Release Notes GA #

New Features

This release includes the following additions and modifications to functionality:

  • TS 166451 (TFS 36164)
    • New Book Type Field


  • TS 176871 (TFS 38801)

The non-Homestead Assessment Limitation Report and the Homestead Limitation Report are now added as DOR errors.

  • Run the DOR Data
  • View DOR errors and these will now show
    • Added Non-Homestead Assessment Limitation Edits 4 and 5
    • Added Homestead Assessment Limitation Edits 1 – 4
    • Removed existing Assessment Limitation Report

NOTE: The Non-Homestead Assessment Limitation errors will show up as Level = NHAL

NOTE: The Homestead Assessment Limitation errors will show up as Level = HAL

  • TS 178050 (TFS 38862)
    • The DR 409 Roll Correction print dialogue will now allow the user to check the box to print the new DR 409 Roll Correction Tax Calculator Worksheet. The worksheet will have the property id, the primary owner name and address, assessed value, exemptions and amounts, taxable values, millage rates, and calculated tax amount. The Non Ad valorem associated with the property will also be on the new report.
  • TS 178056 (TFS 38888) & TS 183699 (TFS 40079)
    • LAT exemption code to be included on the NAL.
    • Land Available for Taxes Worksheet – LAT worksheet – Added the DOR code of 82 and exemption LAT for Lands Available for Taxes – Map the LAT exemption to the statute 197.502 with the DOR code of 82 that is now represented on the DOR NAL and the export. Line 37 of the DR 489V and DR 403V will reflect the amounts of the DOR code 82 exemption of Land Available for Taxes. To set up the exemption LAT: Tools>Code maintenance>exemption>exemption definition.




  • To print the LAT Worksheet
    • Simply go to the property and click commands
    • Print LAT worksheet – the property MUST have the LAT exemption for the year selected to print the worksheet.
    • The worksheet will include all the information regarding the LAT with all the tax areas and ad valorem and non ad valorem calculations.
  • TS 177046 (TFS 38890)
    • Enhancement to the Multi parcel sales dialogue
    • Redesigned the grantees page on Ownership transfer wizard.
    1. Added a quick add owner toolbar on Grantees page to search or add grantee ids. Previously it was limited to search only.
    2. ‘Select All Include In Letter’ toolbar button to select/unselect all the property rows associated to a grantee.
    3. Enhanced grantees grid to make it more user friendly for property association. Properties can now be selected from child views by clicking (+) button on grantee row.
    4. On the child view there is a small magnifier button in top left corner of the view, which zoom-in the child view. Hence making it easier to work with larger properties list.
    5. Beside existing validations, a validation has been added to make sure all the properties are assigned to at least one grantee. A validation message listing all the unassociated properties will be prompted. User will not be able to proceed otherwise.
  • TS 178605 (TFS 38902) and TS 178608 (TFS 38903) and TS 178619 (TFS 38904)
    • Added “As Of: to the following reports:
      • Special Assessment Summary, Special Assessment Roll, and Special Assessment Roll Bill
      • Added the options in the reports dialog to run as of Preliminary Certified, Certified and Final Certification or roll correction.
  • TS 180622 (TFS 39427)
    • Enhanced the appraisal card to reflect the improvement order
    • Added functionality to maintain sequence number on improvement grid and made it effective on appraisal card report.
  • TS 179581 (TFS 39577)
    • Senior Denial Form
    • System Configuration>Application>Print Property Appraiser Info on DR-490 if this is set to True current functionality will remain, if False the report will print the appraiser information as the client logged into pacs at that time.
    • We increase the size of the “Meet Other Statutory Requirements, specifically” field on the Senior Denial Form.
  • TS 181439 (TFS 39733)
    • Appraisal Export – Add metes and bounds to the end of the existing Appraisal export
  • TS 181464 (TFS 39820)
    • Ability to export a file as Pipe delimited for the monitors export with column headers. We also added column headers for the CVS and Tab delimited file options. Previously system was adding a blank row instead of column(s) name.
  • TS 182985 (TFS 39919)
    • We corrected the Legal Acres Verification report to include the primary owners and remove any duplicate records
    • TFS 40046 – Jefferson County requested we add a System Configuration for the DR 409 to include non-ad valorem taxes
    • System Configuration>Roll Correction
    • DOR 409 to include non ad valorem taxes – Set to True the DR 409 will include the Non Ad valorem taxes. Set to False the non ad valorem taxes will not be included
    • DR 409 to include Penalties – Set to True the DR 409 will include penalty taxes in the total taxes for initial and current. Set to False no penalty taxes will be included in the totals
  • TS 183716 (TFS 40419)
    • SA Assessment Calculation Comparison Report
      • We increased the window size on the comparison report to show 5 lines instead of 3 lines.
  • TS 185577 (TFS 40555)
    • Add ‘Land Appraiser Last Inspection date’ field to the Appraisal info panel. Users can now enter a date in the Land appraiser last inspection date field added to the panel.
  • TS 175450 (TFS 38786)
    • Tools>System Configuration>System – Go to Personal Property settings
    • Personal Penalty Calculation
    • Setting options are Total Market or Ad Valorem Tax Amount
    • If a user selects the system setting to be Total Market, PACS will use the existing calculation of the percentages calculated off the taxable value.


