Release GA #

This release includes the following additions and modifications to functionality:

1.0 Cash Drawer – Duplicate Name Warning (21990)

(HS 114749)

Clients would like to notify users when attempting to create a cash drawer with the same name as an existing drawer.

  • TREASURER > Activities > Daily Process > Cash Drawers> ADD
  • This will function is just like the Batch logic, the user will be prompted if he has entered a description that is already in use and may choose whether or not to use it. The cash drawer ID is unique so there is no technical reason to require a unique name.


2.0 DOR Sales report changes (31181, 31182, 38380, and 37598)

(HS 151805, 151823)

For multi-property sales, the reports currently list a combined record row and subsequent associated property record rows. Make the following adjustments [reviewed with DOR Mark Studer]:

  • Retain the combined record row with existing rows:
    • REET #
    • Document Type
    • Property ID
    • Sale Date
    • Sale Price
    • Adjusted Sale Price
    • DOR Land Use Code
    • Combined Prior Year Assessed Value
    • Combined Assessed Value
    • Sale Ratio
  • Modify associated property rows to remove value and ratio calculation, populate ONLY the existing columns below:
    • REET #
    • Document Type
    • Property ID
    • Sale Date

3.0 Excise Detail Report (37348)

(HS 171955)

Add an option to the report dialog, and make changes to the report.

Reports> Excise Detail Report…


  • Adding an “Include Void Transactions” option


  • Allowing REETs with no fees to be included on report


4.0 LID Lift HLL Percentage Increase

(HS 166735)

Client has a lid lift that allows a 103% increase each year for the next five years. There was no way to increase the highest lawful levy in PACS to reflect this yearly increase after the first year.

The Tax District dialog has been modified for additional election information, allowing a voted factor to be entered. The factor should be entered so that the limit factor field can read and interpret how to use the factor. For example an increase of 103% would be entered as 1.03.


The new factor field will display on the levy details, as well. The function to copy election data to the levy includes the new factor field.


The factor can be used to override the limit factor in calculating the HLL. The user is responsible for overriding the limit factor.


5.0 Mass Update Bill/Fee Code Changes (33388, 26772, 28504)

(HS 159647)

The Mass Maintenance function is not ONLY updating the assessment agency selected in the criteria dialog, all unpaid bills on the property are updated.


General Changes to dialog/process:

  • When using a “Standard” Type Selection Criteria the first 3 dropdowns for BILL Criteria have been separated from the FEE Criteria. The BILL and FEE selections are totally independent.
    • BILL criteria
      • No selections will select all bills
      • Selections made here do not affect fees
    • FEE criteria
      • No selections will select all fees
      • Selections made here do not affect bills
  • Selecting criteria
    • ISSUE: user entered some Special Assessment criteria using a “Standard” Type, then switched to a “Property ID’s” Type, the previous Special Assessment criteria was still being applied and results would not be as expected.
    • CHANGE: when the user now changes the Type in the Selection Criteria it resets any previously selected content.
  • Dropdown behavior
    • ISSUE: it was possible to select the drop down and select codes without first selecting the checkbox to enable the dropdown. But the checkbox was never checked so PACS ignored the selection.
    • CHANGE: Now if the user selects any criteria from the dropdown the checkbox is automatically checked.
  • Count reset
    • ISSUE: the user could select the COUNT button then change criteria and the UPDATE button remained enabled. The COUNT would not be reset and this incorrect value is what would get posted on the run list in the “Property Count” column.
    • CHANGE: Now, any time the user changes the Selection Criteria Type or any of the actual selection criteria the COUNT number gets reset and the UPDATE button is disabled until the user performs a new COUNT.
  • Validation
    • ISSUE: The user was able to COUNT at any time without validation being performed on the selection criteria. This became problematic with the Selection Criteria Type was “Property ID’s” but a significant issue when it was “SQL Query”.
    • CHANGE: added validation to these two Selection Criteria Types to help the user prevent bad data entry. This should ensure better input and more accurate results.
  • TFS#26772 “Update bill/fee codes in mass does NOT exclude paid bills if you leave it unchecked”
    • Resolved issue with filters in the code to identify paid bills
  • TFS#33388 “Add Bill/Fee Code to LID Bills only” selection is updating ALL bills
    • Resolved issue with selection criteria
  • TFS#28504 – GREATER WEN FULL PAY MASS UPDATE fee codes were not associated with the selected special assessment bills.–When levy bills are not yet created, using mass update to add a bill/fee code does not retain the bill code on the special assessment bill.
    • Resolved issue with selection criteria

6.0 Owner Tab – linked Owner ID added (22940)

(HS 119351)

Client would like to have the acct/owner id added to the Linked Owner Account grid.

