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Agent Maintenance

Clients were seeing issues with agent maintenance between the Assessor and Treasurer offices. Removing an agent from the current assessment year didn’t clear col_agent_id as expected. Some clarifications:

  • A User can add only one ‘collection Agent’ from PACS. Multiple ‘property Agents’ can exist.’
  • ‘Collection Agent’ is not year specific. If there is a collection agent assigned to the property, it will be displayed in any property layer. If the user changes/removes the ‘collection Agent’, property.col_agent_id is updated regardless of Property Year Layer.
  • There will be only one record in agent_assoc per property with authority for entity mailings (ent_mailings = ‘T’), which indicates that this is the ‘collection Agent’ for the property. Any changes to the ‘collection Agent’ will be done to this record. Owner_tax_yr will not be relevant for this record.
  • Existing Data where there are multiple ‘collection Agent’ associations in agent_assoc will be corrected in the release.
  • There is no change for the agents added in assessor role, as the records are year specific.

The following changes have been made:

Assessor Side:


  • The changes indicated below are assumed to be in the current assessment year. Adding, changing or removing an agent in a prior year should have no effect on the collection agent.
  • If an agent is removed from the current assessment year, the collection agent (col_agent_id) will NOT be updated if an agent exists in a prior assessment year.


  • When an agent is added in the current assessment year AND has the authority assigned to receive entity mailings, the agent becomes the ‘collection agent’.
  • When an existing agent has entity mailings selected, the agent becomes the ‘collection agent’.
  • When an existing agent has entity mailings de-selected, remove the ‘collection agent’.
  • When an agent with entity mailings is removed, remove the agent and remove the ‘collection agent’. The agent is no longer associated to the property and is no longer the ‘collection agent’.

Treasurer Side:


  • When an agent is added, the agent becomes the ‘collection agent’ in the current assessment year assigned the authority for entity mailings. No other agent mailing types or authorities are assigned.
  • When an agent is removed but the agent has additional authorities assigned in the current assessment year, remove the authority for entity mailings. The agent is no longer the ‘collection agent’.
  • When an agent is removed and has ONLY the authority for entity mailings, remove the agent and remove the ‘collection agent’. The agent is no longer associated to the property and is no longer the ‘collection agent’.

Billing Export – Owner ID

The Billing Information file is used to process payments through lockbox and credit card vendors. Many of these payments/checks reference the owner id (OID) and not the property ID (PID). In order to process payments, the processor needs to be able to attempt a match on OID if the search by PID, plus amount does not return a result. Right now, all unmatched payments are sent to the client office for further review and posting. The expectation is that the billing information file provides as much detail as needed to process payments.

The owner ID has been added to the end of the billing information file layout. The layout should be provided to all vendors who reference the layout, as soon as possible.

See below or contact Client Services


DOR Valid Sales Report

Land Only Sales

The valid ratio report produced inaccurate sales ratios for vacant properties which were improved following the sale. The report would display a Sales Ratio over 300% where the current improved market/assessed value was used in determining the sales ratio.

The change was made to use the land value as the assessed value on the reports when the ‘Land Only’ flag is selected.


This impacts 3 reports:

Assessor: PACS -> Reports -> DOR -> DOR Sales, Valid Sales Report Option

Assessor: PACS -> Reports -> DOR -> DOR Sales, Invalid Sales Report Option

Assessor: PACS -> Reports -> DOR -> DOR Sales Check

The summary, property counts and averages on the reports are unaffected.In addition the impacted properties on each of these reports will be marked with a * which in turn references the note “* Indicates Land Only Sale” above the header of each report. This allows the user to know which properties are using the LAND value.

Split after Sale

The valid ratio report produced inaccurate sales ratios for properties which were split/segregated following the sale. The resolution implemented for a previous ticket affected sales based on the new ability to copy sales information in the split process.

In that ticket, a System Configuration setting was added to PACS.Admin which allows the user to control whether to copy deed history to child properties during a split. If the setting was set to true:

1) The properties created from the split were added to the original Sale ID associated to the parent property

2) This registers as a multiple property sale when it should not be identified as a multiple property sale


The SPLIT process has been modified so that when the “SPLIT COPY OWNERSHIP” configuration is set to true the deed information will be copied to each of the newly created properties as a unique change of ownership.


Example of Previous System:

  • Property#1000 has an ownership transfer #1234 that has SALES and EXCISE info
  • Property#1000 is split in to two properties
  • Each of the two new properties are linked to ownership transfer #1234 and all of its data
  • This includes the SALES and EXCISE info

Example of New System:

  • Property#1000 has an ownership transfer #1234 that has SALES and EXCISE info
  • Property#1000 is split in to two properties
  • Each of the two new properties will create a *NEW* ownership transfer #1235 and $1236
  • The ownership transfer data from Property#1000 will copy forward EXCEPT for the SALES and EXCISE info which are removed
  • Each of these two new properties can edit and maintain their unique ownership transfer
  • This includes assigning SALES and EXCISE as appropriate

Mass Update Bill Codes (33388)

Activities>Mass Maintenance Bills>Mass Update Bill/Fee Codes

The system should only update the bills matching the specified criteria. We are finding in testing that it updates ALL bills for the year specified for the properties selected.

Entered Bill fee Code of LID, Tax Years = 2015, Property Level Special Assessment = LKW. Expectation: to code all 2015 bills that are special assessment bills for LKW with a LID bill Fee Code.

What happens is ALL 2015 unpaid bills are coded within the properties selected that have a LKW bill for 2015 with an LID Bill code.

It is not ONLY update the assessment agency of LID it is updating all unpaid bills on the property.

