1.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal



Description of Update

Improvements / Land


The land pricing enhancement includes:

  • The addition of the Special Lot land pricing method
  • Modifications to the land schedule structure
  • Additions to the land recalculation module

The special lot pricing method can be added as SL under Tools > Code File Maintenance > Land > Method Codes. It can be selected from the Land Schedule Details dialog box (Tools > Land Schedule Maintenance).

Marshall & Swift


The Marshall & Swift (M&S) base date was adjusted to meet the minimum acceptable date. In addition, the base date was incorporated into the effective age calculation to account for changes in depreciation over time.



The user is now warned if the sketch polygon doesn’t square when in manual mode for creating/editing a sketch, and when the auto-close warning feature is turned on.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

2.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal



Description of Update

Supplement Process


Parent property records were remaining active after their child properties were deleted. This has been fixed.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

3.PACS Collections #

PACS Collections



Description of Update

Levy Roll


For mineral statement exports, text and the amount for the school district tax savings now print correctly.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

4.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal



Description of Update



The GIS Viewer in Penpad has been repaired to update the background color of the lot on the map when a property is marked as completed in Penpad.

Supplement Processing


Moving a property from a supplement to the Pending supplement group was prompting the user to recalculate the property and removed improvement segments. The recalculation screen is no longer displayed.


Removing a property from a supplement was prompting the user to recalculate the property and removed improvement segments. The recalculation screen is no longer displayed.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

5.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal



Description of Update





The following items have been repaired:

  • Launching Penpad from the GIS Viewer and the Penpad Links View now loads the properties correctly.
  • For situs addresses without a city or state, a comma is no longer displayed.
  • Improvement codesets now load into Penpad correctly.
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Last updated on January 5, 2019

6.PACS Collections #

PACS Collections



Description of Update



The field Bill type has been added for the Collections export data file.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

7.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal



Description of Update



Corrected issues where improvement detail records could not be added, and where a check in back into PACS that included reference properties would fail.


Corrected an issue where any reference properties checked in from Penpad were still displaying a status of Checked Out in PACS.



Corrected an issue where an improvement valued as flat was incorrectly giving a recalculation error when the value was set to zero.

Supplement Processing


Processing now continues as expected when a supplement description is more than 500 characters.



Corrected a SQL error resulting from a search for owners in the UDI property group process.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

8.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal

HB5 Freeze/Refreeze Establishment

Freeze/Refreeze changes have been made to keep PACS compliant with House Bill (HB) 5.

Marshall & Swift Calculations

The Marshall & Swift cost calculation method has been embedded into PACS to be used with commercial real properties.

Penpad Enhancements

Numerous Penpad enhancements have been made to better facilitate the work of users in the field.



Description of Update

Appraisal – General


In the create new year layer process, the improvement new value no longer defaults to zero for future year properties. In addition, the interpolation flag is now copied for matrix schedules.


The Certified Totals report has been changed to dynamically calculate the freeze actual tax, rather than the value output at the time of taxable calculation, allowing tax rates to change after certification and having this value change accordingly.


When importing Travis building permits, the process verifies that each field to be imported is within the length allowed by the respective database field. If it fails this verification, the process writes the line number and field name of the offending element to the errors.txt file, allowing us to easily identify which database fields need to be enlarged, or which import field in the file needs to be corrected.


When a mass update is performed on search results in GIS, the search results and mass update are now limited to real and mobile home properties. Personal properties are no longer updated.


The building_permit.bldg_permit_builder column was enlarged from 30 characters to 50 characters to allow data being imported to fit within the database field.


When working in the future year layer, properties in the current year are included as required when the Include Current Year check box is selected.


Remarks added with the Mass Update Wizard are now removed when an update is undone.


The Marshall & Swift valuation method for the estimation of commercial property value has been implemented.

There are two new user rights associated with the Marshall & Swift features: Edit Marshall & Swift (CREATE_MS_VAL), which permits users to create, add, edit, and view Marshall & Swift data and values, and View Marshall & Swift (VIEW_MS_VAL), which permits users to view Marshall & Swift data and values.


