1.PACS 8.1.22 Release Notes #

New Features

Released to Clients on 04/02/2015.

This release includes the following additions and modifications to functionality:

Comparable Property

NEW option to display Improvement Description – this NEW option when selected will replace the improvement type code with the improvement type description in the grids



Comparable Commercial Property

.22 3

Additional Fields – fields have been added to the Commercial Comparable search (this affects Sales and Equity searches)

.22 4


When a subject property is loaded, the DBA field will display the current value on the


This field will not be included in the commercial load configuration

When criteria is entered, will return results where the DBA field ‘contains’ the criteria

Zoning –

When a subject property is loaded, the Zoning field will display the current value on the left

This field will not be included in the commercial load configuration

When criteria is entered, will return results where the Zoning field ‘contains’ the criteria

Commercial Sales Search

Display NEW fields – new fields will be available for display in the search results

Zoning Code


Percent Complete

Average Unit Size

LB Ratio

Return ‘As of Sale’ info – a NEW option has been added to return the captured sales data in the search results.

This is only valid when the property has unchecked the flag for “Characteristics of involved property at the time of this sale reflect current property characteristics”.

This relies on the System Wide configuration option ‘Enable As-Of Sale Data on Grids’.

NOTE: this functionality is already implemented for Residential Sales.

.22 6

.22 7

.22 8

Commercial Equity Search

Additional Fields – fields have been added to the Commercial Comparable search, DBA and

Zoning as indicated above, in addition fields are now available in the Equity Search Results

view. Columns must be added to the results view by each user through ‘Customize


.22 9

Impr Val / SQFT

Improvement Value of Property / Living Area

Land Size SQFT

Land Size Acres

Eco Land Size SQFT

Total land size for the income group

Eco LB Ratio

Eco Land Size SQFT / GBA

GPI Vacancy Rate

If the income.value_method = Direct Cap


Else if income.value_method = Schedule


Else if income.value_method = Pro Forma


Short Situs – display an abbreviated situs that does not include city,state and zip.

Include the situs_num, situs_street, situs_street_prefx, situs_street, situs_sufix, situs_unit

Eco Total Mkt Value – total market value for all accounts in the income group

Market / SQFT – should be the market value of the account / living area

Eco Total Mkt Value/GBA – total market value for all accounts in the income group / GBA

Eco Total Mkt Value/NRA – total market value for all accounts in the income group / NRA

Income Group – will display an “*” if the property is part of an income group. This will display only for properties belonging to an income group associated to multiple properties.

Eco Total Cost – total cost value for all accounts in the income group

Eco Total Cost / NRA – total cost value for all accounts in the income group / NRA

NOTE: All references to income data above will use the active income record. If the value method is not income, e.g. Distribute, and there is an active income record the columns pertaining to income data or income groupings should still display. If there is NOT an active income record, then the columns pertaining to income data will be blank.

Additional Median Calculations – add fields to the search results, this initiated a change to the search results dialog. The user can select which calculations to display and assign the order to display through the ‘Configuration…’ and Move Up/Down buttons. The configuration will be retained per user.

.22 10

Additional Median Calculations

Median Appraised

Median Appraised / Sq Ft

Median Rentable Area (Implementation will change the description from Median Rentable Area

to Median NRA.)

Median Year Built

Median GPI / Sq Ft

Median EGI / Sq Ft

Median Vacancy

Median Expenses / Sq Ft

Median NOI / Sq Ft

Median Cap Rate

Median GPI / NRA

Median EGI / NRA

Median Expenses / NRA

Median NOI / NRA

Median GPI / GBA

Median EGI / GBA

Median Expenses / GBA

Median NOI / GBA

Median GBA

Median Land Size SQFT

Median Improvement Val / Sq Ft

Median Market/GBA

Median Market/NRA

Median GPI Vacancy Rate

New Appraiser Evidence report – a NEW report is available from the context menu (rightclick) of Equity Comparables search results.

The report is intended to output the search criteria, selected median calculations and comparables into MS Excel format.

This generates an excel worksheet with 2 tabs, set to landscape with narrow margins.

.22 11

.22 12

.22 13

Commercial Equity Grid

NEW fields ‘Eco Stabilized Adjusted Value’ and ‘Eco Stabilized Adjusted Value/Sq Ft’ – NEW fields have been added for the grid to represent the economic stabilized comparable value adjusted for the subject property lease UP, personal property and excess land.