  • PACS > Property Search > Property View > Owner & Agent


7.0 Payout Agreement – (36210) Past Due Amounts

(HS 168354)

ISSUE: When a payout agreement has past due payments that are unpaid. Pacs will not allow you to post the past due amount for the one payment you have selected. It includes balances that are due for other past due amounts displayed.

This is needed because sometimes a delinquent owner cannot pay the entire outstanding balance however can cover the oldest payment thereby preventing foreclosure.


CHANGE: The Total Due pulled into the Payment Cart will no longer be all Amounts up to the current date but rather all Amounts up to the selected row.


  • Allow user to select each row in the payout agreement:
    • The payment cart will pull in the row selected and any amounts due up to that installment.
    • The user will be responsible for selecting the payment agreement installment representing the amount the taxpayer will pay.
    • With this change the sort order of the grid no longer matters. The row selected by the user and everything with a due date prior to that selection will be included in the Total Due for the Payment Cart.
  • How the payment is applied is not changing.
  • Payments out of order will not be allowed.

8.0 REET Inactivate Codes (35903)

(HS 168502)

ISSUE: The Washington Legislature changed rules 202 and 208 under WAC 458-61A, the DOR emailed a listing that will discontinue and have the codes removed from the REET affidavit on March 28, 2017. There is not a way to flag the codes as Inactive so they will not be used.

ADMIN > Tools > Code File Maintenance > REET > REET WAC Code

  • If the user attempts to delete a WAC that is in use, they will get a message telling them it cannot be done
  • When WAC codes are INACTIVE they should not be displayed in the dropdown list to be selectable. 3 areas are identified where the WAC can be selected. Here are the menu paths for each:
    • WAC Number on REET record, Sale Information & Excise Due Panel on the right-hand side
    • Property Deeds & Sales Panel, Click Sale Details, Expand “Sale Price”, click Adjust Sale and select WAC CODE
    • File -> New -> REET, on the “Sale Information” section near the bottom

      NOTE: if the user has selected a WAC (say “ABC”) and that WAC gets set to INACTIVE, that WAC will still show in the dropdown because it is the current code. If the user changes the WAC to another code and goes back in then “ABC” would no longer be visible. It only displayed because it was the current value and when this is not the case it will be excluded.

9.0 Refund in Mass – Refund Interest (23870)

(HS 122367)

ISSUE: The client needs the ability to override interest values in the “Generate Refunds – In Mass” wizard.


  • Generate Refunds – In Mass (Activities > Posting > Generate Refunds in Mass)
    • The Overpayment Credits grid now has an Override column, and the user can override refund interest here
    • Both the Adjustment and Overpayment grids now have tool strip buttons for Override All Interest Rates to Zero and Clear Overrides.



  • Assessment grid: If the user collapsed a row, then expanded it again, changes to the Override flag were lost but changes to the Interest amount remained.

10.0 Sales Capture Property Characteristics (34951)

(HS 165284)

ISSUE: When a sale is captured or imported, PACS is not capturing the Property Characteristic Codes.


  • Sales Characteristics
    • When a user creates a new ownership transfer, any current Property Characteristics will be captured from the property and included as part of the Ownership Transfer.
    • The ownership record does not require a sales record be created.
    • When a sale record exists, it is intended to represent the ‘as-of-sale’ characteristics. Users start with the current data and can manipulate the data on the Ownership Transfer to match the sales characteristics. Changes within the sale record DO NOT affect the property record.
  • Import Sales
    • When a SALES record exists the user has a button at the bottom of the Dialog to “Import Sales”. When this is done, whatever the current Ownership Transfer data is gets overwritten with new updated information.
    • This ticket states that such an action should pull in and update Property Characteristics. This logic actually already existed when the user checked the optional “Import Land and Improvement Segments” box on the “Import Sales” Dialog.
      • Moved the logic to occur when the user selects the radio button “Current Appraisal Data”.
      • This ticket states we should also update the Property Characteristics when the user selects the radio button “Captured Sales Data” however speaking with Roy we were not sure how or why this would be needed as the captures sales data is already the data being viewed.
      • As such the logic to update the Property Characteristics on the Ownership Transfer now exists, and only exists, when the user selects “Current Appraisal Data”.


The import did not refresh to display the updated data on the “Property Characteristic Codes” Panel. The user could exit the Dialog and return to see the accurate information. Now any updates via the “Import Sales” button are refreshed immediately.

