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Description of Update

Notice Processing


The following issues have been resolved:

  • Choosing Finish or Cancel in the Appraisal Notice Selection Process wizard (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notice Maintenance) now operates correctly.
  • If it is not possible to open a file path to export the file, an error message is now displayed.
  • It is now possible to enter a value of zero in the Value Increase Greater than or Value Decrease Greater than fields in the Appraisal Notice Selection Process wizard.


The current use section of the Notice of Value no longer displays value if the property is not in a current use program, or if the property has a SNR/DSBL exemption

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes Limited #



Description of Update



When a refund containing a fee was exported to the AP system, the subsequent AP import (Activities > Accounting > AP Import) failed. This has been corrected.

Payout Agreements


An error no longer occurs after previewing payout statements (Activities > Payout Agreement > Generate Special Assessment Payout Statements).



An error no longer occurs when checking out properties to the Penpad database after the initial check out.

Reports – Assessor


A deleted property ID was incorrectly listed in the Exemption section of the Adjusted Certified Totals Report (Reports > Totals/Rolls > Adjusted Certified Totals). This has been corrected.

Reports – Treasurer

Reports – Treasurer information below added 9/15/09


  • Cashier’s Grouping Summary (Reports > Daily) – Now counts refund interest.
  • Daily Summary Report (Reports > Daily)- There is now an option to include refunds, and the date field is now labeled Batch Balance Date.

Tax Statements


An error no longer occurs after previewing corrected tax statements (Activities > Generate Corrected Tax Statements), which prevented the tax statements from being printed.


An old owner name was incorrectly printed on a tax statment generated from a property (Commands > Create New Tax Statement) instead of the new owner’s name. This occurred due to a database issue that has been corrected.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes Limited #



Description of Update



Check reference numbers were not displaying correctly when a payment with both cash and check tenders was posted; the value of 100 was displayed as the check number, and the actual reference number was displayed near the total paid. This has been corrected.

System Configuration


Two new system settings are available in PACS.ADMIN (Tools > System Configuration > System > System Display Options) to either enable mass adjustment factors or prevent them from being applied to properties with adjusted values for land or improvements:

  • Apply Mass Adjustment Factor to Adjusted Value Improvements
  • Apply Mass Adjustment Factor to Adjusted Value Land Segments
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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes GA #

New Features

Marshall & Swift

The Marshall/Swift Type attribute is now available for improvement detail configuration in PACS.ADMIN (Tools > Code File Maintenance > Improvements > Type Code Maintenance). You can use the attribute to specify either the commercial Marshall & Swift calculation method, or the residential calculation method.



Description of Update

Asset Manager


Multiple segments and multiple subsegments can now be deleted en masse. Confirmation messages prompting for deactivation or deletion are now displayed only for active segments.


Subsegments are now displayed correctly for the selected segment.

Building Permit


The percentage complete entered on a building permit (accessed through the Mortgage & Permits panel) is now copied to the improvement record.



Neighborhood appraiser IDs are now stored by year so that appraiser IDs assigned in a previous years are retained. In addition, there is a new Historical Nbhd Appraiser field in the Appraiser Info panel.


An error occurred when adding a street code in PACS.ADMIN (Tools > Codefile Maintenance > General > Street Code Maintenance). This has been corrected.


When adding land miscellaneous codes in a property’s Land panel, auto-complete was applied to the description rather than the code for characters typed in the neighborhood, subset, region, or land miscellaneous code fields. This has been corrected so that when characters are typed in these fields, auto-complete is applied to the description column of the fields.

Destroyed Property


Values in the Destroyed Property dialog box (accessed by selecting Destroyed Property from the Values panel) displayed a decimal as the leading character. This has been corrected.


The restriction of processing only value changes greater than 20% for destroyed properties has been removed for properties that are not designated as natural disaster areas.

Distribution Export


The distribution export (Activities > Accounting > Distributions) has been modified so that:

  • Field 1 is now available as a configurable field (Eden Doc Source) in the pacs_config table for either gl_taxes or gl_tax rec.
  • Field 2 is now limited to 9 characters and is the end date of the selected date range.
  • Field 3 (the user name field) is exported as blank, without a value.



The Pay button was disabled in the Escrow section of the Escrow/Overpayment Credits panel when escrow items were available for to be selected for payment in the Escrow grid. This has been corrected.

