Release Limited #

Special Note

This build only affects clients that use M&S.



Description of Update

PACS Appraisal



Through the Marshall & Swift module within PACS, the value in the # of Stories field in the Section Information paragraph, was not updating the values when the user changed it. (Open a property > Improvements panel > M&S button > Details. In the Section Information paragraph, # of Stories field > M&S Recalc button). This issue is now fixed.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes Limited #

Special Note

The previous Release Notes included changes to how PACS interacts with Marshall & Swift. Please note that these changes will cause some values to change. Therefore, this only affects clients that use M&S.



Description of Update



HS 127273

The shortcuts for the Auto Close and Center & Fit functionality were not working.  Both shortcuts resulted in errors that closed the sketch and caused the sketch to be lost prior to the error.   


HS 127288

Two issues regarding M&S Commercial that were documented under this ticket have now been resolved:

1. Calculation error when both Percentage and # of Units is specified. If both are specified, the calculation engine will look at # of Units first to see if it is greater than 0. If it is not, then it will use Percentage.

2. Issue where user enters new Quality then clicks M&S Calculate. This will now properly update the Quality prior to the Calculation so the value calculated reflects the Quality entered.


HS 127386

When attempting to open a property with M&S Commercial, the user received an error indicating M&S configuration could not be found. This issue was caused by the new M&S service not being deployed.


HS 127395

Marshall & Swift estimate values were changing from processing a property recalculation without makes changes to occupancy or component information in the M&S module. Updating the 2011 configuration tables resolved the issue.


HS 127412

Three issues documented under this ticket were resolved:

1. Effective Year Built on the Additions panel was not displaying the correct Eff. Yr Built.

2. Cannot clear the Base Date from the Additions panel.

3. Basement segment calculation is not responding to change of quality change.



HS 127303

Two issues documented under this ticket were resolved:

1. Line 5 of the Statement of Taxes Collected Report (Local Tax Collected) is not being reported correctly. 

2. Lines 10 and 11 (Delinquent Penalty and Delinquent State Interest) are not being reported correctly. 


HS 127304

Supplemental Changes were not showing in the Audit Trail.  This was caused by data overflowing in the Modify Reason field. This has now been resolved. 


HS 127348

The statement of taxes collected for REET that was being sent to the DOR each month was including the county interest in with the state interest to be remitted to the State Treasurer. This issue is now fixed.


HS 127421

Errors were being generated when trying to import a file during the REET OCR process that worked in previous releases. This issue is now resolved.

Note In the previous Release Notes, Issue #22921 was identified as not being resolved. This was a misprint. The issue was in fact fixed in build



HS 119122

When a user was deleted from PACS.ADMIN > User Management, an exception error is generated. This only happened when you receive the PACS message. This user cannot be deleted because of existing log entries which reference it. It will be temporarily removed from this list. When the user clicks OK on this pop-up message and tries to use any part of the module, i.e. use the slide bar to view other users, the exception error is generated. After the exception error is generated, the user has to close out of User Management and loses any unsaved changes. This issue has been resolved. The user will now receive a user friendly message, which indicates that you cannot delete.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes GA #

New Features

Income Schedule Improvement Level

The ability to match Income Improvement Detail Schedules by Economic Area in addition to Neighborhood has been implemented in this version, in order to be consistent with the Income Schedule and Income Property Level lookup. The choice of which to use will be made per year, so that the data for previous years will not be disturbed by this change.

  • To open this configuration, go to PACS.ADMIN > Tools > Schedule Maintenance > Income > Income Schedule Improvement Configuration.

    Note This configuration will not be enabled if schedules already exist for that year.

  • This new configuration will control what is shown on the Income Schedule Improvement Level dialog. Depending what radio button is chosen, either the Neighborhood Code field or Economic Area field will be shown.

  • This configuration also controls what is shown on the Income Schedule Improvement Detail Report dialog. In PACS, choose Menu > Reports > Appraisal Schedules > Income Improvement Detail Schedules to open the dialog.
    • Depending on which radio button on the configuration that you chose, you will either see the Neighborhood field or Economic Area field.

    • Again, depending on which configuration item you choose, the printed report will show either Neighborhood or Economic Area.
    • Rent Rate Period will also show on the printed report. It will show as per day, per month, or per year, depending on the setting chosen on the Income Schedule Improvement Detail Report dialog.

