1.Printing Delinquent Notices Purpose #


Use this procedure to print delinquent notices.


  • In order to perform this procedure, the following user right is required:
    • Report > Print Delinquent Notice


  1. In PACS 9.0, choose Activities > Delinquent Notice > Print Delinquent Notice. Click Add
  2. Complete Property Selection options as required.
  3. Complete Bill Options as required:
  4. Select the Notice Option, and choose from the following optional check boxes:
    • Include Addresses that are Undeliverable
    • Include Foreign Addresses
    • Include Agent Notice
  5. Select the Notice Date, Heading, Tax Statement Group and Sort Order as required.

    The last day of the month of the date entered in this field is what will print as the Total Due if Paid by Date on the tax statement.

  6. To print a template, which is a collection of letters and/or forms that are printed as a group, use the Print Template option.
  7. To insert an event on the property records indicating that delinquent notices were printed, choose the optional Generate Event check box.
  8. In the Output Settings section, do the following:
    • In the Format drop-down list, select the report output format.
    • In the Filename field, enter the report file name.
    • In the Description field, enter a report description.
  9. Click Preview to preview the report. Click Post to generate the report and create a PACS inbox item from which you can view the report.
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Last updated on June 8, 2021
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