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New Features

Appraisal Cards – Output to PDF

(TFS 27367, 30188, 32174, 33088, 34584)

When a user attempts to print an appraisal card or field review card with output format PortableDocFormat selected, the report generation fails.

This is now a known issue printing as a result of a Crystal Report limitation. Crystal cannot output the report results directly to PDF from the generation.

There are two ways to generate appraisal cards or field review sheets to PDF in PACS:

  1. Run the report with the output format ToPrinter and select the PDF device. This works if the drivers are configured correctly.
  2. Run the report with the output format CrystalReport, and then select to PRINT to PDF from the Inbox file generated.

Generate Refunds in Mass

(TFS 35345)

Introducing a NEW column to identify refunds where no payor information can be found. This affects Generate Refunds – In Mass process where the last payor does not exist in PACS as an account.

The scenario initiating a change happens when an overpayment is processed where the ‘Paid By’ field is modified, using the [X] button. The payment results in a refund due but the payor information does not fall under a valid account in PACS. Essentially, the payor field is NULL. Previously, when the refund was selected to generate for ‘payor of last payment on Property’ PACS would generate the refund to the incorrect taxpayer.



Modifications have been made to the mass refund process to allow a user to identify those records where PACS cannot immediately recognize the payor information. A ‘Paid By’ column has been added to the ‘Process Refund’ page of the wizard. If there is no account for the person who made the payment, the text “NO PAYOR FOUND” will display in RED.

This identifier is most relevant when the REFUND is being applied with the option to generate for the “PAYOR OF LAST PAYMENT ON PROPERTY”.


The user can leave those records un-selected to complete the refunds in mass or access the Property by clicking the DETAILS button and process manually.

DOR Reports for UDI

Abstract of Assessed Value


(TFS 36626)

Clients have supported ownership percentage accounts by creating separate properties in PACS and maintaining the ownership percent. This relates to tracts of land divided into different ownership where it was still essentially representing the same tract of land. The DOR has instructed one of our clients that the parcel count does matter as the majority of these UDI are in Current Use.

  • During the 2017 regionals it was agreed upon by the clients to address the reports for parcel count and acreage rather than implement a UDI module.
    • Abstract of Assessed Value
    • Stratification Report
  • A follow up survey confirmed that for the majority of clients, the multiple property owner percentage is not a large concern. Addressing these reports should alleviate the reporting issue for the clients affected.

Allow Office to indicate that the Abstract Report and Stratification reports should:

  • Display the parcel count using the unique geo ID. (Client currently lists the same parcel number on the UDI accounts in the geo ID field.)
  • Report acreage once per unique geo ID, pulling from only a single property within the parcel number group
  • NEW configuration controls how the reports are populated:
    • Tools -> System Configuration> Reports
    • DOR Abstract of Assessed Value -> Assess Using GEO ID
  1. When the value is FALSE the reports should all function precisely as they did before
  2. When the value is TRUE the following changes should be present

Abstract of Assessed Values

  • Report title adds “(Geo ID)” to the report when that functionality is enabled
  • Page 1: No changes
  • Page 2:
    • The acres should be reduced by any duplicate acreage amount in the set of properties with that geo_id
    • For example, for 3 properties having the same geo id and acreages of 20, 20 and 20 the reported acreage would be 20
  • Page 3: No changes
  • Page 4:
    • The number of parcels should represent the unique number of geo_id in that category
    • For example if 3 properties have the same geo_id and are all single family residential that only counts as 1 parcel
    • The values should not change at all on page 4

DOR Stratification

Real Property Stratification Report

  • Summary Page:
    • # of Properties may be reduced as Geo IDs are grouped together as 1 Parcel.
    • Values may change as well
    • Stratification Properties Page: Results should reflect adjustments to counts/values on Summary page. Also PropID column replaced with Geo ID

NOTE: No changes should exist for the configuration when the report is run for Personal Properties

Ownership Transfer Wizard – Finish option

(TFS 21270)

Client request: We made the request in an effort to improve the efficiency of the owner transfer process. We are fully aware of all the data that must be reviewed during the process, and in many cases we can complete this review without having to click through the multiple screens of the wizard. Once we are satisfied that everything is in order, we would like the option to click Finish from any screen during the wizard. Users would continue to have the option of going through the screens if they deem it necessary.

A configuration has been established to allow the FINISH button to be enabled throughout the wizard. If you would like to have this configuration turned ON, please contact Client Services.

The result of enabling this configuration is that the FINISH button will be enabled starting much earlier in the Wizard both through:

  • Ownership Transfer on the DEEDS/SALES Panel


NOTE: If the user clicks FINISH on a Wizard page without going to the other pages, the transfer will be populated with default values.

NOTE: On the DEEDS/SALES Ownership Transfer, the SUMMARY page of the Wizard will not display; however, the resulting Ownership Transfer Details will still be displayed at the end of the process.

Taxpayer Tax Statement Export

(TFS 34868)

Legal acreage, benefit acres and sum of benefit acres should have been added to both tax statement exports. It was not added to the Taxpayer Tax Statement Export until this release.



Teamsupport  ID Description of Update


Clark-LP-Owner transfer Wizard “finish”. An enhancement request, would like a “finish” button to appear on any screen that comes up in the Ownership Transfer. Enhancement has been implemented and new configuration established. “Finish” button will be enabled starting much earlier in the Wizard both through the Ownership Transfer on the Deeds/Sales Panel as well as the Activities->Ownership Transfer menu path which handles REETS.


