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When a user logged off the system and then logged on again to use a different user ID or a different environment, the bands in the interface were duplicated. This has been corrected so that user bands are removed before new ones are added upon log in.

Billing Information Export


The billing information export (Export > Billing Information) was not accurately reporting delinquent amounts; some properties were missing years. The export was missing rows because there were no property_val records in the missing years for some properties. The export now uses the legal description for the latest year’s property_val record because older bills do not have an associated property_val record.



In the ARB Options tab in PACS.ADMIN (Tools > Machine Settings > Options), when the When saving, automatically close a protest with a “close” status check box was deselected and a protest was saved, the system incorrectly inserted an event in the Event History panel of the protest. This has been corrected so that a new event is created only when the check box is selected.


When the Events panel was opened from an inquiry, an error was displayed. This has been corrected.


When a protest reason was selected for multiple properties using the Add Owner Properties button (Activities > BOE > Protest), the reason was not applied. The buttons (which have been renamed) Set for All, Set for Selected, and Clear from All are now placed above the reason codes to facilitate their selection.

Cash Drawers


When a cash drawer was created, the balance date was being stored with both the date and the time, which did not match the batch balance date, and so prevented the payment from being posted. Now the cash drawers balance date is stored only for the date; the time is no longer included.

Column Customization



When the Column Chooser was used to customize column placement and column order for a grid, the column settings were not saved when the record was exited. Column settings are now retained for each user ID, even after a user logs off the system. When a user logs on again, the column settings last specified are applied.

Comparable Sales


When a user chose Tools > Comparable Property > Comparable Property Maintenance in PACS.ADMIN, clicked Display under System Settings, and then clicked Yes in the dialog box display “Not all grids exist. Do you want to create all? Yes or No,” it was not possible to close the dialog box, and duplicate rows were displayed. These issues have been corrected.



When Close Day was chosen (Activities > Daily Process > Close/Reopen Day), an error was displayed and the day could not be closed. This has been corrected.

Effective Acres


A user was able to modify the Effective Acres Group dialog box when it was opened from effective acres search results (Search > Effective Acres), but was not able to modify effective acres when accessing the dialog box from the Effective Group button on a property’s legal description panel. Now the ability to modify the Effective Acres Group dialog box is based on effective acre group user rights



The payor name was incorrectly switched from the agent to the owner, and it also was not possible to select the agent as the payee for a refund.

Now the payor ID of an apply escrow payment is the same as the payor ID of the pay escrow payment. It is no longer the name of the owner of the escrow’s property. Further, when the payee needs to be an agent, the agent is displayed in the Paid By drop-down list.



When Mass Maintenance > Mass Update was chosen in the GIS Viewer for multiple selected properties, the user was not prompted to create a daily batch. This has been corrected.

Income Valuation


When a subject property was removed from the Income Valuations dialog box, other properties were removed as well. This has been corrected.



It was not possible to select data in the Type drop-down and complete an “other” adjustment for an improvement detail (accessed from the Other Adj button on an improvement detail). This has been corrected.


When Adjustments was clicked in the Improvement dialog box, and a new adjustment added, the Type drop-down list was blank. This has been corrected.


After an adjustment was entered and recalculated, the improvement value was incorrectly displayed as the adjustment value. This has been corrected.



When the Override check box was selected in the Override Useable Size section of the Land Detail panel, the Sq. Feet and Acres field in this section were not being used for schedules. Corrections have been made to ensure that these fields can be edited when the Override check box is selected, and when the Override check box is deselected, the values in these fields populate from the land detail’s Sq Footage and Acres fields.


An error was displayed when deleting a row from the Land Miscellaneous Codes dialog box in PACS.ADMIN (Tools > Land Miscellaneous Code Schedules). This has been corrected.


When a copy of a land detail was created and new data entered, the productivity values were not being retained. This has been corrected.



When two properties were merged, the merge process was copying all land miscellaneous codes to the designated “merge to” property, even if the codes already existed on the merge to property. Now a code is copied only if the target property does not already have the code.

Notice of Value


You can now configure text for the form with the Configuration Maintenance feature (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Configuration Maintenance). In addition, the Forms Maintenance menu option has been removed.



When a new field was added to PACS.Query, a new menu line was created without a label. The name and category of the field is now saved correctly.



When previewing a report or a printing a receipt for posted payments, reports could not be previewed and receipts were not being printed. These issues have been corrected.

Property Record


After a property record was placed in a supplement and copied to the next year, when Commands > Supplement > Remove Supplement was chosen for the record in the next year, an error was displayed. This has been corrected.

Reports – Treasurer


The Special Assessments Recap Report (Reports > Monthly > Special Assessment Recap Report) has been corrected so that the total for delinquent years includes amount in previous years. In addition, an extra letter was removed from the label “Total of All Years.”


When a user printed the Delinquent Tax Roll (Reports > Delinquent Tax Roll), and selected Tax Districts, the report included special assessments as well as tax districts. The Print Delinquent Tax Roll dialog box has been changed so that all check boxes are selected initially, but the user can limit the amount of data when required.



A credit was displayed on a property, but there was also an amount due for the first half payment on the property. This occurred because the process that recalculates the refund amount was including VP type payments (void records). This issue has been corrected.

REET Import


A REET file could not be imported because a REET record involved two properties with different tax areas and urban growth codes. The file was adjusted so that both matched, and the file was imported successfully.


Error messages were not displaying completely in the inbox; only the topic line was displayed. This has been corrected so that the full message is displayed.



When there was more than one rollback on a property, there was not distinct data on the statements for each rollback, and tax due was being carried over incorrectly. (One property was combining the prior year portion of the rollback on both of its statements, showing a higher tax due than was correct.) The system now supports scenarios involving multiple rollbacks created per property in the same supplement group.



When the Import Sales button was selected from the details of a sale record on a property’s Deeds & Sales tab, an error was displayed. This has been corrected.



When adding a feature to a new improvement schedule in PACS.ADMIN (Tools > Improvement Schedule Maintenance), it was not possible to remove codes with the code chooser. This has been corrected.

Taxpayer Record


When a taxpayer was set up as confidential and the record was saved, the confidential owner text was displayed in the File As name field, but the Confidential button and check box were not displayed, and so the confidential owner detail could not be removed. This has been corrected so that when a user does not have the right to view a confidential name, the Confidential check box is set to read-only.


It was possible to enter carriage returns in the File As field in a taxpayer record, resulting in blank lines. This has been corrected so it is no longer possible to enter carriage returns in the field.


When the File As field was updated and a taxpayer record saved, the update was not displayed until the taxpayer record was closed and reopened. Now, after Save is clicked, the update is displayed.

Users and Roles


It was possible to delete a role associated with users without warning. This has been corrected so that a warning message is now displayed and a deletion is not permitted when a user attempts to delete a role associated with users.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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