For EACH COMP = Eco Stabilized Indicated Value – Lease UP Cost of the Subject – Personal Property value of the subject + Excess Land of the Subject

For Comp Median = Median of (Comp1, 2, 3… Eco Stabilized Indicated Adjusted Value (Using the NEW calculation above))

For the per square foot calculation = Eco Stabilized Adjusted Value divided by Square footage (NRA)

Configuration is required to display these fields in the grid (Tools> Comparable Property > Comparable Property Maintenance)

.22 14


Income Land to Building Ratio

In response to a client request, the land to building calculation can now use either GBA or NRA for the area portion of the calculation.

.22 15

.22 16

A NEW field in the pacs_config database table controls the option. A client must contact Client Services in order to set this to ‘GBA’.

The default is to use NRA in the income module for the land-building calculation and land ratio which is consistent with the existing calculation.

When set to GBA, the following areas are affected:

Income Valuation model

Calculate the Land Ratio field within the Income Valuation model as such:

Land Ratio = Land Size from the active income valuation (income.land_size)/ GBA from the active income valuation (income.GBA).

Calculate Excess Land using GBA, change the label from ‘NRA’ to ‘GBA’ on the dialog

Appraisal Summary screen

Calculate the Land/ Bldg field in the Appraisal Summary screen for income valued properties as such: (PACS is already calculating this)

Land/Bldg = Total land size from the specific account / total living area from the specific account

Comparable Search Results

The LB Ratio column in the Comparable Search Results will match the Land/Bldg field in the Appraisal Summary screen for each property.

A NEW column labeled LB Ratio Income in the Comparable Search Results will use the Land Ratio field in the active Income Valuation Model, displaying the LB Ratio for the Entire Income Group.

Land Size from the active income valuation / GBA from the active income valuation.

If an active income valuation does not exist or there are no improvements with living area, then the LB Ratio Income will be blank.

The configuration is NOT year specific. Once the configuration is changed, properties will need to be recalculated in order to see the land-building calculation reflect the change. Values in prior years will not be affected unless the property is supplemented and recalculated or additional intervention allows recalculation of prior years. (See Client Services for assistance in this case.)

NEW Image Storage size option

This is in response to a client request to reduce the amount of space stored photos use. PACS will automatically resize JPEG images when the image is added to the PACS Document Imaging System.

A NEW configuration is added from Tools à Document Image Maintenance à Server File Location to allow an office to indicate the maximum image size

.22 17

The default is un-checked.

The following are options are available once checked:

“640 x 480”

“800 x 600”

“1024 x 768”

The size constraint will be in effect for each place where images are added to PACS, for only JPEG image types.

PACS may store the re-sized image at equal to or less than the size the user has selected.

If the image to be resized has an aspect ratio that is different than one of the choices allowed (640×480, 800×600 or 1024×768), then the image will be resized using its existing aspect ratio. Here is an example.

Original Image 1920×1080 ratio – 1080/1920 = vertical pixel is 0.5625 of the horizontal

PACS Setting = 1024×768 what was stored 1024×576 (1024*0.5625 = 576)

PACS Setting = 800×600 what was stored 800×450 (800*0.5625 = 450)

PACS Setting = 640×480 what was stored 640×360 (640*0.5625 360)

So PACS will keep the horizontal pixel count and adjust the vertical count to maintain the original aspect ratio.

This should NOT affect PACS Mobile Images as these are expected to re-size prior to transferring to PACS.

Property Links NEW deleted property indicator

A NEW indicator has been added to identify deleted properties associated in property links. A NEW column has been added to display a ‘D’ for each deleted property when linked. This new column does not have a header.

.22 18

If the property is deleted in the latest year / supplement that the linked property exists in the system then system shall display a “D” in the “deleted” column. (NOTE: Property Links are not year specific. Year-specific data (e.g., Legal Description) is pulled from the latest year / supplement that a property exists in the system.)

If the linked property is not deleted for the year of the subject property then system shall display a “” in the “deleted” column. If the linked property is not deleted in the latest year / supplement that the property exists in the system then system shall not display anything in the “deleted” column.

Online Appeals

As Online Appeals gains client and taxpayer usage, clients have reported a need to have greater control over the website administration.

Browser Compatibility – validate Online Appeals works with the current version of highly used browsers, with current versions of Windows OS:

Windows 7:

Internet Explorer: 11.0.16

Google Chrome: 40.0.2214.111

Safari: 5.1.7

Fire Fox: 35.0.1

Windows 8:

Internet Explorer: 11.0.16

Google Chrome: 40.0.2214.111

User Registration Page –reflect required fields. See below for the displayed validation errors.

