1.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

Released to Clients on 04/08/2009.

PACS Appraisal (GA)

What’s New in PACS Appraisal Documentation

  • VIT Processing (Changed)



Description of Update

ARB Protests


When scheduling a protest hearing for a property record with previously closed protests, the hearing was being assigned to the docket of a closed protest. This has been corrected.

CASS Export


In the CASS export file layout, Address_line_1 was renamed to additional_name, Address_line_2 was renamed to Address_line_1, and Address_line_3 was renamed to address_line_2.

Electronic Deeds


The Electronic Deeds processing results screen has been enhanced to display additional address lines.



The system response in displaying the Entity/Exemption Taxable Summary dialog box (with the Tax Summary button from the Entity/-Exmpt tab of a property record) was slow. This has been improved.

Income Module


The building efficiency percentage was being applied to the adjusted occupancy rate, and to the adjusted vacancy rate. This is no longer the case; the calculations have been corrected for the Net Rentable Area, the Leased Area, and the Vacant Area.


On commercial income grids, the value of the DC Cap Rate was incorrect. This has been corrected.



The current taxpayer search results screen and ownership transfer results screen have been enhanced to display additional address lines.



It was not possible to add an agent to a property record in a supplement (that is, to a year other than the current year). This has been corrected.

2.PACS Collections (GA) #

PACS Collections (GA)

What’s New in PACS Collections Documentation

  • Delinquent Notice Processing (Replacement of previous Delinquent Notice Processing User Guide)
  • Litigation Management (New)



Description of Update

Appraisal Data Import


For an import from a vendor other than True Automation, the current ownership was not being updated consistently. This has been corrected.


If the freeze year, transfer year, and property year are the same, the freeze year and ceiling information are now imported.


BPP rendition penalty flag information is now included in the import.


The following changes have been implemented.

  • Match Imported Data (available by right-clicking Match Imported Data from the Appraisal Import List) – If PACS properties are already mapped to an imported property from a different CAD, a new PACS property record is created during the match process.
  • Data Imports tab (available on a property record)- The data mapping feature on the Data Imports tab of a property record has been changed to limit the mapping of the property to only one CAD. You can set up multiple mappings to the same CAD as long as the software vendor ID is different for each mapping.
  • Matching Unmatched Properties (available by right-clicking Match Unmatched Properties from the Appraisal Import List)- A warning is displayed and you are prevented from setting up a manual match for a property when there is a mapping in the appraisal_import_property_map_table for the property with the same CAD and same software vendor ID but a different imported property ID (that is, cross-reference).


It was not possible to manually match some imported property records because the system identified them as requiring a property ID assignment from the originating CAD. This has been corrected so that it is now possible to manually match these imported property records if required.

Property Record


The Legal Acreage field is now available for editing on the Identification tab of property records so that the data can be viewed or entered when creating a new property.

3.PACS Appraisal (GA) #

Released to Clients on 03/11/2009.

PACS Appraisal (GA)

The following new and changed functionality is provided with this release.


In the ARB module, it is now possible to:

  • Review confidential comments in the Appraiser Meeting view and Values view of inquiries and protests.
  • Increase the number of hearings for multiple dockets with the Update All Dockets feature, or close multiple dockets at the same with the Close Dockets features so that no more hearings can be scheduled.

    arb protest dockets

  • Apply an evidence request date to multiple protests at the same time with Notice of Forms Processing (File > New > ARB Protest).

    arb nop evidence packet

  • Identify deleted properties in the Notice of Protest Forms Processing list (File > New > ARB Protest) so that, if required, you can remove them from the list and prevent protests from being created for them.

    arb nop deleted accounts

  • Attach an event, image, or document to multiple protests at the same time with the Mass Update Events option.
  • Select the Reschedule check box for multiple protests at the same time with the Mass Populate Reschedule option.

Calculation Worksheet/Evidence for Protests

There is a new report, Calculation Worksheet, with which you can preview or print value data for real or mobile home property records that are not UDI parents. The menu path is Property > Print Calculation Worksheet. The report contains data that is found on the Values, Improvements, and Land tabs for a property record, and it can be provided to taxpayers as evidence 14 days prior to protest hearings.

Comparable Sales

In the Comparable Sales module, it is now possible to:

  • Enter effective year built scoring criteria for residential comparable searches in the Comparable Property Scoring dialog box (accessed from the Scoring button under Tools > Comparable Property > Comparable Property Maintenance).

    Comp Scoring

  • Use the following calculations for the Neighborhood Adjustment % field and the Neighborhood Adjustment Amount field by selecting the Use Neighborhood Adj check box in Comparable property Configuration (Tools > Comparable Property > System wide configuration):
    • Neighborhood Adjustment %: (Subject Neighborhood Adjustment Percentage – Comparable Neighborhood Adjustment Percentage)/Subject Neighborhood Adjustment Percentage
    • Neighborhood Adjustment Amount : (Comparable Adjusted Sales Price – Comparable Land Value) * Neighborhood Adjustment %

    Note If you do not select the Use Neighborhood Adj check box, the following calculations are used for the Neighborhood Adjustment % field and the Neighborhood Adjustment Amount field:

    • Neighborhood Adjustment %: A value of 100% is used.
    • Neighborhood Adjustment Amount: A value of zero is used.

