1.Overview #

The Appraisal Information Export is used for various purposes such as delivering certified roll data to tax offices, supplement data to tax offices, as well as fulfilling various open records requests.
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Last updated on August 4, 2022

2.Creating the Appraisal Information Export #

  1. Go to File > Export > Appraisal Information
    • Name the file (see green box below)
    • Choose desired property types (see red box below)
        • You can choose to do exports separately by Property type if desired.  Simply click the property type you want included in the export, then uncheck the rest.  Example:  if you want to only include Real Property, keep the Real checkbox checked, then uncheck the rest.
      • Choose the As of Supplement # – for certified, you’d use sup # zero (see Yellow box below)
      • Choose what data you would like to supply (see Black Box below)
      • Click Export

Note:  If the requestor is asking for the Ownership information, you can also check the Export Owner Information and choose the Supplement year and sup num.


2. When you Export, PACS will compile the .txt. files and place them in the ExportPath file. To find the Export Path file in your system, go to File Explorer

3.  Paste  the address path of your pacsserver and browse to the ExportPath folder.  The address  is unique for each customer.   In this example, we will use the address path  \\pacsdb\oltp\pacs_oltp\ExportPath.  If you have questions regarding this, please reach out to support.

4.  Sort by Date Modifed to see the most recent files first.  The files and totals desired will be listed below.  You can supply these to the requestor.

  • Note:  The file naming convention is [Date]_[Export Number]_[File Name]
    • If you are unclear regarding your Export Number, go to File>Export>Appraisal Information and click the History button, then click Export Details

5.  In addition, you will need to include the Appraisal Export Layout.  This essentially is the map that shows the requestor what is in the file and the layout of each file.  These files are located in our Knowledge Base under PACS Downloads; click  HERE to browse to that location for our latest layout files.

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Last updated on August 5, 2022
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