1.Generating the Collections TIF Report #


Use this report to display payments received prior to and after a specified date (that is, the cutoff date) for properties associated with a TIF zone.

The report groups the payments by entity and displays them in one of three columns: Paid Up To (for payments received prior to and on the cutoff date), After (for payments received after the cutoff date), and Never Paid.

Note:  When the number of property IDs for an entity fill exactly one page of a report, only the totals for the entity are displayed on the page immediately following. In this case, column headers are not printed for the page that displays only totals.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Reports > Collections > TIF Report.

    The Print TIF Collections Report dialog box is displayed.

    • Year – The appraisal year in which the minimum property value will be evaluated.
    • Entities – The entities for which you need to display payments.
    • TIF Zones – The TIF zones for which you need to display payments.
    • Cutoff Begin Date and End Date – The date range in which payments were received for the properties within the entities and TIF zones specified above.
    • Sort Order – The order in which payment information is displayed on the report.
  2. Click Preview or Print.

See Also

For information about TIF zone processing activities carried out in PACS Appraisal, see Overview: TIF Maintenance.

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Last updated on February 6, 2019
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