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Description of Update



HS 133258

The Levy Calculation Summary Report was not reporting the correct Total Levy After Corrections’ amount. This occurred when a refund was applied in the Actual Levy Calculation Elements section for the Highest Lawful Levy calculation process. The amount being displayed was the Total Levy without the refund amount added. (Assessor > Activities > Levy > Levy Certification > Select Levy Certification Run > View Details > Tax District Summary View > Print Reports). This issue has been resolved.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes Limited #



Description of Update



HS 131924

Users reported an error when importing a Business Personal Property file. (Application Button > Import > BPP Rendition Import Location of File). This issue has been resolved.


HS 132421

When performing an Appraisal Export, the user reported an error. (Application Menu > Export > Appraisal Export. Check Export Appraisal Information > Enter a File Description, Year should be 2013-2014 > Options Paragraph > Check Land and Improvement Information). This has now been fixed.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Limited #

Please Note: Pre-existing Tax Statement runs (statements created in release) will not reflect the correct information.

  • If a run is needed, it must be re-created before printing.
  • All other runs are on-demand and are re-created at the time of printing.



Description of Update


HS 131095

Clients were unable to process manual REET transactions and received an error message. (Application Button > Activities > REET > Manual REET entry > Select REET type > Date of Sale > Select Batch > Select Instrument Type > Search > Search for Property > Select Property > Next > Click Verify). This issue has been resolved.

HS 131382

The prior year appeared doubled on tax statements. (Go to Commands > Generate Tax Statement > Select Group > Preview). This issue has now been fixed.


HS 131440

Electronic REET creation with scanned images did not add images to all properties associated with the REET. This is now adding images to all properties and the issue is resolved.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release GA #

New Features

Business Personal Property Rendition Import

We have created a way to electronically import Business Personal Property (BPP) Rendition data into PACS. This will allow property owners to provide the counties with a file containing the rendition information. The file would then be imported into PACS, creating the rendition record for the current year.

A new System Configuration setting called Import BPP File Location has been created. This is where you will pull the import files from. You can find this configuration in PACS.ADMIN > Tools > System Configuration > Imports/Exports.

A new User Right called Import BPP Renditions has been created which will allow you to import the BPP Renditions into PACS.

  • You can now invoke the Import BPP Rendition dialog by going to Menu > Imports > BPP Renditions. The Import BPP Rendition grid will open.

  • The screenshot below shows the toolstrip and the columns of the Import BPP Rendition grid:

  • The Import BPP Rendition toolstrip gives the user the following abilities:
    • New allows the user to create a new import. The Import BPP Rendition dialog opens with the Import Type defaulted to Rendition.
    • Delete allows the user to delete the selected run.
    • Process allows the user to process the selected run.
    • The New dialog contains the following:
      • Import Type is a dropdown list that contains options of Rendition, Account Update, and Situs Update.
      • Import File Path allows the user to specify the path of the file to be imported.
      • Import button imports the file by creating a run in the grid.

  • Once the file is imported, a run will be generated in the Import BPP Rendition grid. The run will contain the following information:
    • Run ID
    • Type will be set according to the following:
      • If the user chose Rendition, the Type will be set to Rendition.
      • If the user chose Account Update, the Type will be set to Account.
      • If the user chose Situs Update, the Type will be set to Situs.
    • Status will be set according to the following:
      • If there were no errors in the Import File, the Status will be set to Imported.
      • If there were errors in the Import File, the Status will be set to Imported with Errors.
      • If the file could not be read, or every line had an error, the Status will be set to Failed.
    • Import Date will be set to the current date and time.
    • Imported By will be set to the PACS user that initiated the Import.
  • The screenshot below shows the context menu on the Import BPP Rendition grid, along with the description and screenshots for each:

  • Error Listing opens the Error Listing dialog. This is only enabled if there are one or more errors generated for the selected run.

  • Rendition Listing opens the Rendition Listing dialog. This is only enabled if the Import Type was Rendition for the selected run.

  • Account Update Listing opens the Account Update dialog. This is only enabled if the Import Type was Account Update for the selected run.

  • Situs Update Listing opens the Situs Update Listing dialog. This is only enabled if the Import Type was Situs Update for the selected run.

  • From the Owner dialog, after expanding the Address field, we have modified the Change Reason field to no longer allow the user to choose Change Reasons that are classified as System Codes, as these are used for specific System processes.

  • For any address change done by the Account Update Import, the Change Reason will be set to REND and the associated Last Changed date will be updated to the current date/time. The new Change Reason REND code will be a System Change Reason code and have a description of Electronic Rendition Import Update.

Note All files must be tab-delimited text files. More information regarding the necessary formatting of the text files will be included in the User Guide.

GIS 2.0

PACS has greatly expanded its GIS functionality. New features have been included in GIS Viewer and GIS Appraiser, along with creating the new GIS Analyst Module. GIS Analyst incorporates all the features in GIS Viewer and GIS Appraiser, but also includes new features of Spatial Analysis, Advanced Symbology, and Mass Maintenance from Spatial Information.

