New Features #

R48 New Features
  1. Handle Exemptions being removed to allow due date postponed similar to omitted property
  2. NEW configuration to control terms Appraised Value VS Assessed Value – Value tab & Roll History
  3. IMPORT SUPP ERROR – TYLER TECH supplement description length
  4. Mineral supplemental imports file layout acceptance
  5. Residence HS Exemption Qualification Notices – Zip Code matching is not including all eligible accounts after recent changes
  6. SB 12_Refactor Freeze Ceiling 2023
  7. EARS -Comptroller Form 50-253 & PACS PTD School Tax Limitation Report
  8. 2023 NOAV remove temporary text from notice regarding exemption amounts
  9. Blank Page separator not being inserted in appraisal notice reprint
  10. Owner Import – Error Creating Corrected Statements
  11. 2023 Protest form
  12. Ag Rollback Tax Report is pulling in unexpected legal description
  13. PACS property search will not send more than 4,000 accounts to Matix
  14. GRA exemption on UDI not calculation as expected
  15. Make published ARB Protest letter notification specific to the letter published
  16. Pre SB12 Wizard Spelling Error
  17. Payment Import report not populating
  18. Appraisal Notice Insert for Exemption Descriptions changes
Please click R48 New Features to access the new features documentation. This release is scheduled for release on 3/16/2023.
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Last updated on March 16, 2023 Service Pack #

  • What’s New in PACS GA
    1. Print Appraisal Notice process
    2. Concurrent User Notification with ARB Hearing Recording concerns
    3. PACS – Auto add OV65 causes triggers start proration date to be checked
    4. 2023 EARS File Changes
    5. HS Cap Base Year Override checkbox now available to handle Homestead Cap in the first year
    after a prorated HS exemption
    6. ARB notification changes: When protester is not an owner (Not an Agent), system will now email
    to both protester and owner.
    7. 2023 Notice of Protest changes for 50-132 1-23/24
    8. PTAD EARS TOP TEN TAXPAYER REPORT including properties with taxable equal to $0.
    9. Form 50-253 Modifications Required by Senate Bill 12
    10. PTAD – Top Ten Taxpayer report for County taxing unit issue with special funds

Click SP_UPD_Release Notes.. to access the new features documentation.

This release is scheduled for 5/25/2023.

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Last updated on May 26, 2023 Service Pack #

This release is scheduled for release on 8/16/2023.

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Last updated on August 22, 2023
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