The following fields are read only, and do not require validation:

Owner/agent ID



Required field validation is now in place for the following fields:


You must provide a username.

Your username cannot contain spaces.

Your username must be 3 to 32 characters, and can only contain the ‘-‘, ‘_’ or ‘.’ special characters.


Confirm Password

You must supply a password.

Passwords do not match.

Passwords cannot match user name.

Passwords cannot begin with a number, must be 6 to 15 characters, and contain at least one letter and one number.

Email Address

Confirm Email Address

You must supply an email.

Emails do not match.

You must supply a valid email address.

Security Question

You must supply a security question.

Security Answer

You must supply a security answer.

Image text verification

The text you entered was incorrect.

NEW emails to be sent for Online Appeals

Taxpayer user password change

‘No Offer’ is selected by the CAD

Administrative User – read only access to the taxpayer user, in order to assist in customer service, walking user through the process, identifying issues.

A NEW setting allows configuration for an administrative user access for the online portal. This user name and password will provide read-only access to registered taxpayer accounts.

.22 19

The admin user is prompted to enter the user name and password from the generic login page of the website.

.22 20

Once logged in, the admin user can search for an account by username or owner ID.

.22 21

Search results will display for verification:

.22 22

The pages of the website will be available to the admin user but in read-only status.

NOTE: The administrative user will need to log out between searching for taxpayer accounts. Each session will be linked to the taxpayer account searched when initiated.

Online Portal Email – will be displayed in PACS. The email will not be editable but the user can copy the text in order to email outside of PACS, as necessary. The taxpayer will need to follow the prompts through the Online Appeals website to modify or change the email address.

.22 23

Approve User Registration – NEW functionality is available in PACS to complete the taxpayer user registration process by approving the user account. A button is available on the taxpayer account > electronic communication tab under the new online portal email field. The button will be enabled once a user has attempted to register online.

.22 24

Re-send emails

A new view called Email History has been added to Protest dialog. This view lists all emails associated with a specific protest and successfully pushed out by the Send Email job. Note that the Email Type column represents the reason for the email.

.22 25

Details… – Enabled only if a single row is selected and launches the Email Details dialog shown on next page.

Refresh – Always enabled, repopulates the email history grid from database.

Resend – Enabled only for protests in the current appraisal year those aren’t closed. Users can select multiple emails for resending and is provided a feedback message indicating that the selected emails have been queue resending. And an attempt is made to refresh the email history list in case the Send Email job did have a chance to run.

Double clicking on a selected row will launch the Email Details dialog.

The purpose of the Email Detail dialog is to allow the user the option to review the body of the email in its entirety and then be able to resend if deemed necessary. Again the Resend button is enabled only for protests in the current appraisal year those aren’t closed.

.22 26

Configure specific email text

Functionality has been added to allow each client office to configure the text of protest specific emails sent to a taxpayer.

Current emails available for customization are, email sent when:

Protest Created online

CAD Letters are published to the Online Appeals site

CAD Evidence is published to the Online Appeals site

Protest Status is changed, when the configuration to email is set

CAD presents a settlement offer

CAD indicates no settlement offer will be extended

Taxpayer accepts offer

Taxpayer accepts ‘no offer’

Protest hearing is scheduled

Protest is closed

The email can be configured from a NEW path. The dialog below will list each email type and indicate if the email has been customized.

Tools> ARB Maintenance > Protest Codes > Email Types:

.22 27

Details – will display the email details with fields disabled

.22 28

Customize – will display the email details with fields editable. The text box allows multiple lines and carriage returns.

.22 29

Un-customize – will return the customized email to the original default text

All emails will include a standard ‘header’ and ‘footer’ sections that cannot be customized. These include specific protest or CAD information.

.22 31

Header –


Protest ID

Property ID

Protestor ID (owner ID or account ID)

Footer –

CAD Name

CAD URL as entered in Online Portal Configuration

Additional information may display for hearing scheduled emails, where Taxpayer Remedies URL is configured in PACS


Ownership History Comment

The Comment field on Ownership History details is enlarged to 1000 characters.

.22 32

Commercial Information Capture

For sales involving commercial type property, a NEW tab will display on the Ownership History dialog. When multiple properties are included in a sale, PACS will display the Sale Commercial tab if any of the properties are identified as commercial, (property_val.roll_cd) = ‘COM’. Meaning a residential property could be included with a commercial property in a sale record and the NEW sale commercial tab will display.

.22 33

Property List – this drop down will list the commercial properties associated with the sale record, selecting a property will update the fields below with property specific information.