The Neighborhood Code Maintenance window now returns codes only for active properties.


An error is no longer displayed when the previous reappraisal year is entered in the Appraisal Info screen of a property record while working in the future year layer.


Instead of allowing an exception when the query is empty or improperly formulated, a more suitable message is displayed.


Corrected an issue which returned SQL errors in the Merge Wizard.


PACS no longer errors out when a user attempt to open a property but does not have the Edit All Property Events user right assigned to his or her ID.


PACS no longer shuts down when the Distribute function from ARB is chosen.


For the mineral import merge step, an update was made to ensure correct data in the following columns when properties are supplemented: sup_action, sup_cd, sup_desc, sup_dt, and prop_inactive_dt.

Appraisal Card


Values are now calculated properly in the field review card when the personal property has subsegments of the same type.


Field review cards no longer display duplicate subsegments when multiple supplements exist for the property that year.


On the field review card, the percentages on UDI properties are now rounded to two (2) decimal places instead of whole numbers.

Appraisal Export


The option of exporting properties with arbitration has been added to the appraisal export process.


Confidential owner information has been protected further within PACS.

Appraisal Forms


Custom modifications were made to the Tax Ceiling Certificate report for Taylor CAD.


The homestead applications can now be duplexed as required when printing the application for a single property.

Appraisal Notices


Query processing for the 11.145/146 process has been optimized.


Confidential owner verbiage has been corrected on the event summary and detail screens, the property exemption detail screen, and on respective RUI pages.


The date now prints correctly on appraisal notices. (The 2007 version was showing the current date in the Date of Notices field.)



When creating a protest using the menu path File > New > Protest, the system now displays the user ID of the person who created the protest in the Change Log view Field column for ARB Protest – Status Changed User ID.


The sort order for the ARB Agent Sign-in Sheet report is corrected to work as expected (that is, to sort by agent name, then by the sort criteria chosen in the dialog box).


Properties that are locked by ARB submission will now have legal description fields disabled, will not be able to have improvements or land copied to them, and will not be able to be used in the split/merge wizards.


In the ARB Protest List, the PTD column now displays the property’s PTD state code instead of T or F.


Additional letter tags (appraiser, date and time) for inquiry meetings have been added.


The ARB protest search results PTD column now contains the PTD code (not a T or F) and no longer breaks the ability to search by account type (such as residential or commercial).


The label of a check box used when copying fields for ARB protests has been changed to reflect its functionality. The label has been changed from Overwrite fields on closed protests to Allow copy of information to closed protests.

End of Year Processing


Previously, resetting the status on ownership changes (Activities > End of Year Processing > Flag Ownership Changes for Reset Status) selected properties against the sales date. Because the deed date is sometimes more appropriate, the system has been enhanced to permit the user to select which field they prefer to compare against when selecting accounts for update.



Land information is now populated in the summary screen of the homestead exemption wizard when an owner is updated during the process.


The Homestead Exemption wizard no longer applies an over 65 exemption in supplement mode when the owner does not qualify.


Freeze/refreeze processing has been modified to implement the adjustments required by House Bill (HB) 5.



The year included at the top of the homestead application form is no longer hard coded; it is now the year that the property was opened in.



Corrected a problem in the GIS Viewer where the attributes of a particular property were all returned as 0 or NULL.


The Info button in the GIS dialog box accessed from the Comparable Sales Grid has been fixed to display the property information correctly.



The Merge Wizard no longer incorrectly removes the selection of the Main Image check box on a property record when other properties are merged into it.



An error in PACS.Query that occurred when using OR operators and a Windows 2000 middle tier has been corrected.



Numerous Penpad features have been enhanced.



The exemption amount on the Tax Limitation Report when printed from the Generate PTD screen was sometimes incorrect. This has been corrected.

Profile Analysis


The year is now part of the Neighborhood Results list (Activities > Profiling > Neighborhood Profiles).



An issue that affected the printing of the Homestead Verification Report on hosted PACS clients is corrected.