Each user is required to register their computer with the corresponding GIS Module license. Once the client purchases the license(s), TA will set that amount in the client’s database. You will then be able to assign a license to a computer.

Important Caution Icon The new GIS V2.0 will not be included in the GA 9.0.38.x release, but will be available following the initial release.

New Features included in GIS Viewer, Appraiser, and Analyst Modules

  • Maps can be set to public or private. This comes in handy when working in a particular area, or saving your functions and bookmarks that you do not want edited by other users. This was existing functionality in GIS Appraiser, but now it is included in GIS Viewer and GIS Analyst.
  • The user now has the ability to invoke the GIS Viewer from the following locations in PACS:
    • Personal Property Link – When opening GIS from a Personal Property account, GIS will zoom and select the real property account that is linked to it.
    • MH Link– When opening GIS from a Mobile Home account, GIS will zoom and select the real property account that is linked to it.
  • The Add Data button on the GIS toolbar gives the user the ability to add several types of data to the map, such as Shape files, Rasters, MPK files, Geodatabases, SDEs, etc.

  • You now have ESRI Basemaps – online map services provided by ESRI. You can choose from two different basemaps:
    • World Topography – This map includes administrative boundaries, cities, water features, physiographic features, parks, landmarks, highways, roads, railways, and airports overlaid on land cover and shaded relief imagery for added context.
    • World Imagery – This map includes one meter or better satellite and aerial imagery.

  • Single Symbology gives the user the ability to change the layer and legend properties that will be used for all the features for a given layer. Currently, you can change the symbol colors, outline width, outline color and make the layer transparent. Now, the user is able to change the layer name and set the opacity of the layer.

  • The user has the ability to indicate if a parcel layer is in the current year or prior certified year.

    For those clients that have True Automation as their GIS vendor: Every year at certification, the GIS team will take a snapshot of the GIS data of how it looks on that date. Then that layer will be will be loaded into GIS. We anticipate that we’ll have multiple layers in the TOC, such as Parcel Layer 2012, Parcel Layer 2011, etc.

  • If you have a prior year parcel layer loaded in GIS, the user has the ability to open a property in the prior year, which invokes GIS to open in the prior year. If you’re viewing a property for 2009 year, when GIS is launched from that view, the GIS map layer will be set up for 2009.
  • The Advanced Search button on the GIS Toolbar allows you to retrieve a specific set of data from the system. You can specify search criteria as follows:
    • Property data, such as a block, a neighborhood, situs information, and geo or reference ID.
    • Owner data, such as an address and exemptions.
    • Land data, such as price, acreage, square footage, and ag or timber use.
    • Improvement data, such as the class code and year built.
    • Sale data, such as the sale date, sale price, and sales ratio.
    • Building Permit data, such as permit number, permit type, and status. The user can see all the building permits that were generated for that city this year.
    • Appraiser data, such as last appraiser, last inspection date, and next inspection date.
    • Other data, such as property group codes, tax area, and effective acres group. For example, if there are eight tracks that make up a farm, the user can now select them to verify they are all the same.
  • We have enhanced our Measuring tool dramatically. It allows you to measure using the following options:
    • PolyLine allows the user to draw a line, much like the existing functionality.
    • Polygon allows the user to draw a shape.
    • Radius allows the user to measure a radius area on the map.
    • Area Unit and Distance Unit allow the user to choose which unit of measurement that want to use, depending on which feature you’re using mentioned above.

  • The Navigation Wheel has been added in all GIS Modules. It gives the user the ability to:
    • Zoom in/out of the map.
    • Rotate the map clockwise or counter clockwise.
    • Reset the map to true north after you have rotated.
    • Move the map in North, South, East or West.
    • Zoom out to the Full Extent of the map.

  • Bookmarks allow you to save the current extent of the map so that you may quickly retrieve that part of the map at a later time. All bookmarks are saved into a Manage Bookmarks list, as shown below. From here, you can select a bookmark to zoom to on the map, remove a bookmark, or remove all bookmarks.

  • The Layout tab allows you to preview the current area of the map and gives the user full printing control. The following lists all the features that are available from the Layout tab:
    • Printer – Not only can you print to a printer, but now can print to a plotter.
    • Page Size – Designate the page size from a list of available page sizes that appear in the dropdown list.
    • Orientation – Designate the page orientation: portrait or landscape.
    • Show Scale Bar – Places the Scale Bar on the map. You can reposition it anywhere you’d like.
    • Show Legend – Places the Legend on the map. You can reposition it anywhere you’d like.
    • Show Direction – Places the directional key on the map.
    • Add Text – Adds text, such as a title and any other text you want to see on the printed map. You can reposition it anywhere you’d like.
    • Border – Set borders on one or more sides of the map.
    • Print – Print the map via the Print button.

New Features included in GIS Appraiser and Analyst Modules

  • The user now has the ability to invoke the GIS Viewer from the following locations in PACS:
    • Query results
    • Neighborhood Profile
    • Split Wizard dialog – The wizard is also pre-populated. Inversely, you can also launch the Split Wizard through the right click context menu option on the map after selecting a property in the GIS Module.
    • Merge Wizard dialog – The wizard is also pre-populated. Inversely, you can also launch the Merge Wizard through the right click context menu option on the map after selecting a property in the GIS Module.
  • Land and Improvement detail information, along with existing Property and Image details, can be accessed in PACS from a parcel on the map.

