Release Notes GA #

New Features

This release includes the following additions and modifications to functionality:

1.1 Statute 196.102 First Responders and Surviving Spouse Exemption

  • The new legislation, 196.102, is to provide an exemption from ad valorem taxation for the homestead of a first responder who has a total and permanent disability as of result of injuries sustained in the line of duty and his or her surviving spouse.
    • In PACS 10.0, the DOR code 41 was added. This will be reported on line 33 of the DR 489 and DR 403, along with line 40 of DR 489 EB and DR 403 EB pages.
    • The application includes 2 statute references (DR 501) to allow certain totally and permanently disabled first responders to apply for the exemption.

1.2 Set Roll Acceptance Dates Functionality (TS 177886)

Issue: Requesting the Roll Correction date that prints on the DR-409 and DR-409A forms to be a date the user can define and not default to the certified date.

  • The Roll is sent to the DOR in July for acceptance. To achieve a user defined Roll Acceptance Date go to:
    • Home > Tools > Set Roll Acceptance Date


  • This will open the dialog for the acceptance date to be entered by year.


  • Click next to the current year and use the calendar to pick the date. Click “Ok” to save and exit or “Apply” to save and stay on the current screen.
  • This “date” will appear on the DR 409 in the section by the check box with the statement : “Material mistake of fact being corrected to s. 197.122, F.S. within one year of approval of the tax roll according to s. 197.1142, F.S on……”


1.3 Certified Date (TS 178366)

Issue: Requesting the Date Certified on the DR-403 forms be user friendly.

  • PACS 10.0 was enhanced to provide a user defined Certification Date. When a user is ready to certify a year in PACS, the certify dialog will now contain the user-defined date field.
    • Activities>Administration> Certification> Certify


  • The date will be populated with the current date, the user can choose to update that date or leave the current date.
  • This date will be used as the certify date in the system along with printing on the DR 403 reports under the heading “Certify Date”.




Ticket ID

Description of Update



Unable to change “Tax Area” value

Issue: On Tax Area and Special Assessment Screen, when you click the TAX AREA line or press the magnifying glass, PACS takes you to the SEARCH>TAX AREA screen. Resolution: Disable the ability to double click or use the magnifying glass to go to the TAX AREA screen.


Land-Copy to Property

Issue: The LAND screen process ‘Copy to Property’ allows the user to enter a Personal Property PID that has a TYPE=P(Property). The process runs as if the land segment is copied. The land record is not copied because Personal Property does not have LAND. As soon as NEXT is pressed, a message should pop up to tell the user that they have the wrong property type and that they cannot copy LAND to Personal Property.

Resolution: Land segment should not be allowed to copy to a personal property when Finish is pressed on Property Search Wizard


New Business for TPP

Issue:an error is occurring when adding a new P(Personal) Property using the wizard. Adding a new R(Real) property using the wizard works.

Resolution: Fixed issue occurring while creating a personal property.


Special Assessment Summary Report – Rounding Units

Issue: Please change the Special Assessment Summary Report and the Special Assessment Roll Report to print two decimal places for #Units.

Resolution:fixed cosmetic issues on Special Assessment Summary and Roll report, changed ‘Total Units’ to ‘Total Acres’, verified values display as two decimal places.


SA Overrides removed on rollover.

Issue: The New Year Layer process did not copy over the overrides on the special assessment iterations. The New Year Layer process should not remove the overrides.

Resolution: The Special Assessment Iterations data was missing Iteration overrides information in the data that was copied over during the NYL process.

  • Created a SAL script to copy over the missing iterations override data for [property_special_assessment_iteration] from 2017 to 2018.
  • Suzanne ran this in the TEST and Productions databases for both the client and ensured that the data looks as expected on sample properties.
  • Also modified the actual NYL store procedure

CreatePropertyLayer_property_special_assessment’ that copies over Property Special Assessment and Iterations data to ensure it doesn’t occur in the future years when NYL is run. This part of the change has been checked in through a migration script.


