1.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

Released to Clients on 05/20/2010.

PACS Appraisal (GA)



Description of Update



An unexpected error indicating that Microsoft Word would not open occurred when attempting to print a template from an ARB monitor (open Monitors, select ARB, right click and select Print ARB Template, click Print). The call that opens Word has been corrected.



SQL formatting is now reconciled in the new Middle Tier, allowing remote access to function as expected.



Because of unrecognizable characters in one of the fields, an error occurred when importing a file. The characters were removed, correcting the issue.


The Middle Tier crashed when accepting a supplement group. A check now ensures that all processes have completed before releasing connections with the Middle Tier, correcting the issue.

88575, 88793

Inadequate virtual memory caused unexpected errors when calculating Marshall & Swift properties, and when running the Preliminary Totals Report (Reports > Preliminary > Preliminary Totals). Data handling has been modified, correcting the issue.


The MT ran out of virtual memory during the preliminary totals process because a subset of entities was selected, passing an entity list to the calculate taxable process. Calculation jobs now run as separate series of jobs when some but not all of the entities are selected.



An errant comma caused an unexpected error when verifying a query generated when printing cards from PACS GIS viewer.


2009 aerial images did not display. The images have been removed, then added back and now display as expected.



Because Penpad tried to call the Middle Tier, an unexpected error occurred when logging into Penpad while off the network. This has been corrected.


Penpad scan and image date did not default to the current date, causing the effective year to be incorrect. The date control has been corrected, and now automatically defaults to the current date.


After saving a change in sketch mode, the application crashed upon exiting out of sketch mode to return to the improvement screen. This has been corrected.

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Last updated on April 19, 2019

2.PACS Collections (GA) #

PACS Collections (GA)



Description of Update



An unexpected exception error occurred upon logging in to PACS Collections. A second automatic check for the Penpad database has been removed, correcting the issue.

Tax Statements


Statements printed with an extra page when Include Statements with Zero Tax Due was selected in the Print Supplemental Statements Wizard (Activities > Assessment > Supplement Functions > Print Supplemental Statements). This has been corrected.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

3.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

Released to Clients on 04/08/2010.

PACS Appraisal (GA)

New Feature

Comparable Sales

  • The following columns are now available for display in comparable sales grids:
    • Median Sale/Acre – Median value of the Adj Sale / Acre records for the comparables.
    • Median Adj Sale/Acre – Median value of the Final Adj Sale / Acre records for the comparables.

    comparables maintenance, manage grid (

    Access the new columns in the Manage Grid dialog by choosing Tools > Comparable Property > Comparable Property Maintenance, click Display, select LS type grid and click Details.



Description of Update



Field descriptions have been updated in the E-File Status change log.

Effective Acres Group


An unexpected error specifying that values were out of range occurred when attempting to create a New Effective Acres Group (Select Effective Acres Group icon, right click and choose New). Value parameters have been reformatted, correcting the issue.



When working in the Exemption Wizard (Activities > Enter Exemptions), remaining year fields defaulted to 1899 after entering the date of birth in the first field. The problem originated from a change in a third party control and has been corrected.


The Apply Local Option % Only option and the Apply freeze ceiling only (do not apply state/local amounts) option remained available unexpectedly when adding an EX exemption (total exemption) to a property record. This has been corrected.

Income Module


Individual income valuations were not updated after modifying the rate for a GPR line item through maintenance (Tools > GPR Line Item Maintenance). Values in the income table will now be updated with the correct year, and the GPR calculator rate is now included in mass recalculations.

Marshall & Swift


After entering an acceptable value for height in the Occupancy grid, the value was rejected (open the property record Improvement tab, choose Marshall & Swift and click Details). This has been corrected.

P&I Schedule


Because attorney fees were being miscalculated, the interest rate was being multiplied by the amount of time passed since the deferral filing date, and the interest accrued was exorbitant. The original deferred begin date and effective due date on the bill will be used to calculate the attorney fee. The attorney fee is not calculated if the deferred begin date falls before or on the effective due date on the bill.



An unexpected error occurred when adding a new entity to a personal property, and when creating a linked property. This was corrected.


The appraiser and appraisal date did not update after checking in a property from Penpad. This has been corrected.



The application closed unexpectedly after putting a property into supplement for a prior year, opening the Shared Property tab, then selecting Details and choosing the Value tab. This has been corrected.


