Release Notes #

TFS ID HS ID Description
34453 163673 When a user performed a Mass Update Status it would create multiple events.  This was corrected.
34563 164306 When using Quick Post Single Payment, it allows a set of bills to be entered multiple times into the posting box. This then allows the payment to be posted creating a credit.   This has been corrected.  Any REET which has any common BILL against any other element already in the grid will issue the duplicate warning message
35802 168357 When a user would Undo a Mass Update, there was no indication when this failed.  This has been corrected.
38378 175533 When a user creates a new property, PACS defaults the property_val.cycle to a negative 1, not allowing a Null.  This has been corrected.
38397 174301 When a user enters a REET Sales date for a sales year not existing in PACS, PACS would lockup.  This has been corrected.
39512 171503 When printing a Statement of Account, the top of the heading “Statement of Account” was cut off.  This issue was resolved.
39538 179307 The Fiscal Tax Collection Report was printing the year when originally due as the tax assessment year, not the tax due year.  This has been corrected.
39952 183077 The Delinquent Statement was pringint the effective due date for Real Properties.  This was corrected to use the bill due date.
40006 183398 When using the Modify to Zero in the Mass Apply Escrow, the balance due was calculating incorrectly.  This has been resolved.
40126 183603 When a user chooses Mass Create Properties and there were changes made in the Township Description, the dropdown would not populated.  This was corrected.
40242 184334 The Sketchpad control was crashing when a user flipped the dimension labels on an area with multiple curved walls.  This was corrected.
40349 184654 When a user would process a REET in the Ownership Transfer wizard and click finish, the deed date would be populated with the wrong address.  This was corrected.
40502 185137 PACS would allow a a user that did not have rights to voide a payment to void selected transactions.  This was corrected.
41053 188710 The New Export Data Cleanup process was not allowing changes to be made in a certified year.  This has been adjusted to allow changes in a certified year.
41374 190871 An error would occur in Property Access when searching for a property ID that has a duplcate map url.  This was corrected.
41377 190997 When multiple cash tenders are posted in a single payment and change is given, the Daily Cash Tendered Report shows the change for each tender instead of just once. This was corrected
41404 191188 The Description is no longer populated with the filename when the description field is left blank during the payment import process.  This has been corrected to store the file name when the description field is left blank.  This will truncate at 50 characters.
41409 190804 Duplicate Id Warnings & Property Group Code ‘Notify when present’ popup’s are not working.  This has been corrected so that when a user attempts to save changes to these IDs, and a warning is active, a standard Validation Warning message will appear, listing the warnings, and the user will have the option to Ignore the warnings and save anyway, or Retry and return to editing without saving yet
41411 189609 Multiple users on one computer can’t print a receipt to the same printer.  This was corrected.
41431 191267 Misc Receipt Template is not populating the descriptions that should be pulling from the chart of account descriptions.  This has been corrected.
41440 191217 When a user tries to add a photo  to a Current Year Layer, an error would occur that says they cannot add a photo greater than the present year.  This has been corrected.
41442 191416 The Daily Summary Report joins the fund_number table which is not year specific.  If there are different levy codes associated a single fund number, the Daily Summary Report doubles the amount on the report.  This was corrected.
41486 191218 Income valuation is not retaining area fields in Direct Cap or other Methods when a user overrides the GBA Field and enters a value.  This has been corrected.
41495 191899 When a user is attempting to re-print a previously generated notice from the Events panel, an error occurs.  This has been corrected.
41497 191908 Client is getting a Reader Exception error when sorting the Neighborhood Code File Maintenance panel and changing an Imprv %.  This has been corrected.
41564 192733 School Levy New Statutory Limit $1.50 is not producing expected levy rate results on reports.  This has been corrected.
41680 190161 When a user is supplementing properties containing Marshall & Swift data, it is not pulling the correct dates.  This has been corrected.
41705 193737 In some cases where the legal description is very long, the Payout Agreement Statements would print on two pages, with the barcode on the top of the second page.  Changes were made to the report to correct the issue so that it prints on one page.
41764 193704 When a user would export the REET information, it would pull incorrect values.  This has been corrected.
41775 194321 The Refund Due Report was pulling incorrect values.  This has been corrected.
41811 189905 When importing in a Payment Import and the option to Pay with a Specified Tender is selected, the Daily Summary report does not report the amount in the specified tender and the check register will not include it even though the tender is entered at the time of posting.  This has been corrected.
41844 190365 The Outstanding Balances Detail Report is not using the As Of Date when calculating the bill amounts printed on the report.   This has been corrected.
41847 193405 Invalid MORTGAGEDEL events are being created when a user has a property open and is making a change to Mortgage Company while an import is being processed that includes that property.   This has been corrected.
41854 194748 When a levy has the “Do not include in certification” flag set, or it is expired because of its End Year, it is copied up as part of the New Year Layer process.  This has been corrected.
41862 190411 In some cases, when a property is supplemented it is not properly updating whether or not the bills should show half pay or not depending on the scenario and time of year.  This has been corrected.
41930 195417 When user manually created bill, they would receive the error “Invalid parameter list for TATreasurer.BillProcess.Create Bill”.  This was corrected.
42191 197539 In some cases, when properties are enrolled in AutoPay and the Autopay ACH report was run, the balance would show the second half due even when it was not due.  This was corrected.
42351 199636 Property Access is not displaying paid information on certain Property IDs.  This has been corrected.
This release is available on _________
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Last updated on October 10, 2019 New Features #