DOR NAL Field #50 Reporting Incorrect.

Issue: DOR_EXPORT_NAL_DETAIL field dor_export_nal_detail.special features_code is including deleted improvement values when the imprv_detail.deletion_flag is not checked but the imprv_deletion_flag is checked.

Resolution: Modifed CalculateImprovement.Calc_ImprovementValue() method to determine the Special Features value based on the Deletion Flags of both the Improvement and the Improvement Detail, and not just the Improvement Detail Deletion Flag.


DR403 Millages are rounded CC and BM

Issue: The Millage or Other Basis of Levy is rounding to two decimals on the DR403 CC and BM pages and numbers in this column should not be rounded.

Resolution: Modified DR403bm_Pg4.rpt, DR403cc_Pg5.rpt and DR403Master.rpt report riles to update the Millage\Levy rate column to display 4 decimal places as before instead of 2 decimal places.


Events Print Corrected Trim Notice

Issue:Print Corrected Property TRIM Notice

  1. POST – Lock down the RTN event type that is created using the POST print option. We do not want to allow the user to delete the events with type RTN.
  2. Preview – Do not create an Event type RTN when the TRIM is viewed using the PREVIEW print options.


  • Added new [read_only_flag] to [event_type] table. This field will be set to ‘false’ by default.
  • Made this flag available under Event Type Code Maintenance. When the ‘Is Read Only Flag’ is checked for an event type, an event of this type cannot be modified or deleted once created.
  • Modified Insert and Update Change Log triggers for [event_type] table to record changes to this new field.
  • Modified EventsXtraGrid.cs to update the ‘Delete’ and ‘Details’ buttons behavior based on the value for this field, in addition to the already existing criteria to enable/disable them.
  • The fix addresses the issue listed in both TeamSupport tickets 175932 and 175933.
  • The second part listed in this ticket has already been handled in a different ticket and checked-in. The fix was to add a ‘Create Event’ check-box on the Trim Notice print dialog which can be disabled during Preview and Enabled during Print as needed.


Response to 171888 – remove new update percent button

Issue: Remove the Update Percent button from the Personal Property asset listing box located on the Personal property tab.

Resolution: Update percent button is not required on subsegments grids (both on Property View and Property Segment Details Dialog)


SDF Edit Issues

Issue: DOR data-DOR errors SDF level 1 edit 7 should only report where the sale value is null and not report the sale value = 0

Resolution: Correction for SDF DOR error level 1 edit 7 is done and checked-in in dev branch.


Tax Collector File Monitor

Issue: The Tax Collector File monitor; please change the monitor to omit deleted properties and omit records that have a property.prop_type_cd=P.

Resolution: Recreated the ‘Tax Collector File Monitor’ with additional checks to filter out Deleted properties and TPP Properties.


Add Millage Rates

Issue: Please add a table to the Appraisal Export that contains the Taxing Authorities with their certified rate.

Resolution: Added new Appraisal Export file- ‘APPRAISAL_TAXING_AUTHORITY_MILLAGE_RATES

  • The new export file will have the Levy Code, Taxing Authority Description and its Millage Rates listed.


Sales Status Table

Issue: Customer added two codes to the Sales Status codes and when they go to the Deeds & Sales Ownership History to change the Status field the new codes do not show in the Status code drop down.

Resolution: Added logic to reload sale_status and ownership_type cached reader when record inserted/updated/deleted.


Add Tax Area report to DR403

Issue: Add a new report to the DR403 that will list each Tax Area with each of the Taxing Authorities contained in the tax area along with the certified rate for each authority.


  • Added a new option to create ‘Tax Area and Millage Rates’ report on DR-403 report dialog.
  • When selected, the ‘Tax Area and Millage Rates’ report will be generated along with the other selected options on the DR-403 report
  • The report will list the ‘Levy Code, Taxing Authority Description & their Millage Rates’ grouped by each Tax area along with their Totals.
  • Approval from Hendry and DOR on the changes is attached here for reference.