Tax Due = 75.57

Omitted Penalty Amount = (Omitted Assets Market Value Sum * 0.15) = say 135

Omitted Penalty Tax = Omitted Penalty Amount * Levy Rate / 1000 = (135 * 8) / 1000 = 1.08

Late Filing Penalty Amount = Market Value * Late Filing Penalty Percentage = 9400 * 0.05 = 470

Late Filing Penalty Tax = Late Filing Penalty Amount * Levy Rate / 1000 = 470 * 8 / 1000 = 3.76

Penalty Amount = Omitted Penalty Amount + Late Filing Penalty Amount = 135 + 470 = 605

Penalty Tax = Omitted Penalty Tax + Late Filing Penalty Tax = 1.08 + 3.76 = 4.84

Total Tax Due = Tax Due + Omitted Penalty Tax + Late Filing Penalty Tax = 75.57 + 1.08 + 3.76 = 80.41

  • If a user selects the system setting to be Ad Valorem Tax Amount, PACS will use the Ad Valorem tax amount to calculate the penalties.
  • Sample calculation:


Tax Due = 75.57

Omitted Penalty Amount = (Omitted Assets Market Value Sum * 0.15) = say 135

Omitted Penalty Tax = Omitted Penalty Amount * Levy Rate / 1000 = (135 * 8) / 1000 = 1.08

Late Filing Penalty Tax = (Tax Due + Omitted Penalty Tax) * Late Filing Penalty Percentage = 74.49 + 1.08 = 75.57 * 0.05 = 3.7785

NOTE: In the case of Ad Valorem Setting, as per Paula, the Late Filing Penalty Amount and Tax are the same, since the penalty is calculated based on the already determined taxes and not on the Market value.

Penalty Amount = Omitted Penalty Amount + Late Filing Penalty Tax = 135 + 3.7785 (rounded amount)

Penalty Tax = Omitted Penalty Amount + Late Filing Penalty Tax = 1.08 + 3.7785 = 4.8585

Total Tax Due = Tax Due + Omitted Penalty Tax + Late Filing Penalty Tax = 75.57 + 1.08 + 3.7785 = 80.4285





Ticket ID

Description of Update


Indian River would like a new Book Type Field; added and works as expected.


TPP Penalties, Enhancement-request for penalties be calculated off of taxes rather then the taxable value. Enhancement has been implemented.


NSOH Limitation report- Enhancement; added and works as expected.


Disbursement of $ to Tax Collector when submitting a DR-409 – Enhancement; added Tax Calculator Worksheet to DR-409.


Lands Available Omitted Taxes Report, need to produce report/pdf of the taxes of properties with exemption code LAT (Lands Available for Taxes) . The report should include the Ad Valorem and non Ad Valorem taxes for the omitted years. This is a report that the Appraiser currently hand prepares for the Tax Collector. When a LAT property sells the new owner is responsible for the taxes for all years the property was designated as LAT.

Enhancement; LAT exemption code to be included on the NAL.


Multi Parcel Sale  –  Enhancement to the Multi parcel sales dialog.

Redesigned the grantees page on Ownership transfer wizard.


