1.What is New Year Layer in PACS? #

The New Year Layer procedure creates a New Year in PACS, copies properties and prepares the Assessor to start the Appraisal process.

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Last updated on January 1, 2019

2.Mobile Client Prerequisistes #


  • Use TeamSupport to notify Harris Govern Client Services that you are starting the new year layer process.
  • Before creating the new year layer, ensure that your current appraisal roll certification process is complete. For detailed instructions about carrying out the steps to certify the appraisal roll, see Appraisal Certification Procedures.
  • Creating the new year layer can take at least two hours. We recommend that you:
    • Back up the system before creating the new year layer.
    • Create the layer after office hours.
    • Disable any jobs that are also scheduled to run after office hours.

PACS Mobile

All PACS Mobile clients shall notify support before continuing with the process.  Please note that client should NOT MOVE FORWARD with completing your process until this step is fully completed.

At a minimum, the following must occur:

        • Pending Changes Marked as Complete:  These must be QC ‘Approved’ OR, if the changes are not wanted in PACS, ‘Reject’ the accounts individually or in bulk.
        • CAUTION: Pending Changes 24 + Hrs:   These Must be ‘Marked as Complete’ and QC ‘Approved’, OR they may be set as ‘Reviewed’ in Bulk and then ‘Rejected’ if none of the changes are wanted in PACS.
        • CAUTION: Unsynced Changes (Approved):  If accounts are in this list, please notify Support in order to help sync these accounts to PACS.
        • Sync Failed = Yes:  If there are any results returned in this filter, please enter a ticket with the title ‘New Year Layer-Sync Failed account(s)’.

Important: If there are any Sync Failed accounts, notify support. You ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT begin this procedure with sync failed properties. 

Important:   PACS Mobile clients MUST NOTIFY Support before starting the New Year Layer Process. 

      • If you’ve been transferred to DCS Support to support the mobile application, please open a FreshDesk with Data Cloud Solutions.
      • If you have not been transferred to DCS Support to suppor the mobile application, please open a TeamSupport ticket with Harris Govern.
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Last updated on January 13, 2022

3.Review Exemption Settings #

Prior to running the New Year Layer, we highly recommend that user check all exemption settings to be sure they are set to renew or expire properly.


  • In PACS Application Menu, choose Tools>Code Maintenance>Exemptions>Exemption Definition
  • Review each exemption code, making sure the Auto Renew and Auto Reset boxes are checked properly

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Last updated on September 29, 2021

4.Special Assessment - End of Year #

End after Year is a check box on the Special Assessment Agency that allows user to remove special assessments prior to creating the New Year Layer. PACS looks to see if the box is checked, then if the year entered is less than or equal to the current year, the New Year Layer will NOT copy the special assessment data for that agency.

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Last updated on September 29, 2021

5.Create New Year Layer #


Create New Year Layer of data for the new appraisal year


  • In PACS Application Menu, choose Activities>Administration>Certification>Create New Year
  • Complete the appropriate data and click Create New
    • Include Deleted properties from Current Year – this option will give user option to copy up deleted data to the New Year Layer. User can identify if they want to copy of deleted records for Real, Mobile Home, Mineral, Personal, or Auto.
    • Copy Tax Return Value to Flat Value if Tax Return Value (R) is value method – this affects personal property. If the value method R (for rendered value) is applied, if checked, PACS will take the rendered value and place in Flat Value for the New Year created.
    • Include Future Year Layer Properties (included Deleted Properties) and Tables – if user has Future Year Layer created, this checkbox will notify PACS to copy the Future Year Layer into the New Year.
    • Include Preliminary Properties – this checkbox will include preliminary properties
    • Reset/Renew Exemptions – this checkbox will have PACS check and reset/renew exemptions.

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Last updated on September 29, 2021

6.Undo New Year Layer #


This will allow user to Undeo the New Year Layer.


  • In PACS Application Menu, choose Activities>Administration>Certification>Undo Create New Year
  • User will receive prompts
    • If Applications/Exemptions exist in the new year, user will be promoted that active applications could be deleted and/or have to removed manually.
    • User will be prompted with notification of “This process will delete the systems current year layer. Please ensure all users are logged off the system before proceeding”. Click OK to proceed or Cancel to cancel procedure.

  • Process completes; User is notified that New Year Layers process is undone.
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Last updated on September 29, 2021
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