NAL edit Level 4 – #11 criteria missing.

Issue: DOR NAL errors level #4 edit #11

Do any parcels have a current Final Just Value that is not equal to the current Preliminary Just Value and the difference is not reported (excludes parcels with a split/combine code reported and where the value difference is greater than-$100,000 and less then $100,000)? If a property has a dor_export_nal_detail.code_for_change_in_just_value that is not null do NOT include this as a dor level #4 edit #11 in the errors. Run ID ID Type Status DOR Level # DOR Edit # Description Field Information Property/Sale ID 120 6968948 NAL Active 4 11. Do any parcels have a current Final Just Value that is not equal to the Preliminary Just Value and the difference is not reported (excludes parcels with a split/combine code reported and where the value difference is greater than-$100,000 and less than $100,000)? “Change in Just Value Between Final Submission(s) and Approved Preliminary File for Same Assessment Cycle: 3583 Parcel Split/Combine Flag.” 17930

Resolution: Modified DORExportGenerateNAL Errors stored procedure for Level 4 Edit 11 criteria to only include a property with value difference with NO associated DOR change code. If a property with difference in values has a DOR change code, then it will be excluded from the errors.


Change log – Roll Correction Removal

Issue: Add an entry to the Change Log when user does Remove From Roll Correction. When the Roll Correction is created the Change Log shows the entry ‘Property-Sup Date’. We need an entry to show the Roll Correction was removed. This has caused problems for the user trying to figure out what happened to their Roll Correction and we cannot tell if it was removed because there is nothing in the change log.

Resolution: Added change log functionality for Removing Roll Correction.


NAL Level 3 edit 17 special features

Issue: When an improvement is deleted therefore the improvement details are deleted, we are still reporting the special features at full value causing errors. When an improvement has a mass adjustment percentage we are not reducing the amount of the special features reported by that percentage therefore causing errors.

Resolution: Modify recalc process to reduce mass adj factor from property_year_state_info.total_special_features_value for DOR errors Level 3 Edit 17.


NAL listing duplicates for props supplemented

Issue: When a property is supplemented and you run the DOR-NAL for precertification to last sup num – properties that are supplemented are showing more than once on the NAL. The prop id should only show one time.

Resolution: Fix duplicate RC properties in DOR NAL Data.


Code Maintenance Tables not populating field description in Land Screen.

Issue: When the customer changed the description on two codes in the Land Ag Type table, the description changes are not showing up on the Land>Productivity Valuation screen when the user selects the drop down for the Ag Land Type code.

Resolution: Added trigger for refreshing cached reader on table Land_Ag_Type.


Sale Ratio Land Amenity Code Selection Needed

Issue: Add Amenity code selection criteria to Sales Ration Report.

Resolution: Add Amenity characteristic code to Search Field on Sales Ratio Report and allow it for Search Criteria of report.


Mass Create does not populate for the Land Use Code.

Issue: Activities > Mass Maintenance (Property) > Mass Create. When the Mass Create process creates a land detail record field land_detail.land_seg_desc field is not being populated. Please update field land_detail_seg_desc with the description found in table land_use. The land_detail.land_use field is the key to reading table land_use.

Resolution: Update land use description during mass create properties.


Roll Correction TPP DOR Change Code

Issue: Customer is requesting TPP be allowed to enter a DOR Change Code on the VALUES screen for Roll Corrections. Customer states that there are requirements for reporting the value on the DR-403 page 2 line 2 and 3.

Resolution: Modified PropertyValuesPersonalMarketValueParagraph.RefreshState() method to enable DORChangeCode combo-box if a Personal Property is Roll-corrected in a Certifed Year.


