New Features #

R42 New Features 1.1 Appraisal Notice
  • Remove HB3630 process and text
  • Include Exemption Description insert
  • Introduce Canceled or Removed Exemption Notice
1.2 ARB
  • New Protest Reasons
  • Search – exclude Protested by name
  • Publish evidence for non e-file protests displayed online
  • Track request for and delivery of evidence online
  • Special Panels
1.3 Comparables
  • NEW setting for Non-Main Area Feature Adjustment
  • NEW Setting for % Good Adjustment
1.4 Income
  • Load Direct Cap data into Settled tab
BPP Rendition
  • Deadlines
  • Building Permits
  • Exemption Wizard Data Fields
  • Forms Updated
Please click R42_New Features to access the new features documentation Release Notes # Service Pack # Service Pack # Service Pack #

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