1.Downloading Drivers #

The signature pad software must be installed on the local machine that will use the signature pad.

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Last updated on June 7, 2019

2.DR-510T and DR-501RVSH Report #

DR-501T and DR-501RVSH Report

    • The DR-501 T and DR-510RVSH report dialog now defaults to “Email” as their input type.
    • The email feature is available to ANY report dialog, but these two reports are the only ones that default to the output format
    • These two dialogs’ also now display a “Collect Signature(s)” checkbox in the bottom left corner of the dialog if a signature pad is attached.
      • If a signature pad is not attached and the checkboxes should not show up
      • For the DR-501T specifically, if the year is < 2019, the checkbox will not display
      • If the checkbox is checked, the system will prompt for the appropriate signatures on the DR-501T (at least two, could be up to three depending on whether or not a co-applicant exists) and prompt for an appraiser signature for the DR-501RVSH


  • To access the report:
    • Open Property
    • Click Applications & Exemptions
    • Highlight and Click Detail for Application
    • Click Print Application
      • Change Format to Collect Signatures
    • Click OK
    • The completed signed application for the DR-501T



    • To access the report:
      • User will reach the DR-501RVSH Report Dialog from PACS Menu>Reports>Exemptions>DR-501RVSH Report
      • Change format to “Collect Signatures”
      • Click Print
      • The completed signed application for the DR-501T and DR-501RVSH is located in the inbox and the reports folder for the user.
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Last updated on June 7, 2019
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