  • The Property Note button allows you to enter in a note that can appear on a specific property, such as “Contested property part of another case”. You may also use this field as a way of communicating with TA’s GIS Department in order to make a correction on GIS data.

  • We have greatly tightened the integration between PACS and Pictometry. Because of this, you will notice that GIS 2.0 functions much better at reflecting the image and direction as the user makes these changes in the Pictometry session. We’ve also enhanced the functionality that allows the user to exit the Pictometry session without locking their PACS session in GIS 2.0.

New Features only included in GIS Analyst

  • Advanced Symbology gives the user the ability to symbolize parcels based on PACS data. This can be done through Categories, which are non-numeric fields, and Quantities, which are values and quantities.

  • Spatial Analysis, also called Geoprocessing, gives the user the ability to take a layer of data and manipulate it spatially (across the region of that layer) or take two layers to create a third layer. The following options are available:
    • Buffer – The user can input a certain distance to create a buffer around input features to a specified distance.
    • Clip – The user can extract input features that overlay the clip features.
    • Intersect – The user can show only layer information for selected properties. This functionality extracts information where two layers intersect.
    • Union – The user can combine two layers together. It combines the parcels and attributes that are selected and display the layers that are touched by those properties.
  • Mass Maintenance from Spatial Information is now available. This feature includes:
    • Mass Update
    • Mass Update Land Miscellaneous Codes
    • Mass Update Tax Area/Special Assessment Agencies



Description of Update



HS 82352

The Batch ID order, DESC, did not show the most recent update on top. (PACS 9.0 > choose Activities > Mass Maintenance (Property) > End of Day). Users had to go through all of the updates to find the correct one. This has been resolved by displaying the Batch ID in order.


HS 83002

The ARB Inquiry Listing Report now contains the following fields: property_val.hood_cd, arb_inquiry.appraisal_staff, arb_inquiry.inq_nature, arb_inquiry.inq_status.


HS 83238

The printout of the comp map from the comp grid did not include any annotations. The display showed different features, but the printout excluded this information, including streets, a legend, and county logo. (Property ID > Open Comp Grid > GIS from Command Menu > View comps displayed on map > Print icon > Enter title > Print Map). The details are now printing, and the issue has been resolved.


HS 91024


When a supplemented property was opened from the pending split/merge interface, and the split/merge ID was moved to supplement, PACS forced the user into an error loop. This occurred when that property was recalculated, which required the user to use the task manager to exit PACS. This issue has been resolved.


HS 107221




The Assessor’s Certificate of Assessment Rolls to the County Board of Equalization report showed erroneous value on line four. It should have shown the Taxable Senior Freeze Assessed Value instead of the Senior Freeze Assessed Value. If the Total Appraised Value is lower than the Senior Frozen Value, the taxable value was calculated off the Total Appraised Value. The reports that were affected were: PACS>reports>DOR>DOR Assessor’s Certificate of Assessment Rolls; PACS > Reports > DOR > Sales; PACS > Reports > DOR > Sales Check. This has now been fixed.


HS 107813

The Change Log Year drop-down option showed Assessment Year and Tax Year format. This implied that it was a specific PACS Year layer. This issue is resolved.


HS 108971

On the Mortgage & Permits panel, the Green Add button under Mortgage was still active, even though users did not have the user rights to complete this action. This issue has been resolved.


HS 110357

When adding Land_adj amounts, the adjustment amount or percentage fields did not appear in the Change Log. (Open property > Land Details > Open Details. Go to Market Valuation paragraph > New Adjustment > select a Type > Enter Amount or percentage > Click OK > Click Recalculate. Commands > Open Change Log > Go to Details for that change). This issue has been fixed by adding a column into the table.


HS 112202

Right-click capabilities did not exist when opening a Board of Equalization case. Clients could only open an inquiry from a monitor and not a protest. (Create monitor that returns prop_id, prop_val_yr, case_id > Monitor type = BOE Protest > Run monitor > Select property > right click). This option is now available.


HS 114246

The manual_adj field was not formatted in the Residential Comp Grid with a comma and a currency symbol. (Activities > Comparables > Commercial Comparables > Select Sales Comparables). This issue has been resolved.


HS 112682

The final rate on the Tax District Summary Report was inaccurate when the statutory limit had been reached and a refund had been applied. For example, if a levies statutory rate is .50, it cannot exceed .50. However, the Tax District Summary Report was adding the refund/correction amount to the levying amount, then calculating the final rate. Thus, exceeding the .50. This has now been resolved.


HS 115344

When users printed non-farm/farm or just non-farm Personal Property Rendition applications, the last line of each page was moved to the next page. (Subject Property > Commands Tab > Print Personal Property Rendition Application > Check Farm/Non-farm or just Non-farm > Print). This issue has been resolved by modifying the Personal Property Rendition report.