11.0 Sales Recalculate (32179)

(HS 155214)

ISSUE: The Ownership History dialog’s Recalculate button did recalculate the property sale items, but the grids showing calculated values were not being refreshed.

The Improvement, Improvement Detail, and Land Detail dialogs are shared with the regular Property View. When launched from Ownership History, they were calling recalculate with Sale ID 0 instead of the correct Sale ID.

CHANGE: The Ownership History dialog should now refresh calculated values if Recalculate is selected.

12.0 State Auditor recommendation – Exception Error handling

(HS 182332)

ISSUE: The Statue auditor feels we’re using improper error handling mechanisms that can introduce security issues. Clark requested this, since it will be required by Washington State for security reasons – the stack trace should not be shown to end users because it reveals too much of PACS’ internal structure.


  • Exceptions –
    • Removed the stack trace and other details from the dialog that reports unhandled exceptions.
    • The dialog now shows the exception message only, with an error ID number when possible. This is the ID of the record which contains the full details of the exception, including the stack trace. When an unhandled exception occurs this ID can be used to retrieve the exception details.
    • This also affects:
      • PACS.ADMIN
      • PACS.QUERY
      • Letter Processing Word Add-In

13.0 State Auditor recommendation – session time out

(HS 182331)

ISSUE: State Auditor feels that long idle sessions increases the risk of session hijacking and session fixation attacks.

Vulnerability Description:

The PACS applications allow prolonged use of idle sessions.Long idle session timeouts increase the success rate of session hijacking and session fixation attacks. They also increase the attack surface of the application; post login attacks may take place any time. Once logged in with any of the users, the session remained active for several days.

Required Mitigation:

Sessions must have a limited lifetime and expire after a period of time based on business and usability requirements balanced with security considerations. The application should be able to measure the period of inactivity for a session and expire it, destroying the session and requiring a user to login again.


  • Added requested enhancements: PACS idle timers, and the option to disable “Remember Me?” in the login screen.
  • New controlling user rights:
    • PACS Administrator > Idle Timeout Settings
    • PACS administrator > Login Settings


  • PACS menu items in PACS.ADMIN :
    • Tools > Idle Timeout Settings
      • Lock – settings to control when the session will lock
      • Log out – controls when application will log out for idle user


  • Tools > Login Settings… controls the ‘Remember Me’ option at login


  • When active, these new features affect PACS.NET, PACS.ADMIN, and PACS.QUERY.


Ticket ID

Defect Description & Description of Update


Refunds in Mass – Effective Posting Date. PACS now prevents users from creating refunds with negative refund interest.

It was possible to do this in two ways:

– In the Refund Cart or the Generate Refunds in Mass Wizard, check Override and type a negative interest amount. The grid editors no longer allow negative numbers.

– Set the posting date to a day before a credit was created, so that the interest calculation will produce a negative amount. PACS now sets the calculated refund interest to zero if it would have been negative.


Cash Drawers- Duplicate Names – Enhancement – it will function like the Batch logic does, the user will be prompted if they have entered a description that is already in use and may choose whether or not to use it.

The warning message will be:

A drawer with the same description already exists.

Are you sure you want to save this drawer with duplicate description?

(See Section 1.0 in R48 New Features)


Clark-LP-OLTP-Linked Owner OID – add the acct/owner ID to the Linked Owner Account gird. Resolved; an Owner ID column was added to the Linked Owner Account grid on the property view’s Owner & Agent tab as requested.


Refunds In Mass-Refund Interest- requesting the ability to override interest values in the “Generate Refunds – In Mass” wizard. Changes were made to Generate Refunds – In Mass (Activities > Posting > Generate Refunds in Mass)

– The Overpayment Credits grid now has an Override column column, and the user can override refund interest here

– Both the Adjustment and Overpayment grids now have toolstrip buttons for Override All Interest Rates to Zero and Clear Overrides.


Update bill/fee codes in mass does NOT exclude paid bills if you leave it unchecked, (associated with ticket 159647). Resolved.


Moving bills/fees does not allow you to select statement group. Fixed; refresh the grid when the To property is changed.


Clark – OLTP – bch: Exemption subtype not displayed. Resolved; not a new year layer creation problem. It is related to upper and lower case strings not matching. This was tested on the QA Clark environment (all data was returned to it’s original state).


Cannot Create Levy Certification run. Resolved; the only existing validation on this screen was “”The statutory limit value for {0} must be great than 0.” Corrected the spelling to “greater” and added validations to all of the other fields for maximum value as well as qualified decimal/precision points. Even though only two fields were listed as having the problem there was really no reason not to address the others at the same time.


