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Asset Manager


After saving or recalculating in the asset manager, the focus of the screen changed to the top of the page instead of remaining where the cursor was last positioned. This has been corrected.



It was not possible to run the Web portal export for months that had not been closed so that closed day activity could be reported for months that were not closed. The export can now be run with the as-of date for a month that has not been closed.



The GIS distance was not calculating in a residential comparable sales grid. This has been resolved.



It is now possible to update PACS with building photo information from GIS and to specify an image as the main image.



When importing REET records (Import > Import REET Information), the import did not complete, and there was no message in the inbox indicating if the status of the import. This has been corrected.



When entering a dollar amount adjustment, the value was not being saved. This has been corrected.


Zero percent adjustments can now be entered for users who need to track improvement data without valuing the improvement.


Improvements were not being displayed for some sales. This has been corrected.



It was not possible to change the improvement type after it had been added, although this had been possible in the past. This has been corrected so that an improvement type can be changed after the record has been saved, but it must be an improvement type within the same classification. For example, if the record was initially saved with a permanent crop improvement type, the improvement type can later be changed only to another permanent crop improvement type.

Income Valuation


An error occurred when a property was added to an income valuation. This has been corrected.


When one property was deleted from an income valuation, other properties were also deleted. This has been corrected.



When completing the Type of Farming field for a land detail, an error was displayed. This occurred because two user-defined fields in the user_land_detail table were incorrectly defined as text fields. To resolve this issue, the user will need to open PACS.ADMIN, select Tools > User Table Management, and then edit the user_land_table entries. The Type value for the farming_activity and notes fields needs to be changed from text to some other value type (varchar(10) or varcahr(50), for example, to store a string value.)



Neighborhood codes selected for the RCMI Report (Activities > Levy > RCMI Report) were placed over the column headings of the report. The formatting of the report has been corrected.



A lengthy query entered in a monitor (Tools > Monitors) resulted in an error. The monitor has been changed to support queries up to 3,000 characters in length. Queries longer than 3,000 characters should be placed in a stored procedure, and ‘exec {stored procedure name}‘ entered in the monitor.

Notice of Value


Modifications have been made to the Notice of Value form. Among other changes, text on the form is now customizable.

Owner Transfer


There was a lengthy delay after clicking Finish on the Owner Transfer wizard. The processing time has been improved.


When an ownership transfer was carried out from a REET record and an exemption removed, an error occurred after the record’s status was changed to “Transfer Complete” and the record saved. The error occurred because the Remove Exemption radio button was not selected. This has been corrected.

Payout Statement


The payout statement was not being generated for the most current owner. This has been corrected.



When Post was clicked for a quick post statement, an error was displayed. This has been corrected.


When applying an overpayment credit or posting a tender with the Print Receipt check box selected, the error “Load Report Failed” occurred. This has been corrected.


An amount due was being displayed for the second half of a personal property payment, although after April 30 personal property should not have an amount due in the second half. This has been corrected.

Property Record


In the Sale Information panel of the Ownership History dialog box (accessed from the Deeds & Sales panel), ratio codes and additional codes had to be selected from the drop-down list rather than typed when the fields had not had data entered into them previously. In addition, in the Sale Price panel of the Ownership History dialog box, when entering date, it was not possible to type a month in numerical format preceded by a zero. Typing codes and the date is now possible.



Some non-property fees were printing on an area of the receipt separate from other fees. This has been corrected.

Reports – Treasurer


The title of the report available from Reports > Levy > Tax Area has been changed to Certification of Values by Tax Area.



An error occurred when a second mobile home property ID was entered on a REET record. This has been corrected.



Scanned images were not displayed when Preview was selected. This has been corrected.



It is now possible to use two features for a feature unit cost matrix table stored in PACS.ADMIN (Matrix Maintenance > Improvement).


When a matrix was added or deleted from an improvement schedule, the order of the matrices changes based on the matrix ID number instead of remaining in the order used for the schedule. This has been corrected.

Sketch Pad


When creating a rectangle, the label “Demo” was displayed. The label has been corrected to display square feet.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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