On the Gross Income Multipliers report, under sales analysis, both the class and the subclass are now displayed in the Class column.


Rectified an issue with the Preliminary Totals Report where the Lower Value market value was incorrect.


Resolved an issue in the Address Change Report where the entity selected would not always appear on the report.


In the Sales Ratio Report, an error no longer results when summarizing the report by effective age.

Shared Property


In the Sales Ratio Report, an error no longer results when summarizing the report by effective age.


There is no longer an error in the shared property import process due to PACS replacing one quotation mark with two quotation marks in the database.



The Operator line on the Supplement Roll report now displays the user ID of the user who supplemented the property rather than the ID of the last user to change the property.


The calculate taxable process was modified to use prop_inactive_dt, and not just sup_action, to determine if a property was removed in a supplement.


The following issues have been corrected: property_val.prop_inactive_dt was not being set when a property was supplemented with a an action code of D (delete); property_val.prop_inactive_dt was not being cleared when a deleted property was supplemented; property_val.prop_inactive_dt had the potential to lose value when a property was moved from one open supplement to another.

Systems – General


When opening properties, tabs on property record are now displayed correctly and no longer appear to overlap.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

9.PACS Collections #

PACS Collections

2007 Legislative Tax Statement Changes

The 2007 tax statements have been modified to accommodate legislative changes in Senate Bill 456 and House Bill 3496.

HB 5 Freeze/Refreeze Reestablishment

Freeze/Refreeze changes have been made to keep PACS compliant with House Bill (HB) 5.

What was New in PACS Documentation

Documentation for the following functional areas was provided with this release:



Description of Update

Collections- General


The following modifications have been made:

  • The geo ID has been modified from 25 to 50 characters for import property associations, mortgage payment information, and the export mortgage billing process.
  • The ability to import property mortgage associations from Collections has been added.
  • The alpha sort order has been corrected for Print Levy Roll, the Levy Statement Wizard, and Print Levy Statement Wizard.
  • The Create Bill Wizard no longer includes entities with no tax rates in the levy process.
  • The Fiscal Year value information is now populated with new year totals.


The Property Access Export script now retrieves all bills in existence rather than just those from years in pacs_year.


Improved processing for updating bill adjustment codes, and the adjustment effective and expiration dates are now copied forward from the previous year.


On the Summary tab, “Other Fees” are now included in the total due.


The property search now keeps the setting Include Delete and Reference Properties.


Corrected error message text regarding removing an installment agreement that already has a payment applied.


The Remove button for an entity tax statement group is now disabled when the group does not have entities added yet. The Remove button is also disabled when there are supplemental statements.


Corrected an issue with the Property Summary screen in Collections which would give an incorrect value for “P&I, Dics, Var” if the property contains bills with overage and/or underage.


When a record is chosen on the Chart of Account Transaction History dialog box and the Details button is selected, the Invalid Description Index error is no longer displayed.


For checks printed from the distribution wizard, the property, situs, and owner information is no longer printed when not present (for example, when printing to an entity.)



The escrow total on the final page of the Daily Balance Summary Report is now correct.


The recap reports have been modified to reflect the correct total payments, overages and refunds. Specifically, the payments, overage, and refund amounts on the recap reports now include refunded overage amounts. The recap reports are: the Monthly As Of Recap Report, MTD Recap, Fiscal MTD Recap, Fiscal YTD Recap, and YTD Recap.



A user is now able to create bills with the BPP Rendition Penalty Bills enabled even when at least one tax year in the group has had rendition bills created. Now, the user is alerted of these years and all the normal bill creation process continue on all qualifying years in the supplement group.


The system now prints the interest type and interest percentage on the agent copies of the mineral tax statements.


When new properties were created via a supplement process, the adjustment code on the bill would sometimes be NULL. Because the properties were new, the system had a problem identifying the previous bill status. The bills should now be able to be created and cancelled with the correct status.


The Entity dropdown list in the Tax Summary tab of the Taxpayer screen now includes all the correct entities.


