1.Adding Fields to PACS Tables #


Use this procedure to add additional, customized fields to PACS tables. These fields display in grids found in the following locations:

  • user_property – This table displays in the Property view Property Codes panel User Value grid.
  • user_property_val – This table displays in the Property view Values panel User Values grid.
  • user_owner – This table displays in the Property view Owner & Agent panel User Values grid.
  • user_land_detail – This table displays in the Land Detail dialog box Productivity Valuation panel Filing Information grid.
  • user_property_special_assessment – This table displays in the Special Assessment Agency dialog box User Values panel (open the Special Assessment view, expand the Special Assessments panel, select an agency and click Details).
  • user_litigation – This table displays in the Litigation view Miscellaneous panel User Values grid.


  • In order to perform this procedure, the following user rights are required:
    • PACS Administrator > User Table Management


  1. In PACS.ADMIN, choose Tools > User Table Management.
  2. Select a table and, in the Table Details section, click Edit. User Management - Edit
  3. Either click Add to add an additional field to the table, or edit the following information for a field as required:
    • Name
    • Display Name
    • Type
  4. Click Save to save the changes to the table.
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Last updated on September 27, 2021

2.Customizing Panel Displays and Accessibility #


Use this procedure to customize the appearance and accessibility of PACS panel fields. This procedure describes Field Level Customization options in PACS.ADMIN.


  • The PACS Administrator > Field Level Customization Management user right is assigned to your ID.


  1. In PACS.ADMIN, choose Tools > Field Level Customization. PACS displays a timer while preparing the display.

    Note that PACS is capable of storing and processing an impressive amount of data. Displaying and organizing this data requires many panels, dialogs, and sections into the user interface. Use the Publication Scope drop-down lists along the top to narrow the list of options.

  2. In the Field Level Customization Panel Name list, click the plus sign next to Account to edit taxpayer/owner view panels, or Property to edit Property view panels.
  3. Click once on the name of the panel you wish to modify.
  4. A list of the selected panel’s sections displays in the Component Controls tab. Click Edit to modify that section. Then click the plus sign next to the section you wish to modify.
  5. The selected panel section displays in the bottom-half window. Do any of the following as needed:
    • Edit the Control and Text.
    • Deselect the Visible option for the field to hide the field.
    • Deselect the Enabled option to make the field uneditable in the PACS display.
    • Click the Hotkey column field to open the list of fields and the hotkey which sets the cursor in that field. Modify as needed.
    • Click the Validation column field to set up validation rules for a given field. Validated fields are required fields.
    • If needed, click the Extra Field Bound tab to add/modify fields whose options and validation depend on the selection in some other field. Because of the size and complexity of the system, this process can take awhile.
  6. Click Save to save any changes. Or click Cancel to undo any changes made after the last save.
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Last updated on January 4, 2019
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