  • The Income Improvement Detail Schedule Associations report will now list Economic Area Schedules. Also, the Neighborhood column is changed to Neighborhood/Economic Area. Open PACS.ADMIN > Tools > Schedule Maintenance > Matrix Maintenance > Income Improvement Detail > Click on the Schedule Report button > Click Preview.

  • Alterations have been made to the Income Improvement Schedule functionality to allow for a Unit Mix Valuation strategy. These modifications are based on the concept that certain income producing property types generate income on a per unit basis, as opposed to a per square foot basis. These property types can include Mobile Home Parks, Mini-Storage facilities, Marinas, Hotels, Commercial Paid Parking Lots, Assisted Living Facilities and Apartments. Based on industry standards, these per unit basis properties typically are valued using monthly – and sometimes daily – rental figures as opposed to annual rents.
    • Unit Count and Unit Mix may be copied up for new year layers.
    • Unit Count:
      • Used to differentiate between using this new field and the existing Net Rentable Area (NRA) field in the income calculations.

        Note New system configurations have been added to further indicate how PACS should Use the Unit Count field in relation to calculating PGI and EGI. (A more detailed explanation is mentioned futher along in the Release Notes).

      • This new field and the NRA field are intended to be mutually exclusive. Once the indicator to use Unit Count is selected, the Unit Count field will be editable and the NRA field will be automatically modified to zero. The user will enter the Unit Count as a whole number. This field is not the same as the number of units on the Improvement or Improvement Detail.

        Note If the user wishes to return to using the NRA field, the indicator to use the Unit Count field should be de-selected. This will clear the Unit Count field and re-populate the NRA field upon recalculating.

    • Unit Mix:
      • Allows selection from a new code file to indicate the type of units included in the income schedule.
    • Unit Size:
      • Allows a user to enter in the size of a unit.
  • Rent Rate has been removed and divided into subtypes of RR-DAY for daily, RR-MO for monthly, and RR-YR for yearly:
    • These New Matrix subtypes can be found in the Matrix Maintenance Detail Dialog. Open PACS.ADMIN > Tools > Schedule Maintenance > Matrix Maintenance > Income Detail.

    • A combo box to represent the new rent rates of Daily, Monthly, and Yearly has been added to the Income Schedule – Improvement Level dialog. Open PACS.ADMIN > Tools > Schedule Maintenance > Income > Income Schedule Improvement Detail Maintenance > Click the + to create new.

    • The Schedule (Improvement Level) detail grid has been modified to incorporate the changes mentioned above. Choose Property view > Income Valuations > Click the + or open one of the Income Valuations > Schedule (Improvement Level) panel.
      • Nbhd/Econ Area, Unit Count, Unit Mix, and Unit Size have all been added to the grid. Unit Count and Unit Mix may be copied up for new year layers.
      • A different Economic Area can be selected if the Override field for a grid row is checked.

      • Rent Rate has been replaced with Daily Rent Rate, Mo Rent Rate, and Yr Rent Rate. These fields can be edited if the Override Schedule Values checkbox is checked. When edited from here, the values will stay in sync.
      • The Copy button will only work with the fields it’s supposed to work with.
      • The Show Schedule button will now show matching Economic Area schedules.

  • The Yearly Rent Rate column on the Income Calculation Worksheet report will include the Rent Rate value. Choose Income Valuations panel < Click + for Income Details < Print Worksheet button < Preview or Post.

