1.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal



Description of Update



The system now checks the appropriate user right necessary for modifying an improvement schedule adjustment factor.

Appraisal Notice


There is a new 2007 appraisal notice format that includes estimated tax reductions.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

2.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal



Description of Update



It is no longer possible for a user to modify elements of an improvement schedule or land schedule for a certified year.


The CASS export and import process no longer causes errors due to international addresses being included in the export and not being handled properly in the import process.

Personal Property


In the Rendition Entry Screen, users can now reset existing values to zero. Further, when the values are changed, the property record is refreshed to reflect the updated values.


The following personal property rendition features were updated:

  • Inactive segments no longer appear in the Asset Manager.
  • Blank segments are now cleaned up correctly.
  • New MDSE and SUPP segments receive an appraisal method of Original Cost.
  • The last segment deleted no longer continues to have its subsegments displayed in the Asset Manager.
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Last updated on January 5, 2019

3.PACS Appraisal #

PACS Appraisal

Appraisal Notice Changes for 2007

Legislative changes for 2007 have been implemented for appraisal notices. New and modified features include the following:

  • It is now possible to print properties with EX or EX366 exemptions.
  • A sentence has been added to the appraisal notice document for new value on a property or a transfer percentage on which the freeze ceiling will change.
  • Homestead limitation verbiage has been modified on the appraisal notices.
  • There is now an option on the Appraisal Notice Selection Process window to exclude properties appraised by particular third party appraisal companies.

ARB Mass Comment and Status

Two new fields have been added to the mass ARB protest load: a comment field, and a status field.

ARB Scheduling Current Date Button

The Current Date button has been added to the appraisal meeting and hearing meeting scheduling system.

Automated Transfer of Data from CAD to Tax Office

This development supports the process of exporting property and ownership information from PACS Appraisal and then importing it into PACS Collections.

Mass Create Properties in the Future Year

The Mass Property Creation wizard has been modified to allow creation of properties in the future year layer. The wizard now indicates whether the properties will be created in the current uncertified appraisal year, or in the future year layer.

Mass Entry on ARB Comment Field

The capability to mass update ARB protests has been added. There are three optional ways to update a comment: overwrite, prepend, and append an existing comment.

In addition, there is a new user right, Mass Update of ARB Protest Comments, which allows mass update comments to be enabled or disabled.

Mass Update Status on Inquiries

It is now possible to change the status of multiple ARB inquiries at one time.

TIF Zone Processing Enhancements

The TIF zone processing enhancements permit creation and maintenance of unique zones with specified participating entities. Distinct values can be assigned for land and improvement values for each entity. Two new reports, the TIF Property Report for PACS Appraisal, and the Collections TIF Report, have been added. In addition, the new user right Create TIF Zone enables the TIF Zone menu item under Tools > Code File Maintenance > General to permit the creation and maintenance of TIF zones.

What was New in PACS Documentation

Documentation for the following functional areas was provided with this release:



Description of Update

Appraisal – General


If a property remains active after it has been deleted, a message box is displayed when it is accessed.


When customizing the column layout, the column name remains highlighted so that it can be moved more than one position up or down.


The Rendition tab on personal property records has been modified so that rendition detail rows can be added, changed, or removed for a year only if the selected row’s year matches the year in which the property record was opened.


Processing continues as required for the ARB mass update.


An error is no longer displayed when viewing a property in Penpad.


The Copy button in the Copy Entity Exemptions dialog box now functions correctly so that all entities or selected entities can be copied from one year to another, and so that tax rates can be copied as well.


In mass maintenance grids, when entering a data for the table Property and the field Prop Group Code, the Old Value drop-down now displays available group codes correctly.


On the property search customizing results screen, buttons are enabled or disabled as required.

Appraisal Card


Grantor information now prints on the appraisal card when the property has no seller records.


The Appraisal and Field Review cards now display the Class column correctly, and display the correct column titles.

ARB Inquiry


When entering an ARB inquiry, the Quick Add button remains enabled when value is entered for the case ID and the property ID.



The totals report no longer prints incorrect values intermittently depending on the printer driver being used.



The Property Group Report is now generated successfully.



The Tax Deferral Report now includes the deferral date in correct format for the latest supplement. In addition, the report no longer includes duplicate rows of data when multiple entities are associated with an exemption.


The Prior Year Exemption Search dialog has been modified to check the latest year listed by default if no years have had a prop_inactive_dt value set. Otherwise, the wizard checks the rows for years in which the property has been deleted.



The Travis Commercial Business PP Rendition Instruction Sheet has been updated with the requested changes.



There is no longer an error in mass maintenance when a user sets the value of a field to none.



The Copy From Year button is now enabled for mobile home accounts when the user has the required user right.