Electronic Deed Processing in the Future Year

  • It is now possible to process electronic deeds in the future year layer by selecting Activities > Future Year Layer, and then proceeding to the Electronic Deed Processing activity (Activities > Electronic Deed Processing > Batch Maintenance) to display the Electronic Deed Import Maintenance window. When you right-click in the window and choose one of the menu options, a message is displayed asking if you would like to apply all electronic deed changes to the future year layer.

    If the selected property for the deed is not currently copied to the future year layer, the system automatically copies the selected property to the future year layer after Process is chosen in the Electronic Deed Processing window.

End of Year Processing: Over 65 Exemptions

  • You can now remove only OV65 exemptions when required by selecting the Property with Over 65(s) exemption only check box in the Reset Exemptions dialog box (Activities > End of Year Processing > Reset Exemptions).
  • exemption_ov65only

Exemption: Disabled Person/Surviving Spouse

The disabled persons/surviving spouse exemption, based on Texas Property Tax Code 11.26, is now available to be applied to property records.


  • The sale price per square foot is now available as an attribute for land so that you can select it for display in the GIS Viewer if required.

    Important Caution Icon To use this new option, you must remove the parcel layer with the Manage GIS tool (Tools > Manage GIS), and then add the parcel layer again.


  • On the Information tab of lawsuits, there is now an Add/Remove button available to add or remove appraisers as required.


Timber 78

If the Use Timber 78 Values check box is selected for an entity, you can override the timber 78 value at the property level by selecting Details for an entity from the Entity-Exmpt tab. The override feature enables you to retain timber 78 values set by another district for properties that your district now processes.

timber 78

Value Distribution

  • You can now automatically distribute value across linked properties by clicking the Distr. Value button on the Distribution tab in the Income Valuation dialog box. The following methods are now available:
    • Distribute Manually – You can use this option to manually specify the amount to be assigned to each segment.
    • Distribute Value by % – Distributes the total value from the property level to all listed homesite and non-homesite segments, both land and improvement.
    • Distribute Value – Land Value – You can use this option to retain the land value and distribute the remaining value to other improvement segments by percentage.
    • Distribute Value, Set Land, % Improvement – You can use this option to distribute the value by percentage to the segments other than the land, and to enter the land value in the New Land Value field.

What’s New in PACS Appraisal Documentation

  • Appraisal Notice Procedures (Updated)

    Important See the updated Appraisal Notice Procedures documentation for information about choosing the default form titled Notice 2008 for 2009.

  • ARB Protest Processing (Updated)
  • Comparable Sales (Updated)
  • Image and Document Management (Replacement of Adding Images to PACS User Guide)
  • Income Module (Updated)
  • Rendition Processing (Replacement of Personal Property User Guide)
  • Tax Ceiling Certificates (New)



Description of Update

Appraisal Cards


Appraisal card data was being printed only on the top half of a page before rolling over to the next page. This has been corrected.


An error was displayed when printing some appraisal cards. This has been corrected.

Appraisal Codes


Data in the General: Property Use Codes dialog box (Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > Property Use Codes) is now sorted by the code rather than the description.



When using the protest wizard, new protests were not being created for properties with an open protest. This has been corrected. In addition, when the ARB Multiple Protest By configuration is set to true (indicating that more than one protester can be added to an open protest), from a new message in the protest wizard, you are prompted to specify if you want to add the new protest to an existing protest.

Comparable Sales


There is now an option to adjust a comparable grid’s missing main area by the comparable grid’s adjustment class instead of the subject class. The option is MA Adj to Comp, available in the Adjustment Options section of the Comparable Property Configuration dialog box (Tools > Comparable Property > System Wide Configuration).


The Prop Name field is a new field available for use with commercial income grids.

The DC Cap Rate field is a new field available for use with commercial equity grids.


In the Comparable Sales/Property Results List for residential property, the sales ratio (the total market value divided by the adjusted sales price) was not being updated after a value had been updated. This occurred because after improvements were updated, the calculation of the sales ratio was not using the recalculated market value. The following solution was applied:

  • In the Comparables/Property Search dialog box, if the Sold Accounts Only and the Return As Of Sale Info check boxes are selected, the sales ratio displayed in the Comparable Sales/Property Results List is calculated based on the market value of the property as of the sale record.
  • In the Comparables/Property Search dialog box, if the Sold Accounts Only check box is selected and the Return As Of Sale Info check box is not selected, the sales ratio displayed in the Comparable Sales/Property Results List is calculated based on the current market value.
  • In the Comparables/Property Search dialog box, if the Sold & Unsold Accounts Only check box is selected, the sales ratio displayed in the Comparable Sales/Property Results List is calculated based on the current market value.
  • When a property is involved in a multi-property sale, the sales ratio is based on the total market value of all the properties involved in the sale.