  • As a result of the above changes, the new Potential Gross Income (PGI) and Effective Gross Income (EGI) settings in PACS.ADMIN will control how PGI and EGI are calculated. Go to PACS.ADMIN > Tools > System Configuration > Income Valuation Options.
    • Set User Reimb. Expenses & Secondary Income to Calculate PGI to True. The system will calculate PGI according to these rules:
      • If the # of Units = null, then PGI = (NRA * Yr Rent Rate) + reimbursed expenses column + secondary income
      • If NRA = null, then PGI = (# of Units * Yr Rent Rate) + reimbursed expenses column + secondary income
    • Set User Reimb. Expenses & Secondary Income to Calculate EGI to True. The system will calculate PGI according to these rules:
      • If the # of Units = null, then EGI = (((NRA * Yr Rent Rate) + reimbursed expenses column + secondary income) * (Occupancy Percentage – Collection Loss)
      • If NRA = null, then EGI = (((# of Units * Yr Rent Rate) + reimbursed expenses column + secondary income) * (Occupancy Percentage – Collection Loss)
  • Modifications have been made to how PACS interacts with Marshall and Swift. These changes will provide the user the same interface for entering M&S estimates:
    • The Middle-Tier will no longer be the middleman for accessing M&S data and calculation functionality. Instead, a new service will be the direct interface to the M&S MVP. Because of this change, it will allow the following:
      • Prevent users from being locked out of PACS if there was a problem with M&S.
      • Only allow the service be stopped when M&S needs to be updated. During this update, only the users who need to access M&S will be blocked, not everyone.
      • Allow the M&S databases to be stored on servers other than where the PACS database is located.
      • Allow each PACS environment could be setup to use a different instance of the service to test different M&S data. For example, a client that has a Production environment and a Test environment. If the client purchases new M&S data, wanting to test on the Test environment only, a new service is setup with a separate M&S database configuration for the Test environment. Therefore, the new M&S updates can be tested independently.
      • All M&S DLL’s and other related files will be installed with the service and not with the Middle-Tier. When the Middle-Tier starts, there will not be an entry in the log file. This will be done from the service.
    • A new user interface for M&S has been implemented which includes the following changes:
      • The new M&S Commercial Dialog will be independent of PACS and will not utilize the PACS Core Framework.
      • The File menu contains the following options: Save, Save As XML Request, and Exit.
      • The M&S Calculate menu option will recalculate the M&S Estimate currently being displayed and update it with the newly calculated values. This will only calculate the Estimate; it will not calculate or update the Property in PACS. A validation has been added her as well.
      • The View menu option will display a dialog showing PACS Property Information for the Estimate.
      • The Marshall & Swift Improvement Details grid now enforces validation by prompting the user to save whenever the user changes the Estimate to be displayed.
      • The Last Calculated Date will be updated each time the Estimate has been calculated either by clicking the M&S Calculate button or when the Property has been recalculated.
      • The Report Date will be initialized to 1/1/0001 until it is calculated for the first time. It will then be automatically set to the date of the latest Cost Data Set that corresponds to the year layer in PACS.
      • Changes have also been made to the Occupancy Information grid:
        • A new Occupancy Name field has been added so the users can know the name of the Occupant.
        • The existing Occupancy Percent field now includes basement sections.
        • A validation has been added in the footer section to the Total Percentage field if the percentages do not add up to 100%.
      • Changes have also been made to the Additions grid:
        • A new Arch. Fees field which is used to support the new Apply Architect Fees functionality M&S has been added.
      • In the grids that can be edited by the user, each cell will have its own validation where necessary, along with portraying a red X icon in each cell where there is a problem. The user can either hover over the icon to see the problem then try to save, or click M&S Calculate, which will perform the dialog validation and show the Validation Summary Dialog.

    • The Property Information dialog is a read-only dialog that is displayed when the user chooses the View > Property Information option from the File menu.

    • Report functionality has been removed from the M&S Commercial dialog. Here are a list of places that now have the ability to pull reports:
      • Property view > Improvements panel
        • A new M&S Worksheets button has been added to the Improvements and Improvements Details grids. This allows the user to print all M&S Estimate worksheets associated with the Property.

      • Property view > Improvements panel > Click the Details button on the Detail paragraph
        • A new M&S Worksheet button is available, which also allows the user to print all M&S Estimate worksheets associated with the Property.

    • The M&S Commercial Worksheet also contains changes.
      • The Occupancy Name field has been added to the report. This change also applies to the M&S worksheet that is part of the Appraisal Card.

    Important:  This new M&S service must be setup and configured appropriately; it will not auto-update at this time. Please contact True Automation’s IT department if this will be your first time installing M&S.



Description of Update



Data entered in a screen of the Mass Create Wizard was not retained when the user scrolled back to the previous screen and then forward to the screen in question. This issue has been fixed so that fileds are saved between pages.


HS 111021

The Mobile Home screen in PACS.ADMIN > Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > Abstract/Subdivision codes was not taking the percentage and applying them to the accounts the same way that Abstracts Land or Improvement percentage adjustments do. This has been fixed.


HS 111345

Email, FTP Site, and Website fields weren’t saving for Tax District Contact Information. This has been fixed.


HS 111519

When moving improvements within the same property, two Improvement Detail Moved events were being saved. This has been fixed.


