1.PACS Collections (GA) #

Released to Clients on 10/09/2013.

PACS Collections (GA)



Description of Update


23116/ HS 120689

The Mass Post Escrow Wizard did not select the expected properties for processing and indicated that the current escrow amount for each property was 0 (Activities > Mass Post Escrow to Current Year Bills). To resolve these issues, development has modified the code and added a measure for handling any properties with NULL values.

23148/ HS 121069

The tender amount was auto-populated incorrectly when the escrow balance was more than the tax due (from the SIT Escrow view, select the month as needed and click Apply Escrow). In this instance, the tender amount is now set to reflect the amount of taxes due, resolving the issue.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020

2.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

Released to Clients on 09/06/2013.

PACS Appraisal (GA)

New Features

This release includes the following additions and modifications to functionality:

GIS View Appraiser

  • A new tab named Appraiser Info has been added to the GIS Property Search dialog box (right-click in GIS Viewer and choose Advanced Search). The following search options display on this tab: Last Appraiser, Value Appraiser, Land Appraiser, Next Appraiser, Next Inspection Date, Last Inspection Date.

    GIS, Advanced Search, Appraiser Info tab, 8114x

  • When viewing an area in GIS Viewer, you can display info from the above-mentioned appraiser info fields on the mapped parcels by choosing any of those new options listed under Parcels in the table of contents window. This info can also display in the Property Details window called from the viewer.

Legislative Changes

  • Text on the tax certificate has been modified per state requirements. The Current/Delinquent Taxes section is more comprehensive and references the tax code (33.48), and the footnote includes more elaboration, cites tax code (sections 25.21, 31.08(b) and Comptroller Rule 9.3040), and defines the tax code relevant to transferred property (section 31.08). Generate tax certificates by choosing Activities > Print Tax Certificates.

Property Record Options

  • A new Date Opened field has been added to the Identification panel of Personal property type records (including SIT). This field is intended for use with maintaining BPP records (Business Personal Property). Note that (1) the date entered in this field does not copy up to the new year layer, (2) changes to this field are tracked in the Change Log, (3) this field will display in the Wizard when creating a new Personal property, and (4) in PACS Collections, this field is read-only and displays in the property Identification tab.

    Pers Prop Identification panel, Date Opened, 8114x

    Pers Prop, Create Prop Identification, Date Opened, 8114x

What’s New in Documentation

The following sections of the user Web Help have been revised for accuracy and clarity. No new functionality has been introduced into these areas.



Description of Update

PACS Appraisal



Address information was cut off on the printed Certified Mailer (Activities > ARB > Board Order Letters > Board Orders with Certified Mailer > ARB Board Order Certified Mailer/Letter). The affected fields now accommodate more data, resolving the issue.



The appraisal data export failed when the Export Values option was deselected (File > Export > Appraisal Information; Export Values is selected by default). A typo in the name of a variable used in the code caused the error. This issue has been resolved.



Mass recalculating all Real properties caused the middle tier to crash, preventing the process from finishing (Activities > Recalculate Value). The issue stemmed from Homestead Groups not being processed correctly. This has been resolved.


When viewing images, the rotate right button was disabled. This issue has been resolved.



Checking in properties from Penpad caused an unexpected error. During the check-in process, table columns of the timestamp data type were being included in the update statement erroneously. The method for acquiring such data has been updated to check for the data type, resolving the issue.

PTD Electronic Appraisal Roll Submission


DVHS and DVHSS did not display as expected on the county report of property value (Activities > Certify Appraisal Roll > PTD > Generate Certified PTD Submission). The code organizing the report’s data has been updated, correcting the issue.


Records having a LVE exemption and state code other than X generated an unexpected error on PTAD submission. Code changing the L1 state code to an X in the property_owner_entity_state_cd table was omitted during the development of the 8.1.13.x release. This issue has been resolved.


Mineral properties with 0$ or less taxable value were included on a PTD Verification Report (Activities > Certify Appraisal Roll > PTD > Verify PTD Codes). This issue has been resolved.



The agent copy of mineral property levy statements displayed incorrect totals (Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Levy Statement Maintenance, right-click and choose Create Levy Statements and choose Mineral; then, choose Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Levy Statement Maintenance, right-click on same run and choose Print Levy Statements). The calculations were unexpectedly including values for properties on which owners or agents had changed. The summing of totals for agents has been corrected, resolving these issues.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020

3.PACS Collections (GA) #

PACS Collections (GA)



Description of Update

PACS Collections

Appraisal Data Imports

119016, 119298

The CAD’s totals did not match the Tax District’s after a certified appraisal data import (File > Import > Appraisal Data). This imbalance happened because the tax district’s system failed to recognize a DVHSS exemption on properties taxed by a certain entity. The file cvw.appraisal_import_trueautomation_special_entity_exemption_vw.sql has been restored in the code, resolving this and subsequent issues.


An unexpected error occurred when importing from Pritchard & Abbott (File > Import > Appraisal Data). Missing fields were added to the import process (prorations, etc.), resolving the issue.

119858, 108045, 80576

A script that had been run ad hoc in previous years for some clients importing Pritchard & Abbott files has been added permanently to the import process to resolve potential issues with property records in the import having the same unique identifier in the same year.

Fee Processing


The fix for Helpstar issue 117741 released with PACS build resulted in property data being omitted from line item tax certificate fees listed on the Fee Statement Report (Reports > Fees > Fees Statement Report). This issue been resolved in this release.

Letter Processing


Printing mortgage company-related letters generated an unexpected error (open the mortgage company record and select Entity > Print Mortgage Company Letter, then select the letter from the Letter drop-down list). A stored procedure related to letter generation has been corrected.

Payment Processing


When two checks were posted to an installment agreement as multiple tenders in the Post Payment dialog box, the check validator only validated the combined total of the two checks instead of the two individual amounts (from Property Tax Due view, select payment and click Move to Payment Cart, Post Payment, and process multiple tenders). When processing payments, the code included an unnecessary measure for multiple tenders that disturbed normal processing. This measure has been removed, resolving the issue.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019
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