Greater When Full Pay Mass Update. Resolved (associated ticket 159647).


Clark – OLTP – bch Uncertified Year Not Displayed in Search Results. Issue was already found and fixed with ticket number 169565 (linked) in R47.


Clark-TM-State Ratio-OLTP-R41-Valid Sales Report Summary totals do not match details (Info from Development). Fixed; multi-property sale value was being counted multiple times in detail totals. (associated with ticket 174954)


Changing Joint District levy information.When user’s input and save joint district values for the current years levy, PACS is also updating the prior years levy information. Resolved; display issue. Added a year filter to the PACS data load so the proper year would be displayed. All data retrieved as expected.


Unable to manually create an assessment bill on PID 179383 2015 taxes. Fixed. Modified the ManuallyCreateAssessmentBills stored procedure to use alternate means when necessary. If the property doesn’t exist in the selected year, it now writes -1 for the supplement number (similar to the levy bill process), and [property].col_owner_id for the owner, or -1 if that’s null too.


Sale panels not working correctly. Resolved; recalculate buttons fixed and refreshing values after recalculate.


Clark-WT-OLTP Certification of Levies Report Totals Issue – (same issue as 39046). Issue corrected. The change was to modify the CertificationOfLeviesData stored procedure to allocate the Assessed rate/taxes and the Excess rate/taxes slightly differently. Before, the only criteria was if the levy table contained a “voted” value of 0 or 1. 0’s were Assessed, 1’s were Excess.

The change was to specifically state that when levy.levy_type_cd is “EMS” then the value is Assessed, it does not matter if the levy is voted or not. “EMS” will always be Assessed.


Due date logic when supplementing. Issue resolved (notes are from ticket #164240- Sup-Bill Due Dates) Due date logic (pacs_system.postpone_duedate is true) separated into two sections:

1) If the amount decreased, push the duedate out to the end of the month 30 days from now.

2) If the amount is still the same or the duedate is already later than the end of the month 30 days from now then keep the original duedate


Owner address on Quick Post not correct for some owners. Resolved; change to middle-tier get logic.


Add Bill/Fee Code to LID Bills only. Resolved; changes to dialog box.

(see Section 5.0 of R48 New Features)


CLARK-GN26- incorrect improvement details displayed for second improvement. Corrected. The code change for TFS 31686 (When using the Sale Improvement Panel only the last sketch displays) fixed this issue as well.


Sup-Bill Due Dates – Resolved; due date logic (pacs_system.postpone_duedate is true) separated into two sections:

1) If the amount decreased, push the duedate out to the end of the month 30 days from now.

2) If the amount is still the same or the duedate is already later than the end of the month 30 days from now then keep the original duedate


Property Group Code Report won’t work with Personal Property parcels. Issue resolved on client end.


Payment Import file will not import. If a payment import record has a GEO ID which appears on multiple properties, but the import record also has a valid property ID, this is fine, since only one property matches.

However, if an import record does not have a property ID, and the GEO ID matches multiple properties, then PACS can’t tell what property the record should match, and this is an error that should be reported.

At this point, the import query was actually getting a SQL error, due to a subquery selecting multiple results instead of the expected one result, and silently failing, causing the import to fail with no records displayed. This was fixed. A new validation code was added to detect this condition. When it occurs, an error message will explain the problem, and give the path and name of a file containing the duplicated GEO IDs and their properties.


When using the Residential M&S and attempting to delete a selected Component, another non-selected Component gets deleted. Resolved; improvements were made to the grid which should help prevent this issue if whatever caused it happens again:

– The delete confirmation dialog now shows a description of the component which is going to be deleted.

– The grid now deletes the selected record using its database keys instead of the reader index, to ensure that the correct record is deleted.


Expiring Remodel Exemptions Report (#2). Resolved; when viewing the details of an existing Remodel, the re-qualify year was being reset to 5 years past the remodel year which caused the errors. If the user hit CANCEL then the changes would be discarded and the data unchanged. However, by clicking “OK” the changes to the re-qualify year were saved.

The solution was to only update the re-qualify year when the remodel is brand new or when the year itself was legitimately changed by the user.


Property level litigation comments are not longer visible. Corrected; when properties are removed from a litigation, a new dialog now appears instead of the old prompt. The existing option to set bill/fee codes and a new option to save the litigation comments are available there as check boxes.

Also, the toolstrip button for removing properties from a litigation is now disabled when no properties are selected.


