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Description of Update

Letter Processing


The owner letter tag <!PROP.proplm.NAME_ADDRESS_5LINES!> has been corrected to function as expected.

Mass Maintenance


An error occurred when updating land miscellaneous codes (Activities > Mass Maintenance (Property) > Mass Maintenance > Mass Update Land Miscellaneous Codes). This has been corrected.

Reports – Treasurer



Because the update for 12004 was affecting the Fiscal YTD Summary and the data for the Web portal export, the update for 12004 (which involved the calculation for the value of advance taxes in the Month to Date Report, Fiscal YTD Summary Report, and YTD Summary Report) in build has been rolled back.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes Limited #



Description of Update



Interest and penalty amounts collected for open space violations were being distributed to all taxing districts. This has been corrected so that interest is now split out into a fee. (Penalty was already split out into a fee.) Now both penalty and interest amounts are not included on a levy bill, but as a fee on each bill, and are distributed to the current expense fund.


To support effective due date and half pay requirements, the rollback process now splits out remainder taxes for the current year from the current year taxes on the appropriate bills. In addition, a new column named force_full_pay was added to the bill_fee_code table that will force bills and fees with this code to stay in full pay status when processed by the levy or supplement statement mass processes.

Tax Statements


Personal property statements incorrectly reflected a first half payment option for delinquent taxes. This has been corrected because once first half personal property taxes are delinquent, the first half due and remaining tax due are treated as the first half due amount.


There is now an Allow Half Pay option in PACS.ADMIN Fee Type codes (Tools > Code file Maintenance > Collections > Fee Types) which sets up fees in halves when the option is selected.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes Limited #



Description of Update

Current Use


The calculation involving the HS percent override on land current use segments has been corrected.

Reports – Treasurer


The calculation for the value of advance taxes has been corrected in the Month to Date Report, Fiscal YTD Summary Report, and YTD Summary Report.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Note GA #



Description of Update

Asset Manager


The total market value and the total original cost amounts in the Asset Listing dialog box were including the value of inactive segments. This has been corrected so that the amounts now reflect active segments only.


When a large number of segments was being entered and CTRL + A was selected to add a new line. There was a delay in redisplaying previously entered data. This has been corrected.


Choosing the combination of CTRL + R did not enable the selection of multiple segments or sub-segments for deletion. This has been corrected so that CTRL + R now works as expected.



The previous and current tax areas are now displayed in the adjustment details for a bill.



The text for a message regarding appraiser meetings has been corrected.

Building Permits


The display of criteria used for building permit searches was not being refreshed at the top of the Building Search Results window. (The results were correct, but criteria used for a previous search was incorrectly displayed.) This has been corrected.

Export Distribution


The cash tax export now exports one line per fund code by choosing one account per debit action and event code combination.



Although a fee was modified to zero, it was applied to the taxpayer. This has been corrected.



The improvement adjustment (accessed from the Adjustment button on the Improvement panel) calculation was setting the improvement value to the adjustment value only, not to the result of applying the adjustment value. This has been corrected.


When Copy from Property was selected from the Improvements panel on a property record without improvements, an error occurred. This has been corrected.



After an improvement was copied or a value added for an attribute, the cursor movement was not consistent. This has been corrected so that the cursor moves to the row that was created.


When adding improvement details, the Sketch Area radio button in the New Improvement Detail dialog box is now the default selection in the Area section.

Legal Description


In the Subdivision category of the Auto Build Legal Configuration dialog box in PACS. ADMIN (Tools > Auto Build Legal Configuration), when Abs/Subdivision Code was selected, it was not possible to select Apply. This has been corrected.


A long Metes and Bound description could not be entered. This has been corrected so that it is now possible to enter a large number of characters for Metes and Bounds.



A section displaying voided data has been added to the General panel for payments. It is displayed only for voided payments, and it contains the fields Void By, Void Date, Void Batch, Void Drawer, and Void Reason.

Property Codes


An error occurred after deleting a characteristic code in PACS.ADMIN (Tools > Code File Maintenance > Property) because the code was in use. This has been corrected so that a message is displayed when a user attempts to delete a code that is in use.

Property Record


In the Region and Subset fields of the Miscellaneous Codes section of a property record’s Land panel, the descriptions of the region and subset are now displayed instead of the code only.


An error was displayed when the column chooser was chosen to arrange the column headings in the Event panel. This has been corrected.


It was not possible to collapse the Primary Search Criteria panel when carrying out a record search. This has been corrected.


When an attribute was changed for a zone on the Property Codes panel, on the Land Detail dialog box, the newly selected attributes were added to the list of attributes that previously existed rather than replacing the previous attributes. This has been corrected so that the newly selected attributes replace the previously selected attributes for a zone.


It was not possible to modify events and mortgage data when the year was not certified. This has been corrected.


It was not possible to use the scroll bar for grids in the following panels: Payment History, Audit Trail, Overpayment Credit, and Payout Agreement. Further, the Details button was disabled. This has been corrected.


When a segment was double-clicked in the Personal Property panel, the detail dialog was not displayed. This has been corrected.

Reports – Treasurer



The report parameters for the Delinquent Tax Roll (Reports > Delinquent Tax Roll) were not being applied unless a specific selections were made using the ellipses buttons.This has been corrected, and the DelinquentTaxRollReport.rpt file has been modified to handle the new report parameters and sorting.


Bill adjustment data was not being included on the recap reports and summary reports. This has been corrected.


The grand totals did not match for the Daily Detail Listing and the Daily Summary Reports (Reports > Daily), which were run using the same set of criteria. This has been corrected.


The variance report (Reports > Daily > Variance Report) did not contain any data when generated, and at other times resulted in a truncation error because the owner column length needed to be longer. This has been corrected.



A property’s recalculation status changed to Modified after the Identification panel was opened although no changes had been made, and the status remained displayed as Modified after the recalculation was carried out again. This has been corrected so that the recalculation refreshes as expected.



It was not possible to print rollback statements (Activities > Supplement > Supplement Statement Maintenance or Commands > Create New Tax Statement). This occurred because fees were included for properties only if they had been generated before. This limitation has been removed and the issue corrected.



When a sketch was accessed after it had been modified, an error was displayed. This has been corrected. If a sketch needs to be recreated in the future, contact True Automation and reference 12086 for a query that will retrieve the last saved image which can be used as a reference.

Special Assessments


When using the Assessment Fee Builder available form a property’s Special Assessment panel, an error occurred when expressions were included inside of a condition statement. This has been corrected.



The Pending Split/Merge activity no longer displays cancelled processes, or processes started that do not have associated properties.



For a supplement group with the status Temporarily Open, properties could be added to the group. This has been corrected so that Temporarily Open groups will not be available for selection in the wizard.


An error occurred when bills were activated for a supplement group containing rollback property. This has been corrected.

Tax Statements


When creating new tax statements from a property (Commands > Create New Tax Statement), tax statement groups not associated with the year layer were being displayed incorrectly. That is, the correct tax statement groups were not being displayed for the selected year. This has been corrected. Further, if no groups are available for the selected year, then the previous year’s groups are now displayed.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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