DR501 exemption application

Issue: Add the first responders line on page two. Change to form DR-501 Original Application for Homestead and Related Tax Exemptions. On page two is the addition of the First Responders line for the applications.


  • Updated the DR-501 report to match the new requirements
  • Changes implemented as part of First Responders Legislative Updates task – 38740, 38741, and 38742.


DR-409 and Future DR-409A- Roll Correction Form Needs Date as User Defined.

Issue: Requesting the Roll Correction date that prints on the DR-409 and DR-409A forms to be a date the user can define and not default to the certified date.

See New Features Section


Factored Value Cap Security Manager Rights.

Issue: Looking for setting in Security Manager > Manage Roles to make Values > Assessment Reductions > Factored Value Calculation screen View Only. What is the setting to make the Factored Value Calculation screen VIEW ONLY or if the setting does not exist, please add a setting to Security Manager > Manage Roles.

Resolution: Factored Value Calculation panel should be read only when user have view only privilege for Capping Assessment Values feature


Need to Populate Certified Date on DR403

Issue: Requesting the Date Certified on the DR-403 forms be user friendly.

See New Features Section


HEXs added during Roll Correction cannot be linked to application

Issue: We need to create a way to associate a Social Security number with a prior year exemption placed on an account during a Roll Correction. Users need a way to link a Homestead Application that is entered in the current year to a homestead (HEX) exemption that is added as a Roll Correction in a prior year.

Example: The user enters a 2018 Homestead (HEX) application. The user does a Roll Correction in 2017 to add the HEX exemption. The user needs a way to link the 2017 Roll Correction HEX exemption to the 2018 HEX Application. PACS does not allow applications to be entered in Roll Corrections. This is needed so the Social Security number is linked to the exemption for DOR reporting purposes.

Resolution: Applications and Exemptions functionality updated to allow Creation and Maintenance of Applications in a Certified year during Roll Correction.


Split/Merge Improvement Review added.

Issue: Add an Improvement Review option to the Split/Merge process. This would function just like the Land Review, Exemption Review, Ownership Review.

Resolution: Add ‘Improvement Review’ to split merge process.


Email in PACS.

No further development is planned at this time to enhance PACS email.


TPP Roll Corrections

Issue: The TOTAL TAX line on the DR-409 (Certificate of Correction of Tax Roll) Form should include the penalty taxes.

Resolution: Add penalty taxes to total taxes on DR-409 report.


TPP Filing Status changes not in Drop Down.

Issue: When a Tax Return Filing Status Code is added, the new code does not show in the list of available codes for the Filing Status on the Tax Return Detail screen.

Resolution: Updated resolved version. Cached tables fixed. 350+ cached readers are studied and 70 of them were not refreshing. Few of them got obsolete and remaining are fixed now. Added functionality to refresh items in pp_rendition_filing_status cached reader.


Conversion – DR403 page 2 line 7 does not match page 1 line 43.

Issue: The DR-403 “parcels and accounts” view needs to be corrected so that the “other additions” value on line 5 doesn’t just reflect value marked as additions value in PACS, but rather it should reflect*any* increase between pre-certified taxable value and current taxable value. In the same vein, the “other deductions” value on line 6 needs to be modified to reflect *any* decrease between pre-certified taxable value and current taxable value, not just deleted property or value marked as deletions value.

Resolution: There was a discrepancy between the Taxable Value Total on DR-403 Page 1, Line 43@1,913,632,951 and the DR-403, Page 2 Line 7 @1,913,638,414. The Discrepancy between these two values is 5,463.


If the user reviews property 48035, Asset #13 (it’s a personal property), they will see that someone has “overridden” the assessed value calculation. So for this asset, the Market (Just) Value is 41,187 has been overridden and set to the value 46,650 – a difference of exactly 5,463.

  • Ability to override Assessed Value without an Assessment Reduction has been removed as part of TFS 36962


Conversion – Roll History Missing and Error Message.

