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R47 New Features

Bankruptcy form

(HS 152566)

United States bankruptcy court has update the B10 official Form, proof of claim, to an electronic version Form 410. The clients no longer need the form in PACS. This ticket will be used to remove the option to generate the form in PACS.

The option has been removed, including bankruptcy claim form menu option, report dialog, data generation, and report file.

  • Treasurer > Property Search > Property View > Commands

‘Generate Bankruptcy Claim Form’ has been removed from menu

  • BankruptcyClaimFormReport.rpt is no longer in the Release > Reports folder for distribution in future releases

** The existing form will remain in clients’ database folder **

Deferral Wizard – Equity Calculation

(HS 130115)

We recently found that the Deferral Wizard is not calculating the ‘Equity’ portion correctly when the Deferral is added AFTER a notice of Value has been mailed in the uncertified year. We ask for the ability to ‘overwrite’ the market value in the deferral wizard.

Per the DOR, when a deferral is added AND a Notice of Value was mailed (uncertified year) the market value that should be used in the Deferral Application Information screen should be the market value from the uncertified year. Currently, PACS always uses the market value from the most recent certified year.

  • New user right:
    • Under the PROPERTY category there is an “Edit Real Property” branch that already includes two Deferral rights. Now the option to “Override Deferral Market Value” is present.
    • Property > Edit Property > Edit Real Property > Override Deferral Market Value


  • Wizard:


  • Market Value:
    • When User Right is not assigned: not Enabled
    • When User Right is assigned:
      • Enabled and editable when checkbox is populated
      • Users may enter a valid monetary amount in to the field.
      • Each change will immediately calculate the other fields on the page using the new value.
      • This Market Value will be the one used and stored going forward.
      • If the user checks the OVERRIDE box and changes the Market Value, but then unchecks the OVERRIDE box, the user Market Value will be replaced with the *ORIGINAL* Market Value as if the user had made no change. Basically unchecking the box invalidates and cancels all changes.

DOR Sales – Land only ratio option

Initially started as a request from a client to address ratios, stating: The valid ratio report produces erroneous sales ratios for vacant properties that are now improved.

A change was made to adjust the ratio calculation for sales marked as ‘land only’.

Conversations with Mark Studer from the DOR indicated the implementation is incorrect, or not what is expected for the DOR sales report submission. Per his instructions, for reporting to the DOR:

  • Land sales improved after sale should be marked invalid. The sale should be included on the invalid sale report. The ratio should be calculated with the current property assessed value, producing a visibly inaccurate ratio.
  • The sales reports should reflect the current total assessed value (both land and Improvements), the current land use code, and the ratio should be calculated using the current total assessed value / adjusted sale price.

Based on our client feedback, current utilization of the Sales reports can differ from the DOR expectations. Therefore, PACS needs to provide an option when running sales reports (Valid & Invalid) to determine how land sales should be reported:

  1. Default is to display and use current property assessed value
  2. Option allows to display current land value only and use that in the Sale Ratio calculation for land only sales
    • There is now an additional checkbox for “Land Sales Only” under both the VALID and INVALID Sales Report radio selections.


  • For either report, the new option allows a user to run the report as the DOR expects with the new checkbox unchecked:
    • the DEFAULT selection
    • Land only properties are not identified
    • Uses the Assessed Value for ratio calculation

(Assessed Value / Adjusted Sales Price) * 100

  • The user can run the report using land values with the new box checked –
    • Uses the sales land value for ratio calculation

(Sale Land Value / Adjusted Sales Price) * 100

  • Land Properties are marked with an “*”
  • All checkboxes under a report selection work together. Checking SUMMARY and LAND will give you the LAND SUMMARY, but checking only SUMMARY will give you the ASSESSED SUMMARY
  • The checkbox labeled “Run 08 Validation Only” is also inclusive.

Personal Property Supplement Value Notice – new wizard

(HS 154171)

PACS.NET does not generate supplemental Appraisal Notices for Personal Property.

In WA 9.0, there are separate appraisal notice configurations for Real (property.prop_type_cd = ‘R’) and Personal (property.prop_type_cd = ‘P’) properties.

When you use the Supplemental Appraisal Notice module, the only configuration used is for Real property, therefore excluding any personal property needing a supplemental notice.

  • Now, when creating a Supplement Appraisal Notice run, the first page of the wizard will have a selection for Real/Mobile Home, Personal/Mineral, or Master Lease. (MASTER LEASE WILL BE HIDDEN IF ML IS GLOBALLY DISABLED IN PACS)

Activities > Supplement > Print Supplement Appraisal Notices


  • Select to create a new Appraisal Notice Selection from the [+] icon or right-click option
    • Choose the supplement year and group number
    • Click ‘Next’
  • Select the notice type from the radio buttons for the three property categories: Real and Mobile Home, Personal and Mineral, and Master Lease


  • Text will display above the radio buttons to show the selected supplement number and year, and the number of runs to be created, one per property category type.
    • If the supplement contains eligible properties for a category, the button will be enabled and add text will display with the number of properties in the category.
    • If the supplement does not contain eligible properties for a category, the button will be disabled.
    • If there are no eligible properties at all:

– Text will display “Supplement X in year XXXX-XXXX has no valid properties.”