Payment in Lieu of Taxes report errors. The report query assumed that levies had the same description in all years, and this is not always the case. The query has been fixed (as requested) so that it takes the levy description from the most recent year included in the report records, instead of creating duplicate rows with the same values.


Odd cash drawer selection window in Quick Post – Multiple Tender. Issue was that there were two separate event handlers for the same action, specifically clicking the drawer button. One was in the dialog design:

this.drawerButton.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.drawerButton_Click);

The other was in the dialog code:

this.drawerButton.Click += new EventHandler(drawerButton_Click);

These two events performed the same action twice. Removed the one from the design leaving the one from the code to handle the single action needed. Issue resolved.


CLARK-GN26-OLTP-R44 Appears PACS is not capturing a “sale” snapshot of PID characteristics when sales are entered. Issue corrected so any updates via the “Import Sales” button are refreshed immediately. (See Section 10.0 in R48 New Features)


Refunds report required by RCW 84.69.020. Added “Refunded To” column as requested to existing “Group By Owner” report. Changed the footer from “True Automation” to “Harris Govern”.


Beginning Tax Statement process, Levy Description is not printing when tax amounts are 0. The 0 tax amounts do print. Issue corrected.


January 2017 Month End Reports do not balance. Resolved; this report had a flawed query, originally written by Edvantis, then later optimized to correct severe speed issues. It had separate processing for voiding transactions which actually wasn’t needed at all. Removing the broken part of the query fixes this issue. The correct records, normal and voiding, were already being correctly selected by the rest of the query.


Unable to Set Rollback/Comp Tax Configuration. Two issues were corrected. 1) Certified years in PACS were not listed on the configuration grid.This has been corrected so that any certified year in PACS will display in the grid and permit a configuration to be viewed/edited. 2) Changes to configurations are not saved.

The correction to this was save the record when the user hits APPLY or OK when either of the controls are changed.


Future Layer Parcels. Future year layer properties remain in place after creating new year layer. In 9.0, the menu option exists to Delete Future Year Layer but it is inactive and can’t be selected. Resolution: When a new year layer is created, the user has the option to INCLUDE FUTURE YEAR PROPERTIES or not. If they select YES then the data from the future year will be copied in to the new year. If they choose NO, then the future year data is ignored. Either way, the pacs_system.future_yr field is set to NULL. Then this is the case the future year status is lost/disabled meaning that the user cannot work in that future year and the future year layer cannot be deleted. The pacs_system.future_yr field should not be set to NULL automatically as part of the new year layer creation process. We will leave this as the pre-existing future year so the users may reference their future year layer data. If they INCLUDE that data, they can compare to make sure it is correct. If they DO NOT INCLUDE that data they can refer to it to see what changes may be needed.

Once all new year to future year layer data has been validated, the user will then be required to manually delete the future year layer using the menu path on their own.


Statement of Taxes Collected report pulling wrong numbers.The issues here were resolved in a more comprehensive bug, see ticket #171987, done in the 48 release.


Ratio report won’t run on format: EXCELRECORD. The OCX registration resolved this issue.


Fee variance in Payment Details (Irrigation Monitor). Corrected; Underpayment and Overpayment columns were added to the Fee details grid in Payment details, similar to the existing ones for Levy and Special Assessment bills.


Inactive REET WAC codes be archived. An enhancement was added to allow the user to set WAC codes to INACTIVE. The second part of the enhancement, when WAC codes are INACTIVE, they should not be displayed in the dropdown list to be selectable. This was the larger effort on this ticket. Three areas have been identified that the WAC can be picked. Here are the menu paths for each:

1) WAC Number on REET record, Sale Information & Excise Due Panel on the right-hand side

2) Property Deeds & Sales Panel, Click Sale Details, Expand “Sale Price”, click Adjust Sale and select WAC CODE

3) File -> New -> REET, on the “Sale Information” section near the bottom

(See Section 8.0 of R48 New Features)


Payment Import run descriptions (SQL Error: String or binary data would be truncated). Corrected;

– The description is no longer set to the import file’s filename if the user leaves it blank.

– If the user entered or changed a description *after* the preview import of the file, but before clicking Import Info, that description was not saved.

– The server now processes description strings so there won’t be a SQL error if the description includes a single quote.

– Added validation checks on the server for the description parameter being null or longer than 50 characters.


Set Refund Cart Print Check option to default to checked. Resolved; in PACS.ADMIN’s System Configuration, a “Print Refund Checks By Default” setting was added under the existing group “Refund Calculation Process”.

This setting is stored in [pacs_config] with the keys (RefundCalculation, Print Refund Checks By Default)

This setting controls the default state of the Print Check checkbox in the Refund Cart.