The Legal Description string was showing on Renditions Forms. A checkbox of Suppress Legal Description has been added to the Print Personal Property Rendition Applications dialog. When checked, the report will not display the Legal Description.



HS 123249

The Levy Certification was adding back in Senior Value on IOLL properties, which Senior Value should not be taxed on IOLL properties. Removing a filter in the LevyCertificationCaptureValues which controlled the senior exemption to only properties which were not IOLL corrected the problem.


HS 111359

A data issue was occuring causing Penpad checkouts to fail. This was due to a large amount of data being checked-out associated with sketches. This has been resolved.


HS 114249

The Class Adj field on the Residential Comp Grid needed to be adjusted to wrap text. This has been fixed.


HS 114279

The amount of time it takes for the Change of Value Notices to generate prior to posting the notices at the priority level is excessive. The SQL code was corrected and this issue is now fixed.


HS 114746

The Field Review card is missing Improvement Adjustments. This has now been added.


After the user loads a query and presses the Validate button, no count is given so the user cannot confirm the correct number of PIDS that will be updated. A Property Count Text Box has been added to the Set Rendition Penalty Flag paragraph which displays the number of properties returned from the query when the Validate button is clicked.


A warning message should display when the user attempts to delete a PID from a Master Lease Group. To resolve, a Confirmation message has been added when Deleting the Property.


HS 114416

Not all supplements for a given year are available for the Assessment/Taxroll Reconciliation report. Also, on a client’s database, the pending supplement and open/unaccepted supplements were available for this report. The code has been fixed to show supplement types of A and BC.


HS 116623

Multiple NBHD codes in the Secondary Checkout Criteria when checking out properties to the penpad were being seen. (Activities > Penpad > Penpad Maintenance > Right click and select New Check Out > Expand the Secondary Checkout Criteria > Open the code chooser for Neighborhood). This has been fixed.


HS 116543

Marshall & Swift Cost Report will not print with the Field Review Card when printing from the activities menu. Added the missing report parameters and now the issue is resolved.


HS 116965

When a new Improvement Detail is added, PACS is defaulting to New Value checked and improvement detail radio button checked at the improvement level even when the system defaults are set to false. This was also happening when the Default New Value flag for New Improvements Details or Default New Value flag for New Improvements to Checked is set to False under System Configuration. This has now been resolved.


HS 115453

When you click once on the feature column next to exterior wall to change the feature type, the dialog box jumps/moves up the screen about 2 inches. On the second click the drop down menu appears. An increase to the dialog length and setting to a fixed size corrected the problem.


HS 117173

When mass creating properties, PACS sets the size_useable_acres and size_useable_square_feet to zero in the Override Useable Size in the Land Detail paragraph. This causes issues in valuation and comparable grids. This is now fixed.


HS 117421

An error message was generated when attempting to save an Income Valuation. The issue has now been fixed.



HS 116600

When adding a new OID with no mailing address to when adding a Grantor or Grantee to a sale record, an error message appears after you click finish on the Add Seller Wizard or Add Buyer Wizard. This has been fixed.


HS 117649

Sketchpad default font setting saved in PACS.ADMIN does not work in PACS Sketchpad application. This has now been fixed.


HS 117127

A recalc error was being reported on a Land detail whose market value is $0 from a Land Misc. Code that has a negative adjustment. However, the Land detail does not meet the criteria for the Land Misc. Code to be applied. On the Market Value panel on the Land Detail, there was no Land Misc. Code Adjustment being applied to validate the recalc error. The code was modified to fix this issue.


HS 118591

Properties were being removed from the current year when using the Copy Property to Another Year function. The code was examined and found that if the From and To years were the same year, it could allow the property to be deleted. Now, a dialog will prompt the user not to proceed if the From and To years are the same.


HS 118232

When an open space removal (rollback) is completed on a property residing in a Tax Code Area that has existed for less than seven years, no additional taxes are calculated for the years the TCA didn’t exist. Furthermore, if a property had been annexed and resided in a different TCA rather than its current, the additional taxes are being calculated off the TCA it exists in when it is removed. Additional taxes must be calculated by using the actual levy rate that was applied to that parcel during each of those years. The UI already allows the user to change the tax areas for previous years individually. (Second page > Estimated Values paragraph > Click Tax Area grid cells and choose from the dropdown). The Rollback Wizard has been modified so that previous years will default to using the Tax Area that the property actually had in that year. The user can still select a different current tax area on the first page of the wizard, if desired. This is the default for the base year.


