1.Multiple Tax Areas #

Per the DOR, as long as the REET is calculated and distributed correctly, properties can be in different tax areas. The REET module has been modified to allow this. REET Distribution is controlled by REET rates at the Tax District level, where a REET rate is classified as City or County.

A property is added to the REET Affidavit Panel ONLY when:

  • Matching City location code exists with other properties on the Panel.


  • If the property to be added and the existing properties on the REET do not have any city location codes but have a common county location code.


Property A in City 10 and County 100

Property B in City 20 and County 100

Property C in County 100

Property D in City 10 and County 100

Property E in County 100

Property F in City 20 and County 200


Properties that can be added to the REET

Property A and D (common city)

Property B and F (common city) 

Property C and E (NO city and common county)

In the remaining combinations, a validation message is displayed and the property is not added to the REET.

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Last updated on January 11, 2019
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