When a payout agreement has past due payments that are unpaid. PACS will not allow posting the past due amount for the one payment selected. Resolution; whatever data the client selects will include in their Total Due all amounts due on that date or prior. (almost what client requested)Formerly the Total Due would be all dates up to today. Now the client can select the cutoff point from the grid. This will allow them to make payment for 1, 2, 3, etc. or even if they want all the way through the final payment. They control the time frame.

Also, previously the sort order of the grid impacted how much was reflected in the Total Due. Sorting oldest to newest would be accurate but sorting newest to oldest would only get the first payment. With this change the sort order of the grid no longer matters. However it is sorted, the row selected by the user and everything with a due date prior to that selection will be included in the Total Due.

(see Section 7.0 in R48 New Features)


Some website Improvement Detail Features data shows and not others. Resolution: issue applies to properties that have a Main Area 2 which lacks Improvement Detail Features. The Export logic uses temp tables to stage the data. Previously it would take the MAX Improvement Detail ID of anything set as a Main Area as defined by this SQL:

select * from imprv_det_type where main_area = ‘T’

in order to ensure the proper Improvement Detail ID records were being Exported, the ExportPropertyAccess Stored Procedure was modified to verify that the Features which are being exported for the MAX Improvement Detail ID actually exist. If they do not exist, they cannot be the MAX ID.


Property Access is not displaying the acreage amount. Example property, PID 67690 now shows a nonzero acreage.


Month End Reports need the option to have a Page Break with each Tax District. Enhancement implemented; added checkboxes to dialogs.


Carriage return, comas,& period removal from exports. Resolved; modifications added to reports.


Incorrect Overpayment Credit Display (Refund of REET per DOR Approval). Fixed. Overpayment Credit interest was incorrectly being included in displays of available credit on some property panels.


Monitor List Use – Creating a New Monitor. Resolved; enhancement has been added.


Remit Interest on Checks. When issuing an overpayment credit Refund that has interest included, the Distribution does not balance to the Daily Summary report. The distribution does not include the Interest that was posted on the refund causing it not to balance. Corrected; SQL added to create a financial event code for refunded interest on overpayment credits; Users will need to add their own appropriate financial account mappings:

Select Activities > Accounting > Accounting Event Mapping

Expand the Overpayment Credit section and double-click the Overpayment Credit row. Add credit and debit mappings for REF-OPC.


Property ID 812671 remove Statement ID 53766. When manually creating a fee or a new bill, if a bill already exists with a statement ID, the system does not provide a warning when the “New Statement” option is chosen. Enhancement has been implemented and changes made.


OLTP plm – Mass Update by Neighborhood drop down list does not count records. Corrected.


Escrow Listing Report selects total amount paid from payment – Corrected; each escrow included in the report will now print on a single line.


Images not printing in comparable sales grid. Resolved.


Collected Escrow Applied Report Inaccurate. Corrected; report query was restructured, code added to filter out voided payments when the payment and the void are both selected to be in the report.


Error displayed when Access Main Activities Button. Corrected.


Chart of Accounts. Invalid account numbers are being created when posting a Miscellaneous Receipt. Issue corrected.


Excise Detail Report has several issues to change. Options were added. (See Section 3.0 in R48 New Features)


Statement of Taxes Collected Report- INACCURATE-Issues corrected:

– When counting properties and affidavits and finding the beginning and ending excise numbers, the report should omit REETs that are only associated with voided transactions in the report period.

– When calculating values, the report should include voided transactions, allowing them to naturally cancel the value they voided.

– Values on the report should consider both excise and excise fee payment transactions when appropriate. It should not omit REETs with no excise fee, or REETs that only have a fee with zero excise due.


Supplement Roll doubles current tax amount sometimes. Corrected; values are now matching between Supp Group with Bills Created and Property Tax due for the same year.


Special Assessments – Not copied to 2018-19. Fixed.


AutoPay Enrollment on 4/7/17. The Autopay Enrollment report table has 64 characters. If a name exceeds 64, user receives an error. Corrected; report table expanded to allow the maximum characters.


Abstract report format. After the patch on 10/31/2017, the number of acres of Designated Forest Land (the first calculated field on page 2) is missing the first digit of the acreage when the acreage exceed 99,000.0000. Corrected; acreage field under “Forest Land ” and “Designated” has been reduced to 3 decimals allowing the displayed value to exceed 99,999.9999. New max value is 999,999.999


On page #2 of the DOR Stratification report where the report lists out Senior Property Information, Forestland Property Information and Properties Under $1,000, the word Prior in the Prior Year Assessed is spelled Pior. Spelling error has been corrected. The “Prior Year Assessed:” label should not match both in terms of spelling and location on the 3 subreports on page 2 (i.e. they should align).