HS 115882

Client was not getting any results populated while performing a NBHD profile or an Abstract/Subdivision profile. (Application Menu > Activities > Profiling >Create Profile. Click Next > change radio bullet to Custom > Select a NBHD code with multiple properties > click Next > Check by Sale Date. Enter a Begin Date (01/01/2009) and an End Date of 04/30/2012 > Next > Finish). This issue has been fixed.


HS 116110

Clients reported issues of PACS.net stopping while using certain features in Sketch Pad. If a client used the Flip Labels function or included a sketch with rounded corners, PACS.net stopped working. (Sketch with rounded corners > Select the sketch > Right click > Area > Dimension Labels > Flip). This issue has now been resolved.



The information displayed on the Lease Master and Sub-Accounts was incorrect in the Property Address field. The Property Address field should have appeared blank, but it displayed the mailing address. On the Lease Master page, the field should have appeared blank. On the Sub-Accounts, it should have displayed the situs address on each account. This issue has been resolved.


Business Personal Property cards did not contain an Asset ID. This has been added to the Personal Property Segment section.


The Business Personal Property Segment Report did not contain an Asset ID. This has been added to the Personal Property Segment report to allow clients to print the Asset ID and the sub-segment Market value column.



The message *** Contains Locked Values on the Values panel should not have appeared on the original Property ID, after the improvement with the locked values was moved to another Property ID. This issue has been resolved.


HS 120207

The users were unable to view properties once checked out in Penpad. The checkout process seemed to work correctly, but when the user clicked on a property in the checkout list, they received an error message. This issue is now fixed.


HS 119975

Users needed to know how the sale.primary_use_code was populated when a sale included multiple properties with different primary use codes for each property. (Deeds-Sales Panel > Details of Deed > Properties > Properties paragraph. Add properties > Click Import Sales > Change radio button to Current Appraisal Data > Check Import Land & Improvement Segments > Ok). Users needed to know which property was the primary sale. A Primary Use Code has been added to the Properties paragraph.


HS 120216

When the Use Separate Current Use Group checkbox was checked for Stratification Settings Maintenance in PACS.Admin for real property, the second and third stratum descriptions were incorrect. When the report was generated in PACS, the third stratum description was incorrect. (In PACS.Admin, go to Tools > Stratification Settings Maintenance > select or add Real Property configuration > Check the ‘Use Separate Current Use Group’ checkbox > issue replicated. After the stratification setting have been set, go to pacs.net > Reports > DOR > DOR Stratification > Real Property Stratification Report > Post or Preview). This is has been resolved.


HS 120397

Clients requested a larger text box for the Sales Ration Code Reason field. When viewing data in the user interface, the information cut off in the box. The size of the text box has increased.


HS 121462

When land segments utilizing the Public Benefit Rating System were used, the Productivity Value and Productivity Loss Value were not updating. This issue has been resolved.


HS 121531

In the Income Module in PACS, clients saw various values that should not have appeared in the Other Land Value field. This issue has been fixed.


HS 121874

When using the save button in the Inquiry module, users reported an exception error. (Property > Inquiries & BOE Protests > Press Add button in Inquiries paragraph > Enter Type > Nature & Status > Save. Next, go to Images panel > Add > Select Image type, Record type, and Sub type > Change to existing image > Browse > Add image. Click Open > Ok > General Panel > Change Status > Save). This error has now been fixed.


HS 122067

The delete button disappeared on the Event panel for Inquiries. (Open property with inquiry > Go to Inquiries and BOE Protests > Details of Inquiry > Events Panel > No Delete Button Available). The delete functionality has been added for Inquiry and Protest events.


HS 122161

When creating a new Business Personal Property account, clients reported an exception error, which did not allow the users to continue the process. This issue occurred when clients used the New Property Wizard for BPP accounts and the functionality to link a real property Property ID was used. This error has been fixed.


HS 122305

Users wanted the option enter data into the Lawsuit search and press enter. Users previously had to click the mouse button to activate the search. This option has now been added.


HS 122306

The number 0 appeared after clicking on the property ID field in the Lawsuit search. The area should have been blank. (Open Lawsuit search > Property ID field > 0 appears). This issue has been fixed by changing the property ID text box.


HS 123121

Clients received an exception message while attempting to print Sales Confirmation letters. (Activities > Sales > Sales Confirmation Letters> Begin/End Date > Print). This has now been resolved.


HS 121320

Users reported TIF images could not be viewed in PACS. (Open PACS Admin > Tools > Manage GIS. You will need to add set of TIF aerials to PACS by clicking add and selecting directory containing TIFs. Go to ORB > GIS > GIS Viewer/Appraiser). Aerials are now available to be added to the new GIS Viewer by choosing the “Add Data” toolbar button.


Users were unable to add a property to more than one unprocessed supplement at a time. When it was added to a supplement, the supplement had to be locked and accepted before the property could be added to an additional supplement. This issue was not carried through to Rollbacks. When creating a rollback for certified years, the property was added to the supplement group. The user was able to create a second rollback before the first rollback’s supplement was accepted. This issue has been resolved.


HS 123711

Clients received an error message when attempting to accept a supplement. This issue has been resolved by modifying the code that repairs the backup supplement created during a Split/Merge in a Certified Year.