End of Year Processing


Printing exemption applications (Activities > End of Year Processing > Print Exemption Applications) for ag application resulted in errors. This has been corrected.



There is now an Export as of Supplement option available on the Export Appraisal Information dialog box (File > Export > Appraisal Information) so that you can export owners according to a specified year and supplement number as required.


When exporting (File > Export > Appraisal Information) using a supplement group, the last property added was included in the appraisal_entity_info.txt file, but was missing from the appraisal_info.txt file. This has been corrected.



It is now possible to export ownership information by date range or as of a supplement number.


It was not possible to print a tax ceiling certificate for a January 1 owner unless the ownership change information was supplemented. This functionality has been enhanced so that you can select the owner and the freeze information to be printed on a tax ceiling certificate.


When Tax Summary was selected on a property’s Entity-Exmpt tab, the display of the tax summary was delayed. Performance was enhanced to correct this issue.

Homestead Cap Values


The homestead cap increase value was based on the previous reappraisal year. For the 2008 year layer and later, the value is now based on the current year less one.

Income Schedule


When creating a new income value segment, an error was displayed after Recalculate was selected, the Gross Building Area did not load, and it was not possible to save the segment. This has been corrected.


The Gross Potential Income (GPI) was not changing when the Net Rentable Area (NRA) had been changed the Direct Cap income had been recalculated. This has been corrected.

Marshall & Swift


When deleting an improvement detail, all the Marshall & Swift improvement details on the property would be zeroed out, and their methods were set back to “Adjusted Value.” This has been corrected so that only the single improvement detail is deleted.


On some properties with dual Marshall & Swift occupancies, the values were not calculating correctly if the effective age was zero or one. This has been changed so that the correct values are returned for occupancies that have been depreciated, as well those that have not been depreciated.


Occupancy code 473 was not calculating correctly; it did not require an exterior wall or HVAC component as it should. This has been corrected.


Recalculating for Marshall & Swift was causing “out of memory” errors. This has been corrected.


When an improvement detail with Marshall & Swift values was deleted, the Marshal & Swift values on other improvement details were also being deleted. This has been corrected.

Mineral Property


If required for PropertyACCESS, it is now possible to suppress the display of mineral properties in the PropertyACCESS Web site with a configuration setting.

Ownership Transfer


When a property that is part of an effective acres group was involved in an ownership transfer, and in the Ownership Transfer Wizard the check box Remove selected property from Effective Acres Group was selected, the property was not being removed from the group. This has been corrected.



Properties can now be checked out from SQL 2005 databases without any errors.


The GIS Reconciliation window was not displaying checked out properties for a Penpad that checked out properties while a second Penpad was checking out properties. It is now possible to check out multiple Penpads at the same time.

71318, 71322

The error “Related Error” was displayed for some GIS activities. This has been corrected.


If the local server SQL Server 2005 and there is no Penpad device set up, it was not possible to use Tools > Penpad > Laptop Database Setup. This has been corrected.

Personal Property


A BPP rendition form was customized for Denton CAD.


A BPP rendition form was customized for Taylor CAD.



It was possible to change an adjustment factor on a neighborhood profile and recalculate values in a certified year without supplementing the properties involved. This has been corrected.



Rendition forms were not printing correctly. This has been corrected.



Supplement data (supplement action, supplement code, supplement description, and date) was not being stored in the change log. This has been corrected.

4.PACS Collections (GA) #

PACS Collections (GA)

What’s New in PACS Collections Documentation



Description of Update

Appraisal Data Import


When the Include Mortgage check box was not selected, mortgage addresses were still being inserted into records. This has been corrected.



It is now possible to change the value in the Reversal Amount field in the Reverse Escrow Transaction dialog box (accessed from the Remove button on the Escrow tab of a property record).



The Quick Post (Single Items) and Quick Post (All Items) features were posting bills incorrectly when processing either an underpayment or an overpayment for bills in half-pay or quarter-pay status.

Supplement Processing


For properties that had been created in a supplement, the Undo Create Bills for Supplement Group activity (accessed by right-clicking and choosing Undo Create Bills for Supplement Group in the Supplement Group List)was deleting the bills. This has been corrected so that the bills are restored to the previous supplement number.

Tax Due


Tax Due calculations were not working due to a PropertyACCESS function. The PropertyACCESS function has been separated so that it no longer affects taxes due.

Tax Statement


When the Print Half Payment Information check box is selected on the Create New Tax Statement dialog box (Property > Create New Tax Statement), half-payment due information is not printed. This has been corrected.



The ability to remove an escrow amount was disabled. This has been enabled again.


Collections-only properties were not being displayed in the Special Inventory Payment wizard (Activities > VIT Processing). This has been corrected.

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