters.
      • ‘.’ at the end of a user name is not allowed.  The ‘.’ within the user name is allowed.
      • There is a check for special characters in the user name field.  Currently, this check prevents the use of an ‘@’character and only allows the use of the ‘-‘, ‘_’, and the ‘.’ characters.
    • Password
      • Password cannot begin with a number
      • Must be 6-15 characters long
      • Must contain at least one letter and one number
      • Do not use special characters
    • Email Address
    • Recovery Email Address
    • Choose Security Question
    • Security Answer
  5. Retype the text you see in the image box under your user information.
  6. Confirm if they wish to receive correspondence relating to the protest electronically.
  7. Click Next to proceed
  8. Step 3 of 4:  Confirm the summarized information provided on the previous steps are correct.  If you need to make corrections, click the Back button to make edits before proceeding.  In order to complete the registration process, user must:
    • Agree with the terms outlined in the End User Agreement.
    • Agree with the terms outlined in the Email Agreement.
  9. Click the Confirm button to complete registering for E-File.
  10. Step 4 of 4:  Your new account has been successfully created.
    • The registration process requires you to confirm the email address you specified in Step 2 of 4.  An automated email with a unique confirmation link will be sent to the email you provided.  Please remember to check your spam or junk email folder if this message does not arrive in your inbox shortly after completing Step 3 of 4.  You will need to click the link contained in the email to confirm your account before attempting to login.  You will not be allowed to login into the website until your account has been confirmed.

Note:  Keep a record of your Username, Password, Security Question and Answer so that you can return to the E-File Web site and view your protest status.

3.Filing a Protest #

Click ⇒ here ⇐ to watch a short demonstration video

  1. Select Taxpayer Tools icon up the upper portion of your screen
  2. From the drop down, select Online Appeals. This will launch the Protest Summary Screen
  3. Click the E-file button at the upper right hand of the screen. This will list the properties that are eligible for Efile.
  4. Under E-file Protest column, click the E-file button to start the protest


  5. Taxpayer will be prompted to add the following protest filing information:
    • Reason (this is a required field)
    • Comments
    • Opinion of Value (this is a required field)
    • Evidence Request option
    • Phone contact information
  6. Click Submit when completed.

    Note: User has the opportunity to allow text message notification when filing a protest if the functionality is allowed by the Appraisal District.


  7. A summary is displayed. This page can also be printed or exported as a reference.


4.Uploading and Viewing Evidence #

There are two types of evidence that is allowed on the portal.

  • CAD Evidence – documents provided by the Appraisal District as evidence supporting the property value
  • Taxpayer Evidence – documents provided by the taxpayer to provide evidence to the Appraisal District to review in reference to the protest.

Opening a Appraisal District Document

Click ⇒ here ⇐ to watch a short demonstration video

  1. From the Protest Summary Screen, click the Evidence View
  2. Select the Open List button under the CAD Document column


  3. The Appraisal District documents will display


Upload Taxpayer Evidence

Click ⇒ here ⇐ to watch a short demonstration video

  1. From the Protest Summary screen, click the Evidence View
  2. Under the Upload column, click the Upload button


  3. Click Choose File to select the evidence file desired
  4. Click Upload
  5. When the upload completes, View will display to provide access to the files uploaded

5.Schedule a Hearing #

If the Appraisal District allows online scheduling, the taxpayer is given the option to schedule their protest through the portal.

  1. On the Protest Summary Screen, click the Schedule button under the Schedule Hearing Column.


    Note: The schedule hearing column will be displayed as Schedule button when no schedule exists, as Reschedule button when the protest has been scheduled and is available.

  2. Enter the beginning and end date preference and click Search Available Dates.


  3. Taxpayer is allowed to select from the hearing/docket dates and time available.
  4. Email confirmation is sent to the taxpayer email associated.

    Note: Once the taxpayer schedules a hearing, they will not be able to cancel the hearing online. If you need to cancel a scheduled hearing, please contact the Appraisal District office.


6.Withdraw a Protest #

If the Appraisal District allows the withdrawal of a protest online, the Taxpayer may use the Online Portal to withdraw the protest.

  1. On the Protest Summary Screen, user will click the Withdraw button under the Withdraw column.


    Note: Withdraw initiates the withdrawal process, Withdrawn indicates the protest has been withdrawn online, and N/Aindicates that the withdraw function is not available for the property.

  2. Complete the image box, then click the Withdraw button to confirm the withdrawal request.


    A confirmation screen displays which allows the Taxpayer to review and print the protest data.

7.Viewing, Accepting, or Rejecting a Settlement Offer #

Click ⇒ here ⇐ to watch a short demonstration video

A function of the Online Appeals functionality is to allow the Taxpayer to settle their protest online by either accepting or rejecting the Appraisal District offer.

  1. On the Protest Summary Screen, click View under the Settlement Offer column
  2. The Settlement Offer is listed under the Protest Details screen


  3. Select Accept or Reject. A confirmation screen is displayed.
  4. Enter the image information, then select Accept or Reject.


  5. Taxpayer will receive a confirmation screen and is allowed to print protest data.

8.Editing Your E-File Account Information #

This function allows the Taxpayer to update Account Information.

  1. At the Protest Summary screen, select Profile
  2. Select Edit Profile
  3. Taxpayer is allowed to edit account information


9.Managing PINs #

Use this menu option if you have multiple properties and want to view them on one E-File account.

  1. At the Protest Summary Screen, select Profile
  2. Select Manage PINS
  3. User is prompted to Add or Remove PINS

10.Viewing the User Agreement #

This function allows the Taxpayer to read the User Agreement and Email Agreement associated with Online Appeals.

  1. At the Protest Summary screen, select Profile
  2. Select Waivers
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