Add As of Selection to the Special Assessment Summary Report – Enhancement


Add As of Selections to the Special Assessment Roll Report — Enhancement


Add As of to the Special Assessment Roll Bill Report — Enhancement


Change Log gone again on Special Assessments; issue corrected.


Need ability to control the Improvement Order on Card — Enhancement


Senior Denial Form – Enhancement


Appraisal Export – Add Metes and Bounds — Enhancement


Recalculation Error Validation showing No Error; resolved.


Appraisal Review Card not showing complete sketch. Issue has been fixed.


Ability to Export as a Pipe Delimited file – Enhancement


DR 489 hard to read. The DR-489 report on the DR-489V pages lines 42 and 43, the values are printing too low in the cell to where part of the number is almost cut off and the commas print over the line. This is making it difficult to read the numbers. The DR-403 does not have this problem. Corrected; aligned cell values on the DR-489V.


Land Use Code Description not changing. Corrected; the improvement B-USE and Land Use Code descriptions at dialogs should be read-only and updated when changed in code maintenance.


Duplicate entries on Legal Acres Verification – Enhancement


EV34 SA not calculating units in 2018. Resolved; when property does not qualify for special assessment, unit should be zero.


New Exemption Code for LAT to go on NAL – Enhancement


TPP Tax Return PACS USER field not populating. The null issue was fixed for Pacs_user_id field which was being inserted while adding a new tax return from property view.


Sales Comp Fields not populating; issue fixed.


Recalculation does not work in New Property Wizard. Resolved; Disable Recalculate button on Segment Detail Dialog when opened for new personal property (i.e. New Property Wizard).


Application will require SSN to be entered even when currently exists. Corrected; when adding a new application when owner has SSN, no error displays.


TRIM Configuration – Exemptions. Issue with the design of the Tax District Types = Select All. The exemption amount printed is a multiple of the number of boxes the Select All checks. Corrected; removed ‘Select All’ from Tax District Type dropdown in Exemption Line Items grid.


SA Assessment Calculation Comparison Report – Enhancement


NEW DR-405 – Enhancement


GIS Errors loading Maps (Clone) and PACS crashes after adding several layers. Resolved; add layers in smaller batches (7 or less).


DOR NAL Export – Including Deleted Improvements; corrected.


Add ‘Land Appraiser Last Inspection Date’ to Appraisal Info – Enhancement


Viewing PDF in PACS; blank Adobe Error Box when opening PDF file inside of PACS. Corrected.


Mass Recalculation – Fail Error Release Notes Limited #

Ticket ID

Description of Update


Damage Assessment – Splits. Error occurs when adding a damage assessment to a new property created by a split. Resolved; object reference exception fixed.


Unable to complete a mass update – Issues fixed:

– recalc logic modified to avoid looping

– logging in to make it easier to find issues. Release Notes Limited #

Ticket ID

Description of Update


Tax Collector Export – A new export was created specifically for Jefferson’s Tax Collector. This export will prompt for the year and generate 4 files.


LAT Exemption not Calculating – The DOR Exemption Order for DOR Code 82 was missing in the [dor_exemption_order] table for LAT Exemption. Corrected. Release Notes Limited #

Ticket ID

Description of Update


Print and Save Functionality of RE -TRIM changed, clients have lost print functions when previewing property cards, TRIM notices. Corrected.


Appraisal Export – Record Count. The Appraisal Export Property.TXT file is not picking up all the properties that are on the NAL and NAP. Fixed; the Appraisal Export SQL has been modified to do a ‘left join’ on the [property_legal_description] table to avoid this issue.


Appraisal Export – TPP Penalties – The penalties on the Appraisal Export Ad valorem Assessed file are incorrect. The file has the total penalty amount on each taxing authority rather than a portion of the penalty that then would add up to the total penalty. Corrected; modified the TPP Penalty calculations for ‘Ad Valorem Tax’ setting to distribute the Penalty Taxes on the property proportionately to each Levy based on the Levy Rate and Tax Amount for the Levy. Release Notes Limited #

Ticket ID

Description of Update


Special Assessment Summary Report taking a long period of time to run and complete. Corrected; the PopulateSpecialAssessmentReportData stored procedure was modified to optimize the query and quicken the report data generation for all Special Assessment reports – Roll, Roll Bill and Summary.

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