– The “View Configuration Information” button is disabled.

– The user will need to pick a different notice year or supplement to proceed.

  • Properties must not be reference properties, and they must not be deleted in either the notice or supplement year.
  • View Configuration Information… for the selected category and notice year
  • Click ‘Finish’ to create one, two, or three separate Appraisal Notice runs, one for each property type category with properties.


  • The Supplemental Appraisal Notice details dialog is updated.


  • Activities > Supplement > Print Supplement Appraisal Notices…
    • View list of Supplemental Appraisal Notices
    • Click ‘Details’ or double-clicking a row in the grid
  • All information in the dialog is read-only. The following are displayed:
    • Notice Year
    • Run ID
    • Create Date
    • Created By
    • Print Date
    • Printed By
    • Supplement Number
    • Supplement Year
    • Property Type Category

Property Link Summary – configurable option to link properties

(HS 170244)

Client is linking properties and when a MH is linked using a property link sub type code, the Summary panel is not enabled.

In PACS.Admin, Tool> Code File Maintenance> Property> Property Link Sub Type Code using Mobile Home and Use in Link Summary it will not activate the Summary panel in PACS.Net on the Splits, Merges & Property Links panel in the Property Links paragraph.

  • The Menu item was specifically disabled though code for the following:
    • Mobile Home Properties
    • Link Sub Type’s whose use_in_link_summary was not selected


  • This is now customizable through a system setting via PACS.Admin under Tools> System Configuration> Property and the following two choices:


  • Enable Property Link Summary for Mobile Home Properties
  • Enable Property Link Summary When Use In Link Selected
  • These settings default to OFF so PACS will function as it always has.
  • EXAMPLE: property with links where one uses the ‘use in link’ is selected




Defect Description

Ticket ID

Description of Update


Autopay ownership change report- PID 152902 shows on the ownership change report as having an ownership change, but the property screen does not show the ownership flag.


Clark-Deferral Wizard Change Request for Equity Calculation- Deferral Wizard is not calculating the ‘Equity’ portion correctly when the Deferral is added after a notice of Value has been mailed in the uncertified year. Requesting the ability to ‘overwrite’ the market value in the Deferral Wizard. Issue resolved.


When client runs the Building Permits report, the Location is blank even though it has data in it. Same issue occurs when doing a Building Search report, Location is blank on the results panel. Corrected; null checks were added when making building permit locations.


When creating a rollback in a certified year prior to levy for that year, bills are created for the tax year in error. See ticket 146702.


Rollback creates taxes in 2016 Tax Year. Issue same as it was in 2016. The subsequent fail reason was related to secondary supplements not being created. Present issue related to the CreateSupplementRollbackBills Stored Procedure creating bills for all Rollbacks in a Supplement Group without regard to the bill status. Bills should only be created when the status column in levy_cert_run has an entry for “Bills Activated”. If that row does not exist for the rollback year, then bills should not be created.


New Bankruptcy Form B10, supersedes old form, remove menu option and form from PACS- the bankruptcy claim form menu option, report dialog, data generation, and report file has been removed.


Modified bill report missing a FP fee. Issue corrected. The manual fee creation process was changed so that fees for a property in a year that doesn’t exist will get the collection owner ID. The Modified Bill report was also changed so that bills and fees with an undefined owner will still appear in the report, with a blank space in the owner column.


Unable to print supplemental Notice for Personal Property. When using the Supplemental Appraisal Notice module, the only configuration used is for Real property, therefore excluding any personal property needing a supplemental notice. Corrected; a new Supplemental Appraisal Notice Wizard has been implemented.


Realtor information is not saved after entry. This was corrected. A field binding was added for sale realtor.


PID 109655 not accruing penalty for 2015


Autopay and Payment posting. Payment imports post payments to properties with a pending auto-payment. All payments to properties with a pending autopay payment should be denied or treated as an exception and posted to Overpayment Credit.


SQL error when creating Levy Statements.


Tax Year on the Refund Checks printed out of PACS is wrong. The assessment year prints instead of the Tax year. Issue resolved; the GetCheckPrintData stored procedure changed to return the primary tax year instead of the appraisal year.


Excise Detail Report not flagging Mobile Home excise. Corrected. The report was changed to use the new [reet_type_code].mobile_home, instead of getting the property type code from [property_reet_assoc].


Taxpayer Tax Statements include a blank page after each printed page. No change required, the default for this format is duplex. The blank page is the ‘back’ of the page, in Preview or Post (PDF) mode. When directly printing to the printer, there are no blank pages.