Grid Display


Changes to column widths are now being retained correctly after records are exited.



The AP import (Activities > Accounting > AP Import) was not completing because of an issue involving voided refunds. This has been corrected.



When entering data in the Improvement Detail dialog box, the cursor now remains in the selected field.


When the Other Adj button was selected from the Improvement Detail dialog box to display the Improvement Detail Adjustments dialog box, and then Close was selected in the Improvement Detail Adjustments dialog box, an error occurred. This has been corrected.


When a new improvement detail was created, amounts were incorrectly displayed for the adjusted value , flat value, and value fields; no amounts should have been displayed for these fields. The display has been corrected.


When the Adj Factor Override check box was selected on the Improvement Detail dialog box for a segment assigned method SP (SPECIAL PROPERTY), subsequent recalculations repeatedly reduced the unit price by the adjustment factor, eventually resulting in a $.01 unit price. The Adj Factor Override check box is now disabled when the method of a detail is SP (SPECIAL PROPERTY).


An error occurred when the dialog box in which an improvement detail adjustment was entered (accessed with the Other Adj button from the Improvement Detail dialog box). This has been corrected.

Mass Maintenance


When specifying the exclusion of records for a mass update (Activities > Mass Maintenance (Property) > Mass Maintenance > Mass Update), the number of records to be excluded was not correct. (Records with a specified property group code were excluded with the <> Is Not Equal To operation available from the Criteria column of the Update Values section in the Mass Update Details dialog box.) The processing of records marked for exclusion has been modified.


It is now possible to enter more than one row in the Update Values section of the Mass Update Land Miscellaneous Code Details dialog box when updating land miscellaneous codes (Activities > Mass Maintenance (Property) > Mass Maintenance > Mass Update Land Miscellaneous Codes).


There was a delay after selecting OK to update land miscellaneous codes (Activities > Mass Maintenance (Property) > Mass Maintenance > Mass Update Land Miscellaneous Codes). Performance has been improved.


The mass update (Activities > Mass Maintenance (Property) > Mass Maintenance > Mass Update) did not apply a percentage update as expected. In addition, a dollar amount update was incorrectly displayed as a percentage update, and it remained on the property after it was deleted. Adjustments are now applied correctly.



Attempting to close a monitor that was not undocked caused the display to freeze, and the display would not refresh until PACS was restarted. The display has been corrected.

Notice Processing


The full name of the country is now printed as the last address line instead of a 5-digit country code.



The second half payment is now moved to the payment cart correctly when the first half is paid, but the second half is not, and Pay H1/Next is selected.



When the Improvements panel was opened on a checked out property, an error occured. This has been corrected.


An error occurred when Penpad Maintenance (Activities > Penpad) was selected. This has been corrected.



A recalculation modified message was displayed although no changes had been made, and the message remained after a new recalculation. Recalculation messages now display correctly.



When a payment needs to be voided for a REET transaction for which an excise number has been generated (by selecting Payment History in the Excise Due section of the Sale Information & Excise Due panel of a REET record), there is now a Remove Excise Numbers from REET option in the Void Details dialog box, which when selected, removes the excise number from the REET record.


An error occurred when more than one property was added to the Property Information panel of a REET record. This has been corrected.


Interest and penalty is now being displayed from the Excise Calculation Detail dialog box as expected after the REET payment is made and excise number generated. In addition, the total and total due amounts reflect the same amounts displayed in the Excise Due grid.



Refunds interest is now calculated according to payment as well as payment date. For example, if a refund amount is $150.00 and two payments were made ( $100.00 on 08/24/09 and $100.00 on 04/30/09), then the 08/24/09 date is used to calculate the refund interest on $100.00, and the 04/30/09 date is used to calculate the refund interest on $50.00.

Reports – Assessor


It was not possible to select a supplement number with which to run the DOR Stratification Report (Reports > DOR > DOR Stratification). This has been corrected.

Reports – Treasurer


There is now a total at the bottom of the Payment column in the Fiscal MTD Recap Report (Reports > Monthly > Fiscal MTD Recap).


The columns in the YTD recap report (Reports > Monthly > Fiscal YTD Recap) are now summed.

Tax Statements


A petition for refund (Activities > Supplement > Supplement Statement Maintenance; right-click a group and choose Print Petition for Property Tax Refund Application) is now printed for the last payee on the property instead of the owner listed on the property.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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