HS 123463

When supplementing a property with the income approach being used, the values did not reset correctly. (Find property with income approach used for Certified Year > Commands > Supplement Property > Go to income Valuations & Characteristics panel). For the Income Valuations, supplement 0 should not have had the ability to change because it is a certified Income Valuation. The other Income Valuation was from the supplement created by the user. This issue has been resolved by checking the year and the supplement number to determine if the row is editable. The details are no longer editable for prior supplements within the same year.


HS 123315

Users tried to move a property from the pending/merge dialogue to an open supplement, which caused PACS to disappear or freeze. This issue has now been fixed.


HS 123909

The DOR excluded PORT levies from the constitutional levy limit calculations, yet reports created in PACS included the PORT levies. (Activities > Levy > Levy Certification. Go to details of run > Expand the Constitutional Limit > Print > Preview). This issue has now been fixed by removing the Port Type Tax District from the constitutional limit levy calculation.


HS 125368

When running the Undeliverable Mail Report, an error message appeared. (App Button > Reports > Undeliverable Mail Report > Preview or Print). This issue is now resolved.


HS 125807

When running the Appraisal Data Export, an error appeared because mobile homes included in the export had a label, model, or serial number exceeding 20 characters. The mobile home label, model, and serial number fields have been increased to allow up to 100 characters in the Appraisal Data Export


HS 126165

NCOA Import was not working correctly. The process appeared to run without error but no run was created. The Owner ID and Year were not being identified as valid, so there were no counts greater than 0. Because of the logic, PACS displayed an error when the record count was not greater than 0. (Activities > Import > NCOA Import > Add > Select Master’s Touch vendor. Browse out to file location). This issue has been resolved.


HS 126486

When printing an appraisal card, client received an error message from SQL. (Property ID > Commands > Print Appraisal Card > Check Top 4 Print Options boxes > Preview). This error has now been fixed.


HS 127290

Clients reported that changes to the Field Review Sheet pushed land information to page 2. (Property ID > Commands > Print Appraisal Card > Change Type to FIELD_REVIEW > Check Include Sketch on Back > Preview). This issue has now been resolved.


HS 127773

Clients reported a change in all of the properties when clicking on undo during a mass update. (Activities > Mass Maintenance > Daily Batch > Add > Enter Description > Click OK). Next, go to Activities > Mass Maintenance > Mass Update). This issue has now been resolved.


HS 128000

Client was getting a recalculation error message on all of the improvements on Leased Land. This error has been fixed.


HS 128405

Client used the built-in Commercial Marshall & Swift. In the Additions paragraph, the user clicked on the trend check box and selected the Marshall & Swift Calculate button. This resulted in the base date to change. This issue has been resolved.


HS 129358


After printing an appraisal card for Personal Property, the segment type Description was printed with the SQL table name instead of what was entered at the Personal Property segment level. (Pacs.net > Open Personal Property Account > Commands tab > Print appraisal card > Preview). This has now been resolved.


HS 129535

Users reported that the leased land no longer appeared in the Summary screen for IOLL properties. This issue has been fixed.


HS 129761


When adding a property group code to a property, PACS automatically entered 2013 in the Year column. (Assessor > Pull up Property > Click Property Codes > Click Plus and Add Code > Year 2013 populates). The year no longer autopopulates when a property group code is added.


HS 129892


Users reported an exception error when trying to create supplement statements. (Application Button > Activities > Supplement Statement Maintenance > Click Green Plus > Select Group > Next > Select Group > Select Effective Date > Finish > Error). This has been resolved.


HS 129893


On the Supplement Appraisal Roll, users reported property IDs combined on page 4 and 5. Each property ID should have been listed on its own page even if the property data did not exist prior to supplementing. (Application button > Activities > Supplement > Supplement group maintenance > Right click > Print roll). The Supplement Appraisal Roll now shows one property ID per page.


HS 129931

The Marshall & Swift button would not activate when attempting to create a new improvement. This has now been fixed.


HS 129975

Clients received an error when recalculating a Marshall & Swift property. (Open Property ID > Improvements Panel > Click on M&S > Click on M&S Calculate > Error). This issue has been resolved.


HS 130033

The Business Personal Property Import showed a field labeled “Asset ID” to be available for the BPP Rendition Import. The SDS did not show this field, but it needed to be available for the import. (Assessor Roll > Application Button > Report > Import > BPP Rendition). This has now been added to the BPP Rendition import.


HS 130047

When processing a Rendition Import, the import appeared to have created all of the information in PACS. However, the segment lines were inactive and values did not calculate after completing a recalculation. (Application Button > Import > BPP Rendition Import). This has now been fixed by making the new segments active during the Rendition import.


HS 130672

In the new Marshall & Swift, when a client clicked on the Type in the section information paragraph, occupancy information paragraph, or the component information paragraph, the combo boxes did not return anything. This has now been fixed.


HS 130150

Clients reported an error when using Mass Recalculation for all properties. This issue has been resolved.



