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Filed needed for Appraisal Export File “DBA”.- Added DBA Name to the Appraisal Export Property File. Field 58 char 200.



Appraisal Export Tax Collector Export Files site address incomplete. Added Situs Prefix, Situs Suffix, Situs Unit, Situs Building Number, Situs State, Situs Zip and Situs Sub Num to the Appraisal Export Property fields 59-65.







Situs Prefix




Situs Prefix




Situs Unit




Situs Building Number




Situs State




Situs Zip




Situs Sub Num






City of Sebastian Exemptions.- Fixed the exemption calculations with overrides set on taxing authorities in Tools>Code Maintenance>Exemption>Exemption Definitions .


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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes Limited #



DOR ERROR NSOH Assessment Limitation Report- Created DOR Error NSOH Assessment Limitation Report


TRIM Reprint events. Added new event code (RTN) for corrected/reprint TRIM notice


Senior Exemption Buckets- Corrected an issue that was found when an exemption was given an override exemption amount entered. This has been fixed.

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes GA #



Mass Recalculation – Prior Year Rate- There is a system configuration setting in PACS that tells PACS which levy rate to use when calculating tax amounts for the taxing authorities during an uncertified year. The setting was set to “Prior Year Rate”. So, the recalculation process stored the “prior year rate” for all active properties for each taxing authority the last time a mass recalculation was run.

  • The data collection process for DOR reports uses this stored information (including the levy rate used to recalculate properties) to print values on the DOR reports. It then must collect additional information about properties that were deleted *after* precertification. Since these properties aren’t being included in the recalculation process, it associates the current levy rate for taxing authorities with these properties.
  • The process fails when it attempts to insert two summary rows for the same taxing authority but with two different levy rates-one for current properties (using the prior year rate specified by the configuration setting) and the other for deleted properties (using the current/proposed rate stored for taxing authorities). Short term, we simply changed the setting form “Prior Year Rate” to “Certified Rate” so that the same rate is being used for current and deleted property reporting, then mass recalculated the system re-run the DR-403.
  • Long term, corrections to the DOR Report data collection process also looks at the configuration setting and uses this information to choose the appropriate levy rate to associate with deleted properties when reports are being run for an uncertified year layer.


Special Assessment Import Iteration-A “Delete All Iterations” button was added to the special assessment details dialog to allow the user to choose to remove all iterations and start over fresh.

Note: The user will be given three options for importing the data: Append to the existing iteration, Replace existing iteration, or Override existing iterations. Import options are now: Import Units and calculate fee using Rate (the user will enter the rate); Import Units and Rate to Calculate fee (file will contain the number of units and the rate); Import Fee amount only (the file will contain the fee no calculations needed). Special Assessment Quick entry will display the imported data allowing the user to input. The system will automatically create the iterations based on the entries in the Quick entry dialog.


Special Assessment Import Request Additional Options – Issues resolved with requirement changes in Special Assessment design doc linked to 172587


Enable Value tabs for properties in read-only state -Enabled buttons for View Capping History, State Assessed Values, Exemption Summary and Taxable on the Values Panel when the property is opened in a read-only state (certified year).


TRIM-Specify Tax Authority print order- Taxing Authority Print Order on Trim Configuration implemented as per design


DOR Change code #7 removed from drop down list on Values panel.


Value Panel Total Tax Amount- There was a problem with the mass recalculation process (173248) this was not a bug.


Mass Recalculation-Values panel Non Ad Valorem- Added missing “order by” clause to query returning data to recalc process from RacalcUpdatePropertySpecialAssessment. Without it, records would be returned in the wrong order and large blocks of properties would be “skipped” when having their non-ad valorem tax amount updated.


TRIMS-Remove blank line in mailing address- Corrected TRIM so blank lines do not print in mailing address.


Mass create bugs – Fixed issue while updating the situs address during the mass create, the suffix is appearing twice on anything printed.


Annexation Wizard Issue- Newly created property should appear in annexation wizard and can be annexed.


TRIMS-School – Code changes made to levy screen for TRIM print and export process to allow user to combine taxing authorities and specify order taxing authorities print on TRIMS. Related to 172803.


Values panel not displaying Non Ad Valorem Tax Amount – Resolved. Related to 173248.


Mass Recalculation- Resolved. A bug fix made for 172482 introduced a code change that, although the code change worked well for individual property recalc, it had an adverse effect on the mass recalc process.


Reprinted TRIM cutting off site address – Site address cut off on reprinted TRIM. Moved the situs box to the left by 1/2 inch and expended size.


This was partially a data issue dealing with prior year converted values. Data was corrected. In addition we fixed an issue with the non-ad valorem prior and current year values.

1. Prior year values needed to pull from property_val.non_ad_valorem_tax_amount instead of a sum of the special assessment fees on the property for the prior year (we converted totals, but not individual amounts).

2. Current year values needed to match proposed values rather than prior year values.


Data Collision while modifying more than one field- Unable to duplicate on site and client is no longer seeing error.


Print corrected TRIM by Prop ID – Activities>Corrected TRIM Notices>Print by Prop ID – User can input the property IDs of those properties that need corrected TRIMS printed.


Need ability to edit sales after wizard moved from HS171833. Added new user role in Role Editor under Property->’Modify Property Ownership Sale Reset Year’ to enable/disable user to edit an existing sale.


Special Assessment Roll Report- Report field ‘Total Acres’ has changed to ‘Total Units’. Added option to print or not print Metes and Bounds


Special Assessment Edit Fee- Edit Fee button is changed to Open Agency and open a Special Assessment Agency Details View. Double click/Details click on a row in the Grid and will open the Edit Fee dialog. Verified the privilege for Edit Fee and SA Agency match to the button.


Print Change Log Report Error- Fixed Change Log Report User box to produce for selected user.


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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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