When an entity is added to a supplement with a collection option of CSI, the bill is now created as required.


Additional logic has been added to the Create Schedule function on the last page of the installment agreement wizard. If the user chooses a monthly amount, the function will verify that the amount is enough to reduce the principal. Previously, this check was not performed and would cause the function to never return, since the balance would never reach zero.

Further configuration has been added specifying the maximum number of months that should be calculated before failing. If the amount the user enters would require more payments than said number of months, an error is returned to the user indicating the payment amount is too low.


An issue on the Tax Due screen of a property record has been corrected where bills with the same statement ID (due to rollback bills) incorrectly reported tax due figures.


The owner ID is now set in Collections for newly-created properties, allowing bills to be created as required.


Corrected an issue where PACS would incorrectly distribute M&O and I&S when paying half bills.

Delinquent Statement


Spelling errors in the Delinquent Notices reports have been corrected.



The Escrow Collection Activity Report now sorts properly.


The Mass Post Escrow Wizard no longer populates the property list with properties that have a balance of zero.


The Mass Post Escrow Wizard and the Mass Update Bill Adjustment Code Wizard no longer close when a user chooses “No” on the cancel confirmation dialog box.



Freeze/refreeze processing has been modified to implement the adjustments required by House Bill (HB) 5.

MH Liens


The release date is now properly formatted in the Mobile Home Release Export. In addition, when no exports are performed, the Mobile Home Lien Release List no longer shows a count of 1.

Mineral Import


Mineral tax statements now format correctly for duplex printing, and now print the payment stub on the first page instead of the last.

In addition, the school district tax amount saved between 2005 and 2007 is displayed on the statement along with the verbiage specified in House Bill (HB) 3496. Further, the export file has been modified to include the HB verbiage and the school districts’ savings amounts.

Personal Property


The Personal Property Rendition Wizard now recalculates properties after modifications have been made.



Sporadic hangs in the quick post have been corrected.


When posting installment agreement payments, the change due and balance due now calculate correctly in the Post Payment dialog box.


The taxes due are now updated on the Summary tab of the property record to reflect a new amount resulting from a payment being made or voided.


The payment cart no longer receives some incorrect bills when the user right clicks on an owner and selects Move To Cart after an owner search.



The refund check stub has been modified to include additional information about the property and owner.


Check numbers are now applied properly in Mass Post Refund processing when a user changes the check numbers from the default.


In the Mass Post Refund wizard, users are no longer prevented from selecting another option after having chosen Apply To Taxes Due.



When printing the Modify Bill Report, the ability to search by modify code has been added.


Formatting has been corrected in the following reports: Refund Due By Prop Report, Daily Balance Summary Report, and Entity Tax Rate Report. In addition, the Summary Info for the Daily Balance Detail Report has been corrected so that when a user saves, the default Save as file name is correct.



The data transfer process was modified to transfer special exemption data so that taxable values, when recalculated at the tax office, will match.


An error message no longer occurs when printing rolls on a Collections-only database.


Stand-alone tax offices now have the ability to remove a situs address when a property is in supplement mode.


An issue with the posted payments from the payment cart, when a bill with zero balance due to variance was in the list with other bills with balances greater than 0, is corrected.

Tax Certificate


The Tax Certificate Report no longer pulls incorrect information when different payments and voids are made to one fee in different batches.

Tax Statement


Supplement statements printed for properties with ownership changes can now be printed with a duplex option. A criterion to select properties by property group code has been added.


When using a hand-held scanner for the quick post, the system no longer incorrectly reports that no bills exist for the statement scanned. In addition, the check box to enable the scanner has been moved to a more appropriate location on the dialog box.


Tax statement changes have been made pursuant to HB3496 and SB456.


A tax due value of over $1,000 no longer causes the bar code to display incorrectly on the tax statement.



The Default VIT Year field was added to Tools > User Settings > Set Property Search Settings so that users can choose the default year for VIT accounts.


The batch description now prints as required on the VIT payment receipt.

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