HS 118909

When a rollback is processed, it creates two supplement entries for the first supplemented year of the rollback: one says Ag Rollback Only but that supplement entry is stuck and could not be moved. When users move the property from one supplement to another, this supplement entry stays behind and was causing problems on their supplements, reports, etc. The supplement process was modified to move all years in the rollback to the same Supplement Group.


HS 119122

When a user was deleted from PACS.ADMIN > User Management, an exception error is generated. This only happened when you receive the PACS message. This user cannot be deleted because of existing log entries which reference it. It will be temporarily removed from this list. When the user clicks OK on this pop-up message and tries to use any part of the module, i.e. use the slide bar to view other users, the exception error is generated. After the exception error is generated, the user has to close out of User Management and loses any unsaved changes. This issue has not been resolved.


HS 119855

The DOR Composite Tax Rate is calculating off the total sum of all tax district DFL assessed value instead of the total sum DFL AV for the county. (Reports > DOR > DFL Composite Tax Rate). This issue has been fixed.


HS 119167

The Split and Merge Wizard has been standardized. The places that needed improvement were: Menu > Activities > Split Property > A dialog box appears with no title and you move to the General area. Or Menu > Activities > Merge Property > A dialog box appears titled Merge Property then you can move to the General area > on same Split panel there is a Cancel button but on the Merge panel there is not. Modified the Split and Merge dialogs to be consistent: the titles have been modified, there is no Cancel button on the Merge Wizard. The OK button is required on both dialogs as it allows the user to save changes and treturn at a later date to complete the split or merge process.


HS 120224

When printing the Preliminary Totals\Certified Totals\Adjusted Certified Totals Summary Report, and sort by Tax District, the Grand Totals are inflated & incorrect. (Menu > Reports > Totals\rolls > Preliminary Totals > Grouping and Sorting Options = Tax District > Check the Summary Only check box > Click Preview or Post). The report has been modified to not display Grand Totals if the reoprt has been filtered by Tax District.


HS 120058

In the Income module, at the Schedule (Improvement Level), the Include checkbox is being checked for ALL details when using the the Copy function. The code was fixed to check the Include checkbox based on the source row and leaves the other records unchanged.


HS 120191

DOR Sales Report was allowing coding or open supplements to populate the drop down list, whereas the DOR Stratification Report will only allow accepted supplements. (Menu > Reports > DOR > DOR Sales Report > Click the As of supp num drop down > Document supplements available. Or go to Menu > Reports > DOR > DOR Stratification Report > Click the As of supp num drop down > Document supplements available). The code for the following DOR reports has been modified to only pull Completed Supplements: Assessor’s Certificate of Assessment To the County Board of Equalization, DOR Sales Report, DOR Sales Check, New Construction Certificate, and DFL Composite Tax Rate Report


HS 120283

A page was printing for non-Marshall & Swift properties when printing appraisal and field review cards then selecting the option to Print Marshall & Swift Commercial Report. It was causing slow print times and wasting paper. This has now been fixed.


HS 119214

When properties are supplemented using the Supplement Properties in Mass module, they were not receiving an event that indicates it was supplemented. When supplementing properties through the Mass module, a Create Event flag is now set. This issue has now been fixed.


In the Merge Wizard, after processing a certified year and starting to process a second certified year, a warning message appeared stating that the property was already in supplement mode and that any value changes from that prior supplement would be lost. The property was in supp mode because the wizard had been launched; there was no supplement prior to that so the warning message shouldn’t appear. This issue has now been fixed.


HS 117962

The existing report contained both Personal and Real Property data. There is now an option to print either a Personal Property report or a Real Property report. (Menu > Reports > DOR > DOR Assessor’s Certificate of Assessment Rolls).


HS 121555

On the Values panel, when selecting the Income Approach radio button and making any change to the income approach values, PACS changes the radio bullet from Income Approach to Cost Approach upon exiting the Income Details panel. This happens in supplement or on the current year. This is now resolved.


WWhen attempting to complete the Mass Apply Split/Merge Credit Wizard, an invalid warning dialog appears, stating that the properties do not have credit to apply. The credits did apply, however, the dialog did not update to reflect that the balances had changed on the properties. The dialog has now been changed to repopulate all the data, if any payment errors are reported.


