Release Notes #

Released on 4/26/2019
TFS ID TS ID Description
38648 177715 Added following tables to PACS.Query:  chg_of_owner, daily_batch, daily_batch_prop_assoc, land_sched_detail.
40564 185685 Made changes to change log in reference to following tables:  Added better “Ref” values for changes to the following tables: situs,  asset,  asset_adjustment,  imprv,  land_detail,  property_waiver,  property_tax_area,  property_owner_address
41617 193185 Corrected issue with notification “Address changes will not be saved”
41853 194956 Corrected error when selecting criteria in mass update
41929 189353 Add owner_id to assessment export layout
41980 195585 Corrected issue with Tidemark import.
41991 195779 Corrected issue with Other Personal Property Value field and Other Value field to allow them to be editable.
42047 195689 Correct display issue with Type Codes in the Standard Gain/Loss Reports
42181 197457 Changes to the PRC includes: The Market Value column in the Improvement Detail listing was renamed to “RCNLD”,  The RCNLD/Market Value column will now display the imprv_detail.imprv_det_value column
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