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Questions regarding where to default the setting for the Appraisal card prints. Flags have been added for the following check boxes under Tools>System Configuration>Notice/Cards>Default Appraisal Cards:

  1. Include Sales Information,
  2. Include Image on Front,
  3. Print Building Permit Report,

Print Special Assessment Report (this check box have an additional privilege ‘Reporting Appraisal Card Print SA’ to check/uncheck)and Print Duplex

Flag for Include Sketch on Front already exists there as ‘Print Sketch’


Mass Update-Update Values does not have Green X available

Modified Mass Maintenance Gird to enable the green ‘+’ button to allow the user to add new rows in the ‘Update Values” grid of Mass Update Details dialog. (Activities, Mass Maintenance (property), Mass Maintenance, Mass Update, select green + on Mass Update History Panel)


Track Value Change Report issues 2

On the Report criteria dialog, options have been added to generate the report by both Taxing Authorities and Tax Areas.

On the Track Value Change Report:

  1. Date of Change, Taxing Authorities and Tax Areas have been added to the selected criteria display at the top of the report.
  2. If Taxing Authorities are selected in the critieria, the report will be grouped by TAxing Authority first and then by Tax Area within that.
  3. If Only Tax Areas are selected in the criteria, the report will be grouped only by Tax Areas.


Conversion- Roll History missing, receives error message when they try to bring up certain properties on the ROLL History screen. Resolution: Added check in RollHistoryGrid to ignore loading roll history data for any invalid year.



State Assessed-Recovering a property. If a property is deleted before certified of that year, the Roll History needs to reflect property was deleted. Roll History was reporting certified, but the property was NOT certified at the values shown on the Roll History. The Roll History should show Deleted in that section. Issue corrected; removed year certification check on Roll Status. Deleted property should be marked as Deleted after certified in Roll History.


On the Tax Area and Special Assessment panel, when trying to Edit Fee and override the units, the Fee does not recalculate. Fixed; the Fee now recalculates.


Conversion-Special Assessment Roll report missing PIDs. Query corrects bad data; properties are missing primary situs information. Use the following query to find all properties with no primary situs:

select prop_id from property where not exists (select*from situs where prop_id = property.prop_id and Primary_situs ='Y')


Reset year in Sales and Deeds should not be allowed to edit. Reset year should be disabled once sale/transfer process completed. Validation for Reset Year >= Deed Year during sale/transfer process.


Problem: The Print DR-420 TIF button has been developed and is found on the tif zone grid accessed by Activities>TIF Zone but the report is not associated with the button. Please associate the button to produce the 420TIF report. Resolution: Report added. Button now invokes report dialog.


Add a check box to the run the DOR Data dialog box. This box will determine if the run can be deleted or need to retained after it is run and is not dependent on being exported.


-Added a new column 'enable_dor_run_delete' to 'dor_export' table.

-Updated Model and Domain Classes with the new field.

-Added the new field as ‘Allow DOR Data Run Delete’ to the DOR Datea Run Details dialog, defaulting it to ‘true’.

-The ‘X’ button on the DOR Data Run View will be enabled/disabled based on the value of this indicator.

-The DOR Data Run will be allowed to be deleted before/after export if set to true, or else cannot be deleted at all.


Issue regarding printing field cards. When attempting to print a card, there are extra pages added in that are blank. This has been corrected.


DOR change reason #7-Please remove it


-Created migration script to remove [dor_change_type_cd]= '07' from [dor_change_type] table

-Also set [property_val]. [dor_change_type-cd] to null that previously had a value ’07’ in them, if any. (Email reference attached)


In the Institutional Exemptions line of the DR-489, there’s a Bug. It was excluding exemption value for proprietary continuing care facilities (DOR Statute Code 196.1977). This issue has been resolved.


Request to add TIF Zone maintenance form to the change log. Change log functionality for TIF Zone has been created.



  1. Added “View Property Trim Notice” option to property commands to view previously generated TRIM Notice for property. Note that Trim Notice run has to have been previously created and events for the TRIM Notice run have to have already been generated for this to work properly. If a TRIM Notice run does not exist, the user will receive a message stating “No TRIM Notice event exists for (0). Please ensure that a TRIM Notice run has been created for the year and that events have been generated for it.”
  2. Added “Print Corrected Property TRIM Notice” option to property commands to regenerate a corrected TRIM notice using property data from the current property layer. If the recalc status is not current, the user will instead be prompted with the following message: “The property should be recalculated prior to printing the TRIM Notice to insure all values are accurate.”
  3. Modified data generation to include pollution control device value in the “Applied Assessment Reductions” section.


Disable NAICS Code that are no longer used. Added a check box to Tools>Code Maintenance>NAICS Codes table panel that will allow the user to check and make the selected NAICS code inactive.


RES/COMM Column needed for Solid Waste Use Table. Added new columns to Solid Waste Use Table


Values Panel not displaying Non Ad Valorem Tax Amount.

Fixed a refresh with the Non Ad Valorem Tax Amount on the Values Panel

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Last updated on December 8, 2018 Release Notes GA #



Port not recalulating after value increases


489’s calculation Error


Special Assessments Max Fee not working properly


Negative number on DR489V


DOR in depth needs


DR420 line 7 not populating correctly

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Last updated on December 8, 2018
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