HS 88014

Duplicate account codes were not allowed to be set up in a template. Many departments used the same account code but separated a deposit by the description. (Tools > Code File Maintenance > Collections > Miscellaneous Receipt Templates). This has now been fixed by removing the Primary Key Constraint to allow the same account number with different descriptions to be added to the template.


HS 96397

When creating a levy bill, users reported an issue where all properties in a tax area were affected by the creation of a fund. This fund addressed the diversion of the portion of the levy on the newly annexed properties. Properties that were not in the annexation created a new bill for a levy that should not be paid into. This issue has been fixed.


HS 93535

When setting up an escrow in the REET module, clients were setting up the wrong year layer. This was a result of the naming convention for Years varying throughout the application. (File > New REET >See Escrow section). This issue has been resolved.


HS 95271

Clients needed a new Delinquent Report similar to the report created in Excel. The report should have been similar to the Certificate of Delinquency report, but it would not print a page per account. The search criteria should have contained any property type and could show the accounts that were delinquent based on the date. This report has been created and can be found at this location in PACS: Reports > Collections > Foreclosed and Delinquent Properties.


HS 93920

When applying an overpayment credit to taxes due, a comment box required information inside the box to process the payment. After placing comments in the box, the comments did not appear in the user interface. The data should have been displayed in either the property or the payment level. This issue has been resolved by adding a comment column that shows comments for all payment types.


The beginning fiscal balances were not always created by the rollover process. It could not be done automatically if the fiscal years were not defined yet. (Activities > Administration > Treasurer Rollover > Populate Beginning Fiscal Balances > Select a collection year from the dropdown). This issue is resolved; balances will only be built for fiscal years that are not closed.


HS 96136

When working in the property access website, the website did not take into account if a bill’s due date fell on a weekend or holiday. This issue has now been resolved.


HS 96929

When running the distribution for Miscellaneous Receipt to JDEdwards, the sequence of the detail on individual Miscellaneous Receipts was getting shuffled. (Under Treasurer Role > App Button > Activities > Posting > Quick Post MR Receipting > Enter in appropriate information > Click Post > Click Batch and Close your Batch. Run a MR Distribution > Go to App Button > Activities > Accounting > Distribution > Click +, Change Distribution Type to MR > Identify Begin and End Date > Distribution > Validate Run > Export Run). This issue has been resolved.


HS 101177

The Tax Statement Export file only had a field for the owner country and not the agent country. (Activities > Levy > Tax Statements > Select Tax Statement Group > Print Statements > Export to Data File). This issue has been resolved by adding an agent country to the export file.


HS 103043

After importing a file and posting the taxes, clients ran the final Exception Report to verify outstanding items. If there were no taxes due on a property and a payment file was imported containing a payment, the money posted as an Overpayment. This was expected behavior, but the exception report should have shown items that required further action for that property. Payments that met that particular criteria did not show up in the reports. (Application > Import > Import Payment File). This issue has been resolved and will impact new import payment runs.


HS 105897

When users tried to delete a tax statement event, an error was generated in PACS that expressed the inability to delete a system event. This message appeared despite clients’ user rights to edit System Property Events. This issue has now been resolved.


HS 106054

When choosing not to print supplement group statements having zero balance or credit balance, PACS created an event that interfered with event history. Users were unable to delete the events, and it was showing inaccurate information. This issue has been fixed.


HS 113120

The Modified Bill Reports showed assessed value year instead of the tax year. This has been changed by adding a new field that shows the tax year.


HS 115607



When the client configures their property access site to split the tax and assessments, the $0.50 FP fee was going into the Tax column instead of the Assessment column. This issue is resolved; the Tax Due Engine has been modified to push the appropriate identification information for Special Assessment.


HS 116064

When printing the tax statement coupon only, the pay or post mark Month/Day was not matching the same date that was calculated when printing the full tax statement. (PACS.ADMIN > Tools > Statement Maintenance. Open a property with taxes due. Commands > Create New Tax Statement. Set the effective date to a date before the bills are due. Check the print coupon only box. Uncheck the generate event and click preview). The pay or postmark by date was populating April 30th. This issue has been resolved.


HS 116219

Deleted Personal Property accounts were not included in the list of statements. Clients had to create separate lists and mail individual statements for these accounts. (Application button > Activities > Delinquent Notice> Print Delinquent Notice). PACS will now check for deleted property statements and this issue has been resolved.


HS 111968

The users needed to create escrow type codes in a future year and select from the property record. During this time, users believed they were creating the escrow types in a future year, but the codes showed a year = -1 in the database. (PACS.Admin > Go to Tools > Code File Maintenance. Expand the General panel > Details of Escrow Type Codes in the Code list > select year 2012-2013 or 2013-2014. Click the Add + button to create a new type > Select the future tax year again. Enter the Code and description > Save the Code in PACS.Net. Open a property and expand the Escrow/Overpayment Credit panel > Click the Add + button to create a new escrow). This issue has been resolved.


HS 112167

When a change occurs to an agent on a property enrolled in Autopay, users wanted the changes to be added to the Manage Account Changes module for Autopay. This has now been added.


