1.PACS Interface #


The PACS icon located on the upper left of the screen toggles the menu. When selected the PACS menu drops down displaying application commands.


The commands appear in the PACS Menu when the Menu is selected.

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is the vertical menu on the left side of the screen that contains the Bands. The contents of the Navigation Bar change based on the contents of the Main View.

Main View

The Main View is the middle portion of the screen where windows, panels, and dialog boxes are displayed.


The Taskbar, located at the bottom of the screen, contains minimized pages. Dialog boxes opened from individual pages typically appear in front of the application. When a dialog box is open the page from which the dialog originated shows a small arrow on the right-hand margin of the tab.


The PACS Menu appears when the icon in the upper left hand side of the screen is selected.

The menu includes:

  • File ->New: Adding new Agent, Assessment Event, Attorney, Building Permit, Collector, Effective Acres Group, Lawsuit, Mortgage Company, Property, , Special Assessment, Tax Area, Tax District, Taxpayer, or Taxserver information.
  • Activities: Access PACS functionality (See capture to right).
    These specific functions are discussed throughout the documentation.
  • Reports: Access PACS reporting functionality
  • Settings: Customize PACS installation on an individual basis
  • Tools: Utility for setting up a monitor that displays, and updates a unique query.
  • Import: Import building permits and auditor data, and update Situs addresses.
  • Export: Export building permits.
  • Help: Provides three sub-menu options:
    • An About Screen, that details the PACS 9.0 environment
    • A utility for capturing the current screen to your clipboard
    • Links to online help files


The left-hand side of the interface contains two bands:

  • My PACS: Select this band to set up shortcuts within PACS . For information about setting up shortcuts, see My PACS/Defining Shortcuts
  • Search: Use this band to access the application’s search functions.
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Last updated on September 25, 2021

2.Bands #

On the left-hand side of the interface, there are three bands:

Bands in PACS.NET

  • My Pacs – Select this band to set up shortcuts within PACS 9.0. For information about setting up shortcuts, see My PACS/Defining Shortcuts.
  • Search – Use this band to search.
  • Workflows – This band is not enabled yet.
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Last updated on September 25, 2021

3.Defining Shortcuts #


Use this procedure to define shortcuts within PACS 9.0.


  1. Choose My Pacs > Shortcuts.

    My Pacs Shortcuts

  2. To create a new shortcut, click Add Add in the Shortcut Manager dialog box.
  3. In the Details section, complete the following options as required:
    • Name

      The name of the shortcut.

    • Description
    • Command

      The command for the shortcut.

  4. Click Save and then Close.
  5. To utilize your shortcuts, click My Pacs and click your shortcut listed as a band item.
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Last updated on September 25, 2021

4.Working with Multiple Windows #


Use this procedure to open multiple windows simultaneously in order to work more efficiently.


  1. After performing a search or opening a record, locate the title bar in the top right-hand corder of the application window.
  2. Click the docking icon on the title bar:

    Docking Icon

  3. Use the following options as required:
    • To move the docked window to the taskbar, minimize the window.
    • To view the docked window in the entire screen, maximize it.
    • To reconnect the window to the application, close the window.
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Last updated on September 25, 2021

5.Right Click Functionality in PACS #

PACS was built with efficiency in mind. User will find in many of the PACS Search Result panels, there is right click functionality that will allow them to perform tasks without having to browse further in the application. In this instance, the Property Search Result right click functionality is demonstrated. However, please be aware, the right click functionality is not limited to this search result panel.


  • Open Search Panel in PACS
  • Search for criteria. Example: Search for File as Name Smith with the Year = 2018
  • A Search Result panel is rendered
  • Right click anywhere in the search panel

  • A menu appears. This allows the user to complete several functions:
    • Details – open details of a property
    • Bookmark – add to the Bookmark section of the search resuls
    • Lock Results – allows user to lock results of highlighted rows and then add more search criteria results
    • Remove selected search records – allows user to remove highlighted rows
    • Export results to – allows export to various formats
    • Refresh – refresh results
    • Create New Property – renders Create New Property Wizard
    • Create Split History – renders Split Wizard
    • Launch GIS for Selected Properties – GIS application opens to show mapped properties
    • Associate with a TIF Zone – allows user to add to a TIF zone
    • Printer selected appraisal cards – user may highlight row and print cards
    • Print All Appraisal Cards – user will print appraisal cards for search results
    • Printer Selected Letters – allows user print letter
    • Print Selected Labels – allows user to highlight rows and print labels
    • Mass Maintenance – open the Mass Update Functionality
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Last updated on September 25, 2021
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