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Tangible Personal Property Override Percent- The personal property sub-segment percent overrides have been fixed so the user can use the percent fields to do value adjustments. A new Security Manager role has been added for Property called Property Personal Sub-Segment Update Percent Values. This role gives the user access to make changes to the TPP percent fields.


Track Value Change Report Issues-Issues corrected:

  1. A blank report was being created when the select by taxing author option was selected.
  2. The DOR Change Code was not printing on all lines of the report.


DOR 403 rounded on CC & BM pages-

  1. Added a new checkbox ‘Round Taxes and Penalties’ on the DOR-403 Repo Dialog, to get user preference on whether to round the ‘Total Taxes Levied’ a ‘Penalties’ columns on BM and CC (Recapitulation of TAXES) Pages of DR 403 report.
    • If Checked, the values in these two columns will be rounded to the nearest dollar and and be displayed as a whole number.
    • If not Checked, the values in these two columns will not be rounded and will display the original value with 2 decimal places.
  2. On the Report dialog, if the check boxes for BM and CC pages are unchecked, the ‘Round Taxes and Penalties’ checkbox will be made unchecked and read only.


TRIMs Non Ad Valorem

  1. Two new configuration entries have been added to the TRIM Notice Configuration dialog under ‘Activities->Trim Notice->Configuration
    • Match
    • Non Ad Valorem Current Value (Column 6) To Proposed Value (Column 8) in TRIM notice?
      • If set to true, will match the Non Ad Valorem value in Column 8 to Column 6.
      • If set to false, will match the Non Ad Valorem value in Column 3 to Column 6
      • Calculate SA Units As SA Fee By SA Rate in Trim Notice?
        • If set to true, will calculate the Special Assessment Units value on Page 2 of the report to be Special Assessment Fee divided by Special Assessment Rate.
        • If set to false, will follow the regular calculation.
      • Both these configurations have been set to True ONLY for Indian River; and set to False for everyone by default.
  2. Two new database columns have been added to store these config values in [trim_notice _config] table:
    • match_non_ad_valorem_curr_val_to_proposed_val
    • calc_sa_units_as_sa_fee_by_sa_rate


TRIM-Exclude Special Assessment show up in the report- Excluded special assessment levies were showing on the TRIM. This was found internally and corrected by development.


Roll Corrections Special Assessments- Code changes made to allow Addition and Deletion of a Special Assessment to a property, if the year is Certified and the Property is in Roll Correction status.


Conversion-DR403 page 2 line 7 does not match page 1 line 43


New Year Layer-Undo Process was not working.

  1. Added created date column in pacs_year
  2. Modify the existing warning Message at Undo NYL to:
    • “Applications and/or Reset Events exists for the {Year Layer about to be undone} Year layer. These records will not be deleted as part of the ‘Undo New Year Layer’ process. These may be removed manually as needed.”
    • This will appear when there exists applications or reset events created in prior year for future year.
  3. During Undo NYL

>Delete applications having created date subsequent to the created date in pacs_year

>Delete exemptions which are not being used in applications i.e. dbo.application_exemption_exemption _code_assoc.



New Year Layer Prompt-Added a prompt message to the Create New Year Layer process that will display ‘Are you sure you want to continue’ and to require response.


DR 409’s Roll Corrections-

The DR409 form was not including the non ad valorem taxes for Corrected Total Taxes on the DR409. The Roll Correct Property process was zeroing the special assessments units, rate and fee.

Multiple issues fixed as part of the ticket:

  1. The Special Assessment Agency Iteration Calculation (Fee Builder) data for 2016 was missing in Indian River (possible Conversion issue).
    • The data from [special_assessment_iteration] and [special_assessment_iteration_rate] tables have been copied from 2017 to 2016.
    • The [property_special_assessment].[sa_fee_override]flag has been set to True, so as not to disturb the existing approved values in 2016 for properties.
    • The [special_assessment].[calculation_is_valid] flag has been set to True, for the copied over Agencies data from 2017 to 2016, in order to create the Default iterations properly when a property is roll-corrected in the 2016 year layer.
  2. RecalcUpdatePropertySpecialAssessment stored procedure that was zeroing out the Rate and Units of the Property special assessment when there is no Special Assessment iteration Calculation defined for the agency has been modified.


Assessment Reduction-Factored Value Calc Change Log

  • Implemented Change Log for the editable & override fields on the Property->Values->Assessment Reduction->Factored Value Calc Panel.
  • The modified values can be seen in the Property Change Log View
  • On the Change Log Report Dialog, a new module ‘Assessment Reduction’ will be available for selection, which will display the changed fields and values on the Change Log report when selected.


NAL Field #35 Split/Merge Flag DOR Level 4 Edit 11- Request was made to allow editing the DOR change code when it is 99 for splits. It was later determined that this change was not needed.


Tax Collector File- Added migration script to create a monitor called ‘Tax Collector File’ with access provided to all users in the System.

  • For each property for current Appraisal Year:
    • Property ID
    • Geo ID
    • Year
    • Owner Name
    • Situs Address
    • Legal Description
    • Appraised Value
    • Assessed Value
    • Market Value
    • Taxable Value
    • Total Tax Amount
    • Penalty
    • Last Sale Date
    • Book
    • Page
    • Levies with corresponding Amounts
    • Exemptions with corresponding Amounts


TPP Value Panel needs- Enable the Exemption Summary button on the VAlues Panel in a certified year.


Special Agency reporting on DR403-Modified DR-403 BM & CC views to pull SA rate for independent SA agencies report.


Changes to FL appraisal card-for both Indian River and Hendry. Property Appraisal Card changes.


Base up flag will not be copied when copying an improvement detail (Create Copy button on Improvement Detail grid) but will be copied when copying an improvement (Copy buttons on Improvement grid)

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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