Abstract. Page 3 Line 9 of the DOR Abstract of Value report is incorrect for the State Levy Part 2 Value.

We are calculating State 2 line 9 by adding lines 6, 7 and 8. Report has been changed to adhere to the new requirements.

Specifically the COUNT and TOTAL for the “State Levy – part 2” will be the sum of:

State Levy Line 1A

State Levy Line 2

State Levy Line 3

State Levy Line 4

State Levy Line 5

State Levy 2 Line 6

State Levy 2 Line 7

State Levy Line 8 (NOTE: Does not impact COUNT, absolute value is subtracted for the TOTAL)

Estimate was revised down based on the fact this was a report change only.


Appraisal Notice Configuration. Client requesting previous years configurations to be copied up to the new entry when creating another configuration. Enhancement has been implemented.


Prior year SNR exemptions. PACS is changing the Create Date and Created By to today’s date and user opened in dialog. Corrected.


Personal Property segments using the SOFTWARE depreciation schedule, not calculating correctly when the depreciation percent good should calculate as zero. Resolution: The property value calculation was treating 0% depreciation as no depreciation. Fixed so 0% depreciation is really 0%.


CLARK-GN26-OLTP-R46-DOR VALID SALES REPORT – CALCULATION ERRORS – IMPORTANT (Info from Development).The error was actually with the detail totals, not the report’s initial summary pages. The value from multi-property sales was being counted multiple times, throwing off the averages. This has been corrected.


LID Lift HLL Issue on Increase- Client has a lid lift that allows a 103% increase each year for the next five years. There isn’t a way to increase the highest lawful levy in PACS to reflect this yearly increase. A way is needed to adjust the HLL when a voted levy allows for this. Resolved; the Tax District dialog has been modified for additional election information, allowing a voted factor to be entered. See Section 4.0 of R48 New Features.


RLB – significant variances in 2017 tax roll creation. This change to the Certification to Tax Roll Report affects only the “Value Added To Roll” and “Value Removed From Roll” lines.

Previously, these values only counted taxable value from properties being deleted after certification, or restored after being deleted. For example, deleting a property removed its taxable value from every levy in the property’s tax area.

New parts of the query also count properties being moved to a different tax area after certification. This is a gain in taxable value for levies that are in the new tax area but not the old, and a loss in taxable value for levies in the old tax area but not the new one.

Added new SQL query for the report.


Certification to the tax Roll Report. Resolved; changes to SQL


Ownership Transfer wizard removes exemptions. Design error, as the specific scenario when a user has an ownership transfer to themselves has a warning message yet nevertheless does not handle the data correctly. Resolution: The fix was the only delete the Exemption data when the new owner is different than the old owner. If they are the same person, the data cleanup is not needed.


Refund Receipt. Request for the “Refund To” box be removed from the mailing address section of Refund Receipt for security purposes. The REFUND TO label and its shaded box has been removed from the RefundReceipt.rpt report file.


Certification of Values by Tax Area Report, trying to exclude the state assessed utilities, but the report always includes them. Resolved; Certification of Values by Tax Area has the Exclude State Assessed Utilities option in its report dialog, but it was never implemented in the server-side report data generation. This has been corrected.


Report Designer needs to be removed from the menu in PACS.Admin. This was removed.


Requesting process to remove all Non-ASCII characters such as tabs, carriage returns, line feeds, ellipsis (…) and so on from legal descriptions, address fields, file_as_name, and geo ids prior to running major calendar event processes like appraisal notices and tax statements. An enhancement has been implemented; use PACS.Admin for the rights to use the new Dialog in PACS.Net which calls the middle-tier, then calls the stored procedure which cleans up the data.


Certification of Value Letters. Request to add the supplement number to the Certification of Value Letters report. When a county is audited by the DOR, the county is asked to provide supporting documentation so the DOR can verify Certification Value Letters were generated as of the same supplement as captured values, and can be balanced to adjusted certified totals, etc. Resolved; added a supplement number field.


Error creating tax statement. Corrected.


Collected Escrow Applied is incorrect. Corrected; each escrow included in the report will now print on a single line. (linked ticket 171942)


Buyer name changes in imports from Simplifile. In the “REET New Dialog”, the data in the Buyer Data and Seller Data grids was getting corrupted when the user deleted a record from the other grid. This is fixed.


Escrow balance is incorrect. This has been resolved.