When generating the Supplemental Roll (File > Open > Supplements, select a supplement group, right click and choose Print Roll), data did not sort as specified. This has been corrected.

VIT Processing


When working with VIT properties in both PACS Appraisal and PACS Collections, after selecting Carry Total Units number over to the Sale in the VIT Sales tab, the selection would clear upon exiting the dialog box. Similarly, when working with VIT properties, after selecting Carry Total Sales amount over to the Sale, the selection would clear upon exiting (open a VIT Property and click the VIT Sales tab, then click the Post Sale button). This has been corrected.

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Last updated on May 13, 2020

4.PACS Collections (GA) #

PACS Collections (GA)



Description of Update

Bill Processing


Recently processed first half payments made in PACS Appraisal were not recognized in PACS Collections, and payment and interest began to accrue. These split payments are now recognized.



The updated version of the Notice of Tax/Lien Release from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has been incorporated into the lien record for use with mobile homes.

Letter Processing


Owner name, address, ID number, and tax due, did not display when printing letters (Activities > Print Property Letters). This has been corrected.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

5.PACS Appraisal (Limited) #

PACS Appraisal (Limited)



Description of Update

Comparable Properties


Because decimal numbers were being truncated, Residential Comparables searches (File > Open > Comparables – Residential, click Sales Comparables) returned results outside of range. Decimals are no longer truncated.


Because Area range fields unexpectedly remained available for edit after selecting Lot, a Comparable Equity/Sales search (File > Open > Comparables – Residential, click Equity Comparables) returned results outside of range. This has been corrected.



When multiple properties were selected in the GIS viewer, right clicking caused them to be deselected. This has been corrected, and mass maintenance procedures can now be performed upon right clicking multiple selected properties.

P&I Schedule


Dates did not default to current date when creating a P&I Schedule (File > New > Entity, open Tax Rates/Exemptions/PI Schedule panel). Statement Date and Attorney Fee Date now now default to the current date.



An international address did not display on the Delinquent Tax Notice (Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Tax Functions > Print Delinquent Notice). This has been corrected.


Because of porous import logic, a record that was imported as a supplemental record was unexpectedly omitted from a Delinquent Tax Notice Report (Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Tax Functions > Print Delinquent Notice). The logic has been corrected.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

6.PACS Collections (Limited) #

PACS Collections (Limited)



Description of Update

Appraisal Data


The connection failed unexpectedly during Appraisal Data Import (File > Import > Appraisal Data). The export process was updated to correct this problem.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

7.PACS Appraisal (Limited) #

Released to Clients on 03/24/2010.

PACS Appraisal (Limited)



Description of Update



When working in the exemption wizard (Activities > Enter Exemptions) and entering multiple years., and after entering the birth date for the first year, the birth date (year) changes to 1899.

Letter Processing


The ARB letter tag for Order Determing Protest (ODP) start time and the letter tag for ODP end time were not displaying AM and PM correctly. This has been corrected.

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Last updated on April 19, 2019

8.PACS Collections (Limited) #

PACS Collections (Limited)



Description of Update



Penalty and interest (P&I) was accuring on half pay bills that are not fully paid beginning December 1 of the sup-tax_yr. However, P&I should not accrue on any half pay bills until July 1.

This has been corrected so that penalty (12%) and interest (based on the bill effective due date instead of the H1/H2 due dates) accrues from July 1.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

9.PACS Appraisal (Limited) #

PACS Appraisal (Limited)

New Features

  • Appraisal Cards – You can now include comments, remarks, and confidential comments on the back of appraisal cards in addition to, or in lieu of, images (Activities > Appraisal Cards).


  • Details Word Wrap on Grids and Add to Print – The Details column in grids will now automatically word wrap, thus reducing the need to expand columns for viewing. Also, when Show Details is enabled, details will print with the other data.


  • Market Analysis Report – You can now print market analysis reports for a single neighborhood or multiple neighborhoods via a Neighborhood filter menu in the Print Market Analysis Report dialog box (Reports > Sales Analysis > Market Analysis). Omit, manually enter, or use the ellipsis button to select neighborhood codes to display in the report. Leaving the filter blank will generate the exact same report as before by including all neighborhoods in the report.