Issue: Customer is getting an error (see attachment) when they try to bring up certain properties on the ROLL History screen. A query was run and 20 properties were found in Indian River that have a property_val record with a prop_val_yr=1.The cause of error is uncertain, but almost every one of these properties get the error when trying to view the Roll History screen.

Resolution: Added check in RollHistoryGrid to ignore loading roll history data for any invalid year.


Change Log not working again.

Issue: When DOR QUALITY Code on the Deeds and Sales > Sale Information > Sale Information > Sale Information screen is changed, the change log is not being updated. We are now able to recreate the problem when we change the DOR QUALITY code. The DOR QUALITY code field is sale.sl.county_ratio_cd.


DR403 – supplemented properties not calculating deleted amounts.

Issue: The 403 runs for 2017 as of sup 2 is not picking up the deleted properties.

Resolution: Modified PopulateDorReportTotalsData SP to filter out properties deleted during Roll Correction when Year State criteria is RC, which was causing incorrect Preliminary Total value in the DOR-403 report.


TPP Export Inconsistencies.

Issue: Activities > Tax Return Processing > Print/Export Personal Property Tax Returns. The client ran TPP Tax Return export (see attachment TPP Export.pdf) on 3 different days. When you look at the segments and sub-segments on each of the 3 runs, you see that the segments and sub-segments are in a different order on each run. The sub-segments should be written after the segment they are associate with.

Resolution: Modified View ‘pp_rendition_vw‘ and the ‘order by’ sequence in PPRenditionExport.DoExport() method to create the XML listing Segments individually along with their corresponding sub-segments as child elements.


Sales Ratio Reports.

Issue: Add Characteristic codes and Attributes to the selection Criteria for the Sales Ration Report.

Resolution: Added code chooser for PZoning attribute codes at selection criteria on Sales Ratio Report dialog.


Sale Ratio Land Amenity Code Selection Needed.

Issue: Add Amenity code selection criteria to Sales Ratio Report.

Resolution: Add Amenity characteristic code to Search Field on Sales Report and allow it for Search Criteria of report.


Roll Correction TPP DOR Change Code

Allow personal property to enter a DOR Change Code on the VALUES screen.


Create user defined certify date

Removed>Set Roll Correct Date. This was a feature left over from another state.


TPP Filing Status Changes not in Drop Down

When the new Tax Return Filing Status codes were added, they would not display in the Tax Return Detail>Filing Status drop down. This has been fixed.


Neighborhood Subdivision Abstracts

Tools>Code Maintenance>General>Neighborhood>Link

A warning message has been added stating what happens when you remove or create an abstract link.


Batch Printing Issues of Field Review Cards

Issue: When the Print Building Permit Report option is left unchecked, the permits do not print on the Field Review card. (occurs on a single or multi-card print)

  1. Resolution: These items have been fixed on the Field Review Card
  2. Print Permits when the Print Building Permit Report option is not checked.
  3. Corrected missing permits, page counts and customer heading when multiple cards are printed.
  4. Landscape printing is a printer setting not a setting controlled by PACS.
  5. Changed ST (status) to print A for Active, before it printed F.
  6. Corrected the BUSE code missing when selection By Property List with multiple PIDs.


Recalc Error generated on Imprv Details marked for Deletion

Issue: Improvement Details marked as deleted are getting a recalculation error. The error in this example is ‘The value for the improvement detail record is < + 0’. Recalc errors should not occur on deleted details.

If there is a business rul supporting the fact that deleted improvement should get a recalc error, then you flag the detail it prints on the Property Recalculation Error Report as deleted to let the user know.


  • Improvements and Improvement Details set as ‘Mark for Deletion’ should not generate associated Recalc Errors.
  • Modified TAAppSvr.CAlculateImprovement.cpp to include the ‘!pImprov->blnDeletionFlag&&!pDetail->blnDeletionFlag’ criteria to all applicable areas where related Recalc errors are generated.
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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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