MH Movement Certificate New Fields

Client request to have the Transporters WUTC Permit and DOT Permit numbers added to the Tax Certificate for Mobile Home Movement.



Payment Import – Description

This is a request to add the file name to the grid for payment runs that have been imported so clients can see easily which ones have been imported. The current method is view the import by dollar amount.

A new field ‘Description’ is created for the payment import at 50 characters long. The Import Payment dialog and Import Payment Run List are modified to accommodate new changes. If a user enters a description then it will store the description into the run, otherwise the filename is stored.



Receipting – Partial Voids

When part of a payment is voided, the search results do not clearly indicate that a portion of it has been voided.

The column ‘Is Voided’ on the payment search result grid will now display, ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Partial’ where partial indicates that the payment has voided transactions.



Split Wizard – Legal Description Maintenance

Previously, the Split wizard allowed a User to change the Legal Description even when the Auto Build Legal was active for the property. When the Split Wizard finished processing, the property view was refreshed but the Auto Build Legal process executed and replaced the user’s entered legal description.

In this release, if Auto Build Legal is set to ‘T’ and the user changes the legal description through the Split Wizard, the user will be notified that changing the legal description will set the Auto Build Legal to ‘F’. The User can choose to continue with changes or cancel to retain the Auto Build legal. The User can later change Auto Build Legal on the property, as required.



Helpstar Defect Corrections

Helpstar ID                        Description of Update


Mobile Movement Certificate, request to add the Transporters WUTC and DOT numbers . Issue resolved, added two columns to accommodate client’s request


Agent deleted from current assessment year, but still displays if agent exists in prior year. This has been corrected.


Payment Detail Listing Report for 9/26/13, SQL error due to not enough varchart length


BETA- CCT-KMLEE-When voiding selected transactions from Payment Distribution, voids all transactions. Search query modified.


Payment Import dialog needs resized for new Description Field; easier for clients to see ones imported


Litigation event objects not displaying at the Property Level. Litigation Record object, Event, and Event object dialogs were modified to fulfill this need.


Error printing appraisal card.


Clark-LP-OLTP-Data Collision error message occurring after adding sale on Deeds & Sales panel. This notification results because changes not matching those values that are going to change. Modified code to verify if any changes have been made.


Create copy button in the Improvement Schedule Maintenance doesn’t work; Income Schedule Improvement Configuration appears. Coding error.


Memory error when Batch Printing Appraisal Field Sheets and Appraisal Card.


Excise Detail Report will display duplicate REET records when a payment and a subsequent void occurs on differing days.


Add Owner ID to Billing Export File; and a query request.


When Printing option to print a mortgage company statement is selected, it will not generate a mortgage statement.


Unable to exit Asset Manager in New Property Wizard


Clark-TM-OLTP-R41-Exception error thrown when clicking on “Details” of BOE Protest Letter.


Clark-OLTP bch- Unable to login to PACS on first try.


When using the Sale Improvement Panel, only the last sketch displays.


Clark-bch OLTP-Question: PACS Admin Inquiry Type & Priority


Permanent Crop Details value doesn’t match Summary value.


Error received when attempting to print an Appraisal Card or Field Review.


PID 1279 Sketch shakes.


Difference between Escrow on Daily Summary and total of Escrow Collections Activity Report


Generating refunds in Mass produces an error when selecting Payor of Last Payment on property.


A random Geo ID is being assigned to new parcels created when using the split wizard instead of the original properties Geo ID.


Criteria selection for pulling in PIDs to a litigation is not working fully, will not select bills with bill.code=NULL. Query modified to include records that have bill.code=NULL.


Error occurs when trying to void a payment.


Assistance with 2 report numbers; DOR wants to know the difference


Clark-TM-Tables missing from [pacs_tables]


Split wizard allows user to change the legal description except when Auto Build Legal is activated, added characters get removed. Code modified in the Legal Description wizard.


Clark-GN26- Inactive appraiser names do not appear on the Appraiser info panel, appear in the tables. Modified to show the appraisers names, even those inactive.


Agent fixes; col_agent_id and agent_assoc.owner_id do not stay in sync as they should. Merge changes implemented.


Sale Adjustment not holding the value.


Total amount paid on slip receipts do include REET Fees. Modified the POSDeviceManagement, ReceiptData and ReceiptPrintData to accommodate new changes.


The valid ratio report produces inaccurate sales ratios for vacant properties which are improved after the sale. Changed to use land value as the assessed value on the reports when the “Land Only” flag is selected.


Valid Sales Report reporting inaccurate ratios due to split done on the property. SPLIT process has been modified.


Run the Create New Year Layer process, it completes, but the 2017 year layer is not there.


Clark-PM-OLTP-R44-Letter processing pull other properties letters


Payout Agreement Payment Schedule and History Report printed out does not include delinquent penalty and interest. Resolved by modifying query to calculate the Amount Due correctly.


Payout Agreement, Payoff Statements list the wrong Principle and Total Payoff Amount.


Escrow Collections Activity Report different total than Daily Summary.


Base Amount Due and Total Payoff Amount wrong on Payout Statement and the Payoff Statement.


Clark-TM-OLTP-R44-Create Copy button doesn’t work in Improvement Schedule Maintenance.


Applied escrow report not presenting data as expected.


CCT-Beta V45-random over/under payment displayed incorrectly in payment distribution. Issue resolved.


Beta 45, generating field sheets and selecting print sketch in back, no sketches displayed on front or back. Also, photo image appeared on less than ten percent of the sheets.

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Last updated on December 7, 2018
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