HS 123210

Joint District State Assessed value is being incorrectly reported as Senior Disabled value and that is causing levy calculation differences. The report was mistakenly switching the Senior/Disabled and State Assessed values in the Joint District Values section. This issue is now resolved.


HS 123143

After updating Improvement and/or Income Valuation panels, an exception error is shown. This issue has been fixed.


HS 123649

In some instances, the wrong levy rates were being listed on tax statements. Levy rates were incorrectly being included from the previous year when no rate existed for the current year. A permanent fix has been implemented in this release.


HS 123658

When attempting to print PP renditions a SQL Error: String or binary data would be truncated error is being displayed. This issue has been fixed.


HS 124204

When a property with a remodel exemption is supplemented, the remodel adjustment is removed. To fix the problem, we permitted the copy of remodel adjustments when being performed only for a Supplement.


HS 125004

When a user processes Create Copy on an improvement, and then immediately opens the newly created copied improvement and deletes improvement details, PACS is deleting improvement details on other unassociated improvements. (Property > Improvements > Select improvement that has multiple improvement details and click create copy > Immediately open details of newly created\copied improvement, and delete all improvement details except one). This issue has now been fixed.


The new columns of Unit Count, Unit Mix, and Unit Size were placed in the wrong order on the Schedule (Improvement Level) Income Information grid. They have now been moved immediately after the NRA field.


The NRA and Unit Count fields were populating concurrently on the Income Information grid. To correct this issue, we added Unit Count field which will be substituted for the NRA in calculations only when this flag is checked. Also, the Unit Count and NRA is being updated so that they can display null values and the user can enter both zero and null values in those columns when they are editable and save correctly. Generally, the Unit Count will be blank when the NRA is in use, and vice versa, but there are a few exceptions: If Use Unit Count has been unchecked, NRA won’t get its default value until recalculation. Also, while Use Unit Count is checked, the user can still Override the record and enter a value for NRA, though this value would not affect the calcualtions while Use Unit Count is checked.


HS 125411

An error message was being generated when exporting a distribution into a .txt file format. This has now been fixed.


The Adjusted Certified Totals Report, when run with the Print Totals By dropdown box set to Tax District, created a report that returns no numbers. The issue was fixed by disabling the Summary Only option when the Tax District is selected.


The figures that are displayed in the right-most text boxes in the Value Breakdown section of the Values panel were being cut off. (Property Search screen > Pull any PID in any year layer > Navigate to the Values panel). This issue was fixed by resizing the Values panel to maximum on Personal Property.


Events were not being displayed in the Events panel. (Property > Events panel). This has now been fixed.


When trying to check the version after starting PACS, a Runtime Error message was being generated. This issue has now been fixed.


The Show Schedule command is disabled in a certified year layer. A refresh has been added to the grid which resolves the issue.


Income Improvement Detail Schedules were not coping up to New Year Layer. (Tools>Schedules>Income>Income Schedule Improvement Detail Maintenance). This is resolved.


HS 126165

The NCOA Import file was failing. This has now been fixed.


It should not be possible to check the Use Unit Count field active and have the Unit Count field remain null/blank. A validation rule has been set for the Unit Count field, which resolves the issue.



HS 95341

The field reet.metes_and_bounds is limited to 5000 characters which can cause PACS to throw an error and the user will have to search the import file to determine which account is causing the issue. This issue has been fixed by increasing the length of this field.


HS 95725

Audit trail does not include the adjustment to FP Admin Fee, which needs to be accounted for. The issue was fixed by modifying the view to add fees to the Audit Trail.


HS 98025

Events were not being generated when the run for the Payout Statements was first created. This was fixed by changing the order of the code so that the statements are created first and then the events. Now they are associated correctly.


HS 99697

There was no letter tag for the geo_id field in the litigation letter type. This has now been added.


HS 100422

The REET Import process was generating an error message if there was an undefined WAC code (i.e. a WAC code that was not in the reet_wac_code table). This has been corrected.


HS 100054

The Notice of Application for Judgement litigation letter template was not showing up in the template list in the Letters panel on the Litigation record. This was caused by the Letter Type being empty, instead of being set to LIT. To correct this, we have added code to exclude empty templates from the combo box so that they can not be selected and NULL check is added to fix the Exception if the Letter Reader is NULL or empty.