Users reported an error while applying the mobile home escrows during Mass Apply Escrow. (Activities >Mass Maintenance Escrow >Mass Apply Escrow). The process did not finish during the Mass Apply Escrow, but some of the properties were processed. This issue has been resolved.


HS 119269

Users reported the inability to select a single property when running a Corrected Statement process. (Activities > Corrected Tax Statements. >New Run > Select a Date Range and Statement Group > Click OK). Users are now able to select individual properties in the Corrected Statement run.


HS 119160

Escrow report showed escrow payments created on the wrong date. For example, a report for 7/1/2012 through 7/31/2012 showed payments created in a batch dated on 8/2/2012. The time stamps have been adjusted, and the issue has been resolved.


When clicking the pay excise in the Reet module, users reported a delay in the availability of the payment cart to begin the payment process. During this time, users had to wait approximately 30 seconds for the cart to appear. (Reet > Create Reet Record > Calculate Excise > Pay Excise > Excise dialog box opens > Make selection > Click Okay > Delay). This issue has been resolved by modifying the Pay Full and the Pay H1 processes to increase the availability performance.


HS 120375


The clients were unable to print or preview property tax statements from the property. The users were able to post the statements and print from the inbox. When the users attempted to print by going to the property, clicking on commands, and creating a tax statement, the documents did not print. This issue has been resolved.


HS 120499

The Official Payments (OP) vendor has updated their API to support different fees for Visa Debit card versus other debit and credit cards. Previously, Property Access supported posting Credit Card and eCheck payments to Official Payments. Now, after posting a payment from the website, it will transition to the vendors’ site where the user can pick among eCheck, Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit Card, etc.


HS 119995

On the small slip receipt printer, the tenders were not appearing on separate lines when the check amounts were identical. The receipt did not show the total amount for the transaction. (PACS.Admin > Tools > System configuration. Set the Post Payment > Require Ref Num for check or Money order. Open a property with taxes due > Click Pay Full > Post. Choose Batch > Choose Check in amount paid grid > Enter same in multiple rows > Print). The receipt now shows all tender amounts.


HS 121307

Interest and penalties were listed in the Recap Reports by district. (Reports > Monthly > YTD Recap Reports > Monthly > Fiscal MTD Recap Report Reports > Monthly > Fiscal YTD Recap Report). The Penalty and Interest columns have been removed from the District Recap Reports but remain on the Grand Totals page. This has now been changed.


HS 121070

The leading zeros in the loan number field on the Refund Detail Report have been removed to accommodate the full loan number.


HS 121614

When printing a tax statement for an agent, the owner of the property should have appeared at the top of the statement. The address on the payment coupons should have shown the agent information, and the Owner ID box should have contained the property owner’s information. The users reported that the agent appeared at all three locations. This issue has now been resolved.


HS 121829

When users created new penalty rates, ref_date_type_cd = E was forced in its place. This caused the penalty to calculate on the second half of the payments. This issue has been resolved.


HS 122035

Users reported the need to limit the number of characters that could be entered in Delinquent Notice maintenance. Too many characters caused an error to occur when the notices were sent to the printer. The number of characters has been limited to 256, and the issue has been resolved.


HS 122021

When working in a Levy or Special Assessment or Fee and expanding the Transaction History section, users reported a column labeled Paid By or Owner Name. The data displayed did not correspond with the correct column headings. This has been changed by modifying the Levy Bills, Special Assessment Bills, and Property Fee transaction history grids to show Paid By as the column heading.


HS 121962

Delinquent Notices printed for Include Bill/Fee Code parameters were not working correctly. The notices should have only included properties if the specified code was the current code on the bill. This issue has been resolved.


HS 115680

Users wanted the option to change the default Important Message on Corrected Tax Statements. (Open a property > print command statement). This is now an option by going to Code File Maintenance, general, and clicking on tax statement messages.


HS 122063

When printing Delinquent Notices, the notices did not use the Tax Statement configuration to print the effective due date instead of the bill due date. The Tax Statement configuration previously had a setting added that determined if the effective due date should print as the Pay By date or the specified Effective Date. Users can now print the Effective Date for Pay by Date when Use Effective Date is selected in PACS ADMIN for the year/statement option.


HS 122329

When removing an agent from the current assessment year, it did not remove col_agent_id if an agent existed in a prior assessment year. This issue has been resolved.


HS 122589

Corrected Tax Statements for Ownership Changes did not use the Tax Statement configuration to print the specified effective due date instead of the bill due date. A setting in the Tax Statement Configuration was working incorrectly because it could not determine if effective due date should print as the Pay By date or the specified effective date. This issue has been resolved by selecting Use Effective Date.


HS 122590

The receipt was showing the owner as being the individual who paid the escrow payment rather than the bank. The Paid By information on the Overpayment Credit receipt was showing misinformation. This issue has been resolved.


HS 122752

Users requested Create Assessment Bill, Create Levy Bill, and Create Fee types to be populated in the Audit Trail grid. (Find property with levy or assessment bills >Audit Trail > Set year > Entries do not contain date). This has been modified to show the create date and the batch balance date.