  • Neighborhood Profiling – It is now possible to select and print multiple Neighborhood Profile Cost Calibration Reports (Activities > Profiling > Neighborhood Profiles) from a single location. When the new user right Mass Print Cost Calibration Neighborhood Analysis is enabled, the Profile List will populate two new columns indicating (1) whether cost calibration has been run successfully and (2) the number of properties in the results. Select multiple cost-calibrated profiles with properties, right-click and choose Print Cost Calibration Neighborhood Analysis Report.


What’s New in PACS Appraisal Documentation



Description of Update

Property Access


Taxing Jurisdiction Tax due amounts displayed through Property Access were not consistent with those shown in PACS Appraisal. The calculations have been modified for consistency.

PACS Appraisal

Appraisal Notices


You can now double-click entities in order to move them from the Available List to the Selected List, or, highlight numerous entities and move them from the Available List to the Selected List when working in the Appraisal Notice Configuration Maintenance – Omit Entities dialog box (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notice Maintenance).

TFS 14672

Errors occurred when choosing Print or Preview for Multi Property Appraisal Notices (Activities > Appraisal Notices > Configuration Maintenance, or Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notice Forms Maintenance). This has been corrected.

ARB Protest


The Mass Schedule Protest Hearings dialog box (from active protest search results, select all, right-click and choose Mass Schedule Appraiser Meeting) was missing an option. This has been corrected.


Typos and formatting in the Details dialog of the Supplemental Appraisal Notice run have been corrected.


The Delete option in the ARB letters screen was unexpectedly disabled. This has been corrected.


You can now apply changes after an evidence packet is generated.

TFS 14888

Attempts to remove a protest (from a protest search, right click on a protest and select Remove from Protest Group) from the protest group generated a confirmation message before generating default files for evidence packets. This has been corrected.

Comparable Sales


Performance on searches that included the Analysis Ready and # Properties data was improved.



When adding exemptions to an entity, PACS prompted the user to enter a state mandated amount when it was not required. This has been corrected.

TFS 14404

The Kleberg Custom Homestead Application form has been modified in response to legislative changes.

Income Valuation


Lease Rate changes in the Income Schedule did not load upon clicking Load Sched Data in the Direct Cap view of the Income Valuation approach dialog (from a property record, select Values tab and click Income Value). This has been corrected.

Online Appeals


The Online Appeals Website Configuration dialog box (Activities > Online Appeals > Website Configuration) is now smaller and allows for scrolling.


You can now perform the Assign Pin Run without undoing a previous run.


The following changes apply to Online Appeals E-File Web site:

  • The PIN field on the E-File website is now case sensitive.
  • The name displayed in the Confirm Web site User Information box now reflects the File As name from PACS Appraisal.
  • The Protest Summary screen now includes more specific directions for users who wish to file.
  • E-File user comments are are now sent in their entirety, up to 1024, to PACS.


The Options menu item (Machine Settings > ARB > Options) has been disabled for users without the Codefile Maint: ARB Codes user right.


Text reminding E-File Web site users who expect email from the appraisal district to check their junk and spam folder in their email client.


The following changes apply to Online Appeals:

  • The content of email messages sent to E-File users has been limited, and now only informs E-File users that the appraisal district will contact them via mail.
  • An email was being sent to the protester each time the ARB Protest record was updated. This has been corrected, and is now a separate action.


The following changes apply to Online Appeals:

  • If an E-File user chooses Accept when no offer has been made, the accepted value will copied to the Appraiser Assigned Value.
  • A message stating that protesters can not submit evidence was added to the E-File Web site.
  • Text recommending that E-File user print their documents has been removed from the E-File Web site.
  • Text appearing on the final screen of the E-File process is now editable in PACS Appraisal.
  • Text indicating to E-File protesters that an email will be sent upon accepting or rejecting an offer has been removed.
  • Appraisal values were being displayed prior to PACS users capturing the value and/or sending owner/agents notice of value. This has been corrected.


The following changes apply to Online Appeals:

  • When publishing evidence packets in an ARB Protest record, the publication date will no longer change upon subsequent publications.
  • When an E-File user requests evidence, PACS users will now receive specific notification with the ARB Protest event.
  • When a PACS user generates an ARB Protest event and an email is sent to the E-File user, the outgoing message now contains more specific information about the change event.
  • The maximum character limit in the Opinion of Value field on the E-File Web site now matches the maximum character limit in PACS Appraisal.


The instructions appearing on the New User Registration screen of the E-File Web site are now consistent with the available options.