HS 102329

The Payout Agreements were paid in full but the bills show a credit balance due. This was an old data error.


Data being passed from the stored procedure for REET record wasn’t complete – only the Tax Amount Paid plus P&I and the total were being reflected on the report, but should have been the amount due for Property Taxes/Assessment and P&I. A System Configuration setting in PACS.ADMIN: REET Configuration > Auto Generate Excise # on Payment should have been set to Yes.


HS 104156

When posting payments using the Quick Post Single function, an error was generated if the Money Order Reference Number was more than 12 characters. This field is now allowed up to 100 characters.


HS 106221

Foreign country names were not appearing on the fourth line on the Refund Receipts. The last line will now account for international addresses.


HS 106722

Multiple sets of debit/credit event mapping for every event causes the validation routine to fail, not creating a distribution run. The validation routine was modified to allow for the duplicate mapping for New World users.


HS 111042

Property ID was added to REET Web Portal stored procedures for reporting purposes. (Export > REET Web Portal Export Activities > REET > Electronic REET).


HS 111639

When posting a payment with the batch and cash drawer having different balance dates, PACS gives a warning message, which is correct. But if you do the same thing while voiding, no warning message appears. A warning message now appears if you try to void these payments.


When running Outstanding Balances report and comparing to the Fiscal Year to Date Summary report, the Outstanding Balances report does not tie back to the Fiscal Year to Date Summary report. This was caused because batches were either closed individually or in a group when a day is closed. This can cause some transactions in the batches to not get written to the appropriate table.


HS 110792

Annual Collection Fees for LID payments were being included in the Bond Interest Calculation of the Payout Agreement. Changes were made so that annual collection fees are set as flat fees without bong interest. The Payment Agreement Statement was modified to list the annual fee in a separate line.


HS 109817

The Autopay Ownership Change Detail Wizard and reports was picking up properties without looking to see if the Autopay Enrollment was cancelled. The query has been modified to ignore properties if their autopay was cancelled before the Ownership Transfer.


HS 113546

The Payment import process was producing an error message but still producing the import (Import > Import Payment Run > Browse to \…oltp\imports\ > Select a txt file and click Import Info > Receive error messagem, click OK > Activities > Payment Import > Imported Payment File).


HS 114145

There are no Event Types available to choose from in theTaxpayer/Owner Record level. Adding an Event in PACS.ADMIN > Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > Event Type Codes will throw a validation error. This issue has now been fixed.


HS 115084

When you create an event for Tax Servers and then go into a tax server record the event is not available to create a new one. Code was set to look at a wrong value. The code was set to look at TS.


HS 112471

The Change log was not showing the column names of col_owner_id or col_agent_id. Fixed the discrepancy.


HS 114157

When a statement ID is missing from a payment import file, the import process is carrying over the preceding statement ID. This has now been fixed.


HS 111058

When attempting to update the Agent Authority on a specific agent, it would not update the fields in agent_assoc table. If you update these check boxes through the UI on one property, it will duplicate that change on all props associated to that agent. The code was modified to pass selected Property ID and update agent_assoc data based on the PID.


HS 117382

When creating a REET with mulitple properties, after trying to save an eception message appeared. Trying to created it a second time, it created the REET record but it looks like the Location code was missing on one of the properties, which made the REET export fail the first time. This issue was fixed as part of #23374.


HS 118144

The option of printing the Parcel Number on the Certificate of Delinquency report needs to be added. (Reports > Collections > Certificate of delinquency > Enter the parameters > Click Preview). The Parcel Number field has been added to the report.


HS 116991

The Fiscal MTD Recap report does not include RCW interest. It has now been added to this report, along with Fiscal YTD Recap, Fiscal YTD Summary, YTD Recap, and YTD Summary reports.


HS 118497

When creating a Tax District event in PACS.ADMIN, it is not in the available event type list when you go to the Event panel in a Tax District and try to add an event. (PACS.ADMIN > Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > Event type codes > Add one with the type of Tax District and enter the required fields. Go into PACS > Open a tax district record > Events panel > Click on the add button to add an event). The event you created isn’t there. This issue has now been fixed.


HS 119352

The Property List grid in the Excise Information panel on a REET record will not allow for scrolling in the Prop ID grid on REET records with multiple prop associations. Corrected the issue; the grid is not scrollable and read-only.