Tax Statement Exports have shorter field lengths on the address lines than the database allows. Issue resolved; the export SQL queries were edited to limit fields that could be longer than the export definition allows. These were mailto_addr_line1-3 in the Taxpayer Tax Statement export, and addr_zip in both Taxpayer and Single/Multi-Coupon Statements.


Issues with the Fiscal Tax Collection Report. The years listed are the assessment year (bill.year). The year should be the tax year (bill.display_year). The Additions and Cancelations are not being totaled correctly. Issues resolved; the calculation of adds and removals was updated so that canceling and reposting the same transactions is canceled out.


Lack of information on Refund Paid Report, does not provide the account number or owner name for the user to track the refund back to where it was issued. Corrected; the property ID and Owner fields do not apply to Account Overpayment Credits. The data generation was modified so that for Account OPCs, it would store the OPC account in the prop ID field, and OPC account’s filing name in the Owner ID field. The headers were also changed in the report. Prop ID ->Prop ID/Acct ID, Owner ->Owner/Account. This allows information for this uncommon case to be added to the report with minimal changes.


Inactive appraiser names do not appear on the Appraiser info panel. On the property Appraiser Info tab, appraiser names were not displaying correctly in the combo boxes and read-only fields if [appraiser].appraiser_nm was set, but appraiser_full_name was not. The combo box names are now initialized by appraiser ID, not name, and the read-only text names use the regular name field if the full name field is note set. Resolved.


Check Tender Type needs to be an option on the Payment Import. Working as designed.


Fee Partial Payments Issue. For applying OPC to property and to account, recognize fees meant to be paid in full. This has been fixed.


On PIDs with greater than 25 year layers, not returning all years. Corrected; another search parameter was set so it will return all results.


PID 612457 Acct ID 260726 exist in the autopay_enrollment file and has an enrolled_status = 1. When the Auto Pay Enrollment Report is generated, this property is not displaying on the report.


When assessment bills are created on new properties through create bills for a supplement process, statement IDs are assigned. Statement IDs should not be assigned on any new bills, assessment or levy, until statements are created for the supplement group.


Setting residential feature adjustments; exception error appears when in the Count function. Issue resolved; the cross-thread error has been fixed when clicking on Count.


Property Link Summary Fail- user is linking properties and when a Mobile Home is linked using a property sub type code, the Summary panel is not enabled. Corrected.


Product terminated/desupported; “Penpad” product needs to be removed from the activities menu option in PACS.net, and the system configuration ‘Penpad Options’ in PACS.Admin. Corrected; the listed Penpad main menu items have been removed, and the Penpad system configuration settings in PACS.Admin.


When printing a supplemental roll, it takes an excessive amount of time to print in comparison to other items that print in PACS. This has been resolved.


Property Agent Associations are not working correctly when an agent is removed.


SyncService creating deadlock with PACS procedure. Issue appears to be in regards to how SyncService processes the SQL for change logs. Resolved; change log stored procedures were modified to identify when the application performing the request is from “SyncService” which will then perform its own independent selections, inserts, updates and deletions as needed to the chg_log_user table.


The Fiscal YTD Summary report shows an incorrect ending balance when run by fund rather than by tax district levy for certain levies. Issue resolved.


Error creating Taxpayer Tax Statements; issue was identified as a conflict with Rollback statements. The Rollbacks were removed and the run was able to complete.


In the Distribution section of the tax statement, the State School Levy prints twice. Once with the prior year tax amount and once with the current year tax amount. This does not happen on every property. PID 176834 is an example of the problem. PID 2679 is an example where the problem does not occur.


Improvement Detail Calc Area Override- For improvement details with the Calc_Area radio button selected and a valid square footage which should have the Override button selected (T) we have discovered that for several thousand improvement detail records in OLTP in the tables the Override button is not set to (T) (an error state).

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Last updated on December 7, 2018 Release Limited #



Ticket ID

Description of Update


Error using Override box when entering a deferral application. Users need the ability to enter a new application number that is higher than the number in [next_unique_id]. Currently, the default deferral application number comes from the [next_unique_id] record for “deferral_application”. This is also used as the maximum allowed application number. Application numbers are not *required* to be unique. PACS warns the user that an application number is already in use, but the user can acknowledge this and reuse the number after all.

The Deferral wizard no longer enforces a maximum value for the application number. The default application number will be the next number after the number that was used last, if available. If not, it will find the lowest number that isn’t in use. This was fixed in current upgrade.


Fiscal YTD Summary report. When run by fund number, the Fiscal YTD Summary report is multiplying the beginning balance by the number of months prior to the end date of the report. For instance, if the report is run as of 12/31/2017, the beginning balance is multiplied by 12. If the report is run as of 2/28/2018, the report is multiplied by 2. Error was reproduced in version After upgrade, tested and numbers balanced between reports.

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Last updated on December 7, 2018
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