1.Prerequisite Steps to complete before beginning Preliminary Certification #

Back up of Database (Optional)

While we do not anticipate an issue with data, we highly recommend completing a back up of data before any major tax event. This step is optional. Please work with your IT Department to back up your database. If you have an IT Services Contract with Harris Govern, please open a TeamSupport ticket for our Systems team to complete the backup of data.

Assign User Rights

User must have appropriate user rights before beginning the Preliminary Certification process.

  • Browse to PACS Application Button>Tools>User Configuration
  • Under Role Management, browse to appropriate role and click details icon (magnifying glass)
  • Under Details, click Edit
  • Under Activities, click the checkbox for Certification
  • Click Save


Notifying Support and Client Verification of Data – PACS Mobile Clients Only (REQUIRED)

All PACS Mobile clients shall notify support before continuing with the process. Please note that client should NOT MOVE FORWARD with completing your process until this step is fully completed.

At a minimum, the following must occur:
      • Pending Changes Marked as Complete:  These must be QC ‘Approved’ OR, if the changes are not wanted in PACS, ‘Reject’ the accounts individually or in bulk.
      • CAUTION: Pending Changes 24 + Hrs:   These Must be ‘Marked as Complete’ and QC ‘Approved’, OR they may be set as ‘Reviewed’ in Bulk and then ‘Rejected’ if none of the changes are wanted in PACS.
      • CAUTION: Unsynced Changes (Approved):  If accounts are in this list, please notify Support in order to help sync these accounts to PACS.
      • Sync Failed = Yes:  If there are any results returned in this filter, please enter a ticket with the title ‘TRIM-Sync Failed account(s)’.
Important: If there are any Sync Failed accounts, notify support. You ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT begin this procedure with sync failed properties.
    • If you’ve been transferred to DCS Support to support the mobile application, please open a FreshDesk with Data Cloud Solutions.
    • If you have not been transferred to DCS Support to suppor the mobile application, please open a TeamSupport ticket with Harris Govern.

Assigning a Single Work Station to Process Certification

We recommend dedicating a Single Workstation to Certification Processing. For most clients, the certification process should take less than 30 minutes. Once the process is completed, the staff can view it. Only the workstation that is being used to run certification should be logged into PACS. All other PACS Appraisal users must be logged off. PACS Collections users, however, can remain logged on during certification.

NOTE: Harris Govern recommends that the client wait 2-3 days before creating New Year Layer, in order to be certain they are satisfied with the results. Once New Year Layer is created, you cannot un-certify the system in the previous year.

Verify Tax District Levies for the Current Year

    • In Search, user will browse to Tax District.
    • Double Click on the applicable Districts and verify through the levy tab that the percentage listed is correct for the current year.
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Last updated on January 13, 2022

2.Recalculating and Reviewing Recalculation Error Report #


User will use this procedure to recalculate properties and address error report.



Recalculate Properties

  • Browse to PACS Action Button>Activities>Mass Maintenance (Property)>Mass Recalculation
  • User choose appropriate criteria
  • Click Recalculate
  • User is notified that Mass Recalculation is complete through InBox

NOTE:   Some Counties will have a SQL job created so that it will recalculate properties nightly. If this is of interest to you, please open a TeamSupport ticket for our Systems Department.

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Last updated on September 27, 2021

3.Running Preliminary Certification #


Users will run this process to complete Preliminary Certification.


  • Browse to Activities>Administration>Certification>Preliminary Certification Process>Certify
  • When this menu is clicked, the Preliminary Certification will start.
  • A confirmation message will appear. Users will click ‘Yes’ to continue. Clicking ‘No’ will end the process.
  • All properties are recalculated in the Current Appraisal Year

NOTE:  If the recalculation finds errors, user is prompted whether they want to cancel or continue. We highly recommend user resolves all property recalculation errors.

  • Preliminary Certification is processed.

NOTE:   If the Current Appraisal Year is a Non-Assessment Year, then properties that do not have the ‘Allow Values Update’ flg set will be excluded from recalculation.


The System is now in a Preliminary Certification state. An event is create ‘PC – Preliminary Certification’. The title bar of properties will now include a warning in yellow, ‘Preliminary Certification’

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Last updated on January 1, 2019

4.Undoing Preliminary Certification #


Users will run this process to undo Preliminary Certification


  • Browse to PACS Application Button>Activities>Administration>Certification>Undo Certify
  • Once this process is started, a confirmation message will be rendered “Are you sure you want to undo Preliminary Certification?”
  • User selects Yes
  • The Undo Preliminary Certification process is completed.


At this time the following changes have occurred in the System:

  • Value change codes will be reset/cleared for the Current Appraisal Year
  • Property data captured during the Preliminary Certification process will be deleted
  • The year will be removed from the Preliminary Certification state
  • An Event will be created = ‘UPC’
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Last updated on January 1, 2019

5.Making Value Changes while in Preliminary Certification State #


When the system is in a Preliminary Certification state, users may want to make value changes.


  • Open Property
  • User may make desired changes
  • Under Value panel, user will be prompted to complete the Value Change Code.

Note: Value Change Codes are created in Tools>Code Maintenance>Property>Value Change Code.

  • User will save and recalculate the property
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Last updated on September 27, 2021
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