Clark-WT-OLTP 9.39.2000: RCMI Report Improperly Including Personal Property. Corrected; report is functioning as expected.


Clark-TM-OLTP-R41-Exception Error and PACS crashes when attempting to print an Image from Lawsuit Module. The fix is to add a try/catch block that identifies the memory issue since the file is too large. The CODE was modified to catch and handle this exception. A warning message will be issued and process stopped so PACS will not crash but keep running. Message: Not enough memory to print this file. Please free some resources and try again or print the file manually.


Autopay file run time takes twice as long. Resolve by improving speed of Autopay amount due calculations.


When the system configuration is set to False to Ignore October 31, and taxes are increased due to a supplement, and the taxpayer has already made a payment for 1st half, the customer requesting to see the additional taxes due added to H2.


Refer to HS138900- Issue of commercial field sheets being duplicated when batch printing the MS report has recurred with the latest release. Client’s report folders were incorrect. PACS was using old reports from 2014. This has been resolved.


Special Assessments-Supplement. Issue with older statements having multiple coupons has been corrected. A new business rule that any 2 or more years old cannot be set to half pay status. That logic was applied to two stored procedures which were setting the half pay flag.


Supplement/Collections; all coding changes in conjunction with HS159793.


2 separate coupons for payments due on same date. All coding changes made in conjunction with HS159793.


Clark-GN26-UPGRADE-R44-Valuation grid disappears. This has been resolved


Clark-GN26-UPGRADE-R44-Error appears when land details from IOP properties are deleted in the Improvement and Land Designation panel in Income panel. Issue was with the code implementation to get the data row object which sometimes return null and code is trying to access the property of a null reference object. Corrected by checking if object is null before accessing it.


REET DOR export now including voids. Issue resolved.


Taxpayer Tax Statement export does not contain the Benefit Acres. Issue resolved.


Taxpayer Tax Statement messages do not print on the tax statements. Corrected.


Tax Statements with unpaid Rollback Bills are printing incorrect amounts. This has been corrected.


Clark-TM-BETA- 149086 Fails Printing Lawsuit Image.


Statements not printing in supplement maintenance


Removing parcels from litigation. Coding error; corrected.


Split wizard created 2 parcels, same information. Issue resolved.


When overriding refund interest in the refund cart, the interest is different after generating the refunds. Also, amounts on the checks print incorrectly. Fixed middle tier method; amount on the check balanced to amount in refund cart.


Bankruptcy information needs to be transferred over from Ascend. Litigation Status combo fixed to properly save null values.


Payout agreement schedule report and grid are incorrect after posting payments. Prior payments are correct. Coding error; amounts paid query was rewritten. In the Payout Schedule report, Payout Itemization section, the query to get the amounts paid including P&I for schedule items did not work correctly when a single payment paid off multiple schedule items, or payout bills and non-payout bills on the same or other properties together. This query was rewritten.


Payout in Overpayment credits not showing up on Refund Due Report. Corrected. Code change. Refund due in prior year when PID does not exist in current year, is being included on Refund Due Report as expected.


BETA-Clark-NJD R46 Test of Clark-OLTP 9.39.2000: RCMI Report Improperly including Personal Property, HelpStar 140961


BETA R46-Clark-GN26/MR18-R46 Testing version: Income approach, Scheduled income level throwing exception error. Functionality is different when the “Override Scheduled Values” box is checked on the Schedule (Improvement Level) of the Income on a Property. Data read was changed to check for NULL on every field. Upon making change, the dialog loaded without an exception.


BETA R46-Clark-GN26/MR18-R46 Testing Version: When opening an Income Approach and with no changes being made, a “Warning” pop up window appears requiring “Recalculation must occur prior to saving”. Related to fix associated to HS 163261


DOR Valid/Invalid Sales report is returning assessed values from the Sale table, not the current value.


RLB-BETA-V46- The text of the Select Credit to Apply section of the Apply Overpayment Credit dialog changed color from white to black from 45 to 46. Issue fixed. Highlighted row lettering is now white on dark background.


BETA R46- autopay ownership change. Properties that have an agent removed from either the Assessor Role or the Treasurer Role are not being included in the Manage Account Changes wizard. Issue resolved.


BETA R46-Generate Refunds in Mass dialog, the entire row is blank except the NO PAYOR FOUND in the new Paid By column. If row is selected, the date populates but other row in grid disappears. Check the first row, the other data disappears. Issue with the text color, text color reverted back to black so it can be visible even when row is not selected.

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Last updated on December 7, 2018 Release Limited #

Ticket ID           Description of Update


Delinquent interest and penalty in late payout agreement payments is calculating the base due plus the bond interest due for the late payment. Client requesting option to apply delinquent interest and penalty calculations only to the principle. Resolved. The Payout Wizard now has flags that can be checked for payout agreements with bond interest. Users can now set whether a payout agreement assesses delinquent P & I.


In the Ownership Transfer wizard, the Finish Button is not always activated before advancing through the Deed Information page. Issue corrected.


Income valuation error on supplement- relates to HS #135797, recurring issue Corrected; added code in LayerCopyIncome.sql to prevent Foreign Key constraint error when inserted into table [income_land_detail_assoc]. Supplemented property accepted without error

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Last updated on December 7, 2018
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