This release includes the following additions and modifications to functionality:

  • Appraisal Notice Preview
  • Custom Reports support
  • Destroyed Property – multiple records per property
  • DOR Senior Relief form updated
  • Improvement Detail Feature Templates
  • Inactivate Option for Fees
  • Levy – Budget and Refunds included
  • Levy – Banked Capacity and Refunds
  • Levy – Update Resolution Calculation/Comparison to match DOR Calculation Sheet
  • Modified Bill Report – added district totals
  • New Letter Tags
  • ‘Paid By’ Details Refund Cart
  • PP Notice Asset Listing Sort Options added
  • Protest Search – context menu corrections
  • Property Access – Legal Description
  • REET Local Tech Fee
  • Special Assessments – Exemption Level Basis

To access the full new features click R50_New Features

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Last updated on December 23, 2019 Schema Changes #

Table Column Old Definition New Definition
custom_report ***New Table*** ***New Table*** ***New Table***
imprv_detail_feature_template ***New Table*** ***New Table*** ***New Table***
imprv_detail_feature_template_detail ***New Table*** ***New Table*** ***New Table***
fee_type inactive ***New Column*** bit
fee_type local_level_1 ***New Column*** bit
fee_type local_level_2 ***New Column*** bit
levy first_amount_requested ***New Column*** numeric (14,2)
levy second_amount_requested ***New Column*** numeric (14,2)
levy_cert_hl_limit limit_amount_requested ***New Column*** numeric (14,2)
levy_cert_run reduce_banked_capacity_by_refund_amount ***New Column*** bit
special_assessment_exemption exempt_qualify_cd ***New Column*** varchar(10)
wash_appraisal_notice_config asset_sort ***New Column*** int
wash_appraisal_notice_selection_criteria asset_sort ***New Column*** int
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Last updated on December 23, 2019 LID Lift excluding SNR - New Features #

R50 SP – LID Lift excluding SNR

This release service pack focuses on the legislative change for senior properties to be excluded from the portion of levy increase approved by voters, also known as a ‘lid lift’:

Tax District Details

HLL panel

HLL Calculation

Tax District Levy Calculation Summary Report

 **Reports below related to values or levy have not been modified at this time

  •  Assessment and Levies Due
  • Assessment/Taxroll Reconciliation
  • Certification of Levies
  • Certification of Values by Tax Area
  • Fund Listing
  • Levy Rate Summary
  • Levy Rates by Tax Area
  • Levy Rates Report
  • List of Tax Areas within Tax District
  • Listing of Levies within Tax Area
  • Print Certification of Value Letter Report
  • Refund Levy Run
  • Timber Assessed Values Report
  • Top Taxpayers

To access the full features of this Service Pack click R50SP_LIDLiftSNR

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Last updated on January 10, 2020 Service Pack #

TFS ID HS ID Description
42916 206778 When generating the DOR Composite Tax Rate report by Tax Code Area, the indicated Composite Rate does not balance to the indicated Composite Rate when run by Taxing district.  This has been corrected.
43013 208333 When printing duplicate or multiple receipts, users receive an error message .  This has been corrected.
43024 208546 While posting payments using Quick Post Single Payment Multi-Tender, users are randomly receiving the error message ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’. This has been corrected.
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Last updated on December 18, 2019 Graduated Reet - New Features #

The Legislative REET rate changes affect STATE REET only.  The document below will outline changes made to PACS:

R50SP_New Features Graduated REET


This release is available as of December 26, 2019

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Last updated on January 10, 2020 Graduated REET - Schema Changes #

Table Column Old Definition New Definition
reet_rate_threshholds ***New Table*** ***New Table*** ***New Table***
reet_rate_timber_ag ***New Table*** ***New Table*** ***New Table***
reet_rate_multiple_locations ***New Table*** ***New Table*** ***New Table***
reet imp_timber_ag_flag ***New Column*** bit
reet imp_multiple_locations ***New Column*** bit
reet combined_sale_price ***New Column*** numeric(11,2)
reet exemption_claimed_deduct ***New Column*** numeric(11,2)
reet personal_property_deduct ***New Column*** numeric(11,2)
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Last updated on January 10, 2020 Service Pack Release Notes #

TFS ID TS ID Description
43237 211170 Levy Calculation Summary Report erroneously reports Budget amount as final levy amount.
43331 212319 When a user clicks the ‘LevyCertificationView’ button and then clicks ‘Calculate Actual Levy’ while a ‘Highest Lawful Levy Limit Detail’ dialog is open, PACS pulls in and calculates the actual levy based on the actual levy elements from the first levy of the ‘Highest Lawful Levy Limit’ list.
43371 212624 The first additional levy annexation calculation on the Tax District Summary report is dividing by 1,000 when it should be multiplying by 1,000.

Service Pack was made available on 1/12/2020

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Last updated on January 12, 2020 Service Pack Release Notes #

This release is available as of February 27, 2020

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Last updated on February 25, 2020 Service Pack Release Notes #

The release is available as of March 27, 2020

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Last updated on March 27, 2020
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