HS 122572

Users needed access to various parts of the Petition Form in order to type information into incomplete fields. (Application button > Supplements >Print Supplement Statements > Select supplement with Refunds > Right click > Print Refund petition). This has now been resolved by adding text boxes to the report.


HS 122823

The autopay account change management grid did not show results in descending Run ID order. This issue has been resolved by adding a sorting option for the Run ID column.


HS 122917

Users reported that the Open Space Loss Worksheet for ag rollbacks showed different values. The sum of the additional taxes plus interests due appeared differently in the tax and interest column. The rounding issue has been resolved in the Open Space Loss Worksheet.


HS 123241

The address in the summary panel was set to the address type of mailing, but users wanted the mailing radio button to be selected. (Open Taxpayer record with Property Association > Add new non-mailing address type > Click Mailing radio button. Go to properties > Open Property > Go to Summary Panel). This issue has been resolved.


HS 123833

The tax statement generation process was hanging and running slow. (Activities > levy > Tax Statements > Create Tax Statements). This has now been fixed.


HS 123866

The progress notification has been added to the Special Assessment Calculation Wizard processes.


HS 124115

When printing tax statements for a query, the client received a SQL Error. (Activities > Levy > Tax Statements > Create Tax Statements). This error has now been resolved.


HS 123463

The table wa_payout_activity was labeled incorrectly because the delinquent interest field stored the penalty paid and the penalty field displayed the delinquent interest paid. This issue has been fixed.


HS 124118

The Captured Value run was exempting senior values on levies that granted Farm exemptions. (Activities > Levy > Capture Values). This issue is resolved.


HS 124543

When printing the command statement at the property level for an agent, an event was not generated when the Generate Event option was checked. (Open property with agent association > Commands > Create New Tax Statement with agent > Select Group > Check Generate Event box > Preview > Go to Events Panel. No Event created). This issue has been fixed.


HS 124725

HS 125969

Tax Statements with included rollback bills were incorrect. All current use (rollback) tax amounts, including penalty, interest and recording fees, should have been listed on the tax statement with the taxroll bills. This should have been combined with the first half amounts except for the Remainder of the Year tax (RR type), and RR type bills should have been listed with the 2nd half. This has now been resolved.




Create Levy Bills was not working correctly in relation to completed Rollback records and MCL bills for the year being created. Both of these issues caused a variance on the Certification to Tax Roll. This issue has been resolved.


HS 125600

Refunded Delinquent Penalty & Interest did not calculate correctly on properties with H1 paid on time and H2 paid with interest. It also calculated incorrectly for penalties with a senior added in a supplement. This issue has been resolved.


HS 126939

When creating an OPC with a payment larger than the amount due, then creating a refund by selecting the Refund button, the OPC was pushed into the Refund Cart. After selecting the Print Receipt box and generating the refund, the receipt appeared blank. This issue has been resolved.


HS 128344

The Generate Corrected Statements process did not use the effective due date entered to determine the Pay By date on the payment coupon. If the tax statement was set up to use the effective due date, then the Paid By date should have been at the end of the month of the effective due date. This issue has been resolved.


HS 129542

On the Foreclosed and Delinquent Properties report, the reports did not limit the returned properties on items that had a delinquent 2010 tax due. (Reports>Collections>Foreclosed & Delinquent Properties report). The reports now show data that matches the report criteria, and this issue has been fixed.


HS 129553


Users reported that the Rollback Remaining Bill had a due date of 4/30/2013, which caused the delinquent interest to be shown as due. The Rollback Remaining Bill should have had a due date of 10/31/2013. This has now been resolved.


HS 129554

When processing and printing a supplement group that contains a number of exemption cancellations, the Second Half payment date printed incorrectly. The second half payment coupon showed 9/30/2013, which is the same as the modified first half payment Pay By date. The second half Pay By date should have shown 10/31/2013. This has now been fixed.


HS 129600


When running the Delinquent Notice Process, clients reported no returns. (Activities > Delinquent Notices > Print Delinquent Notices > Make Selections). This issue has been fixed.


HS 129676

The Payout Agreement Statement showed base values of zero in the Activity section for payout agreements with no annual fee. This is now fixed.


HS 129768

When the ‘Use Effective’ Date box was checked and H1 bill due date showed 4/30/13 and H2 bill due date showed 10/31/13, the effective date displayed on the statement incorrectly. This has now been resolved.


HS 129948


Users reported that the Fiscal YTD Recap, Fiscal MTD Recap, and YTD Recaps should have had the penalty and interest in the Grand Totals for each report. The only report that showed interest and penalties in the report Grand Totals section was the Fiscal MTD Recap. (Application Button > Reports). This has now been fixed.


HS 129955

Users reported that prior year supplementals were getting incorrect bill due dates. Instead of showing one payment due date of 9/30/2013, it showed two due dates of 9/30/2013 and 10/31/2013. The modified bill showed a payment due date of 10/31/2013. This issue has been resolved.


HS 130052

When a rollback estimate completed and the property was supplemented with changes made, the rollback estimate was included in the supplemental changes for the Rollback Roll Report. This showed additional taxes and interest as if the rollback was actually processed. This has now been changed.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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