HS 119440

Properties with taxes due in PACS, show as No Taxes Due on Property Access. The code has been modified and the issue is now fixed.


HS 119442

The Modify Reason on a Refund Levy Bill is abnormal info on the Audit Trail report. This information is irrelevant to this report. We modified the report to pull data that was based on the transaction type.


HS 119777

If a user does not have the user rights to add/remove a prop group code, they still have the ability to add them through the MH Movement record. The Prop Group Code has to be flagged as a MH group code. The code was modified to check the the EditPropertyGroupCodes and EditMobileHomeGroupCodes right when adding group codes from MH Movement.


HS 119824

If a user that had MH Movement user rights but not the Escrow user rights could go to the Escrow panel and delete items from this grid. This has been fixed; the Delete, Add, and Detail buttons are disabled with the user does not have Escrow user rights.


HS 119521

When setting or removing bills to/from half pay using the Bill tab, PACS will have a validation message saying that you have to select at least one bill. You can still set them using the statement tab but the application will not allow the user to do this at the bill level. This has been fixed; the validation no longer occurs when at least one is selected.


HS 119912

The website shows taxes due for a Payout Agreement when the Payout was paid in full years ago. This has been fixed; the stored procedure has been updated to always include bills and payment information associated with a payout agreement.


HS 121502

Newly created Event Type codes were not appearing in their respective Event Code selection list when the Type was set to Property. PACS is also requiring the Event Type codes System Type to be set at either A or C. (PACS.ADMIN > Code File Maintenance > General > Event Type Codes > Click the add button > Complete details and set the Type to any type other than P (property) > Save the new code without assigning a System Type > Click Retry on the data validation window and then assign a System Type of either A or C. Go into PACS.NET > Open sample tax district, owner, special assessment, etc., > Event panel > Add a new event using your newly created event code). This has now been fixed.


HS 121734

When doing a payment import, it produces an unknown lender/properties error message and gives a file path to where all error files are created and saved on the server. When browsing out to that location, this file does not exist. This issue has now been resolved.


HS 122451

The Statement of Taxes Collected does not match the REET Collections Recap report in the Admin Fee. (Menu > Reports > Monthly > Statement of Taxes Collected Reports > Daily > REET Collections Recap Report). This issue has been fixed.


The Amount Due in the Escrow Available Report does not include the fee amounts associated with the statement ID (mosquito control admin fee, septic operating permit admin fee, etc.). This issue has now been resolved.


HS 122901

When creating reet records, PACS is giving a No Properties Included error message even though the properties do exist. (Menu > Activities > Reet > Manual Reet > Enter in the required data and set the action to Create Reet Record Only > Click OK). The code has been modified to handle the scenario where Sale Date year layer does not exist properly without supplying an error message.


HS 122922

Periodically exemptions are not appearing in the verification window when creating a reet record. (Menu > Activities > Reet > Manual Reet). Changed the data type of the field to resolve the issue.


HS 122928

When creating a REET record for a MH property the MH information panel does not get populated with any data in the REET record. (Menu > Activities > Reet > Manual Reet). Changed the data type of the field to resolve the issue.



HS 123940

Paying REET was stopped allowing for over/under payments within the system wide variance. A System Configuration of REET Configuration – Allow Underpayment and Overpayment has been added to allow REET over/short pay.


HS 124394

The Escrow Available report began listing out escrow that have been applied. The report has been modified to only list Escrows that remain available at the given point and time.


HS 125056

When attempting to create a REET record for properties with a sale date of 12/15/2000, the verification screen does not populate. When trying to save the REET, you receive an error message stating that No properties Included: The REET must be associated with at least one property. This issue has now been fixed.


The penalty amounts do not match on the REET collections recap and the Statement of Taxes Collected reports. The fix included streamlining the logic and values by porting the REET Penalty and Interest logic to the Statement of Taxes Collected report, which ends all calculation differences.


HS 126628

The Certificate of Delinquency report contains a footer than is unneccessary. Also, it contains some formatting and page layout issues, such as redundant white space. These issues have been cleaned up.


HS 126940

When modifying bills, removing half pay status, or adding a Bill/Fee code through the Bills/Fees menu and having a statement selected, the Modify Bills Wizard, the Half Pay Status Wizard and the Set Bill/Fee Code Wizards all produced an error message stating that no bills were selected. This has been resolved.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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