New Features #

New Features in this release includes:
  • Printing Corrected TRIM Notices in Mass
  • Confidential Configurations to TRIM Notice
This release also includes a new TRIM Export Layout which is included here: Trim Notice Export Layout March 2019  For full explanation of the New Features, please click here: March 2019 FL Release New Features   Release Date is April 17, 2019
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Last updated on April 17, 2019 Release Notes #

TFS ID TS ID Symptom
38461 176946 Add Events, Images and Comments for Special Assessment Districts in PACS similar to what is in Special Assessment Agencies.
40726 180414 Allow user to enter an OLD Value for selection when the Table = Property Characteristics
40556 182839 The additional basis in improvement detail does not save the stored area.  This is corrected.
40734 183689 Users would experience an error when going to Activities > Mass Maintenance > Mass Copy of Sale Land & Improvements Maintenance.  This is corrected.
40407 183690 Made change where Image Type that only has one Record and/or Sub Type associated to it the Record and Sub Type should auto populate by default so that the user is not having to select the Record and Sub Type’s individually.
40407 183690 The Record Type and Sub Type in Images is auto selected now when there is only 1 record item in them.
40668 183912 The Sale Date Range selection criteria is picking up sales that fall outside of the date range entered. This is corrected.
40388 184541 PACS Command not exporting all property sketches.  This is corrected.
40679 186388 The ‘Other’ value should be calculated for the prior year for Applied Assessment Reductions.   Both the TRIM notice and the Print Corrected Property TRIM Notice should print the reduction in value.
40683 186471 In some cases, the Personal Property TRIMs that have a penalty are not correctly calculating the penalty taxes in column 6 and column 8.  This is corrected.
40790 186530 The Special Assessment rate fields in the TRIM Export Layout need was increased to 4 decimals.
41095 186789 Add property.dba_name  to the TRIM Export .   This is Primary DBA located on the Identification panel
40777 186947 Add Special Assessment Units  to print on the Special Assessment Calculation Comparison Report.
40801 187140 Correction to TRIM Notice.  Activities > TRIM Notice >; The corrected TRIM notice needs to print  ‘Reprinted mm/dd/yyyyy similar to Command > Print Corrected Property TRIM Notice.  The events created for these TRIMS will have event type = RTN.
40811 187155 The prior year values for special assessments should match the TRIM configuration setup for the prior year.
40827 187213 Error randomly occurs when use adds subsegments to personal property account.  This is corrected
40985 187273 PACS crashes when doing a merge from GIS.   This is corrected.
40898 187285 User would receive failed error when running Sales Ratio Report when the selection criteria is left blank.  This is corrected.
41033 188468 Tangible Appraisal Card is printing 1.00 as the asset Trend Factor on all assets rather than printing the actual trend factor value.
41153 188474 PACS corrected the sale price on the SDF file will be set to 0 when the sale price is NULL.
41038 188534 User receives owner percentage errors.  This is corrected.
41037 188610 When using Set Taxpayer on the Deeds & Sales screen two owners should not be flagged as primary and if two owners are flagged as primary you should be able to unselect one of the owners.
41052 188771 Add the following 3 fields to the Inquiry Search results:  appeal_inquiry.inq_taxpayer_comments, appeal_inquiry.inq_appraiser_comments, appeal_inquiry.inq_operator_comments.  Rename column ‘PTD’ to B-USE to match the field description for this field that is on the improvement screen (imprv.imprv_type_cd)
41099 189145 The Special Assessment Summary report needs to list the agencies in alphabetical order like it did before release
41161 189398 The DR-403EB page only needs to print once.  In some offices, this would produce multiple pages.
41198 189938 DR-FC420 reporting incorrect number
41308 190505 The property is already in a Roll Correction state and should not show the roll correction screen when moving an improvement detail from one improvement to another on the same property.
41318 190543 Add the Special_Assessment_Agency.assessment_cd  to the DR-409 Roll Correction Tax Calculator Worksheet.
41317 190567 The change log is not being updated when an exemption is added or application is added or changed on the Applications & Exemptions screen.  This is corrected.
41325 190587 When a TRIM notice or the Print Corrected TRIM Notice is printed for a property that does not have a GEO ID the TRIM notice is not printing the PID number on the TRIM.  This is corrected.
41333 190601 The PID should not print in the middle of the form when ‘Print Barcode’ is checked.   In the future when barcodes are implemented we expect to see the barcode print on the form.
41412 191129 All sketches should be written to the Web Export when ‘Include Sketch Images’ is checked.
41407 191160 Client is unable to change the Reason for Adjusted Use and/or the Reason for Adjusted Value on the Roll Correction History screen.  This is corrected.
41470 191552 When the client adds an event on a property, the year of the event is setting the year to the calendar year and not the assessment year.  Corrected so that system will set the event year to the assessment year.
41956 191570 Error was occurring with TPP Export.
41504 191999 The DR403v prints in order by name, the DR489v prints in order by code.  These should print the same order.
41521 192126 The Type 8 should appear as a valid selection in Tools > Code Maintenance > Sale Property Change
41520 192134 The revision date on the DR-489V is incorrect.
41550 192593 Activities > Letter Processing > Print Property Letters.  Added a SAVE option so charges can be made to queries before printing letters.  Added a COUNT option to check the number of letters will be produced before the letters are printed.  
41607 192967 Users receive error  ‘Query should return Prop_id’.  This is corrected.
41726 193562 Splits and Subdivisions – Mass Create GEO ID extra digit
41976 193628 DR-489EB Not Reporting CA Exemptions
41687 193716 Corrected various issues when printing building permits.
41700 193813 When user browses to Search property > Commands > Open Another Year For Property; the years display incorrectly.   This is corrected.
41768 194173 The Personal Property Tax Return is not printing the complete return address on the form.  This is corrected.
41969 195773 DR409 Form not most recent version
42066 195966 Error was occurring when activating Future Year Layer
42017 195994 DR-489 Extra Pages
42060 196256 DLP – TPP Appraisal card – total cost does not equal actual cost in pacs
41870 196350 Portability – When a Portability application has been completed, the Application should update when the property is re-calculated any time in the future
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Last updated on April 18, 2019 Release Notes (Limited) #

Available 5/14/2019


TFS ID TS ID Description
42038 193592 Line 3 Annexations on the DR489V should only report value if the property has been annexed into the taxing authority and was not previously part of the taxing authority.   This was corrected
42058 191220 Completed external tool to allow customer to export all main images to website
42192 197439 hen a two or more taxing authorities are combined together on the TRIM Notices, the combined authorities do not have a category or an order. If the TRIM configuration is changed by going to Activities > TRIM Notices > Configuration an error occurs when the changes are saved.
42197 197543 The Corrected TRIM Notice doubles the ‘By Local Board’ amount in the totals
42204 197478 Modified key areas of complaint where the words “principal authority” needed to be replace with “tax district” and where “levy” needed to be replaced by “taxing authority”.
42208 197467 When client uses the Load function in the Report>Sales Ratio Report dialog, an error is thrown.  This is corrected
42209 197348 Distribution Value does not populate value when selecting Distribute Value – Retain Land Value or Distribute Value Set Land % Improvement.  This was corrected.
42212 195497 DR489 Just value breakdown does not total “total just value”.  This was corrected.
42223 197752, 198214 The PROPERTY.GEO_ID is no longer printing on the DR501 form.  This was corrected
42224 197754 Fixed invalid casting issue for ApplicationTypeViewModel from IGenericCode, caused by Signature Pad changes.
42248 Moved Geo ID in search to its own line to allow more displayed characters
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Last updated on May 14, 2019
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