TFS 14791

The following changes have been made to the E-File Property Selection dialog (Activities > Online Appeals > Property E-File Status, right click and select Set E-File Status):

  • The Neighborhood Code field is now editable.
  • When entering codes, the selection box entry field now recognizes existing neighborhood codes and suggests code numbers as they are being typed.
  • Options have been added to include properties with agents, exclude properties with agents, or exclude a single agent.

Ownership Change


A property that had an ownership change within a given date range was excluded from a State of Account for Ownership Transfers run (Activities > Generate Tax Statements > Generate Accounts for Ownership Transfer) for the same date range. This was corrected.


The Address Change Report (Reports > Owner > Address Change Report) was potentially excluding properties that are collections-only properties. Report filtering procedures have been changed to correct this problem.



Properties already checked out for use in Penpad were checked out again for use with a second Penpad (Activities > Penpad Maintenance > right click). This was corrected.


Using Penpad caused unexpected results in the GIS viewer. Correct labels in the GIS viewer were not being displayed and View Property menu options were disabled because of system settings. In addition, errors in PACS resulted in the following:

  • The Launch Penpad menu option was available in property records in which Penpad was not checked out.
  • Color assignments were inconsistent.
  • Colors of checked out properties changed when Show Detailed Label was activated.

These have been corrected.

Property Records


In the Property Agent Wizard (from property record, open Owner-Agent tab and click Add), the default application, effective, and expiration dates were not the current date. This has been corrected.

Rendition Reports


A BPP Rendition Report (Activities > Print Property Applications) was modified to meet state requirements.



Rendition penalty letters (Activities > Letter Processing > Print Property Letters) were being addressed to owners instead of agents in cases where the agent had contact rights. This has been corrected.


Entities were incorrectly displayed as totally exempt when one or more entity segments were split (set to less than 100%) and special exemption was applied (open property record, add entity percentage <100%, add special exemption to split entity and apply a percentage exemption. This will affect all special exemption calculations when one or more entities have a percentage of less than 100%.


Users were unable to generate Address Change Report (Activities > Reports > Owner > Address Change Report). Generation process would begin but not complete. This has been corrected.


Because of differences between versions of Crystal Reports, an error occurred when printing PTD reports (Activities> Certify Appraisal Roll> PTD> Generate Certified PTD Submission). This has been corrected.

Supplement Processing


An error occurred when attempting to copy back to a previous year a currently leased mineral property that had no lease record in the previous year (Property > Create Property for Previous Year). Lease data will now be disregarded.


When working initially with a property in supplement, then using the navigation arrows to move to other property records, other previously supplemented property records were erroneously editable because the browsing window was not set to locked. This has been corrected.


Multiple assessment runs that included a bills created supplement group gave unexpected results (Activities > Assessment > Supplement Functions > Supplement Group Maintenance). This was corrected.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

10.PACS Collections (Limited) #

PACS Collections (Limited)



Description of Update

PACS Collections

Bill Adjustment Codes


When a bill adjustment code with an overriding rate of attorney fees was added to a bill with a due date within the current month (open a property record, select Property > Bills > Manually Create Bills, then, Property > Bills > Set Adjustment Code on Bill), the fee rate was not being calculated with the bill amount due until after the effective due date. This has been corrected.

Delinquent Notices


Delinquent Notices (Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Notices) omitted bills for which the Bill Owner ID did not match the Bill Collections ID. This has been corrected.


After setting the criteria on a Delinquent Notice run (Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Tax functions > Print Delinquent Notice) to exclude bills older than a specified year for a specific property type (Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Notice Maintenance), bills for other property types were also excluded. This has been corrected.



Choosing Preview when navigating the Print Statements Wizard (Activities > Assessment > Supplement Functions > Supplement Group Maintenance > right click and choose Print Supplemental Statements > Preview, or, Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Levy Statement Maintenance > right click and choose Print Levy Statements) started a print run instead of opening a preview. The preview option has been disabled in the Print Statement Wizard.

Import Owner-Agent


An error occurred when importing appraisal data (File > Import > Appraisal Data, right click New Owner/Agent Import). This stemmed from a previous issue regarding year selection and has been corrected.

TFS 14829

In the VIT Sale, Units Breakdown dialog, setting Carry Total Units number over to Sale option to True did not save. This has been corrected.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019
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