The user may enter values in the fields to override the property populated information.

This override data will be retained until or unless an import is subsequently initiated.

If the sale is for a prior year, where the property record does not exist the new commercial tab will not display; e.g. converted sale data.

Recalculate – this will initiate a recalculation of the sale record as on the existing Sale Improvement tab

Last Import – this will display the last import date and time as on the existing Sale Improvement tab

Commercial – property specific fields

Zoning: property_val.zoning

DBA: property.dba_name

Property Use: property_val.property_use_cd

% Complete: this will populate with the percent complete of the first improvement indicated as main area on each property

Num Units: property_profile.num_imprv

Sub Market: property_val.sub_market_cd

Income – this grid was moved to the NEW commercial tab and will populate in the same manner as previously

Helpstar ID Description of Update


There was a misspelling on Property Access. This has been corrected.


When printing the Fiscal Year to Date Recap, years were being included in the report with 0.00.  The report has been updated to suppress detail rows with zero data.


Several PACS Reports would not print to duplex when duplex printing was selected.  These reports have been updated to allow duplex printing.


The screen display in PACS displayed a horizontal scroll bar. This has been corrected.


The Land DCF report printed incorrectly. The year and analysis ID now show.


When printing a Supplemental Roll Report with a large amount of entities, PACS would produce a SQL error.  The stored procedure has been modified to correct this issue.


The payment import receipt was printing incorrect names. This is no longer an issue.


When users with an international address tried to make a payment via the Property Access portal to Certified Payments, it resulted in an error. This issue has been resolved.


The Taxing Jurisdiction section did not display correctly. It now breaks cleanly onto the next page.


The economic market value now correctly calculates using all market values in the Income Group.


SQL Agent Service was not running. This issue has been resolved.


Labels were changed from Median sq. ft. to Median Land Size sq. ft.


Year Built in the Commercial Comp Grid was not displaying correctly. This defect has been fixed.


The BPP rendition form did not print the PIDN. The Geo ID fields were widened and the the Property and Geo IDs were added to the top of pages two and three.


After adding images to PACS, the original files are deleted. Source images are now left intact.


Certified Mailers GUI would not use a leading zero correctly. This is no longer an issue.


Total Expense did not appear on Income Calculation worksheet. This has been corrected.


Collections reports were not printing correctly on a duplex printer. This is no longer an issue.


The middle tier removed zero value segments before checking PTD state code values. This is no longer an issue.


The Supp Group Export was excluding UDI parents. The Appraisal Export Script was modified to check property_val.udi_parent to check for values of ‘T’ or ‘D’ in the places where it was only checking for a value of ‘T’.


GPI Vacancy Rate did not have a median calculation. This has been corrected.


Mircrosoft Excel did not display decimals in appraiser evidence reports. This has been corrected.


Properties were not displaying the correct exemptions. The issue has been resolved so that the properties will have the EX366 exemptions removed while the EX- exemptions will remain.


Mass Loading Protests was not working correctly. This issue has been resolved.


The SET E-FIle Eligible Process was greyed out. This has been corrected.


The grid display cut off description and amount when printed. It now preserves the width of the right hand sub column.


In the comparable grid adjustment grid, the adjustment details wording did not ‘wrap’.  This issue has now been fixed.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020 Release Notes (Limited) #

Helpstar ID Description of update

Released to Clients on 04/10/2015.


Images were not pointing to the correct document. This is no longer an issue.


When opening the collection date export and choosing ‘all entities,’ an error resulted. This is no longer an issue.


The rent income box on the sales tab did not appear. This was corrected.


Images were swapping properties. This is no longer an issue.


The service pack will include code corrections to ensure the ‘ARB Value’ is fully distributed on the values panel ‘Value Breakdown’.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020 Release Notes (Limited) #

HS ID Description of update 

Released to Clients on 04/23/2015.


Parcel layers were showing twice in the input feature andpolygon layers were showing twice in the clip feature. This has been corrected.


Properties could be isolated using the advanced search tool, but since all parcels must be de-selected before the user can use the Property View function, information gained in advanced search was lost. This is no longer an issue.


There were issues opening the GIS module from the tab on an account in PACS. These have been resolved.


The barcode construct for mailing was invalid. This was restructured and is no longer an issue with USPS.


Text set to justified right would not show in comp grids. This has been corrected.


An error occurred when creating statements. This is no longer an issue.


Errors occurred when transferring deeds on UDI property. This is no longer an issue.


PACS was freezing when adding images to property from the property image tab. This is no longer an issue.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020
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