Personal Property


The zip order option now sorts correctly for rendition penalty letters.


When you are on the Appraised Value tab in a BPP segment and you select the Special Pricing or Sub Segment radio buttons, the fields for these radio buttons become available for data entry.


The custom report pp_rend_fill_2005_guadalupe.rpt was added and corrected. The Year Acquired field was removed and the label “If assets acquired in 2003 or …” was changed to “If assets acquired in 2006 or …”

Reports & Letters


When a totals report includes the Effective Rate Assumptions section, deannexation information is now limited to the properties specified in the customer query within the totals report dialog box.


The system now generates the Address Change report more efficiently.


Processing time has been improved for the Newly Created Property Report.


Addresses are now displayed correctly on letters. The <!ARBDOC.addr_main!> letter tag no longer contains an extra line feed.



Mailing types have been added to the agent detail information in RUI.



The Land Type column now sorts correctly in the search results for Residential Comparable Sales.

Shared Property


The late ag penalty is now calculated correctly.

Supplement Process


Events are now generated for properties moved from one supplement to another using the Shift open ARB accounts to next supplement option available on the Supplement Group Maintenance window. The events can be viewed on the property record Events tab.


The Exemption Wizard no longer erroneously reports the wrong exemptions on a property for a given owner and year due to invalid property exemption records.


The Undo Accept Supplement process no longer causes incorrect changes to incorrect supplements.


The LayerCopyRendition stored procedure has been corrected so that personal properties that were supplemented can now be accepted.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019

4.PACS Collections #

PACS Collections

Automated Transfer of Data from CAD to Tax Office

This development supports the process of exporting property and ownership information from PACS Appraisal and then importing it into PACS Collections.

Mass Post Refunds

The new Mass Post Refunds wizard allows you to issue refunds for multiple properties at one time. With this wizard, you can identify all properties with a refund due, print checks, prints receipts and prints statements of account. In addition, the ability to print refund checks from the Refund Cart has been added.

Quarter/Half Pays on Export if Expired

A pay_type field has been added to the Collections Export. In addition, an option to exclude non-delinquent quarter and half pay bills has been added to Collections Export.



Description of Update

Collections – General


A pay_type field has been added to the Collections Export. In addition, an option to exclude non-delinquent quarter and half pay bills has been added to Collections Export. Further, when the Exclude non-delinquent quarter and half pay bills check box is selected on the Export Collection Information dialog box, the system now saves the selection.


In the Batch Distribution Wizard, the available chart of accounts is now listed on the left, and the selected chart of accounts is now listed on the right.


When statement IDs are assigned to supplemental statements, previously generated statement IDs from existing levy bills are now used where applicable.


Quarter-pay and half-pay bills paid off with underage or overage variance now display correctly on the bill breakdown dialog box’s Quarter/Half Pay tab. In addition, the Statement Summary dialog box no longer includes underage and overage in its total when it should not.


The Owner/Agent tab has been modified to allow Collections users to add or remove the Collections agent regardless of whether or not the property is in coding.


The amount of time required for the Close Day process has been reduced.



The BatchCloseDay process now correctly calculates the per entity totals for tax certificate fees, no longer causing the Batch Distribution Wizard to incorrectly report these values.



The effective due date is now set to January 31st rather than January 1st when creating BPP rendition penalty bills for a supplement group.



P&I refund amounts are now being properly calculated when a bill is paid off with an Overpayment-Refund payment. In addition, the refunded penalty interest on M&O is now being properly written to the bill table when a refund with penalty is issued.



Payments applied to adjusted bills that previously had paid refunds now correctly calculate the amount of M&O and ins for the payment.



Corrections have been made involving the way refunds are generated when overpay, underpay, and overpay-refund transactions are used to pay off the bill and additional adjustments are made to reduce the taxes due on the bill. Refund_due_trans values are now calculated correctly when the original payment does not have a discount.


The sort order in refunds_due_by_prop.rpt has been changed to prop_id, sup_tax_yr, entity_cd.


Records with an amount due of zero (due to a refund having been paid or voided) are no longer included in the Refund Due Report.

Reports & Letters


The Tax Collections Activity by Year Report has been modified to include refund overage amounts.


Modified the refunds due and refunds paid reports to exclude underage amounts since they are irrelevant to refunds.


The void refund process no longer causes the voided refund record not to be included in the Refund Due Report.


In the Tax Collections Detail Activity Report, the refund total now includes overage and the Overpayments line item is reduced by the amount already refunded.


Corrected tax statements now display the correct value for quarterly payments.

Supplement Process


When a property for a Collections-only site is opened in appraisal, the value is no longer zero.

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Last updated on January 5, 2019
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