1.FL Ownership #

To access the Ownership User Guide, please click the link below: ownership
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Last updated on February 8, 2019

1.1.Collective Ownership Record #

This is new functionality as of the October 2020 Release

Collective agency owner groups act as one owner id.  Collective agency owner accounts can be associated with exemptions

From the taxpayer view:

  • Check the Collective Agency checkbox – allows the user to indicate the account is  collective agency and will open the collective agency paragraph
  • Add – allows the user to add members to the collective agency
  • Remove – allows users to remove members from the collective agency
  • Uncheck the checkbox for collective agency and the system warning of “Unchecking this checkbox will clear all members. Do you wish to continue?”
    • If the collective agency is associated with exemptions then the system message of “Remove all members with associated exemption before unchecking the Collective Agency” will appear.
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Last updated on February 21, 2023
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