Notice of Value Configuration Maintenance – Language Cutoff. Enhancement implemented to correct issue.


Printing Agent Statement Problems. The logic that determines how statement copies are generated from the user’s selected print options has been revised and corrected.


Benton Irrigation assessments are not eligible for half payments, but the create statement process still puts them into half pay statements. This has been corrected.


Current Use pop-up on REET (research only). Properties are being reported as in current use when added to REET even though the current use was not applied in the year of the sale. Fixed; added a filter of sale_id = 0. With this change the property should only pull in content if the sale_id of 0 has an ag_use_cd (the primary property) and not something associated with a later sale which occurred.


Cash Drawer can be created without a balance date. Separate changes were done to fix cash drawer validation – balance date and description in the Cash Drawer Setup dialog, and just balance date for Cash Drawer details.

Balance Date – can’t be blank or a closed day

Description – can’t be blank or the same as another cash drawer

Some custom validators were there but not working, because the controls already had a validation rule defined in the designer, and only one rule can be active at a time.


CLARK-GN26-R47.1007-OLTP-CONFIDENTIAL-WA State Auditor’s Office – Finding 33- Improper Error Handling.Removed the stack trace and other details from the dialog that reports unhandled exceptions for security reasons.


CLARK-GN26-R47.1007-OLTP-CONFIDENTIAL-WA State Auditor’s Office – Finding 32- Session timeout. Requested enhancements have been added: PACS idle timers, and the option to disable “Remember Me?” in the login screen.


Smart Gov Permit Import. Isolated issue and has been corrected.


H1 amounts due incorrect with prior year delinquencies. Reports have been corrected to include delinquent taxes due as well as P&I on the half payment due amount for Taxpayer Statements and Single Coupon Property Tax Statements.


Statement of Taxes Collected – Admin Fee incorrect. Fixed; the decimal places were expanded out to 8 digits, matching the SQL that was provided, so all of the details still get included in the value displayed.


Change of Value Notice format; some of the labeling is not visible. Adjustments to text fields were made to text that were slightly cut off or misaligned in the report.


Negative tax paid. Negative payment transactions are created when a partial payment is made that is less than the amount of the fee being paid IF that fee type does not allow partial payments. (Linked to ticket 169362 in R47).


PID 58020 Split did not transfer recent deed history. This issue has been corrected.


Autopay Account Changes error – Managing Autopay Account Changes with a current or previous owner whose name is longer than 64 characters causes a String or Binary data truncated error. The Autopay Enrollment report has had the name field increased to 70 but the autopay_ownership_change_Detail table still has a length of 64 on prev_owner_name and curr_owner_name. Corrected; columns have been expanded to match the account.

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Last updated on June 1, 2021 Release Limited #


Ticket ID

Description of Update


Clark-TM-OLTP-R41 and R42-DOR Valid Sales Report totals do match Real Property Stratification Report Totals (Info from Development). The differences between DOR Valid Sales and DOR Stratification were corrected.


Mineral Rights Value – user has no way to enter/change a value on a mineral property. Fixed Property View – Values for Mineral Properties.


Litigation Fee not assigned Statement ID. Fixed; Litigations > Create Property Fees – The code will now check all types of bills when looking for a statement ID for new fees, preferring levy bills if there are any.


Miscellaneous Receipt tripled in distribution. Fixed; a field was added to identify reopened posted transactions.


Merge Issue – SQL error. The error that occurred when merging properties in a supplement has been fixed.


Auto-Pay ACH File omitted PID 5442. SQL was provided and reason for omission was identified.

The property was in HALF pay status with a bill duedate which was after the posting date. Therefore the bill was deliberately excluded which is the expected behavior.


Bond Interest incorrect on Payout Agreements.


Property Search results different from Tax Due panel; results being received are accurate and acceptable; more information needed.


Certification to Tax Roll after TCA AND value change. Cases where a property changed both tax area and value in the same supplement have been fixed.


WA Schedule not calculating as expected. One of the schedules was not set up as a MULTIPLIER so a data correction should correct the calculation.


Certification of Value Letter errors. The tax district/levy filter was fixed in the report dialog. Also, corrections to Certification of Value Letter reports.


Statement of Taxes Collected Administrative Fee is wrong. This has been fixed.


Global recalc for Adj Sale Price needed


Create Levy Statements does not complete; all issues were related to setup and configuration items. Corrected.


Statement Print Fails; related to ticket 189828 which has been corrected.


Abstract of Assessed Values Report is not populating expected values. Fixed.

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Last updated on December 7, 2018
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