New Features #

  • This release contains the following New Features:
1 41832 System is not retaining grid customization settings – When a user customizes the Deeds and Sales Grid, Asset Management Grid or Ownership Grid PACS will now save the changes to the grid if the user moves to another panel or closes the property.
2 41836 Add Phone Number and Email to Contacts Grid
3 41864 Broward Etrim export files – See instructions for ETRIM to DOR below DOR Etrim
4 41865 Alachua:  Add Exemption Sub-Type to Exemption Dialog (DEV) – See instruction below for the exemption Sub TypeExemption Sub Type
5 41868 Error when filtering events grid any column
6 41873 Portability – The Amount to Port field should use the property level rounding factor to round – Creates DOR Edit Check Error
7 41874 Portability – When the user enters a Percent less than 100% in the Percentage field it breaks the calculation
8 41877 Portability – Add a Portability Indicator to the Summary Panel – Added ‘Portability Applied’ under the Exemption label in the Owner Name and Address Paragraph on the Summary Panel when property_cap_type_value.cap_type=’SOH’ and property_cap_type_value.portability_amt is > 0.
9 41878 Sale Price Panel – $0 Doc Stamp Tax should create a $0 Sale Price in the UI and Sale Table –   Fixed sale price formatting issue on Ownership Transfer and history dialogue. Fixed exception while clicking sale price panel without giving general information.
10 42320 DOR change Request to report centrally assessed on NAL and NAP – NAP and NAL export updated per requirements.
11 42325 Last appraiser if inactive is being removed from property – active appraiser name should appear in last appraiser field. Only remove the appraiser from the last appraisers drop down list.
12 42326 Broward – change all banners for child screens to have geo id
13 42587 DR 403 , DR 489 and DR 489V EB PC in xlsx format for DOR Submittal – See Details Below DR 403, DR 489 and DR 489V, EB, PC in .xlsx format for DOR consumption.  This will require the clients have EXCEL on the servers in order for this to work correctly.
14 42620 Ownership Transfers in the Future Year – PACS will now allow an ownership transfer in a future year layer for a property.
15 42622 Keep Mailing Name field as entered when all that is done is the Primary Owner Flag is updated  – 1. Mailing Name field remains as entered when the Primary Owner Flag is updated. 2.  If the Owner that is being deleted is the same as mailing name, a message will be displayed “This Owner is associated with the Mailing Name. Do you still want to remove this owner?” On confirmation, the mailing name should default to the Primary Owner name.
Please click New Features to access the new features documentation. This release is available on September 23, 2018.
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Last updated on September 18, 2019 New Features - Multiple Owners Exemption Functionality #

Please find the document attached to instruct user how to apply multiple exemption Functionality.

Please click,  Calculations Multi-owner Exemption Processing in September release

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Last updated on September 19, 2019 Release Notes #

ID HS ID Description
40767 179393 Made modifications to the ownership transfer wizard so that the ownership will not affect the deferred amount for the current year. The change will now take place in the following year.
41791 193563 Made modifications to Split/Merge Wizard to allow the Township, Section, Range and Census Block/Group to be copied to child properties created from a split.
41729 194076 Added ability for user to rearrange the Land Detail rows on the Land panel
41790 194201 The market area filed (property_val.market_area_cd) will now be populated during a split on the property.
42036 194410 Corrected living area calculation to correctly show living area when deleted improvements exist on the property.
42415 195767 If the override area was selected on an improvement detail, the area from sketch was changing to null in the User Interface. This was corrected
42078 196010 If user entered value in Tools > Code Maintenance > Exemption > Exemption Definition, if a discount percent was entered with decimal points, the discount percent was being rounded. This is corrected.
42076 196167 Contact email would not accept a value with an underscore. This is corrected.
42274 196273 In some instances, when there is an improvement detail is not coded as a Main Area and is listed as sequence #1, the user would have to recalculate twice in order for it to calculate depreciation correctly. This is corrected
42189 197349 When doing a secondary property search by improvement type, a pop up to select groups codes to search by; this should be improvement details. This has been corrected.
42202 197642 In Security Manager, under Manage Roles > Code Maintenance > ‘Event Status’ is misspelled. “Eveent”; this is corrected
42222 197778 After release the DR409 is no longer printing the CRC#, property_val.client_roll_correction_number on the DR409 form. This has been corrected.
42258 198254 The DR501 form was displaying and printing blurry. This was corrected
42338 199342 In the Exemptions panel, when selecting the 2nd exemption in the drop down, the approve/deny button was not accessible unless user exits the application detail page and get back in to it. This was corrected
42356 199869 When running a sales ratio report, when the user adjusts the sales price reduction percentage, it does not adjust the weighted mean. Which in turn does not calculate the PRD (mean/weighted mean) correctly. This is corrected
42379 200050 The conservation exemption EX-CV statute 192.26(2) is setup as a User Specified Segment. The user was unable to delete a land detail line even if the land was not associated with the exemption.
42413 200361 The NAL and NAP export files have 2 extra columns at the end of each record that causes them to not load upon submission to DOR. This is corrected
42436 200588 The change log is not recording changes for special assessments. This is now corrected
42501 200828 The system allowed the user to final certify more than once. We’ve added logging to reflect this.
42474 200852 We found issue with the Supplemented Property List where the taxable value fields does not populate correctly. This was corrected.
42540 201453 In some instances, Unable to remove the roll correction using PACS Commands > Remove from Roll Correction. This was corrected.
42620 201926 Modified PACS to allow ownership transfers in the future year.
42662 203702 When going into TRIM Configuration (Activities>TRIM Configuration), when user selects year, PACS returns a message that indicates it timed out. This is corrected.
40411 184682 195684 Made modifications to the ownership transfer wizard so that if an owners sells a percentage of the r ownership, the changes to capping would not occur until following year.
41832 The system was not retaining customization settings when the panel or property was closed. This was corrected
41836 Adding phone number and email address associated with a contact to display as column in the grid.
41848 Add Proposed Rate to the special assessment agency by year
41864 Created the ETRIM Export files for Florida clients to export out of PACS and into the DOR ETRIM Package (Export>ETRIM)
41865 Added exemption sub type in the General file on the Exemption tab for certain reporting to DOR
41868 The filter on the events grid created an error “Index was out of range”
41869 The Year drop down in the Previous Homestead paragraph currently allows the user to select the current assessment year. This year should not even be an option to select. Client will not use current assessment year to calculate the portability amount. This is corrected.
41871 Adjusted the portability dialog height as per the primary screen’s resolution so the user may see more of the application on screen and not have to scroll.
41873 Corrected the Amount to Port Field to use the property level rounding factor to round.
41874 When the user enters a Percent Less than 100% in the Percentage field, it would break the calculation. This is corrected.
41875 Provided functionality to list multi years for hex exemption of an owner.
41876 Corrected issue with portability to only look in the current assessment year for a previous portability application and status
41877 Added ‘Portability Applied’ under the Exemption label in the Owner Name and Address Paragraph on the Summary Panel when property_cap_type_value.cap_type=’SOH’ and property_cap_type_value.portability_amt is > 0.
41878 Changed the Document Stamp Tax to reflect if $0 Doc Stamp Tax should create a $0 Sales Price in the User Interface and Sale Table
41883 Changed Asset Manager to make all segment and sub segment grids sort able
41902 Added the ability to store the FMV Percentages by year and by DOR code to create the DR 493 Report
42320 Corrected the way Centrally Assessed Values on the NAL and NAP were reported.
42325 When a property has the last appraiser completed with an inactive appraiser, it was removing the appraiser from the field. This was corrected
42326 Added a system configuration to allow the Display to show the Geo_id for all child screens.
42587 Added ability for the DR-403 and DR-489 screens to report Export to actual Excel template. THIS MEANS THE SERVER THE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT IS ON MUST HAVE EXCEL ON IT.
42622 Added functionality so that the mailing name remains as entered when the primary owner flag is updated. If the owners that is being deleted is the same as the mailing name, a message will be displayed asking “This Owner is associated with the Mailing Name. Do you still want to remove the owner?” on confirmation, the mailing name should default to the Primary Owner.

This release is available as of September 23, 2019

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Last updated on September 16, 2019 Release Notes (Limited #

TFS ID TS ID Description
42826 205623 Added Mailing Name to the Appraisal Export
42859 206152 Corrected an issue where the taxable value in property_val was not matching the taxable value in property_taxing_authority_value_breakdown.
42891 206546 Optimized performance for the Tax Collector Export
42901 Corrected an issue with Mass Recalculation where it would bypass certain improvement adjustments.

This release was made available on October 1, 2019

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Last updated on October 2, 2019 Release Notes (Limited) #

TFS TS # Resolution
41268 190299 Corrected issue with TLS (Transport Layer Security) while using the FEMA service in GIS.
41270 190304 Added a Show All Labels to the right click menu in the GIS Viewer
41271 190305 Added ability to support WMTS layers in GIS.
41276 190316 Corrected issue with User Right issue in relation to the GIS Manager having the ability to update a system default map.
41498 191838 Corrected an issue where user was unable to save a New Map.   This was happening only to new maps because they were not correctly being flagged as being owned by the user that created them.
42436 200588 Added ability for changes to the special assessments to be captured in the change log.
43028 208192 Added ability to add exemption record in a Roll Correction
43022 208310 User received error when reloading sketches after all labels are removed from a sketch area.
43041 208617 User would receive an error when opening a sketch. This has been created.
42865 Created tool to generate xlsx format reports
42937 Added exception handling logic to capture exception error when map was loading in GIS.
42941 Changed SQL to use varchar(max) so that larger queries when creating neighborhood in GIS would be supported. Previously, this would throw an exception error.
42943 Corrected exception error when using GIS Viewer/Appraiser.   When creating neighborhood, user would receive an exception error.
43000 Corrected issue in GIS Advanced Search where user could not search for exemptions.
43001 Corrected issue in GIS where user was receiving an error when loading FEMA layers
43003 GIS was disregarding certified year parcel layers when printing the cards and always doing it for the current appraisal year. This has been corrected to take into account the year when working on a certified year parcel layer.
43004 User received an exception error when used the Advanced Search and searching for Sale Type. This has been corrected.
43005 User received an exception error when using Advanced Search and searching for Land Type. This has been corrected.
43006 User received an exception error when using Advanced Search and searching for Cycle. This has been corrected.
43018 User received an exception error when adding New Map data and selecting Shapefiles. This has been corrected.

 This release was available as of October 25, 2019

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Last updated on October 25, 2019
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