Release Notes #

41929189353Add owner_id to assessment export layout
41664189350Changed the Value Breakdown table on the top-right corner of the Real Assessment Notice to display the Appraised Value instead of the Market Value, for new Notice Runs. 
41730194078Removed the Reset Ex checkbox from the Property View and from the Ownership Transfer Wizard.
41759194248When making a change in the Validate Address dialog, the changes are not saved until you click Save. If you click Update Properties before clicking Save, it used to update the address of the properties using the old address. Now, if any changes were made, when clicking Update Properties, the user will get a dialog asking if they want to save to continue. This will ensure the latest address is used to update props.
41803194589When the user clicks the details button in the Declaration Panel to open a declaration, it was always showing the assets for the year that the Property View is opened for. Now it will show the listing from the appropriate year.
41845192887Recently created PID doesn’t exist

The export layout is attached here: Exp Layout

Release made available on 3/14/2019.

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Last updated on March 14, 2019
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