1.Accessing Connections in PACS #

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Purpose: Creating a connection to access PACS database and information therein.


  • Click the PACS Application icon
  • The Login Screen Appears

  • My Connections – this list current connections existing in PACS
  • Edit Connections – click to create a new connection then click New

  • Name – name the connection. Example: PACS_Test; PACS_OLTP.
  • Site Server – the name of the server to connect to
  • Site Environment – Type the environment ID to connect to. Typically, Default.
  • Middle Tier Environment
    • 0 = pacs_oltp
    • 1 = pacs_test
  • Remote User – check this if user will access the server remotely
  • Windows User Name – dependant on office procedures
    • Windows Password
    • Windows Domain – PACS
  • Use Domain Authentication – dependant on office procedures
    • SQL User Name
    • SQL Password
  • Application theme – user may choose blue or black as themes. Generally, they use different color them for production vs test.
  • Click Save
  • Test Connection – this allows user to test the connection. They will receive a validation message indicating of test connection was successful or not successful. If validation fails, the system will give the user notification of what to correct, see below:

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