1.Exporting Mobile Home Release of Lien Information #

Use this Document:
  • After user rights have been established
  • Your CTC number has been added to the configuration
  • You have performed more than one export on your system.

In This Document:

  • Quick steps are provided for creating an Lien release file
  • Confirmation steps are listed to review the file
  • Confirmation of accuracy of data is the sole responsibility of the office generating the information.  This document does not cover the set up of the entering of mobile home information.  It is only set as a quick reference guide for established users who are familiar and perform this function yearly.
Note: For Detailed Steps regarding Release of Mobile Home Information see the Standard Users Guide.
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Last updated on June 17, 2019

2.Steps to Create Release of Lien Export File #

Steps to Create Release of Mobile Home Lien Export File

  1. Menu Selections:  Activities>Mobile Home Liens>Release  Mobile Home Liens.
  2. A historic listing of exports is displayed.
  3. Right click any where on the screen.
  4. Select ‘Generate New Export’
  5. Click Export
  6. You are prompted to acknowledge the export file was successful. Note the export directory location.
  7. Click ok.
  8. You are taken to the location that the file is saved in.  Note that the file name starts with MHLRxx.   The xx will be the run number assigned to the export file.
  9. Review the export listing from File/Export/Mobile Home Liens Release List. Confirm the Year Option shows ‘A’ and the lien count appears accurate.
  10. Confirm that the CTC number was added to the file.  Right click on the run id.  Select Print Listing.  Select Sort Option and Preview.  Review the column CTC/TU and confirm the correct CTC  Number is entered.   If the CTC number does not display enter a Team Support Ticket.

NOTE:   If the file needs to be regenerated

  • Enter a Team Support ticket with the Run ID and description of the issue.
  • Prior to performing another export and submitting information to the TDHCA, the inaccurate file will need to be removed from the Mobile Home Lien Export Menu by a